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oil is life and sometimes you’ve just gotta grab it by the pussy That’s why we’ve team up with Big Oil and Big Banks to bring you the Dakota Excess Pipeline Once completed it will transport shit-tons of fracked crude oil to our refineries where it will go on to fuel our commitments under the Paris Climate Summit to not give a shit about climate change Safety is our priority Accidents with toxic oil carrying pipes like these only occur, well… like most of the time So where better to put one than under the majestic Missouri River where a leak will only poison the water source of millions of people downstream This glorious pipedream will also create thousands of local jobs (for a few months) The only thing standing between the Empire… erhm… the *Government* and total planetary habitat self-destruction is a rebel alliance of Native Tribes who’ve come together on the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation to peacefully protect the land and water for future generations Eww But don’t worry, we’re dealing with them in a culturally sensitive way enough wasting your taxes to invade countries on the other side of the world to get oil this folks, is the original American Way invading Native American lands to get stuff we want Sure we signed treaties to protect Sioux ancestral lands and burial sites But that’s never stopped us before Remember that time we discovered gold in the Black Hills? The Treaty of Fort Laramie sure as heck didn’t stop us from getting at it We even left a thoughtful gift carved into their sacred mountain to say thank you and remind them of us forever That’s the spirit were keeping alive today with the Dakota Excess Pipeline bringing you double the value by screwing both the past and the future in a single blow

Maurice Vega

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  1. please add/include a direct youtube link with all your posts — it was a chore to find this here to share it easily — thanks and keep up the great work

  2. I just can't get enough of this Funny Video yet Horrendous Act Against Humanity! Enjoy at the expense of EVERYONE!!! LOL 😉 #StillStein #StillGreen #TheGreenParty #WEaretheREVOLUTION "For People, Peace, and Planet over Profits!" ♥

  3. I wish all the best to the heroes of the "rebel alliance". I hope you lynch those corporate cop sellouts really soon, they don't deserve better.

  4. I don't like any of this but the reality is that a lot of people are unwilling to change their lifestyle habits. How many people do you know actually grow their own produce and raise their own livestock? A lot of neighborhood zoning laws won't actually let you do any of that stuff. More recently in CA they are banning wood stoves and fireplaces. It has become increasingly harder to be self-sustaining for those who want to do it. But the majority of Americans do not plan to be self-sustaining. They want convenience at their fingertips. Inner city folks certainly are not self-sustaining. So cut out this Liberal Political Correctness hippie bullshit.

  5. Not even close. It is safer to transport it by pipeline than by Democrat Warren Buffett's trains. The tribal council wanted more money. It's all about money. Just not the money you want to talk about.

  6. As a long time subscriber, I was surprised that this video only has 48.8k views whereas I've seen it on facebook having millions of views. Great video!

  7. Would be a good video if it wasn't for the SJW crap. The people you think of as "native Americans" are not native to America – they kicked out the previous group of people that were there much the case. There's nobody who's native to the Americas, everyone migrated to there from Europe through Asia at one point or another.

  8. but i want the pipeline and just because you say all bad things are going to happen, that does not mean everything will go wrong.

  9. The #Divest campaign is making a difference. Leaving the banks that fund this and switching to a local credit union that invests in local, sustainable practices is easier than I thought. Fossil fuels, if made to paid for the land water and air they usurp and damage, would not make a profit at at all. Add those $billions in subsidies and liability loopholes (because See "It's Not Even Oil" and we have the largest most dangerous ecological, social and economic pariah of the 21st century. Every day is #BankTransferDay

  10. Did you cut off the gas pipeline to your house? Did you get rid of your car? Oops, the sneakers you are wearing, clothes, camera to make your stupid video are all made out of petroleum products. Duh!

  11. Paris Climate Accord is an absolute joke, even if you believe in ''climate change''.
    It's a giant scam, but you guys seems to stupid to see it.
    You message falls flat when that happens.

  12. Change first 8 seconds to make this your campaign song!! It's got a massive #NoDAPL tribute in it that will fit in perfectly with what most ppl stand for. Please share, edit or use this in any way xx #UNITE #istandwithstandingstones – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sBCn4Ngi9QM

  13. Are you saying that oil and gas infrastructure like this pipeline can never be built because it will definitely fail and leak oil? Do you realise that without access to affordable oil your life as you know it actually ends?

  14. And dear old donnie douchebag said it would be finished with 'Murikan Steel, but he went over to Putin for it.

  15. "We also recommit to supporting tribal self-determination, security and prosperity for all Native Americans. While we cannot erase the scourges or broken promises of our past, we will move ahead"We also recommit to supporting tribal self-determination, security and prosperity for all Native Americans. While we cannot erase the scourges or broken promises of our past, we will move ahead together in writing a new, brighter chapter in our joint history" Nobel Peacemaker, Barack Obama, BEFORE he allowed the pipeline to go right over Native American reservations.

    Don't you miss him terribly?? Such words, poise and grammar… together in writing a new, brighter chapter in our joint history" Nobel Peacemaker, Barack Obama, BEFORE he allowed the pipeline to go right over Native American reservations.

    Don't you miss him terribly?? Such words, poise and grammar…

  16. these douche bags who push this false narrative will be utilizing the gasoline produced from the oil in this pipeline

  17. We all came here to show you support from Highimpactflix. Much Respect and Thank you for your work. Best Regards from NYC Highimpactflix https://twitter.com/HighImpactFlix

  18. Absolute utter bullshit. Stupid tree hugger hippie fucks did nothing but destroy and leave nothing but toxic sewage and garbage behind (including dogs as puppies left to die) in their wake! 90% of those "water protectors" were nothing but out of town traveling virtue signaling hippies and opportunistic criminal grifters who knew nothing other than this was the current place to camp out and tweet or Instagram their self indulgent selfies with their "woke" hash tags.

    They gave zero fucks about actually in real time damaging the environment around them. Protesting the possibility of environmental damage.

    How do I know? I happen to be a trucker whose lived and worked out in the Dakota oil patch. I saw the care with which these companies were actually taking to protect the land while getting their jobs done.

    I happen to have good friends and family members who are both law enforcement and national guard who sent me photos and video of the abject lunacy and criminality of these "harmless peaceful protestors". Disturbing evil twisted criminal fucks that they were. Doing despicable acts to those LEOs and guardsmen. Doxing them online and threatening their families!

    I've also got native friends out there who informed me of the corruption in the tribe. The NoDAPL organization was a scam that took in millions in donations of money AND physical supplies. Most of which were thrown into storage buildings, never distributed to the "protestors" but sold on eBay and Amazon. The profits of which were kept by the corrupt local officials of the organization.

    I'm not saying the oil companies are Lilly white by any means… But y'all never see the other side either.

  19. Business as usual with big oil and big government.
    Sadly are way of life is based on Petro chemicals and no one will walk to work in the name of climate change.

  20. The dakota access line doesnt run through a native reservation… The line will make for a 0.03% increase in total oil lines in the states, the line will go paralell to a exisiting gas line and power line. It will be invisible to the naked eye when buildt and its the safest method of transporting oil. Look I'm for renewable energy as much as the next guy, but this pipeline has been pumped up with bs…

  21. You should do. A video on Canada, the world's most secretly evil country. What's so evil,. You ask? Well there's our Fur Industry, Seal Hunt's,, Bear Hunt's, Moose Hunt's Deer Hunts, Beaver Trapping, our Abestos Marketing Board, Alberta's Tarsands, our Candu Nuclear Reactors we've sold. To. Countries that can't afford to maintain them, our secret war in Haiti on behalf of the UN, our shameless promotion of the "Nicest Country in the World" scam, our continuing program of Eugenics and shameful treatment of our native Indians ( stealing children, putting them in residential. Schools, beating the Indian out of them, starving the Eskimos on purpose, driving entire tribes to extinction, using the USilitary as a shield while are military gets less funding PM Trudeau's luxury world traveling with family and entourage thousands of other evil psychopathic things you never dream we could do, eh?

    Remember that dead Syrian baby on the beach that drowned?

    We did that. 🇨🇦😎🇨🇦
    Not even sorry, eh

  22. The American way, or so we are told. Thanks to your channel we see this takes place everywhere the big wigs find something they want. Just another case of shitfuckery bright to us by the evil elite. I just love the term shitfuckery! Thanks for that too!

  23. Build the refineries by the location of the crude oil cache?
    Regarding the leaked pipe, surely US is the pinnacle of our world's technology? Surely, the government would pay close attention to the quality and engineering of the pipe installment? Right? Right?

  24. Well, that is about as honest as it can and it straight to the point. Just think that Trump Administration actually lied about Trump selling his shares. It might be true about one of his shares but Trump still own part of them. Plus, in January 2017 Trump broke a government federal promise when he signed for the worker of Keystone XL to move forward especially.

  25. Thats how world works today. Few rich people doing all to get richer no matter the cost while poor people get more poor. Like they care about future of the planet and people that will suffer cause of all damages they are doing.

  26. Funny but right on ever count the goverment of most country don't work for its people it works for there rich lobbyist freinds

  27. It's so sad that these police are strong arming people for their job not even caring about right and wrong. They have no soul

  28. Why using voice over (Lucy) and not directly using the presenter's voice , eg. Matylda in this one ?

    My brain is confused, because I identify Lucy's voice with Ellen Burbidge

  29. Australians and westerners in general have lost the plot in their spineless willingness to accept a cablal of psychopathic degenerate war criminal and thieves to ride roughshod over them,while the parasitic legal fraternity are their number one enablers.

  30. The smart thing to do is to propose a realistic alternative before simply criticizing, which anyone can do.

    Thorium nuclear reactors, natural gas, and electrified transportation is good combination, for example.

    The world will always need some oil for planes, jets, ships, construction, asphalt, plastics, medicines etc. No way around unless we collectively decide to go back living like in the pre-industrial age. My 2 cents.

  31. Fantastic, but do yourself a favour and understand the corruption behind the false claim that there is a consensus about climate change. It's just another den of mendacious shit lords trying to own you, but this time they need only utter the word science to have you snacking right out of their bags of dick.

  32. Sorry , amusing & timely @ publication. US Americans that, likewise, care, will never watch. The other 80% of US tax dodgers,Republicans, are amusingly pointing @ this, that, n the other to even notice.Praise the Lord! 'cos that is where their indistinct blackmail/cultural subversion lurks. Brrrrpp!!

  33. It's time to apply the latest technological advances in the field of programmed obsolescence to the politic promises so dear to you, our beloved voters and step into the feudal future


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