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  1. Granted, “Ole Hickory” was a racist man, that should never be forgiven, however, there should be credit for his accomplishment of being the ONLY president to ever pay off the national debt which took place in 1836.
    You also failed to mention that it was Woodrow Wilson who signed the Federal Reserve Act that later he stated that he regretted doing so.
    Additionally, it has been documented by an article from the “UCLA Newsroom” by Meg Sullivan August 10, 2004 titled “FDR's policies prolonged Depression by 7 years, UCLA economists calculate”. That he was also responsible for denying Jews safe passage to our country, that he confiscated gold by executive order and imprisoned Japanese American citizens! Why would you leave out such atrocities? Could it be that you are in ideologically aligned with him and his party?

  2. Founder of the KKK, Nathan Bedford Forrest was a pledged delegate from Tennessee to the New York Democratic national convention of 4 July 1868. The slogan for the 1868 Democratic National Convention was, "This is a white man's country, Let a white man rule". The convention was notable for the return of Democratic Party politicians from the southern states.

    Democrats are still racists, they have just changed strategies….

  3. Jefferson inherited slaves and tried to free them. The Virginia state law prevented him from freeing them. He paid them and gave them leave that slave owners did not. He was for abolition but the founders knew that they could not bring states that had strong slave trade to the union so they wrote into the Constitution the means to abolition.

  4. Missed how they stopped the Civil Rights Act of 1957. Not a single Democrat vote for Civil Rights before the Civil Rights Movement which showed the power of the black vote. President Lydon Jonson was a racist that only signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 because he did see that power. I'm not going to quote his use of racial slurs but he only wanted the black vote. He was a bad person.

  5. Hey KhanAcademy, care to enlighten us on who the first black United
    States senator was? Here's a hint, it wasn't Obama and he wasn't a

  6. Some truth, a lot left out. Dems have always been control oriented and believe they are smarter than the peons.

  7. First of all its called the Democrat party. Second of all, it differentiates from Democracy.
    (Someone is behind this confusion and its certainly the leftists)

  8. The parties switched 50 or 60 years ago assholes!!! When Democrat LBJ passed the largest Civil Rights laws since the Civil War, racist Democrats left and went to the Republican party. So now the Republicunts are the evil, racist party, and the Democrats are only against orange motherfuckers!!!

  9. Lol @ all of the conservatives shouting "what about the KKK?". The KKK was started by conservative white men (modern Republican voters), and was vehemently opposed by liberals every step of the way. Up until the 1960s the Democratic Party had a very large conservative faction called the Dixiecrats (Southern Democrats). These people left the party in the 60s to protest Kennedy's Civil Rights Act, and this shift resulted in the modern party alignment we have today.

  10. Khan Academy with cursing??? Weird that they put in the A word. This is supposed to be learning about politics, not profanity.

  11. Looking forward to watching history videos from 20 years into the future, discussing the Justice Democrat takeover of the Democratic Party

  12. Jefferson was a Democratic-Republican not a Democrat. The party splintered into two during The 1830's (the small government supporters became the Whig Party (later turned into the Republican Party). The Democratic Party became the founding fathers of the kkk. Lol

  13. this comes across as really condescending and contrived to me and glosses over more than it discusses. is this education now? Wilson represents the southern democrats and is an actual racist and that gets a 2 second mention, no discussion of why he was suddenly a populist interventionist. no mention of why the shift from small govt focus. no mention why the democrats suddenly support the women's vote – are we supposed to believe that was just totally altruistic, nothing to do with the fact that the democrats have been in the dog house since the civil war? no mention that the democrats take advantage of economic problems to push big govt economics even though that is not the foundational philosophy of their party? no discussion of why they move left – because they care? or because they want to be in power and need voters? and the southern democrats become republicans because they are just racist? or because they still don't believe in big govt, but their "progressive" elitist leaders decided to change tactics and support major government economic interventionism as well as global military interventionism?

  14. Noticed the comment section and likes/dislike ratio how republicans and conservative are less tolerant and complaining about Khan's video about the democratic party, calling bias for even dear to make a video about a different ideology than their own. But in the republican party video, most democrats and liberals are respectful and quite toward Mr. Khan's view and content.

  15. This topic cannot be summarized in a 15ish minute video. Why did you choose these particular dates and events and leave others out?

  16. When were talking about how racist democrats are we often forget that not only did they found the KKK, take up arms against their fellow Americans to preserve slavery, filibuster civil rights act…. but they killed all the native Americans too!!!

  17. 1860's- Confederate Democrats fight to preserve the slavery of black men, women and children
    2017- Confederate historical figures are honored and revered not by Democrats, but by Republicans. Removal of memorials on public ground are led by Democrats. Efforts to honor them are led by conservative Republicans

    1860's The Confederate flag flies as a rallying symbol for supporters of the slavery of black men, women and children
    2017- Efforts to remove the Confederate flag from public and government locations are led by Democrats. Efforts to honor and preserve the flag are led by conservative Republicans

    1860's- The Ku Klux Klan is founded by racist Democrats
    2017- The overwhelming majority of KKK and other white supremacist groups are not Democrats, but conservative Republicans.

    1964 Ronald Reagan, newly converted in 1962 from Democrat to Republican, opposes the 1964 Civil Rights Act, as well as the Voting Rights Act, campaigning in support of Conservative Republican presidential candidate Sen. Barry Goldwater(AZ), who vociferously opposes both bills and whom Dr. MLK Jr. specifically repudiates
    Early 1980s- The Martin Luther King holiday is proposed and conservative Republicans Jesse Helms and John Porter East lead the opposition with Helms, leading what at the time, was the longest filibuster in U.S. history. Republican president Ronald Reagan initially opposes the King holiday, but after a 6 million signature petition, thought to be the largest in US history, is passed, Reagan eventually signs a bill proposed by Democratic Rep. Katie Hall (IN) and the King holiday becomes law.

    Why are the horrible acts of Democrats of 100 to 150 years ago honored and revered by today's Republicans?? (Hint: Because the direct ideological descendants of those racist Democrats of the past are today's CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICANS.

  18. So youre saying that since Blacks, still a tiny representation of the American population, gained the right to vote, white southern democrats just decided to vote Republican? such an obscured view of history to assume that southern democrats switched parties to continue their racist ideologies.

  19. This is the true information about Democratic party. So many in denial its funny to see the comments ROFL. Wow when the truth comes out people do not like the Truth.

  20. What the video neglects to tell the audience was the "two-thirds rule" that Democrats had in choosing their Presidential nominees from 1832 to 1932.

    It effects forces delegates at their Presidential Conventions to choose a "compromise candidate", a person who can get support of northern liberals and southern conservatives.

    In one election, it took 103 ballots to find a compromise candidate.

    The two-thirds rule was instrumental in preventing Democratic Candidates who can achieve a majority of the delegates on a ballot, the eventual nomination. This actually happened twice in 1844 and in 1912. It is also instrumental in preventing an incumbent President from winning nomination to a second term, such as Franklin Pierce in 1856. The rule also prevented the Democrats from having a unified ticket in 1860, because northerners and southerners couldn't stand behind a single candidate.

    However, when FDR won the Democratic nomination for The Presidency in 1932, he had to accept a Southerner (and his archival for the Presidential nomination) as his Vice President, John Nance Garner of Texas. Garner also was Speaker of the House. FDR successfully was able to eliminate the 2/3rds rule in 1936 when he sought a second term.

  21. 14:32 The switching side bit is a bunch of bunk. Records prove there was no influx in the Republican party nor was there any signifigant change in its leadership.

    This narrative is leftist propaganda which attempts to scapegoat Republicans for its own sins.

  22. The Democrat party started the evil kkk, but not a mention of that in this video, so, therefore, this video lacks truth and substance…just as the democrat party does!!

  23. Many people are saying "government handouts" are racist, because they are buyouts for black votes, and keeping blacks dependent on the government. If you hold that belief, I wonder what your thoughts on charity are? Is charity inherently evil then, because it "makes people dependent on charity"? Charity is often a "hand out". If welfare programs are inherently racist, why do they help people of all ethnicities? I am skeptical and judge both parties, so please be respectful, everyone, and you will be much more likely to convince me and others of your point. Best regards.

  24. Which Dems “switched” and how many. You glazed over that part. See if I’m wrong: out of 200 only one stayed a Republican. The rest either retired or was voted out of office as a Democrat.

  25. I love Thomas Jefferson the man, Jeffersonian all the way. What I didn't hear mentioned was the Democrat party and the KKK, let alone the truth about slavery in America at this time. Many men, Jefferson, Washington both had free'd their slaves before taking office but back then you couldn't just free your slaves, they were not free until your death. So, people just assume these men were racists to the core. Maybe to a point they were, but given the context of their time, they were radicals. The constitution was a document that was in many ways a brilliant compromise given the time, people tend to forget there was many trying to throw away the chains of slavery before America was even born. But our framers also knew at the time it was politically impossible, like repealing ObamaCare. We got rid of the mandate, but the thorny laws that muck up healthcare still exist. So, it wasn't perfect. But it was brilliant and you gotta think of the times. If you had money, you had slaves. It wasn't just blacks by far either. IF you were poor, chances are you were a slave to somebody. It just depends on the type of slavery we're talking about. Lot's of history missing here. That's my point.

  26. This history is filled with flaws. The Democratic party takes credit for passing Civil Rights and Women's Voting laws, but they only passed them when it was clear that they couldn't stop it from passing. Also, there was no mass switching of parties. Those who say that never ever provide a list of names.

  27. Jackson wasn’t elected in 1832. He was first elected in 1828 and then re-elected four years later. He was later succeeded by Van Buren and every historian is familiar how his administration mishandled the panic of 1837.

  28. 8:45 "Wilson is a champion of progressivism" I'm sorry but the administration that brought the US into WWI, introduced the alien and sedition act as well as the espionage act, brought segregation back to the federal level, was a pusher of the lost cause narrative of the civil war, and deported hundreds of people in opposition to WWI in the Palmer raids and arrested hundreds more is not progressive. Also the vote for women was something he constantly was opposed to until he had a mental break down. Calling him a progressive is an insult to the progressive social movements of the early 20th century, and today. He was everything that the progressives and leftists of the US hated.

  29. 🙅🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️ math & science only please

  30. What about the democrats creating the kkk? Malcom x said anyone who votes democrat is a chum. He was killed 2 days later.

  31. It seems like Progressivism was just an attempt to establish more votes in their favor. It never seemed like a genuine effort.

  32. You should do one on the Republicans Trump is the only President since Lincoln trying to free the slaves from government dependancy and poverty. They just dont know they are slaves so there is a resistance the brainwashing must stop.

  33. Sorry I can't listen to a valley girl. This new fad of inflection on the last word of a sentence– a statement if you will, ends up making it sound like a question. I could have just put a? At the end of that to illustrate the point. Anyhow, I have yet to find any one of these people interesting or informative.

  34. You can tell from the comments that people believe Dinesh D'Souza and those who lie. The DemoKKKrat of the south was conservative. Dinesh and the usual RW performance artists have been lying to you. It's your fault for not knowing American history.
    These morons think the south was liberal 100 years ago..

  35. Jackson was the first Democrat President. Jackson was consider like a King, despising the SCOTUS and the Legislatives aurhority. He was a White Supremised Pro-Slavery and Anti-Indian. He also apponted racist Democrat Judges to the Courts. 6 of the Racist Democrat Judges who ruled against Dred Scott Jackson was responsible for. The only Two against Slavery? Republicans.
    Lincoln was Assassinated by Southern Democrats so he would be replaced by a Southern Democrat Andrew Johnson.
    The First president assassinated? A republican. The First President Impeached? A Democrat Johnson.
    Also Jackson was Censored by Congress.
    The KKK was formed by Democrats to intimidate andcattack Southern Republicans and blacks.
    Jim Crow was established by Democrats.
    Woodrow Wilson screened the KKK's birth of a Nation at the WH.
    And had Kkk ties.
    FDR rejected the standard set by George Washington of 2 terms and sought to be a King or Dictator seeking to remain in Power until his death. 4 Terms. He also several times sought to pack the court because he did like how the followed the Constitution. FDR created the Japanese internmint camps. Before the war he was an Admirer of Hitler and his Socialist Party.
    Truman another Democrat was the one who Dropped the Bombs on Japan.
    The two longest Filabusters in Congress were against Civil Rights by Democrats.
    JFk a northern Democrat held many republican ideals.
    When he began to side with Republicans in Congress he was Assassinated in Texas. Replaced by a Southern Democrat from Texas LB Johnson. The Second President Assasinated and replaced by a Southern Democrat.
    LBJ was oppossed to Civil Rights in Congress.
    And said about passing civil rights "We will have those n—— voting democrat for 200 years.
    Margaret sanger a Racist Democrat said the purpose of planned parenthood was to eliminate the black race.
    She was a KKK suporter.
    Reagan another Democrat who held Republican Ideals and changed Parties was nearly Assaminated his first year in office. Bill Clinton was good friends the KKK leader Robert Byrd. Did his Eulogy. Hillary call him her mentor.

  36. John F. Kennedy was Enamoured by Hitler (Fascism)
    And Hitler was Enamoured by Mussolini Fascism.

    This seems a little unbelievable Young John F. Kennedy went to Nazi Germany in the 30s and came back super excited about Hitler in Fact full of praise of Hitler he called him a legend he goes there are people who don't like Hitler but they're jealous of him he said the Nazi claim to be superior they claimed that the Nordic People are better than everybody else and he goes that 's because they are that 's because they are.

    This is JFK this is nothing controversial in the sense of it's debated whether it occurred. You can google JFK Nazi Germany 1930s on Your phone in 30 seconds you'll see that what, I just said to you is true.

  37. FDR was Enamoured by Mussolini
    19th Century

    FDR was Enamoured by Mussolini FDR Actually Dispatched members of his brain Trust to go to Italy to Study Italian Fascism, Because he Thought Italian Fascism was more progressive than the New Deal and he thought that we could import Ideas from Italian Fascism her to America.

    This was not a One-Way Fascination it was actually a mutual admiration society. Mussolini Reviewed FDR's Book in an Italian Magazine He loved it, He Goes my Conclusion Upon reading this book is this guy is one of us He's a Fascist this is Mussolini. and in 30 seconds You'll see that what, I just said is true.

  38. The Progressives of the 20th Century are Wodrow Wilson, FDR, LBJ

    The KKK came back thanks to Woodrew Wilson and it spread from Maine to California, The Old Kland was in only ninte states. Woodrow Wilson Did that. Woodrow Wilson was in the klan Harry Truman was in the Klan. LBJ was in the Klan Spreme Courte Justice hugh Black Longtime members active members of the klan.

    There is Nothng Equivalent of the Republican side.

  39. The New Deal – FDR, need the vote of the Dixiecrat so FDR agree to Block all anti-lynching laws FDR Agreed again.

    Two condtions number one have to design the New Deal to cut out Blacks. exclude agriculturea laybor domestic service which two pressions win which blacks are heavily occupied let's exclude them from social security let's exclude them from new Deal Benefits FDR Agreed in fact tha t's how the programs were written.

  40. what about KKK? you got a lightning struck in the head, you lost a memory??? by the way i'm asian malay and i'm not american citizen.

  41. Total chaos is the only democratic strategy for mid term elections and Beyond. Could be why they keep losing elections from coast to coast and now control nothing in Washington DC.

  42. LOL, and THIS is how our young are taught,,with Obvious Bias and One sided "Good is evil and evil is Good" Sad, huh

  43. To be accurate it's the Democrat Party not the Democratic Party. All slaves were owned by Democrats! No Republican owned a black slave!

  44. Your reason for why the southern democrats switched parties sounds like conjecture and not based on historical fact.

  45. The new deal was a retread of Teddy Roosevelt's Square Deal, Teddy being one of the most well known Progressives and very influential during the early part of the century. So while Bryan had some ideas, it was actually Teddy who made the impact. You left that out

  46. Both parties have fringe elements and outliers. Media companies try to amplify these fringe elements in order to demonize one party or the other.

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