Hillary Clinton teases Trump with 2020 run: ‘Don’t tempt me’

Maurice Vega

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  1. didnt hear much till she killed epstein, she a murderer and a witch, God id in control. cockroaches always run once the lights come on.

  2. Why isn't this corrupt trash in jail and why would she even be allowed to run again. Truly there is no justice in America if this corrupt political criminal is allowed to run again. Trump 2020

  3. I really want her to run again. It's a guarantee that President Trump will win. They really want him to win.

    You know at one Trump stated that Hillary was his favorite person. Giggity.

  4. trump 30,000 LIESLiesLiesLiesLiesLiesLiesLiesLIESLies LiesLiesLiesLiesLIESLies LiesLiesLiesLiesLIESLies LiesLiesLiesLiesLIESLies LiesLiesLiesLiesLIESLies LiesLiesLiesLiesLIES

  5. The Hillary Clinton KFC Special is coming out. Two large thighs. two small breast and to left wings. She is so corrupt its sick to watch her.

  6. PLEASE RUN 2020 HILARY!!! I didn’t vote for you or President Trump 2016, I WILL VOTE PRESIDENT TRUMP 2020. I can’t wait to see you ABANDON your followers AGAIN 2020 when President Trump BEATS YOU AGAIN!!!

  7. This country would be in better shape if Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was President of the United States.

  8. Dear Hillary,
    Please run for President of the United States. We need you desperately, this country needs you to clean up Donald's mess.

  9. Gotta love Waters. And Juan needs a brain and personality transplant, poor guy. Greg cracks me up, very smart guy! Dana is small but powerful. Miss Mike, Kimberly and Bob.

  10. Amazing, Trump has lied to and mislead his supporters more than 12000 times in less than three years, filled his administration with swamp creatures and grifters like himself, paid out $20 million in out of court settlement for running a fraudulent university, had to shut down his charitable foundation under judicial control for running it as a family bank account, billionaires paying a lower tax rate than the middle class for the first time in history, government debt reaches $3 trillion etc etc and his sheep like fans still fall for his lies and complete BS. He should get his attorney Barr to let Cohen and Manafort out of prison so that they together with Flyn could all shout lock her up Lol. I note Trump no longer gets the crowd to chant who's going to pay for the wall lol.

  11. Yeah her emails where looked at extensively an u where found guilty of mishandling classified Intel but oh she didnt attend to mishandle or some buklshit reason is why they didnt prosecute her

  12. She didn't get to keep the antiques and paintings she stole after her husband's impeachment. She wants another attempt to steal the White House antiques and paintings.

  13. From watching Hillary in 2016, I don't think she'll be running anywhere. She'll more like, fall down and hack a lot.

  14. Dana, Juan & a few others there's a new opening at Fox since Shep left. I think y'all should make it an even dozen & head to CNN

  15. Poor feeble minded Hilary! P.S Get rid of the black one on the 5. CNN would love him!! Bring in 2 or 3 cool ones and ditch Mr. Useless!!

  16. Delusion is 5 people on Fox news forgetting that Hillary is NOT one of the dem presidential candidates. This is fake news!

  17. Everyone should take a picture of there vote and text it,email it to fox news or the white house. Proof baby proof ! Can't erase all pics, ip address and cellphone Bill's, Do it folks !

  18. Even tho I can’t stand listening to that Lib on the panel, he does help people see how idiotic Lefties are. Thanks for your service juan!!

  19. By all means come run Hillary.  Tell Warren to bow out and you will grant her the VP spot… or maybe a sweet Ambassadorship to Ukraine. That will go over so well.

  20. I wonder if anyone is talking trash about anyone of these dudes the way they talk an op it Hillary? However the number of women slept with President Clinton, I’ll bet Trump has slept with many, many more.

  21. Hey Hillary, will you cheat your opponent out of the nomination, again? Will you accept debate questions if offered, again? You will lose, again.

  22. She was corrupt then, she is corrupt now. If Democrats elect her for rematch, she will lose even more states this time.

  23. I hope she runs. My 2016 vote was the best one I ever cast. If she runs again… my 2020 vote will be even better. TRUMP 2020

  24. Hillary is like a fake bowel movement, a lot of grunting, a lot of hot air that smells really bad, but in the end no turd.

  25. bunch of clowns, talking about benghazi, while Trump is screwing us all, cheap truckstop hookers have more dignity than you

  26. We are looking at your email's and alot of other things Hillary because you have committed many crimes and the people know it .we are the ones pushing Trump to investigate you and many others in the DC swamp.

  27. Yeah Trump is clearly obsessed with Hillary….hasn't she just spent the last three years blaming everyone else for losing? Oh…and now making even more money with a book moaning about the fact that it's "everyone else's fault"?! 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  28. Juan shut the hell up about the popular vote. Look at the county map for the 2016 election. Trump won 2500 plus counties to Hillary's 500 – Trump won 84% of the country geographically to Hillary's 16%. That is the real popular vote not just getting elected in the top 10 most populated counties. Dumbass.

  29. Hillary laughs at the notion that she thinks Trump is obsessed with her… Hillary you lost the election. Flat out right. And u still bring up the election and kept the investigation of Trumps win for a full year. Whose more Obsessed? And I double dare u to run. Please run. To see your face when u loose again

  30. Oh dear god! Hillary, I dare you to run! Answer some debate questions from Dana Perino and Brent Bear about the phoney docier.
    I don’t care about spelling anymore. I’m so fing riled that this [email protected] is still running loose

  31. Hillary must understand that Trump didnt won. She lost. Almost nobody voted for Trump. They voted against her.
    Hillary is only reason why Trump won. I support Yang/Bernie, but if again i needed to choose between Trump/Hillary, i would choose Trump.

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