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Can you tell me about how you got there? Well, I think we’ve all known for a long time that he was a corrupt businessman who cheated people, and we’ve known that he and his campaign invited help in the last election from the Russians. And we’ve known that he has been just insulting people and attacking people throughout his presidency. But what’s become absolutely clear now is that he has used the office of the presidency to further his own personal and political interests over and above, even sometimes against, the best interests of
the United States and our national security. So this is a moment when people need to speak out, and as a former secretary of state who traveled to 112 countries in 4 years, I know how important it is that leaders be held accountable for actions that really do raise serious questions about whose side they’re on. And it appears that he’s on his side, not America’s side. So when we’re going forward with impeachment, it is a national crisis. And you’re being dragged back into the national conversation once again. How many walks in the woods have you taken in the last month? You know, it’s important to just take a minute to realize that this president thrives on distraction, and diversion, and confusion, and he projects onto other people what he himself has done. So when he starts going after me and other people, it shows his desperation to change the subject, to try to drag other people into what is clearly a serious attempt to hold him accountable. So I am no longer surprised by it. I have come to expect it, but I’m hoping that this time the American public and the press understand what game he’s playing. Now there are only now four presidents in all of American history who have been through impeachment proceedings. And you’ve had connections to three of them. That’s right. Perhaps there’s nobody more
uniquely qualified to speak to this process than you. So how would you describe the gravity of what America’s going through right now? This should always be a last resort. No one should be celebrating or applauding an opening of an impeachment inquiry. As you rightly say, I served on the impeachment inquiry staff of the House Judiciary Committee back in 1974, when the president was Richard Nixon. We pursued our work with the utmost gravity. The leaders of our efforts, both in Congress and on the impeachment inquiry staff, were totally focused on evidence, evidence, evidence. You know, don’t get ahead of it, don’t get political, don’t get partisan, stay focused on the evidence because this is a very serious inquiry that may or may not lead to impeachment, depending upon what the evidence shows. So I was one of the young lawyers who helped to draft the memo about what are high crimes and misdemeanors; ironically or coincidentally, Bill Weld, the former governor of Massachusetts— Now running against Trump. was on the Republican staff. It was a bipartisan effort. I think we all felt a sense of duty to country, and we would go, as I said, where the evidence led. So that was my experience with a very thorough, thoughtful, deliberative process. Obviously, I lived through what happened in the late 90s, which was— could not have been more different. And unfortunately, the effort was nothing but a partisan pursuit, and the American people saw through it, and— And Republicans tried to use
your own words against you then? Oh yeah, of course, but you know, they really couldn’t because a high crime and misdemeanor is something that is undertaken against the security and the integrity of the state. It is misusing the office for political or personal purposes. It is refusing to cooperate with Congress. The kinds of charges that were brought against President Nixon. So this new opening of an impeachment inquiry is being done with the same sober approach that I remember from 1974. And I think that the speaker, as we all know, did not rush into this. She was very cautious because it’s such a serious undertaking, and now that it’s underway, it is focused on the evidence about President Trump’s efforts to once again use foreign influence to impact our election. You would have thought he learned something, but he got away with it and he’s the kind of guy who, if you get away with something— hey, you know, they couldn’t prove it, even though he called for interference publicly, they couldn’t prove it, so let’s go do it again. And that’s what set off the alarm bells. It was interesting to me that his call with Zelensky was the day after Mueller testified before Congress. You are so right. Yeah. Look, I served with Bob Mueller. I was secretary of state in the Senate while he was serving as FBI director. I mean, the poor man became FBI director like a week before 9/11. So as a senator from New York, you know, we were very focused on the security of New York and obviously our country. And I know what a man of integrity and just professionalism he is. And so, if you read his report, which of course a lot of people refused to do or tried to minimize, he could not have been clearer that there was a lot of involvement of the Russians, and he has big indictments against a bunch of Russians who influenced and affected the outcome of the election, and then the obstruction of justice. So for Trump to think that he’d been somehow let off the hook or vindicated was really an unfortunate conclusion because I don’t think you could have been clearer in the Mueller Report to basically say, ‘Under our rules, you can’t indict a sitting president.’ And I think it was a very apt conclusion from that. If we could, we would. Right. So therefore, Congress, it’s in your— It’s up to you. it’s in your jurisdiction. So let’s talk about Trump’s call with the president of Ukraine. When you read the call summary and you read the whistleblower complaint, what stood out to you? Several things stood out to me. I mean, I have been the maker of such calls. I’ve been the observer and the listener on such calls. I’ve read countless reports of such calls. And there is no doubt that this was an effort, number one, to extract a quid pro quo, where we’re holding up your military aid despite the fact that Russia has occupied a part of your country and are still engaged in active warfare against your government. So it was definitely a quid pro quo. It was an attempt to—call it a bribery, call it extortion— to really heavily pressure the new president, just elected, of Ukraine that if you want help protecting your country, I have a favor to ask, and I don’t see how anybody could read that— and remember, this is not hearsay. This is the White House’s memo about the call. It’s not an exact transcript, but it is a very faithful rendering, approved by the White House, which obviously means approved by the president, who didn’t see anything wrong with it. Right. They released it. They released it. So when when I hear some of my former Republican colleagues saying, well it’s hearsay. No, it is an admission by the president because this is an official document from the White House. Perhaps even more concerning is the whistleblower complaint, which goes into great detail about how, immediately upon hearing what the president was saying to the Ukrainian president, people in the Situation Room knew they had a problem, and they did what apparently they had done before, which was to try to bury the report of that call in a highly classified system that is supposed to be used for the most serious secrets of our government, you know, like the Osama bin Laden raid. And there’s nothing in the whistleblower complaint or in the memo from the White House that says there is such highly classified information. Their concern was, oh my gosh, it’s not only embarrassing to see the president playing the heavy and threatening the president of Ukraine, it could be illegal, it certainly could be an impeachable offense. So I think that when Speaker Pelosi saw that—and she has years on the Intelligence Committee, she is used to being briefed about the most sacred secrets of our country, she’s used to reading intelligence—when she saw that, she had the same reaction I did, which is, whoa, this is wrong. And it is a clear indication that Trump only cares about himself, his own re-election, could care less about America’s national security, which I happen to think is implicated in Ukrainian national security because Vladimir Putin is on the march and that affects us, as well as the Ukrainians. He also seems to really care about conspiracy theories. Yes, he does. So what was your reaction when you saw him ask the president of Ukraine if your emails were in Ukraine? You know, I live rent-free in his head. So I’m never surprised when I pop out of his head on a Twitter feed or in some other way. I mean, but three years later, on this call. Well, but he knows he’s an illegitimate president. He knows what the Russians did for him. He knows what Cambridge Analytica did for him. He knows all the games that were played with voter suppression and the hacking and weaponization of information. He knows it. Even if people don’t want to admit it who are around him or voted for him. He knows that there were many, many problems with his election and he is not a legitimately elected president. So he is constantly trying to come up with some conspiracy theory to justify his election, and now his latest is that somehow Democrats, including me, were in cahoots with, you know,
the Ukrainian government. I mean, you can’t make this stuff up. And I was struck today in the news that one of the former employees in the Trump White House who worked on the National Security Council, who was an experienced handler of information, said, we tried so hard to disabuse him of these crazy conspiracy theories about Ukraine and all the rest of it. But he believes what he wants to believe, and he has great confidence in himself to tell a false story and convince people of it. Yes. And it worked for him in business, and he went bankrupt, but he would bounce back, and he would tell more crazy stories. And it worked for him when he ran for president. So he’s not gonna stop. And that’s what’s so dangerous because here’s why people who are still questioning whether or not we should have an impeachment inquiry should ask themselves, we have seen this man will do anything. Even if you thought it was entertaining, or amusing, or shocking, that he would say or do anything, what does a desperate, cornered man who will say or do anything do with the power that he currently has? And we should all be worried about what he might do that would endanger Americans, American lives, American security, and that’s why this impeachment inquiry is so critically important. I mean, speaking of a cornered man, so this weekend, he tweeted that there’s gonna be a civil war if he’s impeached. Well, that’s why he has to be held accountable because, you know, during his campaign, he would say things like, well, my Second Amendment friends are gonna take care of Hillary Clinton. He would say threatening things, he would say outrageous things, and everybody thought, oh, that’s just who he is. It’s kind of, you know, it’s just sort of part of his whole shtick. Right? Well, we’ve seen him in action now, and we’ve seen how he riles people up. He plays to some of the worst instincts and the deepest fears that people have. And so when he says something like that, it is a signal. It’s a signal about how far he’s willing to go, how he is sending a message to his most ardent supporters. Yeah. And I find it deeply frightening and disturbing to have a president of the United States saying these things. You know, words have a way of influencing actions, and he knows that he’s got people out there— we’ve seen it—who were influenced by him, and picked up an automatic weapon, and killed people. We’ve seen people who were influenced by him who attacked synagogues, or mosques, or places of, you know, worship and, and gathering, and I don’t know what to do other
than to continue to speak out. You know, people say to me sometimes, ‘Oh, come on, you know, you’ve done your time, you don’t need to keep doing that.’ I’m an American. I have served my country. I have been raised to love my country. I’ve agreed and disagreed with presidents of my own party, as well as the other party over many years. But this is different. This is not the usual, well, you know, you don’t agree with him, therefore you’re saying this. No, he has gone beyond any bounds of appropriate presidential behavior. And we’re not sure what he might do. And these kinds of incitements that he’s engaged in should disturb any American. I don’t care what party you’re— you’re a member of, or no party, you should be disturbed. So there’s the incitement, there’s the disinformation, you yourself were a target of
that disinformation in 2016, and I think you’ve written that Trump knows the political press well; if he gives them a new rabbit to chase every day, they’ll never catch any of them. Right. I think we’re seeing that again. Right. So what can the media and Democrats do to sort of get this right in 2020? What’s the right strategy? I’m really glad you asked that because I think the press has a very hard time covering someone who is a master at diversion. And he throws so much into the public arena in what he says, what he tweets, what he does, that it’s hard to keep an eye on the story. But there is now a story. It’s a story of someone who has abused his office, who has enriched himself and his family while being in office, someone who has defied congressional requests, judicial orders, someone who has removed people who in any way question him and replace them with those who are willing to do his bidding. So the press needs to stay focused on that and the consequences. And it’s something that is hard to do in our short attention
span world and how, you know, subjects are just constantly changing. And the Democrats have to do their best job, as well. So my advice to the Democrats is number one, let the impeachment inquiry proceed with professional legal help and analysis. And there needs to be a reporting out to the American public. But don’t, you know, be constantly leaking and talking until you know what the evidence is because that’s what, you know, I learned back in ’74. And I think there will be a fight over the evidence. How will the impeachment inquiry get ahold of that server that has information on it. Exactly. And other calls on it. And other calls on it. And today, you know, Vladimir Putin basically said that, you know, the United States can’t release a conversation with him without his permission. Who the heck does he think he is? If that doesn’t wake up people. So if he is saying that, we know that some of the conversations between Trump and Putin that we could only guess at before because he, when he met with Putin, wouldn’t have notetakers in the room, and there were no reports out. We still don’t have that interpreter’s notes. We still don’t know what happened. We don’t know what happened at all. And so people need to know that because what’s he giving away, in return for what? We know that, you know, they kept working on the Trump Tower deal all the way up ’til the election. What else is going on? Right. Everything we’ve seen in public— what is worse that you’re hiding? That’s right. So let the impeachment staff do its job and have a well-organized effort to tell the story appropriately. But let the Democrats also talk about everything they’ve passed. You know, part of Trump’s and
Mitch McConnell’s game is to make people feel like, ok, we had voted for a Democratic House. Nothing changed. Well, the reason nothing changes: It goes to the Senate to die. And I think that Speaker Pelosi and the Democrats need to say, here’s how your life would have been better with the health care and prescription drug legislation we passed. Here, how you would safer with the gun legislation we passed that is supported by the vast majority of Americans. Here’s how we can give you, you know, a real reassurance that we’re gonna tackle and do something about making sure our elections are, are clean, fair, transparent, and accurate. So the Democrats have passed really important reform legislation, but nobody knows because they pass it, they have a press conference about it, and then, you know, they send it to the Senate, Mitch McConnell swears he’s never gonna bring it up, That should be a constant drumbeat, as well, because I want the American people to know, look, the Democratic House is doing your work. It is making a difference. And the Democratic House is engaged in this very serious constitutional responsibility to begin an impeachment inquiry. And I think most Americans can understand that. As we get to the end here, I just want to get your reaction to one of these diversionary tactics. There’s a new report that the State
Department has ‘intensified a probe’ of emails sent to you and that they’re retroactively recategorized them as classified. Yeah. What was your reaction when you saw? You know, my reaction is, as you might predict, absolute bewilderment and disappointment. My understanding from press coverage is that they are talking to 130 people, or give or take. These people are experienced foreign service officers, other distinguished Americans who’ve had great careers. What does it mean to retroactively classify something they sent? It’s a witch hunt, and it’s a real one, unlike the kind of things that Trump, you know, talks about. And it is meant, again, to try to raise the specter, which worked for them about my emails, which were investigated endlessly, and people, you know, had to conclude there was nothing wrong. Right. I’m, you know, sorry that they’re doing it again because now they’re trying to, you know, bring in other people, and, you know, I read something in the paper today describing it, saying, you know, it’s like you were driving at a 70-mile lane, and they had cameras so they were taking pictures of your license plates, and then a year later, they decided they needed to, you know, drop the speed limit down to 65. So now they’re gonna send tickets to everybody who drove 70 when the speed limit was 70. This is crazy, but it’s crazy like a fox because, you know, if the
Republicans, and Trump, and his supporters, and the media can muddy the waters— Enough— and raise all kinds of crazy conspiracy theories, then maybe people won’t pay attention to the danger he poses to our country. He poses a clear and present danger to the United States, and his love affair with all of these authoritarian dictators, like Putin and others, should be concerning to anybody because basically, he is saying, that’s who I wanna be, that’s how I wanna govern, and I want to cut deals with people who are not Democrats in the small ‘d’ sense of it and don’t care about the United States and our security. Just one more reaction I want to get from you. You’ve known Rudy Giuliani for many years. And what do you make of what he’s doing now? I don’t understand what he’s doing. I think he has gone over the edge on his behavior, and, you know, I ran against him in 2000,
so I don’t know him that well. And, you know, he quit before the election. But I watched him, and he just seems to be totally in thrall to these conspiracies that he promotes, and this man who worked in the White House said that he thinks the primary person who is always spinning up Trump is Giuliani. Why? Why? I don’t understand that. All right, here’s my final question for you: Regarding impeachment, Pelosi said this is a sad day for America. Given the barrage of news and all of the
titles that you hold, these days, where do you find hope? I find hope in everything that Americans are doing to not only resist this abusive president and his allies, but to stand up for
marginalized people, whether it’s, you know, children in cages on the border, or people who are of the Muslim faith who are being, you know, demonized by this president. So I find a lot of hope in the way Americans have rallied to stand up for our most fundamental rights. They’re real patriots. I also have a lot of hope in young people. I mean, I think that, you know, a lot of the young people that work for me, that I get to, you know, know or that I have some association with, you know, it’s not easy, but they are determined to find a new way, a new way of communicating, a new way of
starting a business, a new way of making a difference in the world. And this latest effort on climate change
led by that remarkable 16-year-old, Greta Thunberg, who’s in our book, ‘The Book of Gutsy Women.’ Standing up and speaking truth to power, I get a lot of hope from that. Yeah, that’s great.

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