Hillary Clinton gets candid in interview with Howard Stern

Maurice Vega

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  1. Here she is saying how great Graham was before now, when the clip of him in 1998 insisting on impeaching Bill, has been going around,( instead of venting like Trump would do.)

  2. Nah bitch. You might have ended up winning the primary anyways. But you had the DNC and the corporate owned media sabotage Bernie. You made sure he didn't have a chance. That fucking hurt you. I refused to vote for either of you dirtbags in the main election. Why? Because you never EARNED my vote. You told me you were entitled to it. When are the establishment democrats going to figure it out.

  3. I hope the DNC doesn't do it again. What was it that Tulsi Gabbard said? Oh yeah, HC embodies the corruption and rot in the Democratic party …something like that. Can't say I disagree.

  4. Hillary offered to help Trump, but then went around the world saying the election was rigged and that orange man was bad. She was never going to help him he was just saying he was going to lock her up hours prior to that. She begged to help him so she could try to avoid jail. Once trump said he wasnt going to go after her, she turn coated and put on her Russian/Nazi hat. Despicable to say the least.

  5. Bernie hurt her?😂 a big strong woman?!?! That's impossible. I wonder if she was sad when she was rigging the primaries against him? Bernie had a half a chance against Trump. Hilary helped get Trump elected so we are thankful to her for that I guess

  6. That moment when you look from the outside and realize what a bunch of disgusting elite warmongering low lives we elected into office, from the clintons to the bushs to the trumps.
    We like to gloat about being the best country and the best people, but we're rotten on the inside and we deserve rotten people running the country.

  7. Lol, Lindsey helped push the impeachment of your husband, and Bernie did 39 rallies for you. You're a horrible, lying individual and the only one to blame for the Cheeto in the office is you. You cheated your way through the primary, and cried when you couldn't do it in the general. No one wanted you.

  8. The reason CNN can't get an interview like that with Hillary Clinton is that they couldn't help but bring up Monica Lewinsky with no relevance.

  9. She is a complete liar…she left angry from the arena..sent her boy side kick out, had to come out and send everyone home…what a POS woman

  10. This was a refresh look, because stern wanted to have this interview for a while and he had seen this side of her and wanted to show his followers that side of her, when it comes to women in power for whatever reason we always have a lot more to deal with in every way possible, we can’t make a comment with it not being taken out of content

  11. Hillary, if you in particular, and politicians in general, spoke like you did just now, we wouldn't be so reluctant to vote for them. Good interview!

  12. This is odd. Hillary is another losing it. Blaming others rather than taking responsibility. She lost her marriage. Bill and her don’t have chemistry. She lost the election; trump did not win it. Hillary had all of the advantages and did all the back room deals; yet, she lost it.

  13. yeah people don't hate hillary because she's an awfull pro-corporate, right wing, hawkish, corrupt politician, it's just because she's a woman who's trying to get power, that's so obvious.

  14. Howard Stern has said before that if Hillary had come on his show while she was campaigning for president, he thinks the election outcome would have been far different due to the demographics of his show she could have opened herself up to a different audience.

  15. “I won these debates” 😂 you were literally the worst candidate to beat the trump. And now you own the Clown News Network and you still can’t win. MAGA 2020

  16. Since your network doesn't cover Bernie very much I thought his supporters might like to know he's polling number one in California!

  17. So Hillary went on a show that had lesbians having sex on live radio, and Tila Tequila getting it on with a sybian. Now condoning Sterns radio show? Can you guys now forgive Trump on his pussy grabbing language, Hallary now condones masochistic Howard Stern. Grow up people.
    Hey Hillary, instead of blaming Sanders for your 2016 presidential launch and calling Tulsi Gabbard a Russian spy, how about blaming yourself for not campaigning in Wisconsin or Michigan.
    Hillary clinton couldn't win the presidency of her high school senior class/ let alone the U.S. presidency. It must be because she the biggest DEPLORABLE for calling a female patriot a russian asset!

  18. I still havent seen Hillary honest or open. She still blames everyone else for her loss. The day the word honest describes her is the day she admits that she lost the election and gave us trump.

  19. Good Lord I can't stand these phony, biased, media talking heads! Killary Clinton SHES PURE EVIL, & these air heads glamorizing & riding her coat tails!

  20. Wow this video is trash even by cnns rock bottom standards. Can we please stop trying to restore the credibility of the woman who gave us Trump by losing the election to him? It is disgusting how these media companies act as PR for the Clintons.

  21. Bernie Sanders endorsed Hillary even though she stole the nomination from him. Bernie did 39 rallies for her in 13 different states but somehow Hillary is still upset. She blames everyone but herself for losing the unloseable election to that organe clown

  22. Why are we still listening to this old bag. Bernie would have destroyed trump in 2016 if that wench had not have rigged the primary.

  23. Hillary is such a bitch 🤬 Bernie backed her and did 39 rally’s for her and this is how she repays him. Why doesn’t she just go away 🤦🏻‍♂️

  24. Imagine our country with Hillary Clinton as president with a solid economy already in place when Obama left office and the credibility of
    The United States of America intact. Imagine enjoying life again

  25. I listened to the entire interview, Respect the fact Hillary was being openly honest,,,,,, seriously. Kudos to her. Pretty sure if she had been this chill n honest during the race it may have ended differently??? Maybe?

  26. Spain had Submarine of Cocaine shipment seized Last Week. Nancy Pelosi went to Madrid Last Week. Is Nancy a Mule and just LOST HER LOAD?

  27. How dare she fucking blame Bernie. He did 30 fucking rallies for her. She lost because she was less liked than bernie. Useless whackjob

  28. Being ungrateful for Bernie Sanders effort and giving him the middle finger when he did 39 rally’s for her is such a dysfunctional crappy mind.

  29. Warmonger Hillary. Candid more like lying snake. Bernie is going to win CNN and ain't nothing you can do about it. Stop with your nonsense propaganda you CIA tool.

  30. I was helping my uncle clean his basement..snd I came across a 'Life' Magazine that featured Hilary Rodham as one
    of ::America's Future Leaders. ( in the 1970's).
    Lou from NYU"'

  31. Man, Hillary can simply not take responsibility for loosing to a clown like Trump.
    This is so laughable.
    Bernie did forty ralleys for her after she cheated him out of the nomination.
    She even sent him a nice handsigned thank-you-letter some days before the election when she though she would win.

    But now its not her that lost against all odds, Nooooo
    It was Bernie, and all americans are sexists, and the russian troll farm
    Such an entitled, bitter, twofaced sad looser.

  32. Hillary straddled Stern's clitoral stimulation machine throughout the interview, while her pal, Harvey Weinstein, masturbated into a potted plant. 😉

  33. Look who spit at President Trump: four Jewish „philosophers” hand-picked up by B'nai Jeshurun Templar Jerrold Nadler. Don't we have Constitutional Republicans in our Educational System any more?
    "Crucify Him! Crucify Him!" – Jews shouted; now in the US Congress, CNN and MSNBC. Howard Stern and Hillary Rodham Rosenberg "candidly" talking. :):):) Give me a break!

  34. Hillary: "I am not going to let my adversaries win" b!tch we don't want your corrupt @ss. Stop taking money from Saudis, stop voting for wars, stop rigging the primary elections. Bernie whooped that @ss and now you want to help another centrist get elected to keep your corruption ship sailing. Man, i am done with these phony politicians popping saying some bs. You lost and you have no one to blame. Bernie asked you for a policy concession not even a job like your [email protected] did with Obama. Bernie's act in it's own right was selfless which included 39 speeches for Roseanne over here. Truth is I half heartedly voted for you but you still lost. It's time people wake up and see people from beneath their surface. She shallow. She shallow. Just admit you lost because you were incomptent and move on with your life.

  35. The only time Hillary is “open and honest” is behind closed-doors when she can speak her private opinion freely.

    Btw, Howard Stern supported Chris Christy once upon a time.


  37. Hearing Howard suck up so hard is sickening. Also shitty of her to blame Bernie not only after the DNC fucked him over. But after he literally tirelessly campaigned for her doing 39 speeches in 13 days. But saying if it happens next time i hope he endorses the opponent. Umm Hillary he's in second place behind a failing gaff machine.

  38. Ok let’s just be honest. Hillary is a major player in a satanic child sacrificing ring. Involving way too many people. The emails are recovered and video. Some are having a hard time trying to let he public know because it’s too horrid. But after some dealings. It will be released. And this will probably be a scorched earth type thing. But it’s this or 1776.

  39. Bernie won't have to endorse anyone this time, because the primary won't be stolen from him. Hillary is the kind of politician that makes people hate politics

  40. This only explains why Trump didn't  fulfill his promise to throw Hillary in prison! Her phone call saved her life.

  41. She should just shut up. She has never blamed herself or her horrible campaign for the lose to a guy like trump. Always blames others.
    If Bernie won the nomination, would she campaign for him like he did for her 2016?!
    She represents the evil, failing face of the democratic party

  42. Trump has dirt on Lindsey Graham… He's a closet case with some sexual videos of him in some crazy scenarios – guaranteed!

  43. Hillary Clinton expected to be coronated as president and she trusted that she had the mainstream media and big business to accomplish this period what she did have was a backing of the American voter as most people realize as she is a corrupt individual like many people in the Democratic Party

  44. Sing how crazy is stupid this woman we are very lucky she is not president of the United States. It would have been game over as she would have flooded this country with Syrians and muslims

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