‘Hey Bill Nye, Could the Government Be Hiding Extraterrestrials From Us?’ | Best of ’16

Hey Bill. So there are many videos online claiming to
be extraterrestrial sightings. It just seems that the government is aware
of extraterrestrials yet they reject the idea. Possibly they’re hiding the truth from us
in fear of the knowledge greatly changing our daily lives. Do you believe these aliens exist and if so
would you tell us? No I don’t believe the aliens exist coming
to visit you and the government knows about it and hasn’t told you. No. Start with that. Two more things. First of all the whole alien thing really
got revved up in 1947. There was a project called Sky Hook and the
U.S. Government had these very cool super high
altitude balloons and they were going to have a constellation of them or an armada of these
balloons off the East Coast of the former Soviet Union with microphones tuned to listen
for nuclear weapons tests. This was going to be big fun. And so they were testing the balloon in New
Mexico and it was complicated and the winds blew the thing around and it crashed and it
was impractical. The idea was kind of cool but it was a cold
war idea that just didn’t work. Now this project was secret so yes, government
people showed up. The U.S. Army swept up all the debris from
the crash and took it away because it was secret. And they also experimented with parachuting
dummies from very high altitudes in the same area. And this has led to all these fabulous myths
about aliens and the government knows stuff you don’t. Now I look like nobody and I am but I had
an engineering job, several of them over the years, and during one of them I had security
clearance. And I worked on a secret airplane for a little
while and I never went myself but I worked with several guys, they were all men, who
went to Area 51 to Groom Lake which is an Air Force base in Nevada where we fly around
these secret airplanes. And it’s a real place. And these guys went there and when I was doing
it it was called level five security clearance. I only had level four. I never went to Groom Lake. But the big thing they wouldn’t talk about
was how fast these planes could go. That was a big secret. But anyway these are people that worked on
the F117, a stealth fighter. If you ever go to the Air Force Museum in
Ohio you can see the Have Blue secret planes, very cool. As a kid I always asked myself why don’t
they paint spy planes light blue to blend in with the blue sky. Well sometimes they do. Anyway you can see one of those there. So it’s a complete myth that the government
knows. Just think how hard it is for the government
to keep anything secret. With all due the government kind of sucks
at keeping secrets. So they couldn’t possibly keep the secret
with 10,000 people in on it. So let’s just set that aside. But with that said you may very well be alive
when we discover life or evidence of life rather on Mars. This would literally be alien life. If we find it, if we find some ancient microbes
still alive in some icy layer under the Martian sand it would change the world. It would change the way everybody thinks about
being a living thing. Do these things on Mars if they exist do they
have DNA or did they have DNA if they have been fossilized? Or are they a whole other completely different
type of life that we’ve never thought of. Did life start on Mars? Mars got hit with an impactor and you and
I are a descendent of Martians? That is amazing. It’s not crazy. It’s extraordinary but it’s not crazy. Then furthermore you may be alive when we
send mission to the moon of Jupiter called Europa which has at least twice as much seawater
as the earth. When you have seawater for 4.5 billion years
is there something alive on Europa? Whoa like dude, that’s out there. It would change the world. It would utterly change the world. This would be real alien life discovered with
tax dollars by people who are intellectually curious who decide to devote some of our intellect
and treasure to exploring our nearby planetary worlds. And that’s the real stuff that I encourage
you to support and follow. And for that of course I encourage you to
join the Planetary Society. Think about that. You don’t have to, I’m just suggesting
because we really do advocate for the real exploration of nearby worlds really looking
for alien life. Also the James Webb space telescope is going
to launch in 2018 and it may have the capability – it is hoped that it will have the capability
of exploring atmospheres of extraordinarily distant planets by having sunlight from those
stars that those planets orbit pass through the atmospheres. If we detect water vapor and methane it may
mean some day that we’ve detected evidence of life on another world. Do, do, do, do – do, do, do, do. It’s all the real stuff is what I’m saying,
the real exploration for alien life is more exciting than speculating about a nominally
secret Air Force base in Nevada. Carry on.

Maurice Vega

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  1. Why you lying Bill. Unacknowledged special access projects much? How about Project Bluebook? This is hard to hear such an awesome dude say… mouthpiece for anti-disclosure.

  2. Am I as qualified as Bill Nye to talk about this subject? No. Do I believe him? No. Study the Phoenix Lights, Battle LA, Foo Fighters, 1952 Washington DC incident, Area 51… It seems something's going on.

  3. Bill wouldnt know, just take the examples he's using, "weatherballoons", everyone knows about misidentified drones, spaceshuttles and weatherballons et cetera. Bill seems emotionally upset about the topic, atleast make the effort of looking at the "smoking gun" cases where you have multiple highly trained witnesses within the military who are willing to testify and can back up their story, like the Rendlesham forest incident, tons of military personal on a nuclear base testifying of "highly suspicious" activity, they are all convinced that it was aliens, maybe it was, maybe it wasnt, maybe it was just an experiment on personal working on a nuclear base to see how they could handle stress et cetera, anyway, dont fool yourself thinking you know what the "government" knows or not knows, it's a vast body of resources and personel, just because "most people" cant keep secrets that doesnt mean classified info cant be kept off limits. Get some experience within any higher echelon within the military and it will change the way you view the world tremendously.

  4. Hypothetically speaking, no one with brains and heart in the right place would go about and disturb evolving species inferior to their own intelligence and understanding, it would greatly impact them and mostly negatively.

    For interstellar beings there would be protocols how to interact or "not" interact" with a species like humans, there would be a "observe but not disturb" policy, just like how our good (few) biologists observe animals in their natural environment without ruining it or disturibing their daily go abouts.

    I know most humans like to disturb animals, ruin their environment and capture species for horrible experiments and reasons, but when we realize that it is actually wrong in the greater scheme of things and that we learn so much more by observing covertly, then we will perhaps understand the whole "alien scenario" better.

  5. (WARNING: for purposes of simplicity I will be using the term "alien" to refer to "extra-terrestrial life-forms" in this document. Thank you for your understanding).

    Listen to me, absurd government conspiracy believers. As unlikely as it sounds that we're the first and currently only intelligent life-form to arise from this ever-expanding, incredibly-large and truly awesome universe, it is just as unlikely that a universe so young could give birth to a planet with even the simplest of life-forms. One needs a certain amount of elements to have life. And our universe is just now able to support life based on how many generations of stars there have been in our universe's life-time. The fact that there is already an intelligent species capable of looking for more life in a universe so young is mind-boggling. Looking out into the vastness of space Humankind has expected to see at least one intelligent alien-race broadcasting its existence into the universe as we do. But we don't! Not a single person on Earth, not a mad-man in the desert, nor the US government has been able to prove the existence of an advanced alien race. Is that not a red flag saying aliens AREN'T visiting Earth? Why do you think the Fermi Paradox is a thing? Was Fermi in on it too? Do you even realize the absurdity of what you attest the government is hiding? HOW CAN SO MANY PERSONS BE SO ILLOGICAL?

  6. I don't know the name of the comic, but I remember this little bit he said in one of his shows back in the 90's about why we have not made contact with Aliens.
    " Of course Aliens exist, but why in the hell would they come visit us???". " I can just see them now debating on wether they should say hello or not ' Hey man why dont we fly down there and introduce ourselves? The hell you talking about? They are killing each other down there for being either black or white. Man, we PURPLE! What the hell do you think they'll do to us????"

  7. This dude actually believes the balloon story… you people are fucking ridiculous.. the fucking dummies weren't even invented until 7 years after Roswell.. EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO WAS THERE HAS TESTIFIED THAT IT WAS A UFO…. but forget that.. the French equivalent of NASA already said these are "real solid mechanical objects" and the best hypothesis is ET.. countries in South America their militarys and Air Force openly investigate because they KNOW it's real.. there are countless documents that confirm that the US government has known and secretly investigated this and considers ufos as a national security threat.. WAKE TF UP BILL NYE.. look at the evidence .. then talk.. there are radar/visual cases, physical trace cases, cases with 30,000+ witnesses.. the Belgian wave.. you ppl want proof I'll give you proof.. when we say the government knows.. we mean HIGH levels of the CIA, Air Force, DIA, NSA, high level personnel at NASA (directly affiliated with the airforce), NORAD, OSI, and the JOINT chiefs.. THESE ARE THE PEOPLE THAT KNOW.. not the president.. Northrup Grumman, Lockheed Martin, these people know ALL TOO WELL..

  8. This man is a legend! If we found microbes on any planet other then ours it would be something that'd change our thoughts on everything

  9. The government will always hide from the citizens stuff that could have military potential so that other countries will not get it. Any alien contact implies awesome technology not available on Earth. You know… these guys traveled the galaxy. You can be sure that our government wants all this knowledge for itself, not for 'humanity's sake'. The same will happen if you are a researcher and stumble upon something with such potential. They will censor you from publishing it even if you could win a Nobel prize for that. And if you say that it could benefit all of humanity, or threaten them for not letting you get your scientific recognition, they could even kill you to stop you from revealing it. They don't care. You will 'disappear' one day when you left home going to work…

  10. Area 51 is a place to avoid because of atomic bomb tests. At least one of them was a "dirty" bomb, basically a shell of plutonium around a really big TNT exploder-thingie. While the cleanup crew did get lots of it back, there are quite a few bits left, and these are dangerously radioactive. From Area 51: Uncensored (partial title, library book in West Warwick Public Library).

    As far as ET coming for a visit, I don't know, I'm just a science fiction writer Dalek.

  11. If hyper intelligent life exists out there they might access our Internet without actually showing up on our planet physically. You don't hear that floated too often.

  12. In my opinion, no one is perfect, but Bill Nye comes close to being one of the smartest people in this world. If he believes there is no alien life, then in my opinion there's no alien life lol. Like seriously, am I the only one who thinks this guy should run for president?? 😂

  13. Here's a few questions for conspiracy theorists:
    1: How on Earth could any group of people hold on to such secrets and not let anything go?
    2: Why do you think they cover that stuff up?
    3: How is your case logical?
    4: How is it that you select special few found out about this?
    5: What evidence do you conspiracy nuts have? I want links to reliable sites.

  14. If an elderly but distinguished scientist says that something is possible, he is almost certainly right; but if he says that it is impossible, he is very probably wrong.

    Arthur C. Clarke

  15. If you pay Bill Nye enough, he will apparently say anything. So, how does that make him beleiveable? Aliens do exist the government and people that are paid to talk will say anything to hide a covert plan.

  16. I'm calling bullshit on Bill Nye
    I've had contact with the Mantis Extra Terrestrial or whatever the hell you call em. They're extra dimensional tho I do know that.

  17. Also one more closing thought.
    Bill Nye just looks creepy as hell.
    There's just something weird about him that gives me a very uncomfortable feeling.

  18. Nixon disposed of 15 minutes of audio tape from an oval office recorder and the conspiracy to cover it up lasted like a week. There is no way that there is a conspiracy of this magnitude that doesn't get out to the general public outside of a year. It is just too big of a task to cover up something that incredible.

  19. I don't believe aliens are but he just made it to be hard because he said that Roswell was SPY BALLOONS but the Government said they were WEATHER balloons.


  20. Nye is an arrogant fuckwit. He claims that secrets can't be kept by govt organisations then cites the F117 Stealth Fighter which was kept secret for a decade! His knowledge of UFO history us next to nil. He incorrectly cites project Skyhook, when it was actually Project Mogul which was the cover story for Roswell. Ignore anything this buffoon says on the subject.

  21. lmao at you conspiracy theorists! watch bill nyes the science guys episode on suto science. bills a real life scientists with a reputation. you loonies can say whatever you want cuz you aint got nothing to loose credibility wise.

  22. This reminds me of the study where American kids were most confident about their wrong answers compare to other countries' kid on some math quiz. Americans (fraction is surprisingly large) who believe that they know more than the person who is involved in the process have an ego issue. It has become their identity to stay relevant in extremely rigorous disciplines (in their own view, ofcourse) – maybe this identity is essential for their 'survival' – I don't condemn it if we really need to do this. Darwin possibly have an explanation. Coming to think of it more, secret government projects of the past facilitated this and gave them validity.

  23. why is he an considered an expert. I don't disagree with the sentiment but Bill Nye isn't the guy to pull. He was a kids show entertainer, not actually a scientist.

    This isn't going to help, arguable it just makes it worse.

  24. he's a liar an illuminati, bilderberg, reptilian conspirator collaborator and shouldn't be trusted, you can tell because of his tie, he has flying saucers on his tie.

  25. Also the government knows that keeping a secret like aliens is much to complicated. So the gov releases info like you would on a hot water valve on a water heater once it reaches critical mass or to hot it lets off the pressure and then they debunk the info. Governments aren't perfect but when it comes to information they know how to withhold it for just the right time.

  26. Bill Nye's mind is so far up his ass, he has to unzip his pants to see if it's daytime. Just a big douchebag.
    I'd like to see a debate between this sad sack and PhD Stanton Friedman, nuclear physicist and Roswell expert. He'd rip this pretentious d.b. to shreds.

  27. But Boyd Bushman said! And then there's the Yuri Milner research. I guess Yuri did not believe Boyd. But Bill Nye didn't even mention Yuri? Is it because he's a Russian spending millions on research in the US and the government wants us to dislike Russians right now?

  28. Hey Bill Nye, are aerosols being spread in the stratosphere intentionally and if so will those aerosols reduce lifespans of many people?

  29. the idea of aliens crashing and some people in these comments saying 'aliens landed and made a deal' is all very human-centric. if aliens with travel exist, then they are not human, and would be vastly superior lifeforms. if they had visited, we would all know about it, because we would be a delicious fuel source for them just like every other organism/material is for humans. and don't say 'maybe our consciousness is a fuel source and that's how they feed' because that's really ineffective and it would be a lot easier to roast us like a thanksgiving turkey.

  30. Nye has 3 separate govt programs mixed up. Project Mogul was the forerunner of the Skyhook balloon program. The first Skyhook balloon was launched on Sept 25, 1947. It was equipped with a particle detector. The first Mogul flight was May 29, 1947. Mogul Flight #4 launched from Alamogordo, New Mexico on June 4, 1947, and it crashed near Roswell. It consisted of a cluster of meteorological balloons and a regular sonobuoy. The program was classified but the components weren't. Project High Dive was carried out during the 1950s. It tested high-altitude parachutes using anthropomorphic dummies. Each dummy had a reward notice & were stamped property of the U.S. Air Force. What made Roswell odd is that other Mogul flights had crashed & balloons were stolen but the military didn't go after the thieves. Even odder, the GAO in 1995 reported that all administrative records of Roswell Army Air Field from March 1945 through December 1949 were inexplicably destroyed, as were all incoming messages from October 1946 through December 1949. These were permanent records that should not have been destroyed.

  31. People need to understand that just because UFO's are real does not mean aliens are here. The legitimate UFO sightings are most likely secret projects that the military/government do not want to admit exist. So they like to let people believe that it's aliens so they can continue to control technology

  32. This guy is a joke n full of shit I can't believe people want his opinion on this subject.. these guys haven't even find out how they build the pyramids ?

  33. We can't even take care of our environment and fellow humans, none the less animals or aliens, how about that tax money gets used for something good other than some curious explorer?

  34. Bill Nye, Would the gravimetric forces on Europa from Jupiter not be too much for life to start? Afterall isn't that why there is water there instead of Ice.

  35. Oh my fucking god. The fact that he has to adress this stupid ass question shows how unbelievably retarded a lot of people are. Holy shit these people are stupid. Alien secrets? Really? Please castrate yourselves for the greater good.

  36. There are billions if not trillions of planets and stars in our universe, it is Ridiculous to think that Earth is the only planet that has "intelligent" life, there are planets and civilizations much older than us that have gone through the same obstacles our civilization is going through.

  37. If they were intelligent enough to find us, they would not make contact due to our violent ways… I think they would conclude to the fact we emotionally couldn't handle it..

  38. It's actually pointless to ask someone in his position such questions. As regardless of the truth one way or the other, he will answer the very much the same.

    If he is aware of a government conspiracy through his work then he is legally bound not to reveal the classified information. So no point.

  39. Nellis range, Bill. Maybe you can take tips on how to be a patriot from Mark McCandlish the ARV Guy, you ignorant globalist mouth piece.

  40. guess what. I can assist any human being in making contact with people from other star systems from their own backyard. you're a has been scientist who thinks the best hope for finding ET life is in analyzing microbial dust using probes powered by solar energy etc. it's a sad sad day when millennials' science out paces your own wit. Seriously Bill. think about it. a hypothetical Ignoramus can use THOUGHT to debunk the biggest lie in human history. no offense buddy but a priori you are being a fucking tool. get some scientific method in your life, put down your keyboard connected E-World, get back in the field with step one of the scientific method and put the fricking CE:5 Protocol to the test.

  41. i find it very weird that both him and degrass tyson say the government can't keep secrets because 10 thousand people would tell…seem like they are both trained why they both say 10 thousand people….

  42. Going from teaching kids how the earth is round, on a children's show to being a scientist who is leading the carbon tax. Nothing but a complete fake who is embarrassment to the real scientist. Saying there could be new life on these other planets or moons but none on earth. A scientist who called out B.o.B a hip artist but cant debate a real scientist to save his life.

  43. What a country, if it’s not aliens, it’s conspiracies, if it’s not conspiracies it’s angels, if it’s not angels it’s god! Grow up and fill your lives with REAL things that will enrich your life and others peoples lives. We are all we have got.

  44. WRONG 🛸👽🖖🏼

    The government isn't good at keeping secrets? Lol really? Does that not include the FBI//CIA etc? Watch Project Bluebook!

  45. It’s sad how it’s been a bunch of decades since Armstrong and the moon landing and we still haven’t even gotten to an actual other planet

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