Hero Suman Respond |YS Jagan One Month Governance as AP CM | Sakshi TV

there's no problems though with under if they were saying jail it clearly very good teaching I chase agency you know giant endeavor on the road I am name select Jesse who came a month ago orange is busy and restoration so I am congratulate you because this alone how you do it is he up seeing her point is I think first you it is only see him Jennifer needs lot of goods and bunch of broad-minded Agha BC sc/st minorities and copper community Kilgore amici what maximal intent amongst you freedom achieve t CMTC the other part to ministers of the name equal a maximum I know no cabinet from Turkey a community a cash turkey of a representation of Galilee the Comanche educated ministers in victim mahidol will go by a woman is turn tchu so each other acts up and the communal relations in a moment in our party this year give me reach Allah we will just another increase in the rural promised useful phnom bakheng Saudis he'd already that's patio garden but also contractor got approval rating in which a lever for you animal JC de la turkey Mira chaser and jealousy all under mj7 JPAC Mancha payer to me Emperor under oath Happy Hanukkah so we are seeing lot of rating lot of vote from you dragongirl so I wish you all the best they would ask mother

Maurice Vega

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