Head in the Sand and the Breakfast Bar

(upbeat music) Malweni Aba. Good morning, your honor. Your cars been towed? Yes, by that one night, back in December I took my daughter to, I took my daughter to an appointment and they had like an emergency, like a meeting. And I paid for the meter for like an hour and a half I think and I literally was there for like four hours. Anything else you want to tell me? I’m not working right now and I’m going to start working in June and I haven’t been able to pay the tickets. Alright, just let me say this to you, okay? You explained one parking ticket, and I know that you had put money in the meter, and you had enough money in the meter to park until 9:37 in the morning on December 18th. They issued you a ticket at 10 o’clock, at 10:07, so you were there a half hour after that. That’s one ticket, and I understand that. If that was the only ticket that you have, I understand that. But, what you didn’t tell me was that you had 11 other tickets. So I’m sympathetic to the fact that maybe you don’t have any money. But you didn’t even make an attempt, you didn’t pay one of these ticket, not one. I didn’t, I thought that maybe they weren’t, like so far, by the months it goes up. I just wasn’t aware that I had all them tickets. You got the tickets, you didn’t pay them. You said forget it, you know. Nothin’s gonna happen. Next thing you know your car got towed. When did the car get towed? December, I’m not sure. Last December?
Yes. And the car is still in the tow company? I believe so, yeah. Do you know the expenses that you are incurring? Yes. Why did it take you so long to come here today? Because I want to buy a new car, so I went to the DMV and they told me that I owe a lot of money. Nothing that you’re telling me that makes sense. Nothing. Alright I’m upset, not at you, but for you. Because I’m not sure you realize the predicament that you put yourself in. Your car got towed, this is now May. Your car was towed in December. January, February, March, April, May. Five months. Approximately 150 days. The tow companies usually charge $30 a day for storage. You probably owe $4,500 for storage to the tow company. Did you know that? No, I didn’t. You came in here today, with all of these tickets. You give me one explanation, I put money in the meter for one ticket. Forget the red or whites, forget all the other tickets, forget the fact that the car’s been towed, forget the fact that you paid $30 a day storage. You don’t address any of those things. You get a narrow perspective about this big. Did you think, “Oh I’m going to tell the judge about this one ticket “and he’s going to feel so sorry for me “he’s going to dismiss everything.” D Doesn’t make any sense. I didn’t think it was gonna be like that. I just want to know like what I can do. No you can’t register a car now, that’s why you came in right? Well, I want to settle this situation so that it won’t happen again. So that you can register a car? Yes. What can you afford? I want to see if I can at least do like half of it, I don’t have any money right now. But I’m willing to go on a payment plan, and hopefully pay it when I start workin’ in June. I already have a job I just, the training doesn’t start until June so. Do you have any children? Yes.
How many? Just one.
How old? She’s one year and six months. What’s her name?
Mia. I’m going to help you get a new start. But promise yourself, don’t promise me. Promise yourself you’re going to be more responsible in the future. I will. Particularly when it comes to this, I mean these are not crimes of moral turpitude. This is just, pure negligence. Makes absolutely no sense what you did. Just abandoning the car, so I can’t let you go scot free. But it’s not going to serve any useful purpose for me to fine you something that you can’t pay, because you’re not going to do it. Cause whatever I say to you today you say, “Okay I’ll try,” and you’re not going to be able to do it. So I’m going to do what I think makes sense, okay? I’m going to fine you $100. Okay. How much time do you need to pay it? At least two weeks. Alright, I’m going to give you a month. Okay, thank you. And if you can’t pay it, we’re not changing our phone number, be sure to call. Okay. I understand that maybe you won’t be able to do that in a month, you hear? So if you can’t, call up and say I need more time. Okay.
You promise to do that? Yes. You gonna to keep this promise? Yes, I am. Alright, think of your little daughter, okay? Alright, good work. Alright, thank you sir. We’ve all heard the expression don’t bury your head in the sand. It refers to the common, but mistaken belief that ostriches bury their heads in the sand when frightened to avoid being seen. Avoiding a problem hoping that it will eventually go away on it’s own only prolongs the inevitable. I promised this young lady that I would help her get a new start. I hope she uses this opportunity to lift her head out of the sand and learn how to deal with small issues before they become big problems. Brandon Kelly. Good morning your honor.
Good morning. Attorney Val Saltmen for the defendant. Okay, we have the cities public defender here today, so everybody got to be on your best behavior. This is complaint number A18 066. Charges Mr. Kelly with public drinking. Counsel do you want to be heard on this? Your Honor, I think the facts speak for themselves. He was drinking with friends. The facts speak for themselves? If the facts speak for themselves he’s guilty. But you see, but Your Honor, in this situation– You just said he was drinking. I know, but as I’ve often said, that the response to an open container ordnance should not be arrest, hand cuffing, and taking to central station where he’s been since 2:00 p.m. yesterday afternoon. Counsel.
Yes? Did your client spend the night in jail? He did. Did you get room service during the night? I mean, obviously there’s no room service. No room service? Your honor, I disagree, they get cereal bars. I did not get a cereal bar actually, I did not get a cereal bar. You didn’t get a cereal bar? I did not.
You did not? No, I did not get a cereal bar. One of the police officers must have probably confiscated that. (Defendant laughing) One of the cell officers ate his cereal bar. Yeah man, they did. Alright, so you were drinking from a, lets see what he was drinking. What were you drinking, what were you drinking? Natural Ice. Natural Ice.
Yeah. I don’t know, he’s drinking from an open container, not a closed container of Natural Ice, right? He’s arrested, put handcuffs on you? Yup. Put you in the station wagon? In the police vehicle?
Yeah, yup. Brought you down to the station? Yeah. Put you in the cell?
Yeah. They didn’t slap you around a little bit, did they? Nah. No see, Providence police they don’t do that. That’s right I’m just checking them, okay? Mr. Kelly, your counsel made an impassioned plea on your behalf. And I’m going to accept her plea. She feels that you were punished enough by spending a night in jail. So based on the recommendation of your counsel, the matter is going to be dismissed. Thank you, thank you Your Honor. Good luck to you. For the record, I have launched a full scale investigation into the inmates missing breakfast bar. It’s bad enough that he had to spend the night in jail. But then to be denied a nutritious breakfast snack? That’s Geneva Convention violation stuff right there. And also for the record, despite the vicious allegations, it wasn’t me who took it. I had my usual pretzel roll breakfast sandwich this morning and I have a receipt to prove it. So there, now back off!

Maurice Vega

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  1. Does anyone know if the judge only has jurisdiction over the fines/tickets, so even though he said $100, would she still be on the hook for the towing storage costs?

  2. Is it possible to install cameras on Manton Ave & Salmon St? 100's of motorist & Officers daily take a left turn which is prohibited and endangers Pedestrians crossing that dangerous intersection…. I'm sure it would boost states income…Thanks in advance Mr. Quinn. BTW, My great Grandfather Francisco Sasso and your grandfather both sold fruit on Federal Hill Mr. Caprio….. Have a great day.

  3. Inspector Quinn seems quite defensive about the breakfast bar. We need an independent investigation into the matter๐Ÿ˜‚

  4. the lady with the 11 tickets is not going to learn any valid life lesson by letting her away with not having to pay the fines. this is most certainly not the first time she has got away Scott free with a responsibility that she needs to follow through on. for the first time i really must disagree with Judge Caprio on this judgement. At least a payment plan over 6 months would have proved her worth. This judgement in particular only reinforces that the courts will take from the middle income worker but not from the top or bottom of society.

  5. She doesn't have a job with 11 parking tickets & towed car for 5 months. She didn't want to pay any of it but have enough money to buy a new car!!! She got away very easy because of the judge caprio. I am wondering what her next-generation will do in future

  6. The best court room, Judge, and Inspector in America! Canada needs all 3 of these things. ๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

  7. 11 parking tickets….when do you realize you have more than a couple of tickets? She has no job, lies to the judge, but wants to buy a new car and owes $4000 for tow, tickets and storage. The one time i feel the judge should have made her pay at least $1000.

  8. This girl is so lost. She says, " I want to buy a new car," Like if it's going to change her life and make things better. WTF ????

  9. A FULL SCALE BREAKFAST BAR INVESTIGATION, LOL. I'm with Kevin, I believe Inspector Quinn, IN SPITE of his impassioned argument and claim to have receipt in hand for a breakfast pretzel, MAY be a suspect in this case. Could it be that we have a POSSIBLE QUINN-BAR about to emerge? Seriously, THANKS FOR ALL THE FANTASTIC WAYS YOU DEAL WITH PEOPLE. I deal with people as an Insurance Professional and have learned a TON from both you and "THE JUDGE." Keep it up!!!

  10. What the judge said regarding the first case is so true. I am learning the hard way what happens when you avoid issues. They get bigger and bigger.

  11. Best moment of the video was Inspector Quinn denying taking the breakfast bar. Do I believe him? No way, the crumbs were still on his hands. Seriously, that young woman needs more help than Judge Caprio could offer her, although he gave her excellent advice. It might have been more helpful to make her pay more, allowing her time to do so. But I suspect he was right when he said she wouldn't pay it.

  12. I have been seeing this great judge and his thoughtful judges..if I visit USA I would want to meet you sir in person. I'm from India but I like the way how you handle the situation and we need more such judges across globe. Thanks!

  13. I really love this judge. Even the officer (Quinn) wants his share of ๐Ÿ’— love. These are people not to just be saluted but loved also.

  14. I love the show and judge I think heโ€™s fair and great. But is it me or do I see similar people sitting behind that had cases. I see same faces in other videos. It might be just me, my eye sight is bad

  15. I wanna goto Providence..just to get a ticket..so I can appear before His Honor..and tell him I got this ticket…just to meet you…it would be worth whatever fine I got

  16. Plz , we need more videos for or people thx.


  17. This is the same guy who got in trouble in the past for an open container. Last time he wore a cut-out shirt and Judge felt that he was incoherent.

  18. Ziqqy Quinn you may have had the Pretzel Roll Breakfast sandwich we believe that. But that don't prove you did not take a Feral Bar Snack

  19. I don't live in Providence. I don't live in the States. I don't have a card and hell, I don't even have a driver's licence. Then why the heck am I watching this at 2am? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  20. i dont live in america so can someone clarify, does she still have to pay the $4500 since the towing was a private company or is he dismissing that aswell?

  21. I believe he lied when he said he was not given a snack. He is probably so high he may not recall – he still has the hang-over while in court.

  22. Inspector quinn๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ

  23. I like the way the give the girl a new start by giveing her a 100 dollar fine. I think he help her more than she expected.

  24. Inspector Quinn seems like a really nice man. Fair, kind, and quick-witted, too. But, woe unto you, if you cross him. He is a graduate of the FBI Academy.

  25. Omg. One night in jail for drinking in public? I never will change Brazil for the americam dream.

  26. I see a lot of that kind of negligence(the girl) among my peers(30โ€™s and under) its so sad and makes me wonder whatโ€™s wrong. How do you let it get that far? My car is everything to me, no way Iโ€™m letting it go

  27. Case 1
    Females believe that men are here to pay and
    women are here to …. shop …. with men's money.
    Females, at 52%, make up the majority of the US population.
    Men contribute 2/3 of the US economy. Females contribute 1/3.
    BUT …. females are responsible for over 80% of ALL purchases in the US!

  28. This is the 3rd video of this guy having been charged for drinking from an open container. Not sure how many other times he has been before the court in front of other judges. I think it is time to clean up his act.

  29. The 1st one head in sand – the only reason she is there cause she cannot register a car. She is not there to pay a ticket then she has 11 tickets if a person is an irresponsible person and has a daughter that she obviously is not teaching correctly how to be this judge gives this type of person a pass how come a male with no kids that has one ticket that comes in to pay it does not get a break but has to pay the 30 bucks – this judge to often rewards bad behavior giving people breaks because they cannot afford it – they should take her kid from her for 1 week lock her up in jail for 1 week have here pay $100 then say any more problems and you pay full price with fees.

  30. So what to her car st towing garage..just let it be as long as she pays parking tickets then she can register a new car? Is this correct assumption?

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