What’s the difference between a poorly dressed man on a unicycle and a well-dressed man on a bicycle?
Attire. A student artist asked, “Any suggestions for painting dogs?” Another responded, “Wait till they’re asleep.” I ate a clock yesterday, it was very time-consuming. What do you call an animal you keep in your car? A Carpet Why shouldn’t you visit an expensive wig shop? It’s too high a price ‘toupee.’ Why did the pig have ink all over its face?
Because it came out of the pen. Why is it a penny for your thoughts but you have to put your two cents in? Somebody’s making a penny. How do you know when the moon is broke? When it’s down to its last quarter. What did Neil Armstrong say when no one laughed at his moon jokes? “I guess you had to be there.” My neighbor texted me, “I just made synonym buns!” I texted back, “You mean like grammar use to make?” Why don’t pirates take a shower before they walk the plank? They just wash up on shore. I’m so nervous I’ve never been this
nervous since the very first stream okay oh hi all hi clash of Alex Seth
Schaffer hi random random CEO awesome I’ve got to do something with him
focused so just bear with me that’s done can I be modded please they can wait by
the way I’m random yes no worries just bear with me for a moment
cuz stink pants has gone on strike not here so I’ve just got to try and quickly
get through this well I take it you can hear the game sounds is that right and
yes it’s a supercell game so actually ah just bear with me for a minute
I knew I was gonna have trouble doing all of this on my own and playing a new
game I’ve also got to thank random for suggesting he suggests that an awesome
supercell game that I missed out by one day unfortunately they’ve closed the
game and it would have been great to stream hello-o tonight dune I can’t
what’s that I think I do have to just get through
the tutorial first just give me a second guys
I’m sorry it’s a bad start to the this stream and I don’t know how good this is
gonna be because this will be the first time I’m playing a game from scratch and
doing everything else so it is it’s freaking me out a little bit and sorry
I’m a little bit behind in the chat as well because I’m still trying to get
there the game sounds switched off and because it’s all done called feed off
the Boomer I also need the magnifying glass to be able to see what’s going on
see we’re getting there next plate boom beats hanging already
bit of the chat first oh can you guys hear me okay here is the
game sounds just too loud what you know it’s the boom has started already yea
russ was is gone by I only just researched it yesterday and they said
that it was going to be the 30th was to be the last day so I thought I can still
do it today and I actually set everything up yesterday to do rush Wars
but then when I tried to log in it just didn’t work so it’s gone yeah and I’m
really disappointed thank you Adam for suggesting it I should have actually
played it lastly random yeah might played boom
beach next time I came into the oh you can hear me perfectly okay that’s good while the game sounds a perfect okay so
I don’t have to worry about that so much alright hang on
now next step because I had the fight on the charger I’m just gonna plug the
microphone in or headphones say I’m gonna really need
your guys help today and your patients as well because this is freaking me out
but I honestly don’t know how these streams going to go given that this nice
big cats all right and I also guess that I don’t need to put on the soundtrack if
the game sounds a fine tap your house and paint it by dragging
the brush across it did all right so you’ve painted a house and
the only reason I chose this game is because I have to pick something really
simple in the hope and I’m hoping this is really simple YouTube might penalize
me because it’s a four plus ages 4 plus game but wait and see
I’m and all that alt playing it and then I’m hoping that now let’s invite some
feathered friends to the party all right let’s faster me to cover by
tapping it by three chickens Oh are we getting chicken giblets all right well why not let me select chicken not
cuz I gotta do that okay couldn’t when he said three chickens
right alright so that’s three chickens done
feed the chickens suppose they’ve got to be fed so I’m gonna check on what yeah
one chicken fed no is that all laughs today tepid she came and dragged the
feed bag over the chickens to feed them oh so it’s still gonna feed that one we
have another chicken to feed no and they’re all fed tap a chicken and then
tap the speedup button twice or what’s the speed up button but he’s just speed up Ivan account said
oh this is gonna be terrible tap a chicken and then tap the speed-up button
twice type of chicken tapping the chicken oh that one okay speed up the
second chicken as well alright Dom all we’re gonna have big
farm now yeah speed up for last chicken alright so you’ve got that done okay
Oh Alize JJ sorry just bear with me what I might end up doing is a little bit
between gameplay and looking at the chat because I’ve already missed a whole heap
alright say it’s plugging not advertised yeah well you shouldn’t just don’t do
that Alex will do it for you now everyone’s weird that each other
have channels say advertise yours on a house that’s kind of yeah a little bit
rude but I don’t mind too much but it’s just best if you dine Stinky’s at work
today so she can’t do anything plugging yeah don’t plug Alex ah soap
legends here hello how are you and I’m sorry for the Arabic writing I think but
I can’t read that say if you’ve got like an evil English equivalent name that
would be most helpful to refer you to call you if I can’t say sorry I can’t
read that he messed up the mic yes I did mr. glitzy man’s here gamer boy town all
thirteen is coming yes this is heydays say if anyone plays it some tips would
be most welcome Peter I’m not home right now so can’t make communities on that
night random you added to the watch time in a huge way we’d never gotten so much
watch time before say thank you for that I’m just a special yeah well again Alex
she’s still doing it say can you please stop sorry for asking game I make me I
guess I can yeah why not alright just bear with me you’ve been been here for a
while so I’ll do that as a JJ am i I am a chicken legit yeah well that’s true
too oh well I’m Way behind in the chat sorry guys to spare with me today I’m
good how are you as a judge Oh can you do I make jokes of eat so bad
good random it’s good to see you doing that he doesn’t mind some jokes it just
depends what you’re saying to be your mind you have to support the channel
income as streams every Saturday yeah well that’s true too yes this game is
cool so you do play it I will get back to the gaming in a sec just bear with me
I’m just getting through a bit of the chat I changed my name and K stop
changing the name I meant it’s here hello how are you good to see you again
turn on the soundtrack since the game music isn’t on alright I’ll do that now
sorry it’s gonna be the same soundtrack as last time I haven’t sort of had much
time to do things this week so that’s um that might be a little bit loud just let
me know if it is fine voice bye man oh you’re off already
alright ye will see you in the next one telling stop II did already we fixed
that last night Cain sure made it yeah he made an
apology too which takes giblets to do so well done random it shows a good level
of maturity our name man g-sync he’s not here today so she’s actually at work so
I’m kind of on my own trying to run everything let me just do that sorry it
took so long for the gameplay to alright so that’s done
congratulate oh we’re a level 2 farmer already is that my farmer we have a
visitor tap him to see what he has to say
Mike he runs the old mill near the town what’s the name of this lovely farm of
yours good question who don’t stink pants farm
already done it’s good to see someone taking care of the place well see you
around nice how about turning all the sweet
into bread with a new bakery can do open the shop menu by tapping the button in
the bottom left corner buy a bakery by dragging it onto your land where’s the
bakery by heavens a machine is a degree G
they’ve got a lot of stuff something takk a kitchen but you can see a baker
you there I’m a blind oh it’s at the very top I’m
blind I’m not sure we had the Baker you should be you just put it there all
right so that’s that one done yeah it looks like it’s gonna be a food strike that was taken for every it’s cold right
yeah it’s actually cold and rainy today year as well
snapping for random if stinky was here it would be fun that’s true I’m sorry I
might let you down a little bit funtime food are you ready for December
if you’re talking about the YouTube stuff Seth not really
I’ve been doing a lot of research on that and there’s a lot of different
responses with what people think may or may not happen wait for the construction
to finish you can feel land at level 5 like bread I can’t finish baking bread instantly by tapping
the speed up the bread smells good level 3 we’re at already tea can live like
fasting this game that the animals make a happy vibe make sure your animals
never go hungry by building a feed mill if you don’t know what a building
alright now before I go on there let me just catch up with a chat I think I got
a sort of speech between the gameplay and reading the chat making you promote
promote me to moderate I’m Angie I’ll do that for you as well but if you can just
be a little bit patient with that because we don’t want to have too many
mods straightaway but you’ve definitely been showing up in every stream since
we’ve met you so just bear with me give it one or two more and I’ll be happy to
add you then it’s summer for them lucky yes it is but very cold today anyway so
it’s done dear of clash of Clan yeah well that’s the other thing
as a judge I actually um planned to do a clash of clans stream today cos
obviously I’d be more comfortable doing that on mine and stupid me forgot but
with the legends League I can only do 8 attacks a day and I’ve already used up
all my attacks actually do a clash of clans stream but
that was the intent to actually do that we will do one for Christmas specials
something like that or we’re definitely when the update
comes as well so yeah sorry for that guys I really messed up between
yesterday and today just food what about water water again has started already
what order came here like sushi see she’s awesome
like well as long as it’s not the raw fish but everything else is good okay I
just asked cane okay now I will be awesome so yeah if you can just be a
little patient with that I had a great Thanksgiving we had turkey ham melted
marshmallows and yams doubled eggs eyes Spanish rock it’s my goodness what a
feast food is taking over the chat as per usual help the Tito thank you again
mr. bleats man appreciate that I’m allergic to food hey guys I’m just a
hundred away from Legend League awesome you get there soon ale might end up
attacking you one day open the shop menu and jak3 filled what about Ivan shop menu
this doesn’t the druggist shocked me oh well so after getting not enough
resources let’s go a beginning late actually more
farming and it looks like all right sad stuff and then here for me did anyone play farmville back in the
day that’s when I first met stink pant shield kind of forced me to play it just
so she can get lots of goodies I can do more field scenario running out of
resources left right and center Oh someone’s coming to the farm all right
say while she’s doing that let me read it again what about geography little bit
chat not a big fan of shrimp myself but stink pants loves it we call them prawns
over here I hate seafood the trip is the best shrimp shrimp
I came what CJ fees in clash of clans what would you begin to do in Christmas
see we tend to have a relatively quiet Christmas
just because stinkypants didn’t actually celebrate it it’s not part of her
culture so I got to convince her to buy a turkey every year and then you know
exchanging presents that sort of thing but then after that we’ll actually be
adding a disease where are my manners my name is Jane hi Jane good afternoon
looking to buy a Beretta like yes congratulations we’re level four awesome
oh oh well the fun’s a lot bigger than I thought it was he comes a truck say said
and what are you guys up to you for Christmas
– always curious tonight it’s a made the buffet in debt by my shrimps now seafood
is an acquired taste erection love the shrimp so people are coconut shrimp
sounds tasty the business is booming keep harvesting the fields baking bread
and producing eggs for sale beep beep the delivery truck has arrived get ready
for a flood of orders hold the auto board shows which orders are available
and money inexperienced by delivering them tap the truck or or the auto
Borden’s make very first delivery yes we’ll tap that waters can go off 3 eggs 2 eggs
oh look there you go we just did our first otter awesome yeah Christmas is a
great time of the year to go bro I have to go to church on Christmas yeah a lot
of people do that and they have the the midnight mass and so on kara is anyone
going to the Carols by Candlelight stand its way into the kindergarten wait
delivery truck to come back with your award
then tap to claim it oh wow so you’ve got more Awards more money look the kids
from the kindergarten sent me a thank-you note they can draw better than
I can I’m not actually talking about that
though scam folk just can’t get enough of our orders of our farm-fresh produce
let’s complete another order already all right said they’ve got that as well
getting the hang of these from now on keep on finding in completing waters CQ
90 43 seconds what’s that when the harvest step and
how is that gonna bake some bread oh somebody from here me geez that truck Cape is coming and
there’s my bakery oh look at me we’re rocking and rolling now patience
congratulations we’re now a level 5 promo
that was fast hang on that means for memory all right cool is this big guy that
would be your old uncle puto now going back to the chat sorry this is
basically how I’m gonna have to do it but you really related yeah we’re
friends I hate having a birthday maybe because I get one if because it’s the
Christmas parents cheapskates glad my parents I’m not the cheapskates one oh
nice something peanut is actually really good at paid Hey look at him gay thank
you for the kind compliment leaving Canada in Sierre to be winter for you
guys for sure agree with Kane big round of applause for Pluto I’m just following
the instructions at the moment hello I’m Greg your neighbor if you need some
tools come by my place and I’ll hook you up all right
probably do need tools that’s cure clear up some lanlan music
records no now topic today I wanted to ask everyone what’s one good thing that
you’ve done in your life either recently or doesn’t have to be recently just
something that you’ve done to either help someone will help something and
I’ll go first by saying a little rap madcap little wrap bag cat kidneys
boyfriend decided to leave a present on a doorstep I mean he had a collar on him
to the Bell and I guess he doesn’t like it his ass has already got a tattoo
minutes here and if it’s ever picked up people can tell who it is say I ended up
calling the owner number is on there but they can you pick up the phone and it
sort of kept harassing them and via text until I did because I said look you if
you’re not the owner because there was a different name – that was on the tag
then we were gonna take him in and adoptive name it up dropping it off yeah
that’s not a great story it’s just the most recent month cause that happened
but they all go a day ago so let me know what you guys have done that’s good cuz
I’m like promoting some some wholesome behaviors if we can Christmas credits cheapskates read that
already wanna know something to read that snowing like crazy hopefully you
don’t get snowed in I live in the United States afternoon
well it gets that I give $30 to a homeless person I saved a kitten captain
bought a poster for brother awesome gamer boy great to hear since there is a
black friday my friend from school was looking for game laptops so in the
teacher wasn’t looking I would hit the best behead that was on and recommended
him some laptops that’s very good too but school comes first that’s very kind
if you see a homeless person on the streets please stop and give the person
a twenty dollar bill I did that he cried so high up that I felt so good yeah well
that’s true and from what I’ve seen in America in particular I was blown away
by the number of times that I was approached by homeless people in San
Francisco and I feel a bit bad because I gave all of my money to the whatever I
had left I gave to the first guy say everyone else after that got nothing you
said he was a a Vietnam veteran it’s not quite apparently those guys had a very
hard time they had a very hard time yeah let for my mistake don’t evolve change gee these quiet escapes coming and I
haven’t forgotten about the Craig guy but I don’t know how to get to him let’s
have a look at these map here my face on TV is that the my hands
neighborhood unlocks at level 10 so I guess I just gotta keep farming away at
that point and press this button yeah this is a lot like farm girl yeah
actually I’ve been a stock getting organized here and just concentrate on the game all right so that’s good
ah forgot about the eggs – where are these games going fast bar gotta feed
the chickens Miami chickens are starving they have a name I’ve forgotten me I get eggs from the
chicken at night bread we have no eggs just gotta go back and get the bread oh
yeah this game just keeps going doesn’t it all right let’s slide back to the chat
for a moment just bear with me people need help these days he give homeless
pet I actually have given one a harder ones before they were crying it was a
lady she’s quite upset now we have a lot of homeless people in America yeah we
have them here as well but I think the most I ever saw in one place was in
America just in one small block near a liquor store yeah you’ve got to be a bit
wary giving homeless people money that are just going to spend it on things
that hurt themselves but I guess they’re gonna do it anyway the stream today is
probably going to be around the two-hour mark because yeah well that’s the thing
because first of all around just said the game seems boring which I guess in a
way it is but in all honesty I just had to pick something that was really simple
that I didn’t have to concentrate on too much so it’s a bit more about just
having a chat with you guys leveled up again
just chatting with you guys and trying to get this one done because I have
realized like unless it’s clash of clans it’s very difficult for me to play a new
game from scratch try and concentrate on that and do all the work as well oh
excuse me I’ll pick up in as well as concentrating in the chat
sorry I’ve got a friend they anything they’re saying this bar
well because it’s heaps of stuff that you can
do oh wow okay there’s a lot of stuff that you can do here my goodness oh gee there’s so many choices so we’ve
got a countdown should I get another count how many kills should our
beginning how much money about I look at me I’m a rich farmer already four cows
five camels that’s taking care of that what’s that by a you made a dairy for
cows dairy farming area well was that a woman options down then I am spice
typing that friends by thing well planting today hey sorry even that’s not
the most exciting game to watch there’s certainly a lot to be done and quite a few things to remember to be
honest yeah there you go all right let’s have a look at the chat again yeah I
actually don’t mind I hang on my behind new card coming to clash Royale your
discord rules a good yeah well they were set up by random to be honest he was did
the bulk of the work there’s some very grateful Finn to him forward setting up
the discordant because I had that server open for a while and really didn’t do
anything with it water again the Uni wants crazy Peter
are you liking I am actually liking their gameplay because I was quite
addicted to farmville for a while there and this is very similar to farmville it
seems to be very complicated there’s Oh what just happened back on my
farm make sure to check out what I have for sale in my right side shop ah so
we’re at Gregg’s farm Briggs red shaded side shop to see what he has for sale I suppose we need lots of stuff they
really say let’s get that let’s get that do I really need dynamite get that
probably gonna need food bags I’m just gonna spend frenzy guess we need that
but I’m not gonna get the last I’ll be back and grow it thank you for visiting
remember you can visit your friends anytime you want all right
why is that flashing again he’s got stuff
jeez help me Jesus man oh whoa that’s not my father
my goodness look at that holy my golly these guys right he’s got officers and
everything that’s making me came a bit more exciting isn’t it all right say Wow
Greg was really helpful that’s true we can add more friends as neighbors
from the friends bar I’m guessing that means other Dame players
alright so now we got cow feed well fed cowl produced nutritious milk we need to
collect very true when you have enough money buy a dairy from the shop the
dairy can process milk into cream butter and even cheese no this is just gonna
feed the live-chat food addiction that they have this is our this is my farm
ok and just before I fill orders and things let me catch up on probably way
behind in the chat again watery squeaks man I think section 203 a commented in Russian
yeah highly rated in COC because I didn’t feel like it had he can get a bit
worn down after a while did no he’s a water taxi yesterday night at the
parking lot had a lot of snow plowers and it made a big pile of snow I’d
actually like to see that because I’ve never seen a snake Larry and actually
except from the television YouTube got rid of yeah they did which was a very
good thing they’d finally recognized that though is squeezing that creators
so hard that they kind of backed themselves into a corner where they they
themselves weren’t gonna make any money see that was one good bit of news
offsets got to go well thank you for joining as always that you did Seth much
appreciated what game and boy money is less I never true because copper YouTube
is removing it so they need to censor things well I think what’s happened and
I could be wrong about this but my understanding is that YouTube is now
approaching more advertisers that are willing to advertise on channels that
might not be family-friendly say you know if you’ve got I can’t believe they
actually used the term edge they use the Tim you do saying that you
know if you’ve got any Content that but if you’ve got a G content you can
still be advertised on this say that’s actually a good thing and it’s to be
perfectly honest that’s the sensible thing you wouldn’t think that I mean
it’s just common sense say that’s good and then it still remains it still
remains to be seen whether the other changes are going to have a bigger a bad
impact with the stock the way to say is there’s been a lot of fear-mongering
over the past few weeks I can tell you that now Stu don’t have eggs nicer babies no eggs
then yep what’s that you say mate sorry oh and I don’t have enough resources cows lowing up from the cows Gary’s not
ready yeah is kind of like farming music Tony
you know we’ve all gone that buy anything at the moment all right so now it’s a little bit of
waiting time so YouTube is changing so people can start where I’m still mr.
long since things games have you can well they’ve always been able to do that
whether you get monetized or not I’m not gonna read what you actually read out
loud but I still say it’s probably a good thing that they’re expanding
everything which is good some channels are targeting children yeah and that’s
the thing like to my mind cuz I’ve just seen a lot of them it’s very obvious
when a channel actually targets children and ours definitely like we have a lot
of teenagers in it but we don’t specifically target children we have
adults join us as well or say that’s the difference between that and you know
watching videos with nursery rhymes that really is targeting children or if it’s
you know some really simple see I don’t see how these games four four plus two
here honest it’s a little bit more complex than that but I have seen those
type of games that really an adult or even a teenager wouldn’t even be
interested in playing because they’re just too simple for someone that’s you
know yes he achieve used to be a Titan slut
didn’t know that Ethan and we need to talk about the crown jewels hopefully
you will join us at the clan message to janae Tina is a dating site
yes I did know that never used it though too old for that I guess I’d already met
stink pants by that stage can you tell me the three teeth more tight sake and
every 60 seconds a minute passes in Africa that’s tricky without it’s for a
school project or say 2g may yes they can are Jessie’s like Jessie’s here but
says you’ll be back so hopefully we’ll see you again in a little bit
alright let’s say I think I’m caught up on the chance say I have a feeling these fun might not
be that popular of his strength I really only had it about now this morning I
know it’s not the most popular game for watching anyway weight rates the way to go it’s cheap do
it in abundance say many waters to fill it’s not funny still going so now it’s
just a matter of waiting around I know a Jake but it’s a bit offensive it’s about
world war two I don’t mind it’s all kinds of jokes but leave that up to you
whether you wanted to say it wanna know something P don’t sneer my name is fuck
Matt Brown I reckon you might be right with that one gain space who are these
people what are they I swear they open for business I don’t have any what happens if I like doing anything yes he gay you’re not I’m guessing me
you can upgrade bakery and all that kind of stuff as well it’s usually the way
they use games go well I sent her away I hope she doesn’t
mind too much dude tiny bit more harvesting here God is reminding me of
my childhood it is sort of grew up in a dairy farming wheat farming area plus
other crops God that Saleh he’s got limited storage
– you should slice make sense oh please baby dinos for too many orders we buy more stuff so that’s that stuff
going three minutes for that mammoth for girls all right so we are are we in the
chat there and I take it about World War two Bailey Preston’s here hello how are you
nice to see you I think it might be the first time in a
stream for you was for nerds and the smart people instant Jake I like the
farming theme what did the shark say after he ate the clownfish this face is
funny I like that one too so what knees is everyone got it they’ve
been doing anything exciting during the week or looking forward to doing so well
you guys don’t have as long of a holiday as we do I think for the Americans
anyway isn’t your Christmas school holidays or holidays quite short where
as I know our school and university students have really long holidays at
this time the university once that’s finished they don’t go back until about
March late February and I think schools a month earlier than that and you know
we also have forced holidays at work usually depending in the the job gearing
they might say work stops Christmas Eve there abouts but then you don’t go back
until after the year that does depend on the employer they sometimes sometimes oh say this is a bit of a waiting game
at this point which is more expensive well we don’t have actually name let me
just read that wanna know something it’s boring with that stinky like stinky
pants playing the game and yeah I agree Kane say we actually talked about it
beforehand but she wanted to make a little bit extra money he say I guess
that’s why I have a feeling today’s streams not gonna be that successful
you’re not gonna have too many people joining and or watching and on the
replay people might find it really boring so it’s sorry for that but I sort
of didn’t have too much of a choice now we don’t really have college here random
I guess the closest equivalent would be what we called TAFE which is definitely
cheaper than university because with TAFE it’s like learning skills life
skills like being a tradesman a plumber or a carpenter electrician something
like that and universities we’ve got a lot of them so they range they really do
range in cost you go to a private university that cost us a lot more than
the government-run ones but even they’re not cheap
thankfully we have but I know if they’ve got it in Canada or America but we have
something called us study here so if you qualify for it
it makes living bearable while you’re studying you get your fees reduced or
you don’t even have to pay them beep when you are studying but once you get
employed that’s when you’ve got to start making payments back so it’s I know it’s
nothing like what the Americans have to go through I mean you guys have it
pretty tough when it comes to how much your I mean I’ve heard stuff about
people being in debt for the rest of their lives in America so whether that’s
true or not I don’t know but it sounds like a huge amount of money that has to
be paid yeah yeah yeah it’s nice to flex say that stun you probably made eggs to make stuff for
any that was a good idea and I was saying I couldn’t find a single stream
for this character that would make sense America is the best country in the world
yes Americans think that but the education system is flawed can–it well
Canada there is a poll not that long ago that said I think Toronto was the most
livable city in the world there was one Canadian from sitting I
said it was the best place to live but you’ve got competition with us is
Melbourne also ranks very highly as one of the great places to live in the world
so yeah it really does does depend on I guess personal preference Canada’s the best lifestyle I’d probably
agree with that stink pants made disagree they could she doesn’t like the
cold that much but I reckoned driving driving slow mobile machines and that
sort of thing and having Huskies what do you call a dog sledding that would be
awesome I’d love to try that one day someday so again it’s just a waiting game
people in Canada their summers can reach 40 plus yeah they do here as well we’ve
had we’ve had ridiculous temperatures for Australia that you know 20 years ago
when I was your guys age certainly there is no such thing as having temperatures
really you might get to the high 30s on a bad day but now we actually get the
heat waves again I saw something on YouTube one of your American presidents
was saying how serious climate changes and how governments aren’t taking it
seriously enough and I have to say that’s our country included there is if
you don’t mind me talking a little bit of general politics hopefully YouTube
won’t mind too much but with Australia because we don’t produce that many
emissions our governments very reluctant to make major changes which cost a lot
of money that basically the the population can’t support so we don’t we
don’t have enough money to make the changes that are necessary so yeah if
that makes sense like I don’t say that I necessarily agree with it but I can
understand where they’re coming from if you compare us to America or China or
India like the amount of emissions Australia creates a miniscule
but that’s no excuse I guess so gamer says my family members are coming from
Australia nice one Christmas Eve that’ll be good
though have they experienced a Christmas in Canada before and I’ve also like
today if you guys do anything unique because I’ve been getting a lot of
Thanksgivings wishes from just people leaving comments and bate still just waiting sorry I’m gonna
do a little bit more planting again there’s often one leg have different
cultures celebrate even lays the diner have Christmas is a general rule oh wow okay so I can remove these look
that I want are made trays but I guess you have to to make space Christmas Eve on your mum’s or dad’s
side never it’s their first Christmas I say coming from Australia that would be
what you guys would call what Christmas I guess we never have that Oh claim tree
for AJ’s here hello how are you welcome to this stream sorry it’s not a
particularly exciting game today but we don’t have stink pants here to play the
game so I ended up having to choose something really simple just so I could
concentrate on the chat as well as get a gaming stream game so it’s much more
about the chat today than the game so have you been this week if you had a
good weekend so far age she is I think you means she made sheep stomach and
intestine ask around and we love it every Christmas and Easter our stink
pants had like is she doesn’t mind eating organs I’m not a big fan of it
but she doesn’t mind we don’t Dean a stinky side of the
family yeah I do I’ve met them a few times now we get along quite well which
is good and we’ll be going and visiting them short ladies say
hopefully it’ll all be good but yeah yeah I’ve actually met a fair bit of a
family going down you know I don’t have that many relatives in Australia most of
mine are overseas but she’s met the relatives that I do you have here I’d
some anyway say it’s that one Eileen the non-toxic glue tastes good I’m doing
good was just playing some asphalt 9 ah there you go
we did that in the last stream which is a lot of fun actually on that night I
don’t know if I should be doing a spoiler alert but to be honest that
ashphalt 9 had such fantastic graphics and then I got a few comments about
people at work didn’t play that game that played other racing games so looked
into a couple yeah we might do some more racing games because they seem to have
really good graphics about them there’s one in particular that I was
contemplating playing today but then I figured it to be too hard to do this and
that and the chat at the same time so hopefully your driving is going well
there who eats younger people do sometimes and it’s not good for you
that’s true probably not that good for you I have seen them do it on mythical
morning before they drink dry eraser markers but I think there did you guys
donate things that aren’t good for here goodness this is me dude discussing it
Clayton use them in countries how’d I do any of that but since Cleo gzj I suppose
that’s way different for me I’m over food chef normally I get spammed with
the crazy kind of food chat well she’s gonna be on the ball when it comes to
farming and then to our might as well just use
some of they are and say that this game would get very
deep divert over time 2750 bike from a bakeries in empty union yeah a student named why couldn’t
actually get oh what’s this my level seven
I’m still plugging away on level six of diamond and absolutely no can have some
eggs Megan after wait that wait that guy’s
fast good all right and mystery stickers blue it depends what kind of glue you’ve got
whether it’s non-toxic or not some of it is random is mr. Glee you need famous
mystically yeah you got to be careful if the change in your name on YouTube
because they do restrict it to random what time is it
if you live by the Pacific will at the same time 9 11 p.m. say I’m still trying
to work out what the perfect time is for streaming because
one way to put it if you look at the most ease that we have they’re actually
from India and man jeep I know it’s very early in the morning fear memory
strength it just happens to get up really early but then again if we wait
too long most of you guys that are here now and probably be in bed so it’s very
difficult to tell what what we should be doing so you know live by the Pacific
yeah does anyone live near by the coast because the coast is I’d love to do it
and even though you can where we are it’s not like Surf Coast we can go
surfing and surf fishing that sort of thing we’re in a bay so it’s a little
bit different yeah coastal life is great most of us live
near the coast in this country it’s too dry and in the center 7:13 said still early for UK which
country do but I’m a cane in the states it does very Gameboy I know that much
you’re on the east or the west coast it’s much later say keeps getting their
canes from it where think cane and lurker on the opposite sides of America just stepping in is that a glitch
what’s going on as well feedbags happening like are you
happening alright it is just a matter of waiting
man 7:14 two hours off we have the time same timezone really between America and
Canada you actually have the same time zone I didn’t think that was spicy for
you the American states that I need Canada that would make sense do you live
near Canada kind are you miles away because he’s close to the Pacific I okay
there you go true he says now ah actually I want to
raise another thing stink pants and I’ve been talking about this a little bit I don’t even know how to bring this one up
there’s a couple of things that I’d like to do that they’re not I wouldn’t call
it family-friendly at this point and I don’t want to even point out who it is
that there’s a person on YouTube that is is getting a lot of heat at the moment
they’ve been yeah I’m trying to be really diplomatic about this I want to
do like a documentary on this person or these people I should say but I’m not
sure how that would go down both with you guys as well as YouTube itself they
might not like that sort of thing but it’s just a personal interest and
the reality is we’ve always had like a plan B and a Plan C just in case things
they don’t work out we can down you know pivot and do something else
well I know that this particular topic anyone that does a video on this even
all of you you would get a lot of use just because of what’s going on at the
moment and I’m tempted to do it just for that for the views and the watch time is
there may be a limit as the he might be gone and so names try everyone’s trying
to get this person kicked off multiple platforms and they’ve also got a number
of YouTube channels so it’s something that I never really filleted this guy’s
career but just lately because of what’s been going on with him that it’s very
tempting to to look into the behavior and highlight things that other people
haven’t highlighted but you know I guess what I’m asking is no we should should
we stick the gaming and do nothing else or yes do it to branch out a little bit
which would be completely different from everything else we do and also bear in
mind that when we are not available for live streams next year we’re gonna have
to upload different stuff anyway yeah I’m not surprised that there aren’t
that many people in the chat today like I said this game probably wasn’t the
best one to pick but as you can see I can sort of do more in regards to the
chat or as if I was playing a really action type game it would be very
difficult for me to do that California is above origin of ego lost maitake lost
moon hatch ease I love tacos oh we’ve got a gator makes a gay one they just
ate that now it says you should do mukbangs
probably means you’re not gonna see is eat anything
yeah I dunno mukbang I don’t understand why people actually enjoy it from the
limited number of videos that I have watched a little bit of no offense to
everyone doing mukbangs so I want to make that clear you know you do you as
they say do your own thing that personally number one I find it quite
disgusting and number two it doesn’t take a lot of talent or effort to just
film yourself eating stuff it’s sort of at the lower end of content production
and if you’ve seen some people there is one lady that from America actually that
I saw that just when she eats these huge amounts of food and she’s not a big
person but it was quite I actually found it quite disturbing to watch to be
honest and didn’t think it was a good good thing to do
Oh John de calais is here hello how are you no this one is in roblox it’s called
I’ve forgotten what it’s called already a heyday
that’s right say an apologies it’s not the most entertaining game to watching a
live stream but I’m here on my own today’s stink pants is in irse
effect to choose this game basically say I could do something really easy while
chatting to you guys so have you been John the color and think this might be
the first time you’ve joined the stream I made a change.org petition
unlock it to unlock one ah mailbox is very popular in my class in the school
blocked it some yes 8 red blocks is in the firing
line when it comes to the YouTube stuff as well but we’ll have to wait and see
first of January then we’ll really know what’s going on with YouTube is a live
online audio broadcast in which thou hast eaten speed while interacting video
what ends a lot of them don’t even interact from what I saw came like they
don’t even talk to their audience they just sit there and hate others do like
don’t get me wrong I’ve seen that as well and I guess some what made it
popular it’s from career originally if I’m not
mistaken but they do have very lonely lives I guess the Korean and Japanese
they don’t have great social lives so as a way to feel like you actually have a
girlfriend or a boyfriend or at least company to have while you’re eating and
they I guess they’re almost like the professional eaters that you see in the
states that consume a huge amount of food because that I guess that does take
a skill of some sorts to be able to do that
because I certainly couldn’t do it days of hammering the all-you-can-eat buffet
long gone by now say yeah in that sense of space there is
some some talent but how they do it overnight stink pants told me about one
place sorry one girl that she used to watch quite a bit of not mukbang but one
of those professional eaters tiny little asian girl from somewhere and she eats
ridiculous amounts of food and I as she does it but in an interview I think she
said she meant to the toilet 10 or 12 or 13 times a day something like that same
pier I suppose you’d have to do that really would need jeez that truck just really doesn’t want
to wait for me what’s that why some stuff do you have but I’m even tonight
what that he’s just gonna have to say nice sorry yeah I’m sorry for that I
kinda knew beforehand that this was going to be a very difficult extreme
today and I didn’t really have a lot of time to plan things ahead like I said
last night random I actually was trying to set up the the game that you
recommended I figured even if it was difficult to do that stream the fact
that no one can play that game after what I thought would be today it was
actually yesterday they said xxx which is it’s the on a xxx yeah so yesterday
we’ve been the last day for me probably should have done the strain
yesterday rather than today his name yeah
I’m sorry for that guy’s it’s much more about just chatting with you than
anything else I’d be almost tempted to get rid of this stream afterwards but
consistency is kind of the key as well to keep getting promoted by YouTube
you’ve got to keep uploading on a regular basis so yeah sorry for that I
probably should have warned you guys in discord that is going to be like this as
well but surprisingly we’re already an hour
and a quarter way through it say I might even end this one a little bit early
today just because I know it’s not that
entertaining and I really don’t know what to do when I’m basically chatting
away to myself it’s like the early streams that I did without stink pants
didn’t realize how much I miss Sara as well to make things possible and easy
let’s just cut down a few trees I guess may the force be with you so that’s the
other thing I was thinking of possibly doing a Star Wars strain because there’s
a new movie coming out I looked at that yesterday as well but again without
stink pants it would have been pretty difficult to play that and talk to you
guys as well the other thing I’m not even sure I have the talent to do this
but my stream is I think they tend to do commentary on the game rather than
detract into the chat and I kind of rely heavily on you guys to do that rather
than comment on the games cuz I don’t know if
I’d be any good at doing that you can place goods for sale and beside the
amount of produce you wanna sells at the price and even advertise in the local
newspaper this is how you make money in these guys
I guess on top of all the latest degrees don’t have any crops in the mailbox for
me you can see what other people have to say you got a newspaper as well Oh sugar mill
big dog and a half sugar cane that I think of I think I’ve got you to thank
for sugar not enough resources all crops happening now okay
yeah that’s Star Wars command say the one that I got was Star Wars Harry but
I’ll look into the Star Wars command as well
why potatoes better for your vision and carrots because they start their life in
an eye that’s true yeah it is but you know what can I do I couldn’t stop it
and like the one and a half hour mark if you’ve got is like it’s up to you cuz
it’s pretty much just the way my original dlg AG’s that are willing to
stick around when it’s like this I think next time when stinky and I talked about
it with the staff to say look organize a time wherever idea so that it doesn’t
end up being really difficult to stream and also apologies for picking probably
the worst game to stream but do you need to look at adding new games to the list
which I guess will include that Star Wars one that you mentioned
what did League star will say after he planted a Christmas tree farm made a
forest big booty I like that one so what do you think should I keep this
one very short namely go for an hour and a half just because it’s not not what I
expected it’s even worse than what I expected
not that the games not fun it’s just not training type game short now stinkies not here alright say
I might well I can even end it now or disco to that actually no disco to the
one and I at least one and a half hour mark is again YouTube’s kind of funny
with promoting the streams those ones that get cut short like that are less
than an hour if I didn’t get promoted at all well I have a feeling that this
one’s gonna struggle a little bit regardless say I’m gonna have to in an
apology to say really sorry that these ones they’re good and also let stink
pants know hey you’re the popular one when you’re here people stick around
when you’re not here no one sticks around you reckon that’s a fair point
we’ll have to start a petition save stinky organ stinkies not here indeed she didn’t
actually ask me like you know should I do it or not I just said I’ll leave it
up to you yeah if you want to go and she was just filling in for a friend so the
friend asked if she could hey I don’t know if it’s he or she could replace
them at work and she said yeah okay so I guess that’s it but we can all say I
guess make time on our another day looking back I did make the mistake I
probably should have done yesterday rather than today
no I say even less I’ve got four people who mind but yeah not great I have to
apologize profusely for that is there’s not a lot I can do about it unless I’m
thinking I mean if you don’t the stream got boring so that just shows our boring
I am then kind I don’t know what else to say to that because that’s all on me if
I can’t entertain you while playing a game which you probably can’t but it’s
difficult I mean these people that join streams that don’t expect you to
interact with the live chat but I guess because we’ve been doing that all along
like that’s what we’ve been doing since the very start that I’ve kind of gotten
used to doing that so maybe it’s time to change it up and be less interactive
with the chat let those guys talk away in
just concentrate on the game because if I was doing something there is more
action-packed like whether it’s a racing game or a
first-person shooter I don’t know how the commentary would go with that I try
and make it funny not so sure that I can succeed and on top of that
yeah you just wouldn’t have me interacting with people in the chat as
much just because it’s it is too hard to do so I’ve never actually seen another
streamer manage to do that if they’re just commenting on the game
then they don’t interact with the live chat at all but maybe there’s someone
that does it but I’m yet to see anyone that actually does that say he gay and I
guess the last thing I should say on that night is when when I researched the
game this morning I really didn’t see that many views on anyone that uploads
it so it was probably a big mistake to choose this one but I was up very late
last night trying to fix stuff on discord say I didn’t have enough time
this morning to really look at anything else
bye and + yeah I’d actually set up a stream for a completely different game
that’s no longer there so we’re almost there we just got a couple of minutes to
go and then I’ll end it say my apologies Kane I know it’s not the
usual way we do things and is probably the only other person that’s
there at the monument say or maybe even he’s left because it’s a boy well win
some lose some micro X how are you thank you for joining that we probably going
to stop this stream very soon just because it’s not that hasn’t been the
most successful of streams just because of the nature of the gameplay it’s not
the most exciting game I guess I’m not the most exciting person when I might on
mine without stinky here did you have a good week I’ll have a quick chat to you
just before I stop you’re probably not going to see any gaming action because
all of these takes time to do say what did you get up to this week is
that anything exciting or not had a good week well that’s good to hear be gearing
up for Christmas see ya on the holidays yet I’m not quite yet yeah it’s gonna
stop soon Cain I’m actually keeping an eye on the clock myself and just make
sure I don’t know what the formula is for for YouTube I know if it’s below an
hour it’s no good we’ll just stop it right on the one and a half I reckon a
little a little bit bad week oh I have a good week but a little bit bad week I’m
confused there’s a good or bad you don’t have to say anything too personal in
this training but always happy to cheer you up if we can or if I can I should
say stink he’s not in our keys you’re losing subs that happens anyway crow and
I wouldn’t be concerned about it because the reality is anyone that some subbing
to you they’re not enjoying you they’re not supporting your channel anyway you
know what I mean like they’re dead subs we’ve got a lot of dead subs so you know
probably half our subscribers don’t even watch our content so you’ve got to be
it’s not a good thing to have that because if you end up having a big
channel with my views that also looks bad the the best advice I can give you
is you do have to put in the hard work so just go and
try and find some small channels like yourself through the comment section
just go and leave a comment on their Channel and alike that sort of thing
don’t advertise your channel on theirs and then hopefully you’ll pick up subs
that way I mean our growth has slowed down considerably as well but that’s
because I haven’t been approaching that many channels so just don’t have the
time to do it anymore and you know you’d want to try and cultivate strong
relationships if you can at the start but don’t worry about it too much I’ve
always looked at it as a good thing if you’re losing subs and that’s just
getting rid of you dead subs if that makes sense because you don’t really
want that you want people that are actually interested in what you’re doing
alright so we’re at the one-and-a-half hour mark I’m really sorry guys it
wasn’t the most entertaining stream I do want to thank everyone that joined
anyway it started off well but I guess as soon as they saw the game being
played and the fact that stinky wasn’t here everyone loves stinky so have a
fantastic rest of the weekend and wait for that matter and given that it’s
Sunday for us nice Monday for everyone else and we’ll see you in the next one
that will be much more exciting than this one all right so thanks for joining

Maurice Vega

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  1. What did the mama cow say to the baby cow? It’s pasture bedtime. Sorry guys it's a fun game but boring stream without StinkPants 🙁

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