Hatriot Mail: You’re a Butt-a-Gay Shill

Alright, it is time for hatred mail. This
week’s hatred mail. Actually, there’s something really important in this week’s hatred mail
I want to talk about. Um, but before we get to that quick reminder about what hatred mail
is, [inaudible] the right of the people to keep and bear hates
shall not be in [inaudible]. Hey, it [inaudible] written by Patriots who hate David Pakman
because America and because freedom. All right, let’s get right into this week’s
Patriot mail and I’ll play it. And then there’s going to be, I, I’m concerned about something
beyond just, Oh, this is a hatred and they say horrible things. Let’s take a listen to
it. David is a Warren or butter gay shill. You’ve
lied at least six times in this video. You’ve died. In fact, your intelligence suggests
that you are a very conniving propagandas to shill a shill who is very much aware of
what the real truth is in off it. Aware for sure. LMF AEO. How though are you calling
Trump? Anti semantic? He literally moved the embassy to Israel. So listen, uh, okay. It’s a homophobic thing
about Pete booted. Judge Pete. Boudin judge is a gay man. Your, you know, you’re a Buddha
gay shill or whatever. Number one, I don’t support people who to judge. When I pointed
out that he was soaring in the polls, nearly tripling his support over the last few months,
I actually said Anne and I don’t support him now, I don’t know the political leanings of
this hatred, but I’ve seen more homophobic sort of comments about Pete Buddha judge from
the left then I’m comfortable with and you know, I don’t support him. I think he’s a
centrist, but it wouldn’t even occur to me to start nicknaming P booted judge with anything
that sort of jokes about or ridicules the fact that he’s a gay man. Um, I get that.
We’re going to see that from the right because the right is a homophobic in, in, in, in the
policy that they’ve advocated for. You know, they don’t want gay marriage to
be legal. They often want it to be illegal to fire someone for their real or perceived
sexual orientation. We know about all that stuff. We on the left should simply, if we
don’t like Buddha judge, we should say here’s his policy and here’s why I don’t like it.
But I’ve seen, um, you know, too many people, uh, on Twitter and in different places do
sort of coined nicknames for Pete, Buddha judge that sometimes more overtly, sometimes
less overtly are making fun of the fact that he’s a gay man. Come on guys. I thought that
we had moved past that I wish that we could. Um, and the stuff from the left, just say
you don’t like his policy. Say you don’t like him as an individual, that’s actually fine
too. It’s okay not to like someone because they just rub you the wrong way and you say,
I’m supporting someone else that I find more endearing or whatever the case. But the homophobic nicknames for people who
to judge are, um, uh, I expect it from the right. I’m disheartened when I see it from
the left. Let’s just cut it out. Remember that you can use the coupon code. Hey, treat
40 H a T R I O T for zero to save 40% off of the membership of your [email protected]

Maurice Vega

100 Responses

  1. Unfortunately, its just not the right. The left is just as bad. People are people and they are hateful. They can say it here as the calls are technically anonymous. It's a shame that they just can't accept people who are different. But when it comes to "sex", thats one step too far.
    Love your attitude and politics!! Thanks for trying to teach some of the dummies out there.

  2. David does this chastisement also extend to your boyfriend Kyle? He likes to call Pete…"booty-judge". are you okay with Kyle using that kind of language?

  3. I think, if that guy even was a leftist, they are probably a somewhat more outspoken (at least on the internet) minority, whereas on the right it’s just the majority. So I don’t think you need to worry as much. Still think we will need to eventually try and rid it from our side. I think with time we can as the younger generations will grow up with even more positive experiences and teachings

  4. A hate mail from one buffoon supporting another. Notice how all of the supporters of the Chief buffoon are also all buffoons. Also explains why the Republicans in office are baffled as
    to why the rest of us are not able to see their dear leader for the genius that he is.😀

  5. lmao, conservatives are so stupid. part of me doesn't care that they're living in poverty and killing themselves with opioids in the de-industrialized midwest

  6. To say that I'm surprised about the anti-gay sentiment being expressed by the tea dummy Trumper is an understatement. To find this sentiment on the left is not entirely surprising but heart breaking.

  7. While you get Hatriot mail I seem to be on the receiving end of Hatriot comments by trump supporters, so I know that feeling.

  8. Man you sound just like Cenk Uygar. So self righteous! The right is full of evil meanie-heads who make fun of people, but not us on the left, right? Of course we will just pretend that antifa, social justice warriors, liberal college students and progressives in general aren’t the ones attacking people wearing mags hats, shut down debate, and make up stories that maga hat wearers are the offenders. Newsflash: there are morons both on the right and the left

  9. I assume you're referring to when he's referred to as "booty-judge", and while I see where you're coming from, I don't feel that was ever meant to be homophobic, but a play on his name in general. That said, I think to avoid confusion, we would be fine calling him "Beetlejuice".

  10. I just visited the Wikipedia pages on the Holocaust. I dont know why, sometimes I need a reminder of how good I have it in life, I suppose. After seeing those images and being reminded of the horrors committed at the hands of anti-Semites who also murdered people because they were gay, it makes me sick to know that there are people in America who are anti-Semetic, homophobic, racist, etc. Also to deny that the Holocaust ever happened is offensive and moronic.

    Really feel bad for Jews who see and experience the anti-Semetism and I also worry that there will be more and more violence targeting Jews as the impeachment moves forward, considering many of the people involved are Jewish.

  11. LMFAOOO omg this one made me bust up laughing! Holy shit. There was so much stupid in that one… he moved the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, not to Israel.

  12. Thanks David, I feel that big picture we’re all on the same team, and even mild homophobia is beneath us.
    For sure plenty of people have plenty of concerns with Pete. I like him a lot, and beyond the scale of what I anticipate he could achieve, I would just cry with joy of a gay person were elected US President. It’d send shockwaves to crack homophobia world wide!

  13. Topix like this remind me of when people say
    "look how much America has grown"
    Me:🤔 really The "elite" white
    wealthy, gated community Society
    Is NOT America! That's a Republican.

    1800's hard-working immigrants built a great nation
    2020's no dirty immigrants from shithole countries
    1990's World rejoices as the Berlin Wall is torn down
    2016's Trump's border wall separating us from Mexico

    Before anyone gets all bent out of shape
    I'm white & from Can-a-da eh
    My grandfather was a hard-working Latvian
    Who fled his homeland because a horrible man was trying to
    Make Germany Great Again.
    #Historyrepeatsitself 😞

  14. I used to think we (the left) are above that sort of thing.
    I'm a liberal by any metric, this past year I noticed that the coarse and callous bigotry we often and rightly condemn that comes from some conservatives, also exists on the left, in a different disguise. It's not necessarily the people on the extreme left (policy wise), but everyday regular liberals. Bigotry especially against Jewish people is making a comeback.

  15. How was it determined this was a Left-wing Wing-nut? But I agree 100% with you, David. Sexual orientation, race, gender, etc. has nothing to do with someone's policies, or abilities to serve an office. It's immature, hateful, distasteful, etc. Glad you called the Hatriot out…no matter which side they lean.

  16. Trump moved the embassy to Israel for one simple reason: Protestant Reformation supporting Christian Zionism/Restoration. Christians believe that the Jews returning to Israel is a prerequisite for the Second Coming of Jebus. Protestants, like Trump, think Christians should actively support a Jewish return to Israel to fulfill bible prophesy. Seperation between church and state is a joke to them, and why they think Trump was sent by god.

  17. Remember, calling Pete Buttigieg "Butt-a-Gay" isn't homophobic, as that's just a term the regressive left uses to label anyone they disagree with. Actual homophobia is when you criticize Dave Rubin or Andy Ngo in any way, shape or form since they're independent thinkers and not the "token gays" who tow the Democratic party line, which drives the left insane!

  18. While I would support Mayor Pete, I'm concerned that the bulk of the population would balk at a gay man in the White House. I recall the concerns that were made about Kennedy being controlled by the Pope, when he ran for President. Of course it didn't happen, but there was a lot of chatter in those pre-internet days.

  19. Yes, AND…
    Buttigieg is the worst candidate in the field sans Biden at this point. His policies are terrible, no need to attack him for being gay. Although I will say that he wouldn’t have this much support if he wasn’t.

  20. ''Peter-Booty-Jizz'' ?
    That is a low blow.
    But clearly he overcame his name and the insults he must have endured.
    Hats off!

  21. David is correct — Trump IS Anti-Semantic because he uses a limited vocabulary (despite lying about knowing and having the best words).

  22. in one video I mentioned Pete is gay. not slurring or ridiculing. the video was about some evangelical saying that trump was sent by god and half heartedly saying all presidents are. I said that if somehow mayor pete got elected as a gay Democrat man, not one evangelical right winger would say he was sent by god.

  23. WTF who cares about being gay or not really AMERICA should be way pass this by now it's another way Republicans are separating our country are we going to let trump destroy what we have built are we really that week to let the ignorance of this idiot to persuade who we vote for the rate we're going with Donald Trump we should be the new rested by 2020 if this is how America is going to play surely the god we're not all this f**** stupid and gullible I for one refuse to be anybody's f**** puppet I have too much respect for myself I will vote for the person I believe in regardless of race or sexual orientation does not phase me and will not persuade my vote at all anytime ever in my lifetime

  24. As long as David does not start taking money from or start associating with RT, Putin’s propaganda channel, as the Republican Party and a few rogue progressives have then I will continue to support David.

  25. Tbf the vast majority of the people that I know on the right are pretty much impartial to people being homosexual. That in itself very rarely enters conversation. The only blur I really see there is the opposition to more and more progressive LGBT "education" for use of a better word and where does it stop. Some things I've seen just seem incredibly unnecessary and bordering on perverted. Opposing the most extreme end of this movement isn't homophobia or hateful.
    The left in many more cases seem even obsessive about sexuality as a very core part of a person or people. Often as the central and most important part of individuals which cannot be helpful to anyone. The simple fact that someone is gay makes absolutely no difference to my opinion on someone whatsoever, the use of that fact as some reasoning or right to act in ways that are perverted in front of young audiences or acting in outwardly sexual ways to unsuspecting or inappropriate crowds is entirely different. I know this is the most extreme send of what's happening with LGBT rights etc and I'm not saying it's a fair representation I'm just saying that being against it also isn't anything like being against people based on their sexuality. It's based on behaviour. Trying to push this as a left/right political differences just seems largely inaccurate to me. Trying to mate it out to be "Come on 'we' don't behave like 'them' and we should hold ourselves to our naturally higher standards" is miles off the point. In fact there's argument to say it's the other way round, the most damaging thing for the LGBT movement is that it's just ploughing forward in many directions and in many cases it needs opposition.

  26. I've never met a homophobe liberal. Good God! Really, guys? I'm gay and hot as hell. You don't know what you're missing.

  27. Time to do an Interview about George Nader and his Trump/ Clinton Pedo connection!!! Epstein was Mossad and committing Espionage for Israel!

  28. An angsty 15 year old I'm guessing. A glutton for punishment you are David. It may be ironically idiotic. I'll admit . From time to tine I'll go on the fox news comment board, Scroll through as much as I can handlw, and then remix and regenerate and exaggerated version of that idiocy (conspiracies and all) on the top. I know I know..but the fun is seeing who catches on and who doesn't. I would say it's therapeutic for anyone burnt out on polotics.

  29. David you do what you do sir. Truth is you are a great example of a true American who is excercising his first ammendment right. As an immigrant and now naturalized. It is something we should all agree and love. We can express ourselves, and we should appreciate it. I do not always agree with Pak; but hey WE all have a right of opinion. Like the show sir. Your a gentleman and a scholar.

  30. A lot of people grew up in a world where gays didn't have rights and where they were frequently the subject of homophobic "jokes". So when people run into a gay person they don't like, they tend to revert to the behaviour that was acceptable in their youth.

    It's cheap, it's nasty and it may come back to bite people. David is right to call it out.

  31. I understand the point your making, I find it incredibly hard too stay rational all the time when all your dealing with people who work with a hive mind/echo chamber like 4chan, and just say inflammatory things… It's so juvenile and just hurts seeing that this is how they think.

    "Dismiss the point, start insulting people like a spoilt three year old who can't handle being wrong, but then label yourself as a "troll" because it's your only "safeguard" to make you feel validated"

    It gets old so fast.

  32. Couldn't this be another more public type of troll?
    By the way. Do you report homophobic threats, or just keep written record. It would play right into the haters scheme to sound Democratic, but really not be that. The ID of the caller or writer, is unverified.
    Throwing out these declarations, "don't necessarily make it so". What proof do we have, but their own actions. But now they are acting like sheep in wolf hyde. Following orders to ruin the common persons perceptions of what a democrat is.
    We have their maga rallies. Where do they find that in us?
    They have to lie… an all too common theme, found in hypocracy. Now to be fair, Dems have a lot of hotheads too. But given a safe world, their families, and brains within their heads to choose to stop the chaos or do it legally, the sheep wearing a fighters skins and holding the guns, the power, the finances, betray themselves. The shorn wolves have no part.
    All the lies, this seeming to be the only way out for some to live as fakes. NO WONDER THEY HAVE THIS LOVE HATE RELATIONSHIP WITH LIES vs. THE TRUTH.
    Also know that prejuidice is not limited to race, gender or color. Anyone can be anything. That's why trolls exist on You Tube, and Twitter.
    We only have to look back a brief time to see the first tweets from 45. The world was shocked! Immaturity from a potus and abusing his office to write as leader of our Country when he set his eyes on women or persons of color. This is our shame. This was when it should have stopped. This should never had the ability to happen in the first place.
    Now the reckless, infantile behaviors. Our Senate should have seen this as Congress did, from the start. We can't go back, so we step forward to create laws that never allow this to happen again. Never again… how many times must we say it. Being strong does not mean submissive.

  33. I’ve gotten a few death threats on Twitter when I created the account last month and suddenly got liked for posting positive comments and points about Trump and his behavior. Has anyone else gotten death threats?

  34. I call him buttichug if I need to use his last name but I'm a dyslexic gay man and his name is just too hard to remember so I usually just say mayor pete

  35. Bootajudge…seriously how did they come to that conclusion? I've not seen any positive coverage from David about Mayor Pete.

    I expect if Mayor Pete becomes the nominee, the homophobia will be more rampant, especially from the republicans. But I can see his sexuality being a barrier for some democrats voting for him too. The party should factor in whether the country is ready for an openly gay President, and going up against Trump will make it more difficult for him to win, as you can guarantee Trump will play off his sexuality and bring out the closeted homophobia just like he has with closeted racists.

    There are plenty of reasons not to want Mayor Pete as the nominee, him being gay is not one of them.

  36. Yah, Dave. If you’re intelligent, then you must be a conniving shill. Actually, I’ll say that’s basically true. But if I explain it, everyone else gets mad because “it’s bad,” where by “it” I can only assume this is an intelligence referencing intelligence.

  37. that email was hilarious… guy hit a lot of the standard right wing talking points but I was disappointed that he failed to mention chemtrails!

  38. While this hatriot clearly is a hate-filled idiot (embassy to israel – right, chuckles), and we have no idea, what video he referring to –
    Sadly it IS true that David regularly spouts untruths he should know better. Mostly on foreign policy, though.

    Bolivia, Venezuela, BDS – in those and other areas he regularly repeats propaganda lies by right-wing and corporatists.
    Which is quite disappointing, since he is normally so well-informed that I cannot but believe he spreads those untruths knowingly, and I am at a complete loss to understand why.
    Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dj2TCZf90OY

  39. As much as people like to repeat the lie that Pete is a shill (even though a quick visit to OpenSecrets reveals that his donors don't look too different from Bernie's), his biggest problem is this country's homophobia. That's why he'll never win a general election against Trump. On the one side he'll have the right's (and some of the left's) conscious or unconscious homophobia, and on the other he'll have woke college student's rage, who think they're smart because they believe something if it's repeated 100 times, as long as the people doing the repeating are woke like them. Pete can't win this because America is too bigoted and dumb.

  40. I always forget the fact he’s gay… until he reminds me I don’t like him because he’s such…

  41. I call him booty judge but that’s not a gay joke his last name just happens to sound like that I would call him that if he was straight too

  42. Could be a Tulsi or Bernie supporter – they like to use the word "shill" a lot, and they also use words like "lie" and "gaslighting" when people are not lying or gaslighting.

  43. Just about no one is absolutely leftist – we're all going to bear some ugly bit of prejudice, even when we reject scads of other forms, whether we harbor it unconsciously or proudly or with a little shame but maybe not enough. It shouldn't be a shock to find homophobia on the left when there's this much homophobia all over and the left isn't defined solely by rejecting homophobia.

    Also – I think it's quite fair to call Trump anti-semantic. He hates and fears meanings and attacks them at all opportunities.

  44. I'm chill as fuck with gay dudes. Calling him Booty-gay is not homophobic. It's just silly. You can say the potential for harm outweighs the pleasure of being silly, but saying that the person saying it is making fun of him homophobically is a bit much. I don't care that he's gay, I don't care that he's got an unfamiliar name. If Bernie was named Bernie Joostien, I would be just as likely to be silly about that, and I'm Jewish and voting for the guy.

    Chill, Pakman.

  45. I mean, I've heard some funny nicknames, this one not included, I'm more concerned with his Republican lite rhetoric, and his horrible record in South bend. I had a flat Earth Alex Jones type defending the racist ousting of the police chief and likened it to affirmative action. The same guy who believes in Massachusetts that they are forcibly giving teenagers hormone blockers to make them trans… This world is a nightmare

  46. It's not just that he's gay. His name is Booty Judge 😁 You're right people should dislike him on policy but he doesn't like or have many

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