It is time for hatred that male hatred, male,
of course, a a favorite moment of the week for many in the audience, although a stressful
moment for some. I do get emails from people saying that they are sickened by the ignorance
of hatred. Male, what is hatred? Mail? Quick reminder. So what if the president’s been accused of
sexual Harrison 15 times or that he paid hush money to a porn star? At least he never wore
a tan suits. Hey, [inaudible] [inaudible] written by Patriots who hate David Pacman
because America and because freedom, this week’s hatred mail has, you know, yesterday
I interviewed PE Moscowitz about how often frequent, how frequently people are misunderstanding
the concept of free speech. That is a big part of this week’s hatred mail. Let’s take
a listen. David Parkman does like to lie. Hey man, you
David Parkman for deleting my comment so you don’t allow free speech. Why did you delete
the biggest Colts of personnel? Eat are around you, not Trump. David Parkman show you are
in a [inaudible]. No. My president Donald Trump, 2020 we see you in the arena. America
is first is Donald Trump 2020 yeah. I mean, listen, first of all there’s
like a practical question here which is I get emails all the time from people saying,
David, you’re censoring me. Why are you deleting my comments? I can assure you I am very, very
busy hosting and researching the David Pakman show, running the business side of the David
Pakman show and working on the ad agency side of the David Pakman show and and our organization.
I can’t sit around and look at and delete individual YouTube comments. It’s flattering
that someone, it’s quaint that someone would think I have the time to do that, but I don’t
and staff does also also does not delete YouTube comments. If people are seeing YouTube comments
deleted, it’s because other viewers are flagging them either as spam or attacks or whatever,
and I don’t even know how the YouTube algorithm works around this, but some number of flags
must get comments removed, but I have no idea what is going on there. Number two, come on. You have no right to
leave comments on my YouTube channel. It’s not an issue of free speech. You have no right
to show up on my personal Twitter page or my personal Instagram account and leave antisemitic
insults and whatever else. If I want to block you, if I want to mute you, and I admit I
have thousands of people muted on Twitter because it is just an echo chamber cesspool,
it is not an issue of free speech and you should really rethink that entire thing. Remember
that the best way to fight hatred, autism in your local community is to get a [email protected]
and use the coupon code hatred 40 the coupon hood code hatred 40 accomplishes two just
beautiful things. One, it supports the David Pakman show and too, it’s sort of like a middle
finger to the hatred. It’s that you will not be intimidated by their hatred. Autism, that’s hatred. 40 H. a. T, R I, O.
T. four zero saves you 40% and a thousand hatred cry every time the coupon code is used.

Maurice Vega

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  1. It's positively frightening that these illiterate bumpkins are amongst us in society. What makes it even more worrisome is they"loves thair gins". And alcohol. A deadly combination.

  2. It is nice to see the stupidity of trumptards is nation wide. The people that don't enjoy hatriot mail should look in the mirror and see if there is something looks familiar.

  3. David, your being Jewish has never been a problem for me. I am mostly German, and my people came here from Russia. We need to stand united against what is wrong in this country, not carry on about what our ethnic background is, it doesn't matter!

  4. At least some of these have to be done by otherwise normal people for comedic effect right? I've imagined a few of my own trolly hatriot mails but have never actually written them.

  5. Oh man, I thought this was about a big sale at a haberdasher's. It says "hat riot" right there. False advertising click bait.

  6. i really want to meet a man who has a vocie like the guy who reads hatriot mail he makes everything sound more "glorious"

  7. Anti semitic? Wouldnt have guessed David is Jewish, I thought he was related to Ms. Pac Mans fam, lool. Racist jerkoffs, grow up.

  8. America first in incarceration, gun ownership per capita, mass shootings and in absentee fathers. Not education, healthcare or anything positive

  9. How do u Americans even function when u know these people are out there among u??? I realise u can't punch every horrible person in the world but still…

  10. Right… there is a function here where anyone can report comments. To paraphrase Jeremy Irons, we are surrounded by idiots!

  11. I find it funny that many of those so called 'patriots' are in fact white supremacists. Which, by virtue of their ideology makes them a traitor.

  12. Don't let trump ass suckers get to you just be careful leaving your studio and into your home , you are doing a great job, people are offended by the truth, god bless and protect you always .

  13. if there was ever an argument for mass sterilization………….remember these idiots are allowed to freely bred and spread their defective genetic code among the population (given the way most of these idiots act and "talk" though im guessing the gene pool where they live is already fairly fucked)

  14. Dave, I’m recently a new subscriber and I couldn’t help but notice the beautiful backdrop. Being a drum enthusiast, how about providing some insight into your relationship with the coolest instrument , EVER ! Thanks.

  15. Hatroit mail rules. Keep it going. It's a bit of needed levity to an otherwise depressing information landscape. That crack about the tan suit had me laughing.

  16. There was so much more there. Like, if he is such a trump supporter why does he speak like a foreigner in broken English? I'm not a native English speaker and even I could do better.

  17. Some of these emails are often so incoherent that I wonder if they're actually bots or something. Not that I'm saying there aren't people really that unhinged and stupid, it's just something that comes to mind whenever I listen to some of them. Regardless, Hatriot Mail is always fun!

  18. I did not understand the Hatriot —> (translate) —> “Me no speakada Trumptard”.

  19. David he is paying a sick appirition about an alien hybrid if you stop donations going their you stop the hitler control lie they are attributing his fale witness to Christ with it is a hoax
    MEDJUORDIA Yugoslavia
    This would hurt his ability to move. Oh i hope someone listens!🤲💟🙏

  20. I shouldn't love hatriot mail so much. but I do! This is probably my favorite so far. Guy should be censored until he at learns basic spelling and grammar. (Hell computers have autocorrect).

  21. Haha i love hatriot mail, so funny some people bother making those absurd mails, if you don’t like David Parkman there are so much other stuff you can go watch, InfoWars or something in that ballpark, there are plenty hateful angry sides on the internet you can waste your time on

  22. Given that person's clear illiteracy and hate, their comment must have been reported by a ton of people.
    I do not understand how someone so stupid could think they're right about literally anything. I know, I know: Dunning-Kruger. It just always baffles me, I do not understand the phenomenon.

  23. Personally, I think Hatriot mail is amusing.
    It's funny that people actually think any Youtuber goes through and deletes comments. We're reporting your comments and >that< is getting them deleted.

  24. Look free speech is great and all, what I'm also saying is once we get real power having them disappeared in the night is great and all too. That's a lot of people, a lot of spots to fill we could fill in with people across the border by good hard working people.

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