Has handling of Brexit penalized Conservative and Labour parties in local elections?

Maurice Vega

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  1. This vote is a clear message to the two stubborn parties who refuse a second referendum, the massive gains by pro EU parties is a mini referendum of how the mood of the people have changed since 2016 taking us out of Europe come the next General Election the thrust of power now lies in the votes of the younger generation who feel betrayed by a generation brainwashed by the dying anti EU media i.e Sun Daily Mail Express etc which will result in catastrophic losses for Pro Brexit parties never to be forgiven for a referendum manufactured by a blackmailing minority of self serving Tories which I hope, in the future, will reduce the Tories and Labour to also ran parties

  2. How can we call ourself a democracy when the system is two main parties due to the maths of the first past the post and the spoiler effect? If most people actually wanted Tory or Labour then fine but you can't say that's how it is based on how people vote when you're forced to vote tactically. A vote for a 3rd party is effectively a vote for the main party you dislike the most. You don't simply vote for who you want if it's not a main party bceause you risk wasting your vote. No matter how much you care about the internet or creepying copyright a voting for a small party that focuses on that (like Pirate Party UK) is the same as not voting at all. We don't even have a system that lets us say "if my first choice can't represent me then here's my second choice". We talk about "winners" and "losers" as if this is a football match instead of a system of picting representatives. We're all losers here even if "your team" wins under this system. People vote 3rd party even though they know it's against their own voters interests because we desperatly want change. Brexiteers are spoiling their votes because they don't trust the goverment or any parties. Even now, the best time to vote 3rd party (in UK history?), we could still end up with a Tory or Labour government because only having one local MP is so bad at representing an area, and you can only vote for one. We need to evolve our voting system so we're actually represented in goverment when we vote and have a choice. If it's possible for a party like UKIP to get a significant amount of votes (more than green party) but then only get represented by 1 MP – which is what had happened – is that democracy?


  4. They should be held for treason to our country and the people….. Shame on them…. The public out cry is LEAVE THE EU…. It's what we voted…. My vote on the 23rd will be NONE OF THE ABOVE. VOTED LEAVE.. TREASON….

  5. So as of this date May 3, 2019… is the UK in or out of the EU? Or our they in a sort of purgatory?

  6. Yes, both parties have taken a beating and thats just at the local level, many will willingly vote Tory locally to see lower community Bills but would rather vote for some other party at a General Election, the same applies to Labour, they may like tradition in their local branch level but like the Tories they may well lend their votes to another in both the EU and General Election’s.
    The election battles will be all three traditional parties fighting the Brexit Party, the latter will win simply because the remain vote is split. If a General Election were then called, the Brexit Party will win again, convincingly, why? Because the leadership of our main political parties are week and indecisive, that’s why I’m lending my vote to The Brexit Party, for the sake of our democracy as much as Brexit. They won’t the vote for Gods sake!

  7. The media are playing it down. Labour did amazingly well considering the Tory screw up of Brexit. Don't forget Labour had nothing to do with the box of Brexit fireworks Cameron unleashed on the public.
    Funny how the "remain" parties did well. Maybe a possible message there.
    Labour lose 100 council seats the Tories more than 1200 yet the media place Labour in the same basket going on & on about how bad things are.
    No … The focus is the nasty Tories.

  8. I'm happy the tories and labour have not done well but fk me what is wrong with people voting liberal and green

  9. Hahaaaa poor Theresa May, the robot is still smiling, but she is starting to see everyone hates her. Intelligent she is not, narcissistic she is. Her own party wanted her to back down and admit she could not handle Brexit. Instead she did her all to balls it up and now they are losing seats. This is all down to Brexit, leave meant leave remember? Theresa May does not know which way is up.

  10. Speak for yourselves. I penalized them over universal credit. You know, that thing swept under the rug…….

  11. Just wait till the eu elections, this is nothing to what you will suffer there from the Brexit party and you deserve it.

  12. I love how Brexiteers are trying to turn loss of councillors for Leave parties (Conservatives, Labour, UKIP) and massive boost to Remain parties (Lib Dem/Green) as some pro-Brexit talking point.

  13. now we hear the typical tory and labour excuses , oh well it hasnt been that bad?where the fu,,ing hell is he?

  14. Yeah, so the only parties to have gained seats are ANTI brexit parties.
    Why are we celebrating again?

  15. It looks like the Tories are being penalised more than Labour. The opinion polls show Labour 6% ahead now. .

  16. Different story at a general election, then people will fall back on either Conservative or Labour.

  17. Yes because its the party that make twats of themselves, I'm sure there are some good people working at local level but their parties have let them down too.

  18. Liberals as a nearest main part picked up votes and seats. Hmmm! Could this be because they are the only party large part to Stand up for Remain! Could it be that because we already know what the Liberals stand for and they are firmly remain they chose to fight the local election as it should be. About local issues but the voters voted for both local and national issues as is often the case. So maybe the Liberals were so successful because of there remain stance as much as anything else.

  19. The only thing that keeps the Labour Party alive is the antiquated, out-of-date electoral system, FIRST-PAST-THE-POST, if we had had PR in the 80's, Labour would have been replaced decades ago and be a near irrelevancy by now and a footnote in History.

    Make Labour History!

  20. It appears too many of us had no option but to spoil our election papers due to only having the choice of labour or conservative candidates.

  21. They just never stop do they? We know what we voted for, to Leave. Staying in, in any way, is NOT leaving. If they think a deal with Labour is the answer, they are sorely mistaken. We won't stop until we Leave the EU.

  22. Didn't bother voting yesterday, for the simple reason that there wasn't a single credible pro Brexit candidate to vote for. Saving my vote for the Brexit Party on 23rd May.

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