Hannity: Ratings and polls tank for impeachment

Maurice Vega

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  1. Blah blah blah, blah blah yickity yackety yik yak blah blah tik tok, tik tok yardy yardy, Oh look…beads, yackety yackety blah blah blah and Ying tong ying
    tong ying tong ying tong ying tong diddle I po, yardy yardy, yeah but, yeah but, blah blah blah blah tik tok yardy blah yardy……Didn't, couldn't, shouldn't, wouldn't and she did this so he could not be guilty of that, ying tong ying tong blah blah blah…..Blah blah…..Ting. So there

  2. The public don’t realize what a preposterous conflict Trump has weakening USA for PooTin money… you never become PooTins friend he has no friends and you never leave his service… or suddenly your dog dies then your kid goes missing then you fully cooperate again… like no one is ex kgb…fsb… you never leave … ever

  3. Nobody loves the president morning I do you care about god country you care about the president and his wife and the vice president his wife and all of America god bless Americans god bless Israel

  4. (7:12) Be still, my beating heart! The leftist media is wrapping itself in the Flag and the Constitution! And yet there is still a dwindling number of fools that watch and believe them! LOL!

  5. I'm TIRED OF THIS! The world is laughing at US. The dim-o-cratic party is mocking ALL the values we hold dear as an American. Shiffy will be synonymous with Benedict Arnold. He's either going to get very rich or live as a hermit, in a treehouse. Shiffy has DOUBLED DOWN on how far he can go with any/every Dim lie. I hope he hasn't go too far with so many secrets, secrets like, the fake Steele Dossier. The powerful people on the left can't allow this to happen. Others have been removed with the help of the left.

  6. Personally I don't trust van Drew I think he's a traitor. I wouldn't trust him as a republican for one simple reason.

    He betrayed the trust of the American people in which elected him as a Democrat.

    To hell with the Democratic Party but don't you dare turn your back on the American people.

    This is not how our system is supposed to work because how can we win the trust of those who elected us.

    If we let our own personal feelings get in the way of our Congressional Duty. Fry this scumbag as far as I'm concerned. 🙁




  8. Lol. Nutty Nadler? If hes "nutty", what is tRump? Sean Hannity, Jim Jordan, and that football helmet head Gaetz can't wait to get a job with tRump after he leaves office. Make sure you buy some good knee pads Hannity! Oh, don't forget the towels to wipe yourself off!

  9. DemonRats are bringing people that don’t like Americans ,fake names but it will back fire to there face , if Trump wants he can bring millions from Europe and North and South Americans ,and Asians ,because they love Trump

  10. I'm for Trump 1000%, but Hannity is an idiot. He's not a journalist, he's a stupid biased Trump pleaser, trying to win some kind of favour from the President. Just as the Democrats are liars, so too this fool is totally blind to reality.

  11. But Sean, Fox polls show 50% of the country want Trump impeached AND removed. Surely you can't disagree with a poll run by the network that is paying you? Can you?

  12. With all due respect, you can’t really blame him for watching golf! As boring as watching golf is it is still more entertaining than watching the impeachment hearing! ???????

  13. Nutty Nudler got his noodle stuck in his Zipper. The DemonRatPack has lost all credibility. Just take a good look at them!? LMFAO. Mr.Adam Schiffhead, Almost a big as a lier as NoBummer. All Bullschiff. This Impeachment is nothing but Chickenschiff.

  14. Let’s get rid of these democrats in Congress. Vote them out. We must show them that we the people have the power. If our elected officials don’t do our bidding then OUT they go.

  15. you do understand polls are conducted in democratic controlled cities no one in my town dows any polls.

    polls dont really reflect america but out votes do.

  16. OY!!!!! Listened to someone from another COUNTRY say.. repeat repeat follow follow…. That with her Accent… that Trump doesn't know how to talk. REALLY???? Saying He doesn't know how to S P I K……. In an UN American ACCENT!!!! *RE♥

  17. I cant wait til this is over and your god is out of office. Fox news snd hannity is the biggest crock of rightwing biased brainwashing propaganda ever. This is not even close to facts. I don't care for any of your condecending rightwing responses. I wont even have time to read em or agrue a pointless point. So keep being brainwashed. Its your choice…

  18. You can't make this stuff up. What a wast of tax payers money. Theater for the ugly that obviously doesn't have the best intention for the people of this country. Where does America go from here? Probably could have educated a high percentage of the capable homeless for what this has cost the American people.

  19. If there was a majority democratic government with someone like Hillary Clinton as president we will all be rounded up and thrown reeducation camps. The hatred the left has for conservatives is unprecedented. The scary part is that they believe they are just in their hatred towards Trump anyone that supports him.

  20. Dear Hannity, please help us understand why no charges have been filed against the dems who have broken the law and lied to Congress? If they have truly done these things, why no charges, no arrests, no hearings, no investigations? Trump has done nothing and he is being dragged into court. Why isn’t Joe Biden being dragged into court? This is very confusing. Those you say are innocent are facing charges. Those you say are guilty are living their lives as normal, not even losing their jobs. This makes no sense.

  21. Please help us.

    I dont want a president impeached against our rights. We the people determine it. Not the other opposing party.

  22. Regardless of your politics, if you have to rely almost solely on ad hominem infantile attacks, kindergarten name calling and proffer a frothing at the maw polemic of instantly dismissible falsehoods, rather than objective, evidence based argument, you have no business occupying a public platform.

  23. I see what it's about; they want us to get bored of watching they so we stop watching and they go back to fxxking us over and before we know it if we rise up again heads will roll…

  24. Hannity, why do we the people feel like fox only allows you to say just enough to boost ratings but really not the whole truth. The public/ Patriots are catching on, get together with others we like start your own news station that is outstandingly UNCOMPROMISED give patriots the whole truth asap. WWG1WGA. Can't wait. Trusting the Plan.

  25. Our founders would have been hanging Democrats by now. Compared to them, we are cowards who are allowing tyrants to crush our country.

  26. I am for no party's , what the polls don't show is the silent people who is sick of the crap and politics , like it or not people are taking names to vote out alot of Democratics . The problem cleaning out the swamp the politicians are corrupt , people need to vote them all out until the pass a term limits.

  27. Called out sick due to viral and cant stop laughing. My chest hurts from coughing and laughing same time. Nutty Nadler snoozing wha…

  28. The American people should vote. Donald Trump's the best thing to happen to America in many many years. I STAND BY DONALD J TRUMP 20/20

  29. I think that the Republicans know what to do now. If a Democrat wins the presidency it will have to be because they cheated. The day after the election we should start impeachment proceedings against whoever that Democrat president is. Then the left and their media would simply freak out and cry for years about how this was so unfair.

  30. I doubt if the polls are tanking for impeachment except for Fox "News" viewers and trumptards in general. They have better things to do other than listen to any accusations that the guy they voted for is unfit for office. So listening to any evidence that might get them to even consider that fact could be upsetting. Today the republicans in the house main point that they are stressing is that the democrats never liked Trump. In fact, they just hate Trump (so they say) and they want to undo the 2016 election. They have managed to ignore all the evidence presented to them and I'm sure they will all vote not to impeach Trump. Democrats, on the other hand, who actually honor their oath of office to defend the Constitution, will vote to impeach Trump because he has earned it. If you don't know why he does, it's probably because you have continued to watch Fox "News" and get the Hannity spin on all of this. Good news for you trumpsters.. Trump will not be removed because the republicans in the senate, led by Moscow Mitch, have already made up their minds to let Trump off the hook. We'll see how things go in 2020. I'm sure most all of you will vote for Trump even if he does shoot someone outside the white house. Shows how little you care about America, the rule of law and our Constitution.  No surprise, really. None at all.

  31. Anyone who thinks Joe and Hannity are journalists are in need of their own self assessment. I mean seriously? I picked these two because both are on opposite end of the spectrum by self vested interest and motive. If you can’t see this you are lying to yourself and are controlled by right and left. Stop being used by these two idiots. They are laughing to the bank because of you.

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