Hannity: Moderators lost all control at Democratic debate

Maurice Vega

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  1. I bet Thanos could win their ticket. His political ideals are better and he is more likable than them all. Yep, I'd rather have Thanos that these nutjobs

  2. Forget this debate. The Chinese have figured out a way to lower their population with a created virus, increase their GDP, and contaminate the rest of the world with a virus they already have an antidote for. Hmmmmmmm? Food for thought. This debate is nothing more than a smoke screen diverting us from truth and logic. If they say their B.S. long enough maybe someone will believe them. Hmmmmm?

  3. Bolshevic Bernie doesnt want the young to know that Literacy program was called Communist Re-Education. They were turned into red snitches .

  4. Lest we not forget Trump's performance in the 2016 election. All he did was gave insight into his usual inept display of name-calling. We need an adult in the oval office.

  5. Bolshevik Bernie ? you lose creditability with that careless statement……I'm sure you're ok for bailing out bankers or billions to your foreign buddies…how about we let the poor pay the taxes for the rich Hannity…you have a big mouth….I won't vote for a dem or Rep..they are both corporate parties and support endless war..Jill Stein represented my views..

  6. Bernie says Cuba good, Ameria bad. Can someone tell him, Castro was not elected. He killed many people to get his job. Get minorities to sell MJ. That will fix our problems Bernie makes the others look good.

  7. Well clearly 150,000,000 is more than all the people who have died in all the wars America has fought. And he says it real angry. So he's got my vote.

  8. Bag of buttered pop corn and a 32-oz. big gulp (Thanks Bloomberg)! Great high school debate! Can’t wait for the next one! Better than HBO or Showtime! Thanks kids!!!

  9. I’m so sorry to those of you, who are so sensitive that a Donald Trump hurts your feelings, that you’d vote for the likes of a Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden or idiot Bloomberg..: You have my pity, my sympathy and well, you really need help because these your democrat contenders(that stand some chance) are PATHETIC! Just listen to them, Sanders,Biden, Bloomberg- which one is dumber than the next? It’s incredible how absolutely and fundamentally moronic these politicians are. I pity the Democratic Party, and I imagine the likes of a JFK or a FDR are rolling over in their graves laughing.

  10. If a Demon-rat Liber-turds ever becomes President, I hope that I am dead and gone…. They are the most corrupt politicians & they want to control our lives 100%…. Vote for President Trump & the American people will win again….

  11. Despite the colossal clusterf–k that this debate was, one good thing about it was that Hillary, the Hero of Benghazi, wasn't on the stage.

  12. I am surprised that Bernie Sanders is living in America? America is a free country and he was able to leave any time to live in Cuba since decades when he likes it sooooo much! Why he not did it!

  13. The democrat sniveling was at a highest sound level ever. Dear real America. No doubt how we now know how to vote. Vote RIGHT!

  14. There is no way in hell that real Americans will allow a socialist or a left-wing billionaire to become the president of the United States of America.

  15. What do yah say about taking back our country away from the minority rich elitists who are bought and paid for by the people who run this country? Our government is beyond corrupt. Time to change it to serve the people. That's what politicians are supposed to do. That's why they were elected. They serve their masters not the people.

  16. This snake oil salesman is working for Putin….but you trumptards are a simple lot….ive seen those kkklan rallys of Trumps…bet there aint 16 real teeth in the whole crowd.

  17. Sean is a pathological lier , this fear mongering tactic is easily identifiable and disrespectful to the rank and file American citizen. His words , as he stated were, radical, bigoted antisemite and god help us if etc , just gaming you sheep up for slaughter . Bernie is just a vile participant in the deception as well. And lastly ,what the hell has any elected official ACTUALLY did for the common citizen of this nation? I'll wait for an answer. ASK YOURSELF!

  18. Air time wasted, cause NO ONE can concentrate on any one candidate's answer! THEY BETTER GET IT UNDER CONTROL, OR IT WILL BE ONE MORE FAILURE TO ADD TO THEIR LONG LIST!!

  19. A sad group of people, it is scary that they have been selected by the dems as the ones they want to run thos country. The international leadership would mop the floor with them.

  20. All i can say is lets Back or president. Stand for or nation. and work together and place GOD. Where he belongs; we the people can do this for the future of this nation for all whom we love.


  22. Once one chicken starts clucking they all start clucking. Also hannity was reading that whole speech, looked rehearsed.

  23. Trump's presidency is so awesome because there are a lot of tests for the Americans. And I hope America passes these tests.

  24. Trump's presidency is so awesome because there are a lot of tests for the Americans. And I hope America passes these tests.

  25. A comment from someone down the page and my response: Bernie was rattled in the last debate also when his owning 3 homes was questioned…
    My Response: YES, YES, YES!!! Finally someone said it!!! What a HYPOCRITE Sanders TRULY is. Let's see if he wants to GIVE UP HIS HEALTH CARE, HIS HOMES, HIS MONEY and STAND IN LINE WITH THE REST OF THE WORKING AMERICAN PEOPLE?????

  26. YES here is MY SAME QUESTION AGAIN… WHY are we, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE STILL HAVING TO LISTEN AND BASICALLY DEAL WITH "QUID PRO JOE" ANOTHER MINUTE??? This MORON spoke live to people AND on a video, how he had the Ukrainian Prosecutor, investigating HUNTER THE HUNTED, fired from his job while Joe was holding back a check from the UNITED STATES to the Ukraine for billions, and only gave them 6 hours to do it!! COME ON PEOPLE, this was OBummer's PICK FOR VICE PRESIDENT and he is NOW campaigning for PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. I'm sorry but this is disgusting and a COMPLETE INSULT TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE…this guy should be under arrest and INVESTIGATION..PERIOD!!

  27. Hannity is correct. Everyone there should be ashamed of themselves. I felt the same way during the Republican debates four years ago. It's almost as if the media wants a sh*t show.

  28. Sanders is a crazy communist, Biden has advanced dementia, Bloomberg believes money can buy anything and instead of putting all that money to good use prefers attempting to buy his nomination, Pete has proved that he is worthless as mayor so he can’t be any good as a president and his values don’t gibe with most Americans, the Indian princess is a has been and may as well call it quits. The American people have a president who has kept his promises, they don’t want or need any of those clowns replacing him.

  29. No one is listening . . Everyone is talking. . No one makes sense, everyone acts like a disrespectful teenager. Good Grief! What an embarrassment!

  30. 0:57 sounds like a bunch of kids during Reese's time. I cant believe people are actually voting for these fools. What a disgrace, running for President and you act like a bunch of idiot's. Who ever goes up against Trump will lose and insure another Trump Victory.

  31. Christian killed 5 more moms and dads at work.. what .. to tired for thoughts and prayers?
    Gonna be priceless when the blue wave declares an emergency and out laws all guns.. you get one 57 caliber musket….
    Fill the jails and cemeteries with the Christians.
    You gotta admit.. it’s about time you guys took ten or twenty good ole machine gunning.
    Maybe after the broken go after those that broke them,
    It will be fun to watch.

  32. Ronald Reagan had many days of confusion back in the day…..
    But at least those days were after his 2nd term was up❗😱❗😜
    Joe BIden is having those days before his first term is supposed to start❓😱❓😧
    I don't think so❗😜

  33. The president broke the law. He’s trying to cheat in his reelection, and got caught. He extorted and bribed a vulnerable ally by withholding military aid, and a WH visit. He emboldened and praise’s our main geopolitical foe- Putin, and then concealed and covered up the facts and truth — and there would be no consequences. And the Republicans on the House floor cheered and chanted: “Four more years”…… OF THIS INSANITY?? Americans will wrestle with the damage done by blessing the behavior of this corrupt, vulgar and inept man.

  34. Hillary is gong to prison!  Pelosi has Alzheimer's and is a traitor to the country.    CNN and MSNBC are corrupt and use yellow journalism and are symbolisms for lies, hate, bigotry, and hypocrisy and the insects that work there are GRIFTERS.

  35. the Democrips are doing everything they can to ensure that the current Rebloodlican puppet-in-chief remains in office. O'Hannity can hardly contain himself. have a nice day?

  36. ROTFLMAO – Hannity – Cuba was the country that killed people and stole their property…or was that America to the Indians while they were bringing boatloads of slaves to enrich themselves? As far as Cuba goes, Castro overthrew Batista – the corrupt US-backed dictator that "killed people and stole their property." Hypocrite!

  37. This is getting more like the GOP debates of 4 years ago. The more Sanders is attacked by the media the more the people will support him.
    Hannity describing Sanders as a communist is ridiculous, nothing he proposes is wanting a Soviet economy, and the sooner the US people have what Western Europeans take for granted the sooner they will realise how ridiculous the GOP and Dems arguments against these issues have been.

  38. Wow !!! The chaotic democrat debate looked like a bunch of msm journalists fighting to be recognized to ask a question by the intervewee.

  39. Trump is national embarassment sean hannity! The enitre republican party is. You are joke. You are nothing but a white supremacy nationalism party.

  40. Look at the public automobile insurance monopoly in the Canadian province of British Columbia, the Socialist Government back in the 1970's created the monopoly because private insurance was too expensive in their view but now British Columbians pay the highest insurance rates in Canada and the previous Liberal government stole 1 billion dollars from the public insurance company (ICBC) and put it into general revenue so now the rates are going even higher. Politicians and bureaucrats cannot be trusted and they have huge amounts of power with police, army and the tax departments to back them up, that is why government should be kept small. Example #2, is the public health insurance system in Canada which is being overwhelmed by Prime Minister Trudeau's massive immigration (1 million per year) from places like Africa and the Middle east who are put on welfare and given free medical, dental etc) this is causing long delays in getting treatment for Canadians who have paid taxes to support the system their whole lives. My aunt for example has to wait over a year to get cataract surgery for eyes and she is having trouble seeing now, she lives alone and has to use a walker because of her multiple sclerosis and bad knees too.

  41. Moderator:”If you can just honor the rules of the debate…”. So when’s the last time the dems honored the rules of anything?

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