Hannity: Barr signals Durham report is where the action is

Maurice Vega

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  1. Strozk page not faithful to spouses
    Or usa /were you trying to fix elections for hrc looks like it
    That's illegal that's a coup, tradition sedition
    You2 are criminals changing 302 info

  2. barrs pig mf you need to visit prison too…Puerco Hijo de p#$a,todos estos puercos que trabajan para el puerco de trump tienen que ir a la carcel…priks mf

  3. They letting us know that nothing will happen ,thats what this is about ! We should be use to it by now , nothing will happen to the criminals !

  4. THIS MAN IS LIEING TO YOU, FOR YEARS ! Lets check out, week from now, very damming stuff against Dems ! So 9. december Dems will take a big hit ! Remember people dec 9 2019 Dems go to Walhala !

  5. lol. Still talking about the 2016 election. I just wanted to stick my head in FOXland, and see what the other side of the argument against impeachment was. I see there isn't much of one. And I see you're still on Jim Comey. Imma head back to a current news channel, that is reporting relevant news.

  6. Arkansas great state going after three years of Hunter Biden’s tax records !
    Oops IRS … Who is he working for this week ?

  7. They are guilty but they know how to fool the system to their advantage. None of them and especially Hillary will not be indicted, arrested because James Comey gave all of them immunity long ago. The Republicans knew about it but wanted to keep hopes up.

  8. Why are people expecting anything damaging by this IG he is biased as he was last report on the FBI when he concluded there was NO bias lol oh really!!! Ha ha what a joke..but then he was appointed by Obama ..

  9. If you think anything is going to come out of the IG Report…your delusional, no arrests are coming, Trump is letting his base roll under the bus, he aint doing nothing about internet censorship, he aint doing nothing about voter reform, he aint doing nothing, the only way heads will roll is if we make then roll, not these prissy congressman, we the people…pitchforks and torches…Hannity is just virtue signalling…the sad thing is…when the Deep State clamps down, all of you …including myself…are powerless to stop whats coming!

  10. Look … NOMATTER WHAT they claim about how innocent they are or whether or not they broke any laws, LET THE COURTS DECIDE !!!!! That is why we have a COURT SYTEM !!!!!! Save our tax dollars … charge them and let the COURT DECIDE !!!!!!

  11. Anyone else notice that CNN MSNBC, ABC and all the rest have not even mentioned the IG report? I’m so looking forward to how they are going to report on it once they have to

  12. Bombshell??? Hannity????? Whats up with that??? Just kidding. The Washington Post is against our President, all their reporting reflects that We shouldnt worry about their slant on things. They put their own little twist on the truth rendering it, mostly false. Too bad for the left, have to acknowledge all the good stuff the President does, in order to pick it apart, and criticise him, which never works for anyone but themselves. I suspect they arent buying what their selling either.?

  13. Lisa Page, you think Donald J Trump is loathsome? You're really going to thank your cellmate is loathsome. These aren't people who shop at Walmart, these are people who shoplift from Walmart. You need to save that money you're making for right in those books, you're going to have a lot of legal fees.

  14. Strozok and Page are TRAITORS to the American People and should be prosecuted under the Law and should spend a LONG LONG time in Federal Prison!

  15. The "deep state" has now stopped hiding who they are, some of them even going on mockingbird MSM thanking GOD for the deep state for fighting against our duly elected POTUS! They and their corporate owned presstitutes will NEVER back down from their "resistance" against President Trump. Their censorship of dissenters and their dirty tricks will just get worse.

  16. I.G. report will come to nothing. Horowitz is a company man and will always protect the Comey's of this world. Wait and see.

  17. How about the new York and calif Republican congressmen who won re-election despite being investigated. Yes, the republican's put them back in office..Both had been indicted..They both changed their plea to Guilty and both will go to prison.I guess you guys don't care…Some more of Trump's base going to jail.. darn.I am glad you Republicans are hard on crime like Trump.Why Trump was so obsessed with wiping out corruption, He almost didn't give aid to Ukraine. The president called to Ukraine and asked them to do a corrupt act of getting dirt on Biden. If you have any, call Rudy..lol

  18. Is this the same Barr that says Epstein killed himself? Yeah, I thought so. Nothing is going to happen tp any of these vile globalists because the rule of law is dead and the Republic lost.

  19. We want their asses in cuffs and chains. If these dirt bags do not go to jail
    and take Hillary and the Obama Nation with them, there will Hell to pay.
    The Obama Nation alone left office with
    a $ 1 BILLION Banksters United "Library" of "leftover donations" in two election cycles.
    his wife, Michele has a $ 50 MILLION "Foundation".
    Their children are worth TENS of MILLIONS of Dollars in an LLC
    of "Blind Investment portfolios" from their Bankster/Investment buddies.

    The biggest BRIBE in history paid to the Obama Nation.
    For ZERO prosecutions of a 1,000 CEO's on the NYSE and CBOE.
    To tell Steve Croft of 60 Minutes in 2012 that $ 20 TRILLION in ISDA SWAPS
    robo signed low income FHFA Community Reinvestment Mortgages…….
    we're………"legal" in the last few seconds of the broadcast……….!
    The Obama Nation is the King of the Universe of "Where's Mine."
    He even PAID those same CEO's in 2009 alone……$ 300++ BILLION in FDIC
    Broker fees on those ROBO SIGNED contracts, thousands and thousands and thousands of
    fraudulent transactions !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    FISA Gate (the clear and present danger of a fascist State sponsored Coup d'tat)
    Clinton Foundation Gate (Russian 'Dossiers' and USA Uranium for $ 150 MILLION)
    and the Obama Nation corruption and cover up of
    the $ 67 TRILLION*** in Democrat FHFA low income mortgage criminal insanity of
    worldwide ISDA SWAPS fraud and bailouts by the Obama Nation !

    * Mort Zuckerman CEO of US News & World Report, 2013.

  20. Sean I hear IG Report will be SOFT on Democrats. This report will not carry weight But will make Americans think the Democrats weren’t all that be that. Bad! !!! Help ! Weismann needs jailed! Thanks for a great wrap up!

  21. So now we have to wait for ANOTHER report to come out before any action is taken against these traitors? How long is that going to take?

  22. nada finish caput. no wrong doing by anyone in the Mueller investigation everything was legit. Trump was elected thanks to Russia. we all know that right?.

  23. Horowitz won't be testifying next Wednesday.
    Huber didn't testify last year when he was supposed to.
    And exactly why would they announce weeks ahead of time when the report would be released?

  24. Most of what Hannity says is true. But you should realize the problem is the Deep State. The obvious sign is the fact Washington DC and area cities are 90% Democrat. And likely there are other less obvious signs around the country. Unless you can make that go away, it will continue to grow. Chopping down a few high weeds will not get rid of the weeds. The future promises to be very exciting, maybe more than you know. And please don't waste your time talking about civil war, that would be a useless, counterproductive, and sadly unsuccessful gesture.

  25. Bombshell …all about to happen….its all over…..this dickhead hannity has been saying this crap for years ….another fizzer as usual….
    No matter what liars like hannity vomit out

  26. Yeahhhh big bombshell… Like the. NUNES REPORT (Nothing), IG report (Nothing)… Yeah a ton of devastating materiale – SORRY HANNITY, THE IG REPORT WAS RELEASEF YESTERDAY AND IT WAS A NOTHING BURGER…. But now its the durham report….. Maybe just realise that you believed the Lies and you are wrong each and every time
    SO THE system is corrupt… So Who again is leading the system…pretty sure it THE PRESIDENT AND THE AG, ????

  27. What a great photoshot of Wray and Horowitz. Yep. Because it says it all for me. Cover up and Cover up for the Deep State. Horowitz is an Obummer man so he's going through the motions covering up really getting at the criminals and trying to keep his job. Wray is a Deep State operative covering for the FBI criminality. When Barr complimented Horowitz and Wray and Haspel for their cooperation over the last few months, I immediately became suspicious, though I do admit that the leaks have been plugged. I hope I'm wrong, but cover ups are still the order of the day! I am still not trusting Barr 100% either. Does anybody think likewise?

  28. We Pray For Devine Protection And Guidance For President Trump His Family And Administration ??❤️??? America Has The Best President Trump 2Q2Q & Patriots In The World We The People Are Forever Grateful

  29. Hannity should report when someone actually gets arrested, nothing never happens. The left is protected, they protect each other. Doesn’t matter the crime, the evidence, it all gets twisted and everyone goes free.

  30. They are running danage control….remember pages txt to strozk "potus wants to know everything" shes the key that ties this to Obama…

  31. 9 minutes 28 seconds in that guy is a freaking liar is no way to get the truth out of these people other the a cia ship 2 miles off shore and water board these fukers

    What does Quid pro quo stand for?
    ? In Latin, quid pro quo literally means “something for something” or “one thing for another.”. 
    In English = ((Bribery))
    you get caught before you receive your bribe does not excuse the criminal act…


  34. Please ig is a deep state rat! He is only there to comey the investigation. Let me guess they did bad stuff but no prosecutor would ever charge these crimes.

  35. How is it Cohen,Flynn,Stone get prosecuted and put in jail overnight,yet the treasonous criminals walk free for years? They blatantly expose their crimes every time they open their mouths.

  36. Does anyone know the difference between speech and action?
    Freedom of Action? No.. lol its freedom of speech..
    It's like Sticks and stones(action) will break bones.. but freedom of speech will never hurt us..


  38. Democrats truly are going to ruin this country. Prepare your and your childrens' savings and maybe even an escape plan for if they ever win again. It will be all over within 15 years of them coming back into power.

  39. The only thing funnier than watching crybabies whine about Trump when he's doing a great job is watching them squirm and shout when they get caught up in their crooked schemes.


  40. The report doesn’t indict her Barr will over throw it to do so. Barr, Trump, GOP and Fox News are collaborating with Putin to overthrow democracy. Putin is having a good laugh at America right now. He publicly says he’s very happy with how we’re going down. Thank you traitors.

  41. Russia knew all they had to do is make it look like they had something to do with our elections because they knew we would lose our minds trying to figure it out. We are doing more harm to ourselves then the Russian ever thought possible on there own.

  42. How comes? Over the years, the worst action by dems is grievous less than the least bad action of repubs/conservatives. Why so!!!!!!

  43. I knew it …kick the can down the road … so no one is ever held accountable … new narrative … we all learned from this … we will pass new safeguards … it will never happen again … well … not till next time anyway.

  44. The evil MSM, which fully supported the coup against President Trump, will be the major propaganda machine of lies, pretense, and playing dumb as they desperately seek to cover up acts of treachery by deep state traitors. We will watch as they manipulate the cover up narrative to keep their crimes buried, while blaming President Trump of committing crimes he never committed, and which they could never find in spite of all their bogus investigations. Criminals, thugs, traitors, and barbarians will now be anointed by the media as they masquerade their guilt, while continuing to hurl rocks at our President. PRESIDENT TRUMP DESERVES JUSTICE, AND SHAME ON THE JUSTICE SYSTEM OF THIS COUNTRY IF IT FAILS TO CARRY OUT ITS DUTY.

  45. Can you believe Lisa Page would say Trump has no dignity or class, when she's sleeping with an adulterer. Trump has a lot of dignity and class unless he's fighting against people who want to remove him from office, then he's a terror to them who do.

  46. Pelosi wants trump out because she knows trump will find dirt on her …look at her son doing business with Ukraine

  47. It would be great if Pres Trump arrested cops for treason and which would allow us Americans to go after the democrats/communists and 2nd amendment them… Biggest threat to America is NOT the democrats its the COPS..

  48. Don't expect much out of Horowitz, he works for the deep state, not for the people of this country. Trump should have replaced him right from day one.

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