Hannity addresses CNN town hall controversy

Maurice Vega

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  1. FF are a part of globalization. I'm thankful we have a true President who will make the hard decisions. Not like this Anti-American ones we been suffering thru for decades.


  3. Anybody who is actually privy to all the information on alternative news and STILL sides with CNN needs to move to Afghanistan! You listen to stupid CELEBRITIES who run around with the PRIVILAGE of armed security but our kids should be defenseless? What…IS THIS MARS? This is our own GOVERNMENT ( formerly) setting this shit up to disarm Americans! Killing innocent, defenseless kids and STANDING DOWN so the shooters could change and get out. THATS why the REAL families with REAL questions are NOT on COMMUNIST NEWS NETWORK. WAKE. THE. F. UP You are not in Kansas DODOS.

  4. Don't need emails to prove that cnn town hall was nothing but a liberal democrat anti-gun operation, while prying on the youths emotions! That's pretty sick, twisted and evil if you ask anyone with a heart!!!! Cnn is still Fake News, and will always be Fake News, because they love staging everything!!! It's like fodder for their blind sheep🐑!!!✌😂👍

  5. FOX=
    Hannity kisses.trump's ass so much that he lips sound be bright orange by now.👄🍊..

  6. FOX=
    Hannity kisses.trump's ass so much that he lips sound be bright orange by now.👄🍊..

  7. What a crock. The father made his own son lie so that he could advance his own political agenda. HOw can any father exploit their own child in such a calculating, reckless way? It doesn't matter what your politics are. The dad used his kid and exploited this tragedy. It's sad. I just love how all the trolls in the comments are completely avoiding addressing the lie. Pathetic.

  8. Why has no one investigated the terrorist link between hamas and broward sheriff dept, specifically deputy nezar hamze, also, the descriptions of the shooters by witnesses.

  9. Hannity: your the man on the right chair! I vote for you as the/A truth speaker.
    Let never anybody tell you to stop in no way possible,we need more spirits like you and your channel.
    I hope that there will be more in the future acting as FOX-NEWS giving the people that what is "normal"…..just the truth.

    Our world needs a little more normal then normal inn those times ahead, to long "we the people where in the dark" WE NEED LIGHT WE NEED THE TRUTH AROUND US, NOT THE DARK.
    The time to act is here and we as people can make this happen!!!

  10. So the Fox crew saw a fake story, picked it up, ran with it, got the BLOTUS to share it, and now only after people have stopped paying attention do they admit that, yes, they more than anyone else peddle fake news.

  11. Good work Hannity! Now just add a correction note in the original video!
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9owTNI0q8PU School shooting survivor: CNN told me to stick to script

  12. Anybody have any idea why Fox is losing subscribers? Pay attention to the numbers and track it yourselves. Now under a million. That’s down A LOT.

  13. This was an opportunity, and the Fox News anchors missed it. This was weak, and it was not a proper apology. This father did not do something and accurate, he outright lied. CNN provided the proof last week, and Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson ran with it anyway. You should at least say I'm sorry. It would have been an awesome moment. We're better than this.

  14. Remember the sperm on Obama's painting? This is what Hannity and Tucker do. They air unvetted stories to rouse their right wing base. This time they were caught red handed as has happened often in the past. Then they issue a few lines correction when caught and move over to the next lie.

  15. Could anyone imagine Liberal MSM admitting something like this? Forget about it! Exactly why FOX news is REAL news

  16. Where this block head clowns sorry ass apology for his yet another fake story on Hobb email to CNN.
    FAKE NEWS FOX does it one more time.

  17. Me thinks it is all about "BULLING" and bad parenting, You pathetic Doctor Spock mommy, daddies, trying to be you child's best friend instead of being there best parents. Try telling them NO, teach them to have a conscience, let the experience disappointment, don't give the a trophy unless the earned it, tell them you love them. quit letting them play violent video games and yes you can pick there friends. So get off your lazy rears, put your phone away and be a parent, actually spend time with them. It doesn't take a village to raise a child, it take a two parents to, a male and a female. Oh and if you kid is being "Bulled" do something about it. And get them off all these prescription Drugs. And maybe, just maybe they will turn out haft sane!!!

  18. I didn't believe him anyway. But CNN still disgusts me because they didn't seek out a discussion. They didn't seek out opposing opinions. They wanted a mob and they got it.

  19. Hey Deplorables…Trumps administration is in chaos and shambles! His staff is getting fired or quitting left and right. Indictments of Trumps buddies are adding up. Trump STILL has not approve sanctions on his boyfriend Putin. And yet ..HANNITY REPORTS ON NONE OF IT!! So you Fox Fake News zombies are always a day late and a dollar short!!

  20. I like his car crash flip better. (roll stock footage Jim. I don't want to have to address this.)

  21. All the sane people in America will be dancing in the streets when the Democrats become the majority in November. Your days are numbered Trump

  22. Ha ha ha Hannity. Usual bullshit from a total shit head.
    The pain he was feeling having been made to give a cowards correction was so great to watch.
    1 second correction versus his usual "breaking news" fanfare.

  23. The problem is, VERY BASIC JOURNALISTIC EFFORT would've exposed the kid before you ever put him on air. But Cable News isn't in the journalism business lmao

  24. Hannity please get your facts right Mr.Tucker on Fox News try to tell that same story and there is no pruff cnn script any story your station is the only station is fake Trump news.

  25. How much is Mr Trump paying this station for all of your news reporters to be his lap dogs to cover up all his wrong doing.

  26. Nothing better than Hannity having to apologize to Cnn for running a fake news story about Cnn, which was in fact just fake news from good ole fox news. Hey look at that car crash, the Clintons, Obama, remember the blue dress special running on weekends recently named scandalous are u going to run a follow up on Mr.Trump and the porn star who was paid off and harassed straight off me2 movement. Will wait and see something tells me won't do that special because they have barely even mentioned it at all so far. Now all those Bill Clinton stories kinda blow up in ur face because how can u not see the parallels. Question of the month for Hannity is Melania and Ivanka and Huckabee-Sanders ruthlessly attacking these innocent women as Hillary apparently did? Keep running the Clinton special it's comical when porn star sues president is current news and ur reaching back 3 presidents ago, do u hear dems crying about Bush anymore, but that Clinton that was president forever ago what a women abuser just as bad as Donald J Trump aka Mr Dennison lmao. Hypocrisy at its best go Hannity

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