Gutfeld on whether CNN’s news makes you sick

Maurice Vega

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  1. It's not just CNN.  Major network news shows – both AM and PM, display their bias, if only in their word choices.  The good news (snicker at my joke) is that I'm getting more time back to do those things I want to do by not watching the national news shows.

  2. when people ask me what kind of cancer I have, I always tell them I have " democrat" cancer… I have cancer from knowing that communists/democrats even exists… they made me sick. my dad feels as strong as I do about this. and now he has cancer… cnn and msnbc-13 are propaganda outlets…always broadcasting crap abc …….nothing but crap nbc

  3. Constantly bombarded by MSM with value signaling. So sick of it. Thanks Fox news for real news.

  4. CNN is as credible now as the Onion was in 1996. The only difference is that The Onion didn't demand that we believe everything that they "reported".

  5. CNN makes me sick and that’s why I comment so much on their channel. I’m an American, not some foreigner pushing liberal agendas like I see so frequently on CNN comments and MSNBC comments. Most of the time, the top comments with the most thumbs ups are either from somewhere other than the USA or they are a completely private profile made in 2018. The foreign infiltration and propaganda is literally coming from the left.

  6. If they fired Acosta and Ryan immediately they would move from a zero to a .02! They are all sick and make us sick too. Most of us in our conservative rural area simply turn them off because they turn us off. Grow up and learn manners at a kindergarten level at least, you juveniles!

  7. This Murdoch Faux News should have a warning hint, that too much watching this program has serious effects to your mental Health.

  8. CNN won't report on anything that will hurt a Democrat. CNN will look for anything anti-Conservative/Anti Trump to make into a news story that makes Trump look bad. If there is not anything bad they can find…they will make something up. A nothing burger that all of the media eats up 24/7. Trump won the election fair and square and the liberals and their media will never agree that most of America is against what these liberals want. Liberal mantras that people like Obama want such as "We are not a Christian nation, we are ( will be ) one of the largest Muslim nations in the world." America isn't the liberal nation the media hopes and thinks they are. The media will never admit that"We the people" trusted them( ABC,NBC,CBS,CNN,MSNBC, ETC…) and the media to tell us the truth and nothing but the truth, but instead they lie right to our faces every day. The media used to be a lot less biased, nowadays they have jumped the shark so bad that 87% or more of the American public believes that the media lies from time to time to all the time. How will they spin the 'blue wave" that never has arrived yet. They have been saying for the last decade that the 'blue wave' is going to take Texas…and the whole country. It never shows up and now they will point to how Russia or Stormy Daniels has stolen the election from the 90% liberal population we have. Democrat party=Communism. Republican party=Capitalism. My grandfather didn't fight in WW1 to stop the flow of Capitalism. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  9. "M.A.G.A = Make America Gullible Again"…..He Uses Everything & Anything to Manipulate the Gul-li-bil-ity of The USA Republicans, Evangelists, Conservatives, Puritans, Racist, Traditional and Morale Groups to HIS Advantage….He Dosen't even Know the National Anthem, The Pledge of Allegiance…and when HE what's the Crowds to Scream and Cheer HE always Says The Flag, America, Best Country, Best People…He is The Biggest Con Artist, Thieve, TREASONER, TRAITOR, Greedy, Bigot, Racist and ILLITERATE..!!???

  10. CNN also has a sexual deviant for a reporter. He's a Vanderbilt rich kid and he is a lying asshole.

  11. Fox news gave many people i know brain damage, schizophrenia and xenophobia. Its frankly terrifying. Its like they sold their souls to trump's cause. i'm a republican btw.

  12. FOX NEWS is always right……..even they are wrong……because it makes me feel good to listen to FOX NEWS….best propaganda ever broadcasted in the USA! All is FAKE except FOX NEWS! Keep the quotes up! Tell them what they want to hear! Tell you what……bye bye free press. Elections are all rigged, countries suck all the money out of our American pockets! The GOP is falling apart! Guess what guys……Trump is a millionaire…..just think about this for a moment! He is rich and you are white and poor! Guess who won this battle!?

  13. CNN fact checks undisputedly. Fox News makes up all kinds of crap and NEVER backs it up, all lies always!

  14. gut f**khead face makes me sick and his stupid jokes.He thinks he is funny,but just a f**king moron.What a asshole.Only republicans would listen to this twit.

  15. Fox News is poison. How about the Eagles in that prayer circle? How's that umpteenth apology issued from Fox for continually misrepresenting and attaching false narratives to still images? Shills, absolutist, sheep, the ill-witted, the dumb-witted, the fearful all coerced and herded to reach the same conclusion about the world outside of their own, to accept their word as "fact" and stop there without question, "the government is bad when blue but good when red, go back to sleep". FYI, I don't watch CNN so save that rhetoric.

  16. I'd ask if Fox News' news makes people sick, but Fox New isn't news. It's just propaganda licking Trump's balls all day long.

  17. Is it true that Mr Trump lied about all of the Eagles players? Did any of them kneel during the anthem? Did Fox use a fake photo? Are they not American patriots?

  18. The reality is that the only people who watch CNN now are those who watch it so that they can laugh at CNN


  20. For some reason this video paused about 10 times .why? Also does anybody actually think that cnn dosnt spread fake news by mistake?

  21. It's FAKE NEWS NETWORKS that make me sick. Ppl like pooper Cooper Don lemonhead and basically every CNN and MSNBC "reporter" that works there. BTW you idiots should be thanking the President for you still having a job. If I was President there would be fines for networks that report falsely even if they say they were "MISTAKES"

  22. It's pathetic when people are too weak to leave their ideological bubble and listen to facts that challenge their precious feelings. And that applies to media on the left and Fox News on the right.

  23. I watch a lot of cable news channels and I find that CNN is no different than any other propaganda channel just like Fox News and Msnbc Attempting to brainwash the American people into their favor. If they tell you that these news organizations are bad enough times then you as sheep will eventually repeat it and therefore believe it. What happens when you go the mirror and say CANDY MAN three times. Stop hating and hallucinating.

  24. No fox news makes me sick specially Greg on the five he likes to hear himself talk like he's so smart

  25. it is because fake fox news , the trump ass kissing network ,only want to promote "feel good" stories about their beloved do no wrong republican party .none of the smoking twat waffles on that network give a rats ass about reporting news . just like the rest it is a business to tell you what is wrong with it and who is to blame for it so long as it does not cost them ratings. happiest viewers ? are you fucking kidding me . 80% of their viewership is past retirement age and so doped up on prescription medication that they haven't seen anything thru a clear lens since the Regan administration . fox news , the get paid to grope an intern network

  26. CNN doesn't seem to make people sick, only stupid. A quick trip thru the comment section of any of their videos will prove my point.

  27. No SlaveGutfeld, I may dislike CNN but I literally Hate that pathetic excuse of a network you work for called FOX News.

  28. I've said it once and I'll say it again….. You NEVER see cnn dedicate an entire segment just to trash Fox News. Although it would be so easy.


  30. Looking at this turd coming out makes me sick. Guys an idiot. Hey Juan you’re doing a great job. But yes I agree with this other idiot you should leave fox asswipe. It’s not news it’s opinions.

  31. Trump won't be president forever and he never forgets what people say about him on bsnbc and cnn.
    He never forgets,EVER!

  32. FNN is really a shitty news channel. During the summit I put the cnn channel on tv, just to see how they would act. Just like I thought they would, they downplayed the summit and were making fun of how the NK's ran on the side if the limo and how the President and Kim shook hamds. These guys are idiots. They have nothing, so they just make fun of whatever as long as its againts Trump.


  34. I have liberal acquaintances who have experienced mental and physical deterioration since the election due to their addiction to CNN, MSNBC, Stephen Colbert, etc. It is truly sad.

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  36. Today 9-22-18, the lunacy that is destroying America is very apparent everywhere you turn to for information. During the past years, based on observations made of our population and media that reveals that it has become mad, I have deduced that 86% of the citizens are LIBERAL insane lunatics. I explained what that entails here 3 months ago. This INSANITY exhibits itself in the manner Democrats and the defective people who support them are behaving and the inability of the liberal GOP RINOs to respond intelligently and rationally to what LIBERALS are doing. This can be explained by the fact that less than 15% of Americans can THINK intelligently and rationally. After endless BS fed by LIBERALS exhibited in Democrat politics and vast liberal media like CNN, MSNBC, NYT, WP and many more, the latest scam of the day are inventions by Senator Dianne Feinstein (D) CA, Representative Anna Eshoo (D) CA, Christine Ford (D) CA and many other lunatics attempting to keep candidate, to be a Judge on the Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh from being confirmed by a majority of a Senate vote. Any SANE person can easily understand what the game that is being played is. All the information coming forward reveals that the charges of a rape attempt made by the (D) CA constituents are BS. This is a period crafted by the ME TOO bimbos. They use the threat of using the the courts to attain massive monetary settlements provided by LIBERAL jurist. As the ME TOO ideology was developed by street smart lawyers, many fine people like FOX news RogerAiles, Bill O"Reilly and Eric Bolling lost their jobs because of opportunistic lawyers and greedy bimbos complaining about nothing. FOX told a lawyer that they haven't had any charges like those made by the plaintiff. The lawyer said no problem. A ton of bimbos showed up supporting the bogus claims. Bimbos, like politicians, can be acquired a dime a dozen. Liberal media was laughing at what happened to FOX until many of them went down. ME TOO got them. The court of public opinion and actual courts of law are influenced by liberal insane lunatics. Lawyers, politicians, the judiciary, the clergy, a plethora of scam artist and the nation's many enemies, in and outside the country, know how to entertain the many lunatics. Fox News, wake up. It's hard for sane people to differentiate you from the insanity liberal media like CNN and MSNBC exhibits. foxfoxtruth

  37. Days ago, I predicted that Diane Feinstein's new women bimbos would appear spewing new lies about Kavanaugh attempting to prevent him from becoming a Supreme Court judge. It happened. How did I know it would happen? It was predictable based on behavior of the LIBERAL Democrats insane lunatics during the past decades. The LIBERAL GOP RINO community is saturated by insane lunatics who have only slightly better intelligence than LIBERAL Democrats and the people who vote for them keeping them in power. GOP politicians fear they will lose a few votes from their slight lead in the Senate causing Kavanaugh's nomination to fail. It's time for the GOP to get some backbone and respond to the on slot of of the LIBERAL lunatics by telling them to GPSUYA when the idiotic accusations first appear. On AMC's THE WALKING DEAD, early on, sane good people learned that you can't reason with insane zombies like the LIBERAL Democrats and their supporters have become. There are only two ways for good rational citizens to deal with the millions of LIBERAL Democrat lunatics. The most humane, of the two, is to VOTE for the GOP no matter how stupid some of them appear to be. GOP. don't waste time debating the Democrat lunatics. Forcefully, tell them to GPSUYA. foxfoxtruth

  38. Radical Dems bunch of lowlife scumbags needs to vote out these traitors of USA! CNN = King of Fake News!! Should be banned!!

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