Gutfeld on calling Trump supporters a cult

Maurice Vega

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  1. If The So-Called Christians follow The Pope, that claims he is Higher than The Most High Yah, U are Worshipping The Devil …The Synagogue Of Satan … Daniel 8:25, Proverbs 21:6 .. In the Ancient German Language (Vati =Dad, Papa, Father & Con= Cain)… Yes, Ur Daddy Cain … They better start Reading that Bible for real …. js


  3. Nothing new here. The Democrats, and let’s face it, the msm is an arm of the Democrat Party, call conservatives names on a regular basis. Especially when they win an election. The Democrat Party wants unmitigated power. And the msm wants to help them achieve that goal. For some odd reason.

  4. ''Half the country'' doesnt love Trump. 62 million votes coms to 20% of the country. He didnt even get the majority of the votes
    Trump lies constantly, only cult followers believes he doesnt

  5. I am only 66 percent behind Trump myself. About two thirds. I AM 0% behind democrats. I walked away in 09'. I don't recognize the LYING and CHEATING PARASITES that call themselves democrats today. They are a disgrace to humanity itself.

  6. Coming from the CULT NEWS NETWORK ………LMAO AT THE demoCRAP party…….

    TRUMP IN 2020 !!!! MAGA !!!! KAGAlways !!!!

  7. I have to add another thing, like was said, why wouldn't you support a president who is doing a good job? That means anyone in the past that supported a president was in a cult. We call them cult members because t gff ey are ignoring the job he is doing period. That is a cult. No matter what he does they hate him. We wouldn't care if Obama put money in our pockets we earned. So we felt like adults. He didn't, more hand outs.

  8. The fake tabloid trash not news allies are becoming more and more a comedy show, same laughable narrative coast to coast. Toss in the DNC, and you have a BROADWAY MUSICAL.

  9. The reason the loyalty to Trump is solidified is because of the smear tactics the main stream media is resorting to. If Trump won in spite of 90% media opoposition 24/7?, how much more if the media is a little bit objective in their reporting. "just a little" that's all we ask. The media do not have a smart brain, they have brains of blood sucking mosquito.

  10. We're not a 'cult' we're a LUCT !!! and we object to being called a small lettered and ill spelt minority – hell, we may as well be called a DNC, CNN (same same) or similar! The LUCT stand on their own as true patriots!

  11. So…
    I'm a deplorable, mind-controlled, Russian bot, who is also an unknowing member of a cult which apparently has more than 60,000,000 members?!


    That is SO much more than I ever thought I would be!

    Kinda makes me feel…
    I dunno…

  12. Trump is on the warpath against the European and Asian royals because they are about to stage “a simultaneous recalibration of of the Forex and sovereign debt markets globally“, according to European royals.Trump is trying to counteract this by pursuing the $ 29 trillion Indonesian gold fraud committed by the Federal Reserve Board at the time of the Lehman crisis, according to CIA sources in Asia. “During the financial crisis, the New York Fed received unprecedented powers from the Federal Reserve Board of Governors in Washington, DC, to provide more than $ 29 trillion in electronically-produced money to rescue Wall Street. A significant portion of the $ 29 trillion has been channeled into the support of many central banks around the world. “ In his counter-attack “Trump’s next step is to make the Green Hilton Memorial Agreement signed by [then President] John F. Kennedy and President Sukarno in Geneva in November 1963 a reality. Trump can use Executive Order Eleven Pen to rewrite Executive Order 11110 or a change, allowing the Treasury to issue the new US dollar. This could be the restart of the US dollar as Trump leaves the Federal Reserve debt to the real owners – the Zionist Khazarian Cabal,” says the CIA.

  13. Over on their channels they're celebrating over a 4 second clip taken out of context and basically just mocking the actual evidence against their side.

    I know because I technically am on that side. I am a liberal republican, which I believe roughly translates to "idiot".

  14. Lock me alone in a room with Brain Steltzer for 5 minutes. He will never be the same; you will wonder that such a psychological change could come over someone in such a short time. I assure you, he would be crying and he would no longer be a manipulative liar. hed also have PTSD, but thats a part of the cure.

  15. They call Pres. Trump's camp cultish because these liberal media and the left cannot sway or fool Trump' s supporters no matter how they smear him.
    These deplorables are totally loyal.

  16. I'm not in no dam cult, I like honesty and patriotism. That's why I like Trump. When you have enough confidence to talk off script and never incriminate yourself because you've got nothing to hide, that my fellow Americans is a person who has character.

  17. Trump is the only person at the ballot box that is pro God, pro life, pro gun, pro traditional marriage and pro capitalism and the list goes on and on. There may be little things i disagree with about Trump but the core values and why I support him are solid and will not change. Trump 2020

  18. Last i remembered hollywood,deep state,cabal,illuminati and sum dems.there the real satanic cult…just add 10 commandments to all of them u will see. Its obvious they know Jesus exist but they chosed the wrong path. The road is narrow indeed.

  19. Oh golly gosh shucks darn, Patriots. We' ve been outed. Fake news has finally seen through our facade of " smelly deplorables." Should have known we couldn' t fool them.

  20. This juan guy does what he does terribly. he doesn't understand you do not attack with nothing. they throw a new terd against the wall every time the last one doesn't stick – when one does stick it slides off anyway. If you want results, fix bayonets. You are a bunch of girls..

  21. It' so simple to understand. President Trump is a leader. His actions prove he supports the constitution which this country was founded. Elected officials in the Republican party have supported the opposite many times and can't be trusted. The President is fighting a battle to restore power TO the PEOPLE. The leaders of both parties who oppose and hate him so much are only fighting to keep a hold on to power for their own corrupt, self-serving, control OVER the people. They don't give a rip about us. The regular every day peons of this country who buy into the fake media's lies need to wake up and support the values of freedom instead of policies which will enslave you. There have been a few outspoken members of Congress who also have proven great leadership along with President Trump and we are with them also.

  22. I’m riding on the Trump Cult Train! Only democrat/socialist are the party that would support mind control and cultish ways! I’m a deplorable, Trump following, brain washed, republican that is loyal to Trump. Love ya Trump!

    Epstein did not commit suicide!

  23. DemonicRats are a cabal of satan worshiping Ocult practitioners.
    TRUMP suporters are loyal to the one who is loyal to us.
    For US.

  24. I’ve never voted party lines, an R or D next to their names doesn’t make them better or worse. I vote for the best candidate. I’m pretty sure most rational people feel the same and as it stands Trump seems the best choice to me.

  25. Yes, this IS a personality cult and it's thoroughly anti-Christian to raise a man to a pedestal, where basically everything he says is golden and everything he does is golden. However, I'm not talking about Trump supporters in general, but about his "followers", because cults have followers, while political parties have supporters – and there certainly exists a contingent of people who treat his words as the revelation of absolute truth.

    If Trump woke up one day and said "Gosh, climate change is real—and it's very bad, very-very bad!!" then his followers would scream "OMG, have we really lived in deception for all this time!?"

    There isn't a single person on this planet who deserves to be blindly followed, and it should be reduntant to even hint that one simply can't be a true Christian and "worship" a man (deliberately exaggerated) – especially such a bad-mouthed and unhinged individual – at the same time.

  26. Biden's corrupt Ukraine is the SOURCE of the OBAMA FAKE COUP DOSSIER and Vindmen-Sondland just Clinton "resist" HAGS … connect the DOTS America and DUMP DEM Soviet menace in 2020!

  27. That is so offensive. If there was a better candidate I would support them but there is not. Politicians think the American people are stupid.

  28. Whatever narrative they think will work they will throw out there. Hey it might stick to somebody's wall but nobody I know. We all know they're just lying all the time. They shot their reputation a LONG LONG time ago, calling us a "cult" is not a personal attack as they wish it to be, but it does insult my intelligence.. As if I would fall for that kind of shame tactic? This is the strategy of flat Earthers, to try to win people into their lie too. It's a tribal culture they nurture. You're either in- or you're OUT as a "cultist" now, evidently. They don't realize there are real life honest people who have values and sanity, and good judgement. Well, it's true, they can't win with a good argument, and they can't win with a strong candidate. Might as well try insults.

  29. The liberal media like fake news CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, New York Times, Washington Post, etc are in a cult. They're in a cult to push lies and propaganda. They're projecting what they are.

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