Gutfeld on Adams Schiff’s lies

Maurice Vega

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  1. Mr. Full-Of-Shiff lays a big egg on National Television.

    Thank you, Judge Jeanine, for reminding me that Obama fired the Fast And Furious whistleblower!

  2. man, those are 2 gorgeous republican women. and when they open their mouths and talk, it makes them even more attractive.

  3. I think Hunter Biden was just doing, acting and living by the values of the American establishment elites: be shamelessly greedy, you can never have enough, do whatever it takes to get more and make more profit by whatever means allow you to. Unfortunately this has become the embodiment of the new American Dream. It is really a nightmare.

  4. I love watching the interviewers' nod their heads in agreement with Schiff. I'm thinking.. "its insane that you're this dumb."

  5. If you have an actual witness to the call, willing to testify in an open proceeding, subject to cross examination, that is obviously better than the second hand "whistle blower". On the otherhand, leaks, which this really is, this isn't really whistle blowing, risk becoming a crippling blow to all presidents of both parties and therefore the country. This needs to be examined. Leadership does need some loyalty (granted it needs to give it as well in a civilized society and Trump does not give loyalty).

    Trump is a lousy human being who has some good policies and has recognized popular unease with certain policies of the establishment elites. He exploits these as a psychopath or narcisist might be expected to exploit them. Even people recognizing the exploitation go along because they are so strongly opposed to the other side's policy direction for the country.

  6. When it comes to the narratives, Israel is playing both sides of the board, against those who don't know how to play chess. Fools mate and checkmate using Adam Schiff.

  7. Bla Bla the Dems are so full of crap they just hit the wall and it's call Trump! There is no whistle blower the Dems made all this up!

  8. Listen if dems are backing off, and suggesting a fair process, theyre just gonna come up with another way to do it that is gonna be designed to look like a fair process.
    These people are scum and they have way to much to hide, and cover up.
    Don't believe tre hype cause it's all smoke an mirrors.

  9. The corruption of Schiff, Biden, and Democrats in general doesn't seem to be enough to put anyone in prison. What laws do they have to break for punishment to finally happen?

  10. "Those who lie in the face of the truth, are no better than one who steals from a blind man."
    C. C. Clingan, Author/patroit.

  11. Who is supposed to be policing the house of representatives. Why is shifty still there. This is ridiculous people are not that stupid, even us deplorables

  12. OMG, I even start liking Geraldo😜 May be it because the most political ego maniac pervert Juan William's face is out…🙏🙏🙏

  13. Hmmmmm, isnt it strange how Diana Feinstein and Biden both sorta cozy'ed up to China How sweet of the anti-American commie btasards, Well I wonder how many other countries these democrats and republicans cozy up to? Does Pakistani Spys working for the democrats like Was-A-Man Schultz and.those other 20 or more fellow dems you know the IT guys Imran and crew?? What else..oh how about Obama and Holders gun running to the Mexican Mafia Cartels?? Repubs are cozy also Like Graham and No Name gun running military style and countless others in our INEPT Grubberment: Trump 2020 Finish pulling the Plug on the SWAMP…WWG1WGA-MAGA-KAG2020

  14. Fake news, Fake Collusion, fake Obstruction, Fake Impeachment, fake Whistle-blower, Fake demncRAT's, Fake Dem. Presidential candidates all vying to be the chosen loser to Trump in 2020. GOP regains the house and super strengthened Senate. Only thing real will be the dems tears on election night and the calls for arecount, and of course the 2020 version of the book, "What Happened." lol

  15. Safety is the cloak behind which liars hide. If this was a Republican whistleblower, they would drag him out in front of every panel in Washington. Hypocrites!

  16. the only reason he's talking about whistleblower protection is to portray the narrative that Trump and his group are violent… It's the other way around

  17. Is this the video blog for the delusional. Can someone tell me what he is lying about. You got Trump's own people outing him now and more truth to come. Gutfeld gets paid to lead the stupid. Strategy…question everything that sounds reasonable and believable and spin it to mislead the people who need to hear what they are selling. Juan Williams gets paid to offer soft push back. Put somebody aggressive in there and they all get their asses handed to them with facts. Jeanie, the 1.5 billion has been debunked. Stop it with the lies

  18. Isn't Adam Liddle Kidz Massage Foundation Schitt friends with that Buck guy who murders homeless black men with drug OD's?
    That sicko who somehow is NOT incarcerated? 🤔🤔🤔

  19. Sorry but as soon as I hear whistleblower and CIA in the same sentence…my immediate reaction is this story is bullshit….I do think there are good CIA agents but it would not be many.

  20. Right on Geraldo!! You nailed it this time !!
    You guys are all "spot-on" on your Adam Sch!tt commentary.
    You know…you could always offer to teach the other News agencies how to cover the actual news rather than stuff their lies down liberal throats.
    Just becsuse they are stupid, diesn't mean you should feed them Schiff !

  21. Trump over 13000 documented lies or false statements now. Has Mr Gutfeld ever complained about them? And Schiff didn’t lie. He said he was going to give the essence of Trumps phone call. Not it’s literal words but it’s essence. And he did that. The essence of the call was extortion, a naked demand of dirt on Biden for military assistance.



    TRUMP IN 2020 !!!! MAGA !!!! KAGAlways !!!!

  23. Thank you President Trump for taking on this fight ! both sides are deep in the swamp and then there is the media.
    Sir, I salute you for taking on this battle !

  24. Gutfeld is a smuglican of the worst level…Smerker and wannabe twerker. He must have gotten punched out a lot as a child. The hate that spews from his mouth is so visible.

  25. Woe to you Lawyers!!? WOE!!!!!!? Not my opinion, the Word 🦋
    ….. of God to provide warning to His people…GB everyone 🇺🇸
    His love✝️trumps our baby love💕……Give ☮️ a chance…… Let go & let God ll Timothy 3:16 🐦

  26. Trump withheld aid to Ukraine for a quid pro quo…Trump goes to Jail, Fox reports he’s gone to play golf 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  27. Most of these Fox presenters are comedians…..they say such ludicrous things as if they are serious about issues….goodness I’m shocked by their shallowness.

  28. The Democrats at this point have zero business trying to impeach anyone. The Trump-Russia collusion narrative that they've been pumping since before Trump took office was concocted by the Hillary Clinton campaign. There are multiple sources of evidence that show this. We also know that the Hillary Clinton campaign conspired with the Ukrainian government to smear then presidential candidate Trump in order to swing the outcome of the 2016 election in Clinton's favor. If I know this, you can be sure that senior Democrats know this and have known it for some time. But this hasn't stopped them from using this entirely fictitious conspiracy theory as the basis for trying to overturn the outcome of the 2016 election. This makes the Democrats guilty of doing exactly what it is they've been accusing Trump of having done.

  29. so what? what are you going to do about it Republicans? I'll yell you….'nothing'! That's what. Until the Republicans and decent members of US society demand action and actual consequences then the idiots on the left will continue and just keep going and going until they have what they want….you all need to get out on the streets and fight fire with fire…DEMAND action, DEMAND the removal of these lying traitors and DEMAND prison for all of them

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