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– [Rain] Do you fuck? Period, question mark. – [Tall Person] Yes. – Pronouns of that person? – Um, which person? – The person that you fuck? – Which person? (laughing)
– Oh. – [Tim] My name’s Tim Rogar. I’m a drag queen and a bartender. – I’m Alyssa and I’m a stand up comedian. – I’m Rain. – I hope it’s some queer shit. I really want it to be some queer shit. Like all my fingers, and
toes, and shit are crossed. – Wow. (crowd laughing) – Oh. I think I have my work cut out for me. (laughing) – Are y’all gonna give me options, of things that I can pick from? Because, you’re like, challenging
a bitches smarts here. Like, how many things do
you know in your community? Like, I don’t wanna
get, like, fact checked. – Your ass ain’t gonna
help me for nothin’. That’s what that means. – As always. (laughing) – I get to label people,
what an exciting day. I feel white. (laughing) – A little, yeah. Yeah, it’s intimidating. – Cis, man or woman,
someone who identifies as non-binary, trans, male or female. – Oh, gender non-conforming is a good one. – You say A gender, okay I can kind of keep em going in my head. First person, please come out. I don’t know who the fuck’s
first, come on over here. – [Raquis] Hello.
– Hi. – Hi, I’m Raquis.
– Alyssa. – Nice to meet you. – What are your preferred pronouns? (laughing) – Can I not just ask? – Who’d you fuck last? – Oh.
(laughing) – We’ve arrived. – We’re here.
– We’re here. Do you fuck? – I do.
– I’m assuming, okay. – Yeah, uh… – I was getting the vibe. – Yeah, uh, he/him. – He/him? That didn’t give me anything. – Who would you say your hero is? – He’s an African-American gay author. – Oh, cool.
– Yeah. – How’s your love life? – Oh, can I say I’m in a hoe phase? Is that like bad?
– Yeah, I love this. – I like bounce around, you know? – Yeah, I think you are gender fluid. – Someone who has a male
assignment at birth. – I’m a say NB for you. Non-binary. I don’t know if that’s right or not, cause your mouth got a
lot of tension in it now. (laughing) – Yeah, I’m a cis-gendered male. – No fucking way.
– Yeah. – Get the fuck out. – You didn’t even question, like… – How did you get past security? – Did it offend you that I guessed your gender identity wrong? – Oh, not at all.
– Okay. – Growing up, there’s always been that sort of idea, of
femininity, and just, like, gayness, like negates your manhood. And so that’s, kind of, like, you know, what I’ve kind of grown up and tried to combat against, especially being in a black
household, where it’s sort of that extra layer of masculinity, but also, like black masculinity, and you’re trying to
have to meet multiple, sort of groups, and expectations. Cis-gender and gay.
– Okay. – And black.
Jambalaya. (laughing) – Hi.
– [Soul] Hello, Soul. – Soul?
– Yeah. – Nice to meet you. – Oh, your name is actually, Soul. (laughing) – Do you fuck bitches? – Um…
(buzzing) – Do you have sex with people, that would identify with
she and her pronouns? – Yes. (laughing) – Well see, I can’t say
if you do the same-sex thing because I can’t say for sure. You do all the things?
You circular? Okay. – So, whenever you think about clothing and things like that, do you think that’s a clear form of gender expression? – I think it’s a way to express, but I don’t think it’s
ever, like, cut and dry. This dress means you’re a lady, you know? – Right. – I’m gonna guess, non-binary. – Okay. – Can I say you’re gender queer? We’re gonna stamp you as GSC. – Okay, so I identify as a-gender. For me, gender is like a coat. – Real shit? You can put that motherfucker off and on? – Yeah, there are days when I decide to be a little more, like, something, and then other days, I’m just like, I don’t wanna wear a
coat, gimme my sweatshirt. So…
(laughing) – I haven’t heard a-gender before today. So, that’s really cool. Can we hug?
– Sure. – Thanks for helping me. – Please come forth, yes. I wanna just look at you. You are really great to look at. – Thank you. – We do. From the scene.
– From the scene. – But I don’t know how you identify, so, I don’t know you that well. Who are some of your musical inspirations? – Okay, right now,
Janelle Monáe’s new album, is ruining my whole, entire asshole. (laughing) – I love it. – So, I already know you’re not cis. – Ya heard it here first. – Throw the whole thing away. (laughing) – How’s your love life? – My love life is good. No, I’m trying to, like, have some deeper connections, cause, yeah. – Queer for sure, but
are you gender queer? Or, are you non-binary?
– Both? – Oh, are you both? So, when y’all first came here, was there a card y’all had to, like, fill out, so y’all can’t change this shit on people? But then you can change
it, you can change it. This is so expansive. – I think, non-binary. You see yourself all over the spectrum, and you’re neither male, nor female. – Gender queer, and use them/they? – I say gender queer? – Okay.
– Yeah. I get you right or wrong? – You got me right as hell.
– Did I? – Yeah, you did it all. – How did that feel for
me to guess right, or… – You’re the third one to guess right. – So at this point, it means nothing? – No, it’s just affirming. Getting a better understanding
of my own gender, but also just gender in
general, has expanded my taste in people,
that I’m interested in. – Cause once you see
it, you can’t go back. – Yeah. – If they don’t see it too, you’re like, how the fuck don’t you see this? – Oh, absolutely. – And here you come. And outta everybody, you’re gonna be like, the person that’s like trans, or something, and you look like the most. You are trans, you’re trans. Your face could go, like,
so many different ways. But, the whispies got me. And, like, honestly, if you just took the whispies away, and like… – [Short Person] Then, I’d
look like a middle-schooler. – Do you identify as being queer? – Like, by experience, I’ve
only really been with women. – Okay. – Can I touch your whispies?
– Sure. – Trans-man. And if you’re like, a cis
dude, then that’s cool too. Okay. – I’m gonna guess, that you, are male. – Do you identify as a trans-male? – So, you guessed correctly. – I did guess correctly,
how did that feel? – That doesn’t really typically happen. At this stage of my life. – How’s, like, your family about gender? – We haven’t really
talked much, about gender. – Would you say they know your gender? – Yeah, but sometimes they forget. – I like your whispies.
– Oh, thank you. It took me awhile, like two years. – I was gonna say, it took
you some effort, didn’t it? Do you shave, like, to
promote stimulation? – Does that help? – I don’t fucking know. – I will shave all the time now. – I don’t grow hair. Even my legs don’t grow
hair, I really don’t know. My pussy does, and my underarms. I could braid that shit, but
everything else is like, nope. How did we get here? It was nice meeting you.
(laughing) – Yeah, you too.
– Thank you. – [Short Hair Person] Hi, how’s it going? – Good, how are you?
– Good. – What’s your favorite color? – Green.
– Green? – I don’t think it says anything, I’m just hoping, it’s like… – Do you ever Cosplay as Ellen? – As Ellen?
(laughing) No, but I love her. – You could totally do that shit. Either gender queer or non-binary. Do you fuck bitches? – I actually don’t feel comfortable talking about if I fuck bitches. – Alright, gender queer.
I think you eat pussy. – I’m gonna guess female, she/her. – Cis female, but like, fluid. – Sure. – What are you?
– I’m female. – You identify as cis? – Cis female, yes. – And that, so you don’t fuck bitches? That’s why you didn’t wanna tell me. – It’s a little gray area, because I like girls, but I am not out. – You are now.
(laughing) – I might be now, but… – Welcome to the community.
– Hi, Mom. – So, I know, like labels
in the queer community are huge, what is your thought on labels, and our want, to kind
of, constantly label? – [Dark Hair Person] I feel, like, labels in my life, are
more for other people. Like, I don’t care. – Do you correct people
when they mis-gender you? – Yeah, I just use it as a chance to, you know, just tell people that everything is not as it seems. – I’m just gonna go with gender queer. Just gonna leave it at gender queer. – I’m gonna say, gender queer. – I think it might be NB and we’re gonna leave it there cause this is a lot. – Okay. – So, I got you, I think, wrong. – You said gender queer, which like, isn’t my specific identity, but I feel like that’s an umbrella term. I mostly just identify
as gender non-conforming. Gender non-conforming
and gender non-binary are like, umbrella terms, and then, something like a-gender or bi-gender, androgynous would be like, like a specific identity. – Okay, I’m with that. – And I’m just saying I don’t give a fuck. I’m an experience baby. – Yep.
(laughing) – What do you do? – [Sophia] I’m a fashion designer. – Are you dating anybody? – I have a boyfriend, yes. – You do have a boyfriend?
– Mm hmm. – Do you feel like you’re mis-gendered? – Sometimes because I do crossfit, so they’re like, ma’am/sir,
and I’m like, yes… Then I’m like, I will
break you down, bitch. – What is the difference between, gender queer, gender
fluid, and non-binary? – I don’t know, I wanna know the answer. – Okay.
– I’m old-school I guess. – I think you’re trans. I’m gonna explain why, trans-woman. The height first gave it to me, but you got, like, mad trans vibes. – Oh, this is hard.
(laughing) – Because I don’t wanna
mis-gender anybody. It’s rude. – That’s what we’re here for. – I know, I know. – I’m gonna go with trans female. – I’m offended.
(laughing) – I got it right?
– Yes. – Yay.
– Trans female. – How did that feel, me getting it right? – No, I’m like, I have no problem with it. I’m okay with being trans-female. I’m proud of it, actually. – What was that journey like for you? – Like legally, I’ve been
Sophia, like 18 years now. I had my legal name
and everything changed. – [Alyssa] That’s awesome. – My passport, what what? – You’re beautiful.
– Thank you. – I’m so happy to have met you. Are your boobs natural? – I’m like all natural. – They’re beautiful,
are you gonna go bigger? – Yes. – Last, but not least. – [White Shirt Person] Last by not least. – Tell me about yourself. – I’m a freelance artist. – I think your tattoos dope.
– Thank you. – Do you have anymore?
Well, that one. – Yeah, and I have a skull keys, and then, just little bits around. – Like your head?
– You can kinda see. – You in a relationship?
– I am. – How do they identify? – Well, what does that have
to do with my gender identity? – Oh, damn it.
(laughing) It’s a trap.
That’s a good point. – So, in your mind, do you think clothing is an indicator of gender identity? – It’s one aspect, for sure. I fuck around with androgyny the most. – Okay. – You look, not look, you feel masculant. And like I said, you don’t just put a tattoo back here, and on here, without having to compliment that. And I can definitely see,
you just like butching out. Like, super butching out. I’m gonna say, that you are gender fluid. – Gender fluid. – Gender queer, but you she or they. Was I correct? – Yeah, I identify gender
queer slash non-binary. Use pronouns, she or they. I use she when I feel like
I’m not in a safe area. – So, has that been a
struggle for you at all? – I think I’ve been
queer, ever since, like, had consciousness, but I’ve just had a lot of people who
invalidated my queerness because they’re like,
you’re not butch enough. You’re not dating any girls. – Like queers policing other queers queerness, is the most counterproductive thing any queer could ever do.
– Amen! (clapping)
– Just makes my blood boil. – You are androgynous
than a mother fucker. – Thank you.
– It is brilliant. – The main problem I have is like, when people have all these
assumptions, based on, what people have
internalized about gender. And, so don’t expect me to be like this. Don’t say I’m not this
because you’re not that. – You could be if you wanted to. – It was nice to talk to you.
– You too, yeah. – Hugs. – Thanks for letting me do that. (laughing) – Everybody was so kind to
me and I appreciate that. It was hard. – It depends on who you talk to, I t depends on how you’re raised, how old you are, there’s so many deciding factors in how you identify. How the fuck, there’s no
real way to guess that. It was really difficult and eye-opening. – That was stressful. – ‘Cause I just don’t wanna
hurt anyone’s feelings. I have so many close friends that struggle with this, on a daily basis. It hurts them, when they
do get mis-gendered. And they’re tired of
having to correct people. So yeah, it was tricky. – Gender is bullshit, so it’s kind of hard to create a measurement,
to measure bullshit. (snapping)
– True that. (clapping) – [Woman] Everybody, there’s pizza and salad in the kitchen.

Maurice Vega

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  1. Here's some resources for gender non-conforming and non-binary folks, and for those who want to learn more!

    Don't forget, Cut is for everyone. 🙂

  2. I'm gay and I don't get all this lol… I just get the trans but the A sexual etc… I don't get it.

  3. Bruh i dont have a problem with the lgbt community but this shit is too much either ur male or female there aint nothing else

  4. If they can't even identify their own kind, wtf chance has a normal person got, this is the insanity of these people.So they can be gender fluid one day and non binary the next and if you get it wrong they consider it a hate crime,wow let me out of this madhouse.Oh and the black woman who said I feel like a white person for labelling people, YOU JUST LABELLED WHITE PEOPLE !!

  5. Alright people lets get this straight. If you are born with a vagina, I will call you a woman(or girl) and use 'she'. If you are born with a penis…I'll call you a man(or boy) and use 'he'. And if you changed your gender and went from male to female or vice-versa ill call you the opposite of what you were before. No matter who you wanna fuck. No matter how manly/womanly you feel on Tuesdays and Thursdays. And no matter in which bathroom you wanna go…I will cal you what you are and thats not gonna change.
    Gender= Genital
    Sexuality= Who you wanna fuck
    Good Day.

  6. The people who make these videos are brainwashing monsters. Get the fuck out of here with your gender shit.

  7. Looks at the group of mentally challenged people standing around fidgeting, dressed like a bunch of Scooby Doo characters

    "Well… I'd say about half of them are male, about half of them are female, and all of them are in dire need of psychological evaluation"

  8. there are only two genders, first Female = X , second Male = Y
    when you have only one Y chromosom than you are a men, if you have no Y Chromosom than you are a women, simple as duck

  9. SJWs: “People can express their gender however they want, fuck gender roles”

    Also SJWs: “Lets create a million different made up labels to describe every varying level of masculinity and femininity”

    Just because you’re a dude who likes to wear dresses doesn’t make you “non-binary”, it makes you a dude who likes to wear dresses. Y’all say you hate gender roles, but you promote them so much. Makes no sense. There are 2 genders, male and female (and transgender, meaning you transition from one to the other), with the exception of intersex. Nobody perfectly falls into every male or female stereotype. That doesn’t make you a whole different gender.

  10. you guys are totally mixing stuff up.
    the title of the video is "guess my gender" but she is constantly asking abput theyr sexual preferences. what does my sexual preference say about my gender??? nothing. it says nothing at all about the gender.

  11. If this video was shown to a mixed audience of people in the 60's or 70's and were told that this is the future of mankind they would freak out!
    This seems like a very self absorbed issue of the privileged first world.
    Third world cultures have real problems like finding clean water….omg

  12. "I get to label people, what an exciting day. I feel white. "
    *Bitch excuse me*?
    You just label white people without knowing it
    Am I the one who is triggered

  13. There’s all this different gender shit but at the end it’s only female or male so all these trans or god know what should stick to what go made u

  14. Luckily the world balances out in the end and none of these people will be in positions of power or have any real impact.

  15. Has anyone ever thought that no one gives a shit what you are, and I have the right to ignore you and your stupid pronouns.

  16. Too many genders in America. I don't care what your fucking 'gender' is, I only accept your sex based on your 23rd chromosome pair in your fucking DNA.

    As a scientist, there's only ONE sex-determinationogical system that determines the development of sexual characteristics in an organism. Most organisms that create their offspring using sexual reproduction have two sexes. Occasionally, there are hermaphrodites in place of one or both sexes. There are also some species that are only one sex due to parthenogenesis, the act of a female reproducing without fertilization.

    In many species, sex determination is genetic: males and females have different alleles or even different genes that specify their sexual morphology.

  17. You're either Male, or Female. Say all the false bullshit you want, there are only 2 genders, whether you like it or not.

  18. I wish you the best in your future endeavors, but this is too "progressive" for me… more "regressive" really. Validating these peoples' psychological disorders hurts them in the long run, even if it is what they want to hear.

  19. Look i’m white but i’d love to be in a black family they seem so cool 🙂 not trying to be offensive or rude!

  20. This is fucking pathetic, lol. I identify as a horse, and if you don't call me by my preferred pronoun, a horse, you are a bigot. That is the mentality of these freaks.

  21. Fuck this PC bullshit. This channel started and I liked it cause it was a non pc version of Buzzfeed but wtf is this bullshit

  22. What the fuck I didn't even know these words. 😀 You can be pretty much anything these days. I think I'll be transblack.
    BTW: There are only two genders, the rest is malfunction in your brain. This is so fucked up video.

  23. Sexuality: Bisexual.
    Gender: Female or I don't give a fuck.
    Everyone should be non-conforming to gender roles… I don't see why that needs an individual category. It's not like everyone else has to conform to gender roles.

  24. 2018 and BOOM!!!!!! Sexuality/gender got confusing. This is informative though. Glad we’re shedding light on the topic.

  25. The good news is is that Jesus died on the cross for all of our sins. Whoever believes and Trusts in him will be saved. Let Christ pull you out of this vulgar lifestyle.

  26. I just realized why I conform to the female norm! Because: I want to attract boys whom I find attractive and they are, you know, what you'd typically think of when you think of high school sports guys. And I assume that they find "regular" girls the most attractive. However, I must admit, my love life is at rock bottom soooo… it doesn't really matter, either I'm ugly or scary but I dont ever get any attention :/

  27. This is stupid. Transgender? Sure, I'll call you he or she.. whichever way you're going, but all of this gender fluid stuff is SUCH bullshit.
    Just a stupid way for people to feel extra special and different. No…. no. How about just be an interesting person and don't get fucking offended if you look like a woman or man and someone calls you those pronouns.
    No, it doesn't harm anyone and I really don't care in the grand scheme of things… just pissed off at this made up bullshit.

  28. What the fuck is this shit. You can tell that all these people have a major mental issue. They arent right in the head and people sbouldnt have to accept this shit.

  29. Okay. The modern world is so great, cos now we don't have to assume that somebody is a woman if they are female, or that male is a man. Cos now, after thousands of years of using a working identification system, we can learn a million different gender identities and be confused 24/7 about who is what, and we can be scared all time, that we might gonna offend somebody, and we might get dragged to prison for it.

  30. SEX: Your chromosomes, your body parts, the shape of your body, the range of your voice, your role in reproduction

    GENDER: The way you feel which can affect the way you act

    They're separate things, scientists agree on this, to argue otherwise is dated and factually incorrect.

    Open to logical and respectful discussion below

  31. sexually Identify as an Attack Helicopter. Ever since I was a boy I dreamed of soaring over the oilfields dropping hot sticky loads on disgusting foreigners. People say to me that a person being a helicopter is Impossible and I’m fucking retarded but I don’t care, I’m beautiful. I’m having a plastic surgeon install rotary blades, 30 mm cannons and AMG-114 Hellfire missiles on my body. From now on I want you guys to call me “Apache” and respect my right to kill from above and kill needlessly. If you can’t accept me you’re a heliphobe and need to check your vehicle privilege. Thank you for being so understanding.

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