Greece Turns to the NATIONALIST RIGHT!!!

Maurice Vega

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  1. Sorry But it ain’t so. The left has kept its force, and its power , and ND got a PARLIAMENTARY majority due to an eccentric electoral law we have, as did the left before by the way. I voted for them but make no mistake . There is nothing patriotic about Mitsotakis. While many patriots ARE party members and certainly most of the voters , the party leadership is as globalist as they come. Atheists , pro gay, and, worst of all, pro migrant . At least we got rid of the looney left, who are also incompetent. ‘It’s a sad thing but the Greeks are nowhere near getting anybody like Salvini, any time soon . By the way that guy voted for Orban’s oarty to be expelled from
    The European Parliament ‘s Popular Party coalition . He would do the same
    For the Lega Nord , any day of the week and twice on Sunday

  2. Greece has a difficult economic and political problem set to solve. Success there for conservatism is not a forgone conclusion.

  3. This is NOT the nationalist right. The election winners in Greece are just so many neo-con Bushevik types. The Greek voters turned aside some flaky lefties, but they installed just so much more business as usual.

  4. Steve, your optimism annoys me! Are you seriously this blind? The New Democracy Party is pro-EU. They're cuckservatives!

  5. Racists like Ilhan Omar, Kamala Harris and their ilk would never have a chance to spew their globalist poison in Greece. Greeks defend their heritage and will always vote against those who would dare to destroy it.

  6. Krystal (leftist reporter for The Hill) was gloating about the defeat of nationalist populism with the defeat of Golden Dawn.

  7. With all due respect Steve, the New Democracy Party of Greece is nothing like what we have in Italy, Hungary etc. This party will work hand in hand with the globalist EU as they've always done. The Greek people are stuck between two parties which are both EU butt kissers. Time will show that there's no reason to rejoice this particular election result. It was New Democracy who sold out Greece to the EU.

  8. But these politicos are the old political oligarch class. They are not interested in Greece at all; they are interested in maintaining Greece as a vassal state within the E-USSR and in maintaining their wealth and powerful positions. Greece should have left the E-USSR via a hard Grexit and re-established the new drachma. Tsipras was no lefty, he was a Blairite traitor seduced by Christine Lagarde, head of the blood-sucking IMF which uses debt as slavery by ripping off the country’s infrastructure. It’s an old Globalist scam.

  9. Greece should continue the exit from the E.U. with Grexit. It's time to get rid of our slave-masters and overlords.

  10. I AM afraid My friend The Danish elections has been disaster!!! The voters Who supported the Danish people party have moved back to the Social Democrats because of a total Spin!!! Mette Frederiksen promised,( to appeal to the Danish voters) a continue Hard line on immigration and early retire ment for manual workers!!! It worked but now the social Democrats Are dancing to the Radical lefts flute!!
    Open border liberalisme frikin night Are ?

  11. You would be right BUT in the case of Ellas the New Democracy is Right only by name. In actual fact they are all the same. Even before Tsipras socialist party was in government you had New Democracy again and they ALL bowed down to the EU and they ALL voted the same way including the so called Communist party, Golden Dawn and all if the rest parliament parties. The ONLY salvation is the EPAM party but unfortunately it is being buried by the establishment and the main stream media. EPAM advocates for exit from the EU and they don't like it.

  12. It would be nice if the Democrats and Republicans would revive more nationalistic ideals. They’re too busy bowing down to the will of the globalists.

  13. The Greek people have been suffering the worst crisis in its post-World War II history and Syriza gave them…transgender bathrooms. And remaining in the EU and NATO. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  14. Steve, you should check out the latest season of Madam Secretary which was recently added to Netflix. They go through great effort to denounce nationalism (especially in Poland and the USA) and often lump them in with the KKK.

  15. It’s happening all over the world. From Italy to Brazil , from Austria to the Netherlands, from the US to Hungary, the left is being kicked out everywhere.

  16. Greece is the product of government control and over taxation of a private sector that produces almost nothing. It's the end result of LEFTIST AMBITION.

  17. Thank you Dr Steve for explaining this to me I heard it on the radio at 4:30 a.m. before I went to work for my shift in the factory. The BBC span the story so bad that it came out that at last they had a centrist party back in Greece so no more silly talk of grexit.
    And of course National populism has been put back in its box in Greece thank you left BBC.
    With the news of 30 Tory MPs trying to hatch a plot to wreck brexit and news of Tommy who maybe put away in the prison full of people ready to kill him thanks to the death warrant Allowed by Theresa May and her henchman in the leftist judiciary of Great Britain so at least I've got something to make me smile thanks Steve

  18. Amazing how Eastern Europe that was under communist regimes has moved to the right, yet previous beacons of democracy( the UK & Western Europe) have become authoritarian Islamic states….

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