Great Power Competition is a Myth | Avoiding the British Empire 6

Hey there. Over the past two years Great Power Competition
has supposedly become the guiding light of US strategy. It is also, as we will show today, a ridiculous
myth. In foreign policy discussions we hear over
and over that the world is a dangerous neighborhood. We should be scared, and we need to be ever
vigilant, because there are bad people out there beyond our front door, and they are
coming to get us. There are bad people in the world. But the thing is, we in the United States
are not just one neighbor among many in the bad neighborhood that is the world. We are the landlord. If the neighborhood is falling apart, that’s
on us. In January of 2018, US policy changed dramatically. Since 2001, The main foreign policy priority
of the United States had supposedly been fighting terrorism. I have a 40 + video series, called Everybody’s
Lying About Islam on how useless that effort has been, but at least it was something the
American people thought they wanted. With January 2018’s new defense strategy the
Pentagon quietly announced a shift to Great Power Competition against countries like Russia
and China. This seismic shift went largely unexamined,
because we were all too busy watching the President Trump show. The only nice thing about this shift in strategy
is that it’s more honest. We in the United States have already been
counter productively pursuing this great power competition strategy for like 30 years now. We have a huge foreign policy establishment
that was built to fight the cold war, and it just kept on fighting it, long after the
Soviet Union voluntarily dissolved itself. Our main target for much of a century now
has been Russia. When this competition started the Soviet Empire
out weighed the US population by tens of millions of People, and the cold war opened with their
ideology swallowing up whole continents. 70 years later the Soviet Empire is gone,
Russia has embraced a crappier version of our guiding ideology and there are almost
200 million more of us than them. Despite all the hype, in the six years since
NATO expansion finally turned them rogue, Russia isn’t taking continents, it’s largely
failing to take individual provinces of its old empire. The parallels between the US and British Empires
should be jumping out at you here. A Russia that is never as intimidating as
advertised was a key feature in the drive towards militarism in both empires. As I keep emphasizing in this series, this
isn’t just stupid and fraudulent, it’s dangerous. This drive towards war, territory, and formal
empire is what killed the British Empire and it’s probably what will kill the US Empire
too. Don’t think the US is building formal territorial
empire? Well what If I told you that the United States
has already been militarily involved in Iraq for three times as long as the British Empire
was? The British had semi-formal influence in Afghanistan
for longer than us, but they never managed to physically occupy the place for more than
a year or two. We are closing in on 20 years. We also have a metastasizing network of military
bases all over the world. We don’t technically control any of these
countries, but if you don’t think these bases represent a heavy finger on the scales in
the politics of all host countries you are fooling yourself. All this empire has cost trillions. Those trillions could have built the world’s
best healthcare system, or brought us back to 1950s levels of income equality. Or it could have cut US national debt to a
quarter of what it is today. Hell, the money we have spent on forever war
could have done all of that. Instead, all it has really accomplished is
to turn Iran into a somewhat annoying regional power. Iran, a problem created by US empire building,
is now being used to justify more empire building. This great power competition thing really
is a perpetual motion machine. By putting military installations everywhere,
we spread our vital national interests everywhere. In so doing we embarrass ourselves, pumping
up every local bully into an Adolf Hitler level threat. We spend trillions to defeat foes that spend
hundreds of dollars to kill our soldiers. At the turn of the 20th century the British
did exactly the same thing in South Africa.The British eventually won the Boer war, but only
after incredible financial and moral cost. That’s the best case scenario for what we’re
building up to with the Iranians. The conflict with Iran is taking on more tragic
dimensions every day, but it’s US empire building in another area that is likely to bring the
war that ends US power. I am no utopian. I believe that US competition with China will
define the 21st century. But as the more powerful player we get to
define rules of the game. The competition could have been about building
better electric cars and the race to cure cancer. Instead, we spent 20 years doing a war on
terror, so the competition is about missiles and who can do a better job brutalizing Muslims. It’s some pretty sick stuff that will only
lead to sicker stuff, much like that scramble for Africa the British started back in the
1880s. This is all pretty grim, but none of this
is hopeless. The US is still so much more powerful than
anybody else, that all we have to do to end the pointless tragedy of hyper military “great
power competition” is decide to end it. I believe one of the best ways to convince
Washington DC to do this is to learn from the British Empire’s bad example, so I wrote
a book about it. Avoiding The British Empire is available now
in paperback and ebook form. Please do check it out. Come back next time when we will discuss Halford
Mackinder, the man who originated a lot of the bad ideas behind US empire.

Maurice Vega

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  1. When the dollar implodes it will be an extraordinary shock, but remember it's just paper. What will matter in the aftermath is 'real' power, military and economic power as the World reorganises itself.

  2. China won’t really play along, they have never been militarily expansive and will just likely buy support. What will do the US in will be the Space Force, if F-35s are ridiculously expensive just imagine the space version of it!

  3. An empire toppled by it's enemies can rise again. But an empire that crumbled from within ? That's gone, forever.

    An empire has to fall from within. This great power competition never achieved it's goals unless it was a total war to the bitter end like it was in ww2. Why would Russia and China spend trillions of dollars for pointless wars and overseas bases while US does them for fun, neglecting it's citizens and cause an inevitable unrest. I think they're playing the great power competition game in a very passive but very effective way.

  4. Hey MFF. You obviously have some great means to analyse history and current trends. Did your law education help you with that? I'm guessing the focus on the Roman/Greek ways played a big part in that.

  5. DT has followed IKEs Brinkmanship strategy.. probably is he won’t invade Iran. Wait til 2025…then the US will go all in no matter what party wins.

  6. how odd, i didn't get a notification for this video. i just stumbled upon it on my subscription feed. could youtube be trying to lower the algorithm's favor to you bc of your topics, i wonder?

  7. Today got off the phone with my aged Trump voting Fox news watching mother. "I love our milirary" she said. On and on a litany of her fears. Unwisely I told her "it's all a big con that is wrecking our culture and finances. She retorted "I tell God to understand and forgive you for your hateful ideas" . 😒 We hung up and I've had a headache ever since. God is a fan of our military. I never knew. Great video and the 82 likes remind me I'm not alone. Headache gone.

  8. Also, this worldview of sowing fear supports the by far largest remaining industry in the US. US arms dealers export for about $220 billion/year accounting for more than a third of the world's weaponry.

  9. On the Uyghurs, I sometimes wonder if the Chinese didn't look at the US playbook in the Russian Federation and think "we've gotta get rid of this Muslim population before the CIA gets involved." That's not to condone their actions, but you did have a number of terror attacks in Xianjing and it must've occurred to the Chinese leadership that this problem could be taken advantage of. The US War on Terror / Alliance with terrorists is a pretty sick game.

  10. In the meantime…. "Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Norway and Sweden sign up to Instex mechanism that sidesteps US sanctions":

  11. Good video. But the hole series of Avoiding the British Empire lacks an important fact: The collapse of birth rates worldwilde.

    Most of the countries have nowadays a birth rate lower than or around 2,1 children per woman, which is the minimum to have a stable population.

    The only countries with high birth rates are Black Africa and Egypt, Pakistan and Afghanistan for now. But all the countries cannot rely only in immigration policies to solve their decline of birth rates. And Public aids to families aren't helping to reverse that situation, as the birth rates in Hungary or in Russia are not helping to stop the decline in birth rates.

    It's the socio-economic system that it's causing that decline. It needs a revolution of some kind, and I'm not talking of violence, cohersion or war, to change this situation. A revolution of new ideas, new ways of forming families and figuring out the problems that causes this decline, in order to solve them.

    That's why, once you finish this project of Avoiding the British Empire and the other projects of research you are doing, start to investigate this important issue.

    I've got a book of this subject which explains very well this subject, although it's in Spanish. But I could send it to you, then ask a friend who likes this subject and speaks and reads Spanish, so he can read it and translate it for you.

    What do you say about that?

  12. Minute 02:40 Albania was under soviet influence only for a while, before it became a client state for the Chinese. Yugoslavia broke up with the USSR almost instantly. Actually a typical NATO scenario, up until the 80s, was that WWIII would start after the Soviets invade Yugoslavia.

  13. So the military is so all powerful and influential that it exists for its own purposes and is no longer truely a defence provider. Enemies and wars are just a means to an end.

  14. Everything has been a fuk up from the beginning of time. Atleast its our fuk up because i tell you, if it hadnt been the english none of you would be having this conversation.

  15. On your map of US bases, which bases do we have in Poland, Hungary and South Sudan kn your map? I wasn’t aware we had bases in that area. Unless you’re counting the lilypad bases

  16. The war on terrorism was forced on us. It is an unfortunate distraction from better things, but it is hard to see how it was unnecessary.

    This video's thesis is straight out of the book. Perhaps it is correct. However, the presence of military bases around the world allows the U.S. to create the trading environment that helps the world to prosper. It is also true that the competition to cure cancer or build better EV's continues despite the other thing. America can do both.

  17. how hard is it for usa to get people to join the army
    in europe its hard beacuse few people want to join it thats why they have ads evrywhere to join the army.

  18. the scary part is that youtube has been grouping you to right wing controversial youtubers i got this ad before looking in this vid

  19. Yeah unless we literally have another World War which we win unilaterally without much effect on our homeland, we are not returning to 1950s levels of prosperity. The U.S. literally made up half of the WORLD economy by 1946, which is part of the reason behind why we were so stable back then…this is ignoring the greater power of unions and whatnot…

    I mean I'm against our imperialism abroad, but I wanted to make that clear.

  20. Ok all of this video is nearly spot on. But the last 30 seconds is dead WRONG. For all the colossal assine fools in US government. There are still enough people with at least 2 brain cells to rub together. Who know of the Decline of the British Empire, as well as other bloated and criminally negligent empires in history. So to state that, if only the political and officials in government. We're educated on the fall of the British Empire. Will solve or slap the stupid out of criminal political establishment. IS JUST PLAIN WRONG AND MISGUIDED!

  21. I am not advocating for war by any mean, but wont the US-China ''rivalry'' give a voice to the oppressed minorities in China… I highly doubt that any average American or the US government would care, whether there is some minority getting the holocaust treatment in a far away land, unless it happening in a country they have some ''beef'' with.

  22. I do not think military bases are a threath, considering this is just begging to be encircled, without supply and in tragic numeric inferiority if war begin against the host coutries. It would made more sense if we consider these as a support for the regime with elites troops and yes maybe a little incentive, but coming more from support han threat

  23. Do you think multiculturalism is a failure?? A lot of people point out the Ottoman Empire and Austria-Hungary as examples that it never works.

    I hope you can touch upon this especially with both the Ottomans and the Austro-Hungarians.

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