Gravitas: World leaders congratulate PM Modi over a historic victory

Maurice Vega

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  1. My fellow Indians proud of you all in standing United…. United we stand divided we fall… Fuck all these stupid international media..

  2. If there's anyone who is undermining democracy and democratically elected leader it's these international pseudo liberals and their liberal slaves here in India

  3. if they say we voted based on nationalism so be it because nationalism is way better than castesism #modi_for_india

  4. as informed earlier, Overlooked and Scrutinised by Munisvaran, found that due to unauthorised entry,No Congratulations, Munisvaran says Modi will lose his life.

  5. as informed earlier, Overlooked and Scrutinised by Munisvaran, found that due to unauthorised entry,No Congratulations, Munisvaran says Modi will lose his life.

  6. INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY always watches INDIA in "JAI SRI KRISHNA" terms as Mahabharath is the MOTIVATIONAL MEASURE in the CORPORATE WORLD, and Hope MODHI…JI has caught up the Clear Glimpse and Trends Of the same in ESTABLISHING THE TIES WITH THE WORLD

  7. Now these haters will decide whom Indians should Vote.
    Their hate is our authentication that we are on a right track

  8. This is a clear msg to the world (especially to those "prominent media houses")- if 100crore (1 billion) people stand united, you can do nothing to control us.


    Thank you

  10. I like Wion media but before uploading a video please proof read everything – the videos caption has wrong English – "World leaders >hails< Modi".

  11. Who the fuck cares what western media has to say about him, we the people of India knows what is better for us and our country…. Oh Hell Yeah !!

  12. Who the fuck are guardian & ny times to judge us on who we vote? Yes clearly the western media is upset because they expected the Italian pussies to rule India so that their countries can exploit our trades and get easy defence contracts. Fuck you. Our vote our wish. The minority appeasement governments are long gone. This is a modern India under the leadership of Modi. Doesn't matter you like him or hate him but you will be listening his name on the global dias for the next 10 years.

  13. Foreign media's unfair criticism and character assassination of Modi worked in his favour. Indians rejected them

  14. Those western media who themselves are masters of fake news…and making claims without backing it with reasons are calling PM modi victory on fake claims…we Indian give them middle finger salute.

  15. Western countries do not want modi to come .. that’s why writing against him .. he is the future of India .. he is the only PM with a vision for a better India ..

  16. The west cannot change the mind of INDIANS with Sanathana Dharma. No matter what line u put on the headlines people of India are much aware and will punish those who speak and divert the minds. It's MODI from the past in the present and for the future. All the best.

  17. Let's start a trend guys…
    If you see any western media videos criticizing Modi and India then comment this:-
    Western Media = πŸ’©

  18. These leaders are not fools but they are constrained to wish an illiterate ,idiotic lier who came into power by distributing just 500/- Rs. Notes to the poor North Indians and forcing them to vote so called BJP by threatening. If Wion is considering they are impartial journalists ,they should enquire how this idiot who invented the great Radar theory came into power by numerous malpractices and even replacing with duplicate EVM's which are already filled with BJP votes.

  19. I worked with Israeli citizens. They are tireless workforce, true ambassadors of their country. So are the Israeli leaders and the head of state.

  20. I didn't vote Modi for nationalism. I voted Modi for India's development and also bcoy I knew no one in the opposition is half as talented as he is

  21. What more can you expect from what Ttump rightly called the fake news media of US & UK.πŸ˜’
    No wonder Trump won & will win again, UKIP will win & Brexit was passed & will happen.

  22. Les chiens aboient, la caravane passe….is the response to the foreign medias who are against the VOX POPULI. ignore these LIBTARDS

  23. I wonder why western media doesn't approve modi's victory. After all he won with full mejority and look at the vote share.

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