Graham Kay Performs Stand-Up

Maurice Vega

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  1. Can someone explain the maths to me? (I don't really understand the non-metric system). 250 square feet sounds quite big to me – 1 foot is a bit more than thirty centimetres, right? So that would make the flat a bit over 80 square metres, which is like a flat for an entire family round here. Where do I get it wrong?

  2. I hate when comedians chew the scenery… just say the joke… it's funny or it isn't… if you have to package it with voices or feigned emotion it's not good…

  3. The last Canadian comedian I saw making his network television debut on the Late Show was Norm Macdonald. This guy is no Norm, but he seems solid.

  4. Well, he's got nice ideas, but he spreads them out so thinly that he loses the suspense. He could have delivered the same jokes in half the time with proper timing. That, of course, would have required twice as many jokes to fill the same time, so go figure…

  5. Just so everyone who is a guy understands this… skinny jeans/suit pants are not a thing. It's probably the worst look since bell bottoms. Also this guy is not funny.

  6. I loved it! Graham also has a wonderful podcast about autism from a comedian point of view, humor is the best medicine. It's called Autastic, check it out!

  7. I dont normally enjoy the comedians on this show… (standup spots) but this guy is actually funny… in a weirdly non-fresh, fresh way? If that makes no sense, you now feel how I feel…

  8. "Apparently, he was asking me which way my penis hangs."
    ๐Ÿ˜ณ Oh. Wow. I thought, for some reason, he was asking whether you sleep on your front, back or side. I was thinking that a total wise ass would say something like, "Well generally, to men, but I'm not above lying to a woman if it's appropriate." I would never have guessed that.

  9. I couldn't listen because I hate that suit! …๐Ÿ˜  I want to relax and laugh with a stand-up not feel like I'm looking at a bridegroom or CEO or principal ffs…is different for Stephen because he's a HOST….yeah, I'm not digging his guests, especially musicians or comics, duplicating the hosts look…what is this 1940's formal grey thing going on??…

  10. I've heard it phrased as "dressing to the left/right".ย  First heard that phrase from Stroker & Hoop.ย  I'm actually a switch hitter in that regard; sometimes I'll dress to the left, sometimes to the right.

  11. This was so good. I've seen some of these before and they can be pretty bad. Between the fact that he's a giant, kinda cute, and that he's funny, he could have a really nice career

  12. Lol oh man he was funny straight out the gate just responding to all the applause โ€œyeah yeah hi hi, hi yeah…goodโ€ hehehe

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