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– As well as Mr. Renin, I prepared some official report concerning what we have done. But when Mr. Renin said that they introduced the electronic system of services provision, nobody applauded him. On the other hand, when Mr. Saakashvili told that we would make such a beautiful building, there were a lot of applauses.continued to speak Ukrainian, but then turned into Russian.This is very good, certainly. But I’m sorry, I will not read this all. I just want you to understand that at that time all others also work. That indeed Dnepropetrovsk region, for example… I don’t think by categories, like Mr. Sakashvili does, I think that there are some complications with the law and we don’t have authorities, unfortunately, for such actions which… governors have no authority. In order not to fulfil the law, first of all, the cabinet of Ministers must cancel its laws, law acts, and Verkhovna Rada must cancel them. And Mr. David will come to me first of all. The second story – we… – I’m sorry for interruption, it is true that the law didn’t envisage
construction of what we do in the House of Trade Unions. We do anyway, if we wait for the law, it will take one year and a half. What is better: Ukraine to develop quickly or a prosecutor to come to you? – It is better for me so that this country would live as per the law. Please, don’t interrupt me, I listened to you silently, and didn’t interrupt you. I want you that this country… – Dear colleagues, first of all… stop. First of all, I ask that the word would be given by me. Secondly… Did you hear me? – No, I didn’t. I will tell again, to start a squabble is not allowed. – I didn’t start a squabble. – Again, I am the only one to give a word. – Secondly, Valentin, we have parallel processes going on
at the present moment fortunately or unfortunately. A parallel process of introducing changes into the law, The President has the law initiative, you are a part of president power vertical, And I expect drafts of changes to the law which untie your hands. Or normatives of documents because we have the corresponding representative in the government. This is the first. Secondly, the absence of the law is not the excuse for absence of reforms, this why we gathered here. If we sit and wait until someone changes the law so that we could start reforms, we will lose. And that’s why we are one team…

Maurice Vega

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