Governor Asks Sena if They can Form Government

The last date for the selection of new government officials and CM in Maharashtra was 9th November 2019. Still nobody has been elected. BJP and the Shiv Sena won the elections. However Shiv Sena wants equal ministers to be elected from both the parties. They also want the two parties to share the CM’s tenure for 2.5 years each. The BJP did not agree to this. The BJP met Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari to discuss this problem but no solution was found. Since Shiv Sena and BJP could not agree, of Friday Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis gave his resignation. The BJP Maharashtra President Chandrakanth Patil said that, BJP and Shiv Sena both won the election. The people of Maharashtra voted for them to support them in electing the new CM and government officials. Shiv Sena did not agree with BJP selecting officials and wanted a equal share in the government. BJP has decided to give away its claim and said the Shiv Sena are welcome to form the government with NCP and Congress. The BJP has said they have no problem with this. In the Maharashtra State Assembly you need more than 145 seats to form a government. However the Shiv Sena has only 56 seats. Governor Koshyari has asked Sena if they can secure the remaining 89 seats. They have to inform him by 7:30pm today. Otherwise there will be President’s Rule in Maharashtra. In the next 24 hours the Shiv Sena has to work hard to negotiate with the Congress and NCP.

Maurice Vega

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