“Government Is Unnecessary” (ft. Alan Watts)

Maurice Vega

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  1. maddbluntz, that did not sound like Alan Watt. It was a great edit, and I would further like to know where that voiceover audio came from, including the last blip of "the computer is going to take over". This is the stated purpose of the new world order, and their minions like the Venus Project. thanks!

  2. @rhawk301 It's like the old tootsie roll commercial dude, if you're looking for NWO, that's all you'll see everywhere you look. The computer will eventually "take over" but not as an aggressive force, but as a partner to humanity in a way that is totally contrary to the aims of this so-called new world order you are writing about. It will replace government as we know it, but not to enslave people like in the movies… IMO (by HighBar).

  3. The smartest people in this world are not anarchists…are you kidding me!…They understand that CHAOS and DIVISION are the only way to ensure a safe world. That the mass crowd is dangerous! People will always be controlled by their irrational desires. You guys really think people are waking up? I laugh, the world has never been more apathetic, lazy and out of shape than it is today. Our society has been individualized. We sit by our lonesome, thinking we are connecting with the world.

  4. @zmacy

    the mistake you're making is that you're defining anarchy as "chaos and division" instead of actually showing how it would lead to chaos and division.

    As for apathy. I think i'ts great that people are apathetic when it comes to the current system because it shows that more and more people are seeing how it's a huge failure. The status quo is chaos and division. Apathetic people just gotta be exposed to the ideas of freedom to get them to spread the word or do little things to help

  5. @zmacy

    (response continued)

    that being said, I'm not so sure that the smartest people in the world are anarchists since i haven't seen any data on that

  6. @zmacy Are you kidding? Division leading to a safe world? This illusion of division is the cause of all the disorder in the world. "us vs them" mentality.
    A safe world hahahah. There is no such thing as security, you can die tomorrow you can die in 10 years or you can die in the next 10 minutes. The endless pursuit for psychological security is probably the biggest cause of disorder and conflict in this world. Who says you need to connect to anything, everyone has and always will be connected.

  7. @zmacy You sound miserable. All the anarchists I know are happy, empowered, and making a difference in the world. They have nothing to do with chaos and division as you wrote, but rather, spend their time promoting the non-aggression principle, voluntary associations, and spontaneous order, among other things like education and economics. Where you see division and fear, I see hope. "The last desperate act of a failing government is to loot it's people." The state is vanishing.

  8. @repfreedomforce Part of the problem is the lack of having a good label to use. Anarchism, used in a similar way to atheism, means the lack of archons, or rulers. But, in mainstream use (because nearly everyone is statist, actively or passively), it means chaos, in an identical fashion to atheism meaning lack of morals. One solution to this has been that of using a different label – "anti-statism" – though the debate is still a healthy (as in currently ongoing) one.

  9. @SomethingSea1 I appreciate the thoughtful response. Yeah, we have had that discussion about labels many times. We settled on "Voluntarists" since we view Anarchy as living with other self-governing individuals within voluntary associations. Nevertheless, I feel comfortable with the term Anarchy as I feel it is increasingly acceptable, at least among people self educated, and that use the internet a lot. Peace love and light my friend.

  10. @repfreedomforce Well said, don't let the wanna be masters of the Universe bastardize true meaning. Tribal Anarchism..

  11. @zmacy lol…The mind can only conceive of that which is within its created boundaries.. So what little awareness you have chosen for yourself… Sad really..

  12. In the words of Theodore Roosevelt; “Men can never escape being governed. They must govern them­selves or submit to being governed by others. If from law­less­ness, fickleness, folly, or self-indulgence they refuse to govern themselves, then most assuredly they will have to be governed by others.

  13. @rhawk301 There is an Alan Watt that Alex Jones often interviews, and then there is this man, Alan Watts, a zen philosopher who passed in 1973. There are many excellent snippets and full talks of his available here on YouTube. I recommend checking them out.

  14. And the last blip was Jiddu Krishnamurti, another philosopher worth looking into. I used it because it refers back to another video Maddbluntz made, as well as the Animatrix, the animated addendum to the Matrix. which is where this video's visuals came from.

  15. @Ataubaq Believe he was referring to organized, institutionalized religion. He was illustrating the ineffectiveness of large, centralized, man-made institutions. Bureaucracies of all types will ultimately fail because humanity is a natural and organic. A forced, regimented type of existence is unsustainable.

  16. @Ataubaq The writing seems to be on the wall already. Unless our so-called leaders make a dramatic shift in the direction of Liberty, as Ron Paul predicts, modern economies seem to be headed for collapse. And when that happens, it will be Anarchy go time!

  17. @repfreedomforce Thank you for your reply – I quite agree.

    At the opening session of the United Nations, President Truman said:

    "Man has learned long ago, that it is impossible to live unto himself. All will concede that in order to have good neighbors, we must also be good neighbors".

    Thank you for being a good neighbor.


  18. @Chieu3 It's not that everyone will be good, it's just that once the government is gone there will be no reason to be bad. Government monopoly of money is the primary reason for all mental illness in the world. Sounds preposterous I know, but it is true. ALL money belongs to the people. Government has no right to it, unless given voluntarily-

  19. Wow if you listen to Watts then why are you misinterpreting his message to such an extreme degree?? His whole philosophy is about TRUST.. not control.

  20. Well you really do need much work in that art.. that comment didn't provoke the desire to "figure you out" or (for the most part I'm guessing) confuse anybody.. It simply came across as a lack of understanding of Watts message.. but if you are in actuality just trying to make people think you are not all there and getting a kick out of it then I can see that.

  21. When I hear the exile from eden, the divorce of nature, it occurs to me that man's only problem is that he governs and controls things he himself does not understand because of his own ignorance. To live in nature, is to live in a state of Anarchy, this is true faith, to have trust in oneself not in an authority figure such as government. Because when we inquire about the problems that face humanity, government is always directly linked to the problem.

  22. Well then, you really should check out YT channel Maddbluntz. He started this video and I finished it, but his other work will blow your mind! Check out his Krishnamurti inspirational videos, or his series, "The Matrix of Illumination". Awesome, amazing videos that inform and inspire.

  23. The most powerful people in the world did not become that way for being the "smartest people in the world" but rather because they were invited into those people's little club. How does one get an invite. First of all one must have a different set of values than the common person. They think in ways unfamiliar to most people because they are sociopaths. They rise because of their nature, they're lack of empathy, their ability to manipulate and control people and put their jack boots on our necks

  24. Big ups Maddbluntz! We made it to 2013 bro. Guess we have a little more time to spread the love, inspiration, and information to free people's minds. Thanks for inspiring me all these years my creative friend!

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