Government Explained 2: The Magical Piece of Paper

Tell me more about your ‘leaders’. Who is the current leader of your species and where are they leading you? We don’t have just one leader for the whole planet. The world is divided into countries, and each country has a leader of its own, and a government of its own. You don’t have one government that rules the whole planet? No, this planet is really big and there are billions of people on it. The world is divided up, because people in different places want different kinds of leaders and governments. How many countries are there? A couple of hundred, I think. So there are millions of people per country? Yes, or hundreds of millions, in some of them. And all the people in a country live under one single government? There can be layers of government, but there’s only one government in each country. That is how it works. But you can have multiple governments on the same planet? Yes and its better that way. If you had single government for the whole planet and it turned tyrannical, there’d be nowhere to escape to and no one to oppose it. And I wouldn’t want to be ruled by a bunch of people living thousands of miles away on the other side of the planet. It’s better having government more local, because then it’s more accountable. How far is it from here to where the rulers of this country live? The capital of this country is hundreds of miles from here. So you don’t want to be ruled by a bunch of people living thousands of miles away, but you don’t mind being ruled by a bunch of people living hundreds of miles away? That’s just how it is, I guess. Why don’t you and your neighbours set up your own country here, so you can keep a close eye on what the individuals acting as your government are doing? I don’t think our government would allow us to do that. So you have these countries, some big and some small, and the individuals living in each country separately choose which people are going to be their politicians and as act as government of that country? Yes, although not everyone is lucky enough to live in a country where we get to choose our leaders. A lot of countries have kings or dictators or warlords running their government. People in un-democratic countries don’t get to choose their leaders. So you consider yourself lucky because you live under a democratic government, where you, along with millions of other people, get to vote, and whoever gets the highest number of votes becomes leader of the government, the gang that tells you what to do and robs you. Yes. But there’s more to it than that. Democracy isn’t the only thing that’s great about the government of this country. In fact, democracy itself is not an ideal system at all – everyone knows that. With a pure democracy, the majority rules, because the politicians do whatever the majority of people want them to do, and this can be a problem for minorities. We know this. The real reason why we’re lucky in this country is that our government is not a pure democracy, but a republic. With a republic, minority rights are protected against the tyranny of the majority. How? Our rights are listed in our Constitution, the document that established our government. It lays out how government is supposed to work. It says what government is allowed to do, and what it isn’t allowed to do. What does it say government is allowed to do? Government is allowed to collect taxes for things like national defense… Hold on – the Constitution says that government is allowed to collect taxes? So it says that the individuals who are acting as government are allowed to rob everyone else using threats of violence? Yeah, but only to do good things. Where did the Constitution come from? It was written by the Founders of this country, the people who first set up the government. The first politicians of the country? Yes. So a bunch of regular people just got together and wrote on a piece of paper that they’re allowed to rob everyone else, as long as they call themselves “government” and call their robbery “taxation”. Then because they have this special piece of paper, everyone just sits back and lets these guys rob them? You’re missing the point. The Founders wrote the Constitution to restrain government. They made sure there was a separation of powers, so there were checks and balances in the system. They did this to strictly limit the power, size and scope of government. They made a list of things the government can do and must do, and everything else the government can’t do. They even wrote about specific things that the government can’t do, like violating the inalienable rights of the people to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. OK. But I don’t see why the piece of paper is so important… I mean, hypothetically, what if the majority of the people want government to do something that the Constitution says government shouldn’t do? Couldn’t the people vote in politicians who promise to do it for them, regardless of what the Constitution says? How does having your rights listed on an old document help protect your rights today? Well if the politicians who get voted in want to pass unconstitutional legislation, then the third branch of government, the judicial, will step in and not let the legislation pass. The Founders recognised the problem of democracy, so they gave us a Supreme Court, and their role is check whether legislation is constitutional or not. But the Supreme Court is itself part of the government? Yes. Politicians get voted into positions in the Executive and Legislative branches, but the Judicial branch is made up of judges. So if a majority supports the government violating the rights of a minority, the judges of the Supreme Court simply won’t let it happen. Are these Supreme Court judges just regular humans? Yes. So how does a regular human become a Supreme Court judge? They are appointed. By who? The politicians. But then what is to stop the democratically-elected politicians just appointing judges who will allow their popular but unconstitutional legislation to pass? Well, they just aren’t allowed to do that. By who? By the constitution. The piece of paper? Yes. I admit it’s not a perfect system. I suppose what you’re saying could happen. Does the government of this country, which you consider yourself lucky to live under, ever do things its own Constitution explicitly forbids? Yeah, a lot of things actually. The government is a lot bigger now than it was when the Constitution was written. The politicians pay lip service to the Constitution, but they trample over our rights anyway. What about the Supreme Court?! I guess that system hasn’t worked very well lately. Government does pass unconstitutional laws all the time. The separation of powers worked for a while though, it’s not a bad system! Powers were separate? I thought you said that the powers were all in branches of the same government? Well, yes… the branches of government are totally independent and separate from each other, except that they are all part of the same organisation and all funded by taxation. So when you said the system had “checks and balances” in it, you meant that the government would check itself, and balance itself? That was the idea. So, let me get this straight, a long time ago a small bunch of regular humans had a meeting and created a document called a “Constitution” that said that they can rob everyone else – millions of people – using threats of violence to make everyone obey their rules and commands. But so that the masses of the people would let them get away with this robbery and slavery, that small bunch also promised in the same document that there were some things the government would never do, and they described a way to structure government so as to restrain it. But, over time, the promises have proven to be worthless, the restraints have proven to be useless, and government has grown significantly in size, power and scope, violating more and more of the rights of the people. It sounds to me that if the Constitution was written to constrain government, then it’s been a complete failure. Well, the real problem is that people just don’t believe in the Constitution any more. The Constitution only works when people know what it says and why it’s important. If people just knew that, then they wouldn’t vote for politicians who violate it. An informed populace: that’s the only way to really restrain government. Wait, you said you feel lucky because this country is a republic, not a democracy, and a republic has these supposed “checks and balances” that prevent government from violating people’s rights, even when a majority wants to violate the rights of others. But now you’re telling me a republic can only work if people refrain from electing politicians who will violate the rights of others in the first place. That’s the same as a democracy. We’re back to where we started. I see your point. Is there anywhere on the planet where government is – despite the imaginative labels – anything other than a gang of thieves and bullies? But there’d be chaos without government! I’m sure that’s what they tell you…

Maurice Vega

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  1. I actually don't know what you think fair means. Again, "fair" is subjective. What do you think fair is? "Stop dodging the question"

  2. it actually wasn't that far away… google "The Whiskey Rebellion of 1791" Alexander Hamilton created a whiskey tax to pay for the war debt that it had accumulated fighting the British, in a strange turn of events, George Washington assembled army to squash it and impose rule

  3. Thanks Jesse, cuz the change deal left us getting just change not the dollar….(anyone noticed every time they tell us their gonna do something they do it, but not the way they depicted?)

  4. Remember the Revolutionary cry, "No taxation without ? But many US States now charge state income taxes of those who work in there, but do not live there – but those people do not get to vote where they pay those taxes; in other words, they have no representation in that State, including Massacusettes, where the original 'Tea Party Rebellion' was held, and that rallying cry invented. Ironic, eh?

  5. i would guess because they do not have evil ppl ruleing over them ! they are not under mind control and know how to live in peace and love and are of one mind.
    in other words, they do not have a go/vernment !

  6. Of course, the idea of pure democracy being a form of tyranny at all, is complete BS; especially considering the fact that every single time a political party that you don't want, wins an election, you're experiencing the same effect anyway.

    Mr. Franklin, you were full of shit.

  7. I believe we should no fear of space aliens, they would never want to be contaminated by human insanity.
    If space aliens were ever to get hold of this video, there never be any talk about UFO's, as the UFO's would never be seen again (from fear of incurable contamination that effects the human race)!

  8. Pretty simple truth.  Our elected politicians make laws and break laws.  These elected officials appoint supreme court judges who inforce or break the laws that the elected officials appointed them to enforce or break.  Our constitution was suppose to be the rule of law and applied to all by the supreme court.  Sadly today the supreme court is leaning to a subjective form of law and judgement, and no longer enforces the constitution and the bill of rights as the measuring stick.    Example: today government now rejects freedoms of we the people, once gauranteed in our constitution, and claim it is for our own good that they take our freedoms, wealth, and property away.  Leaving us as a nation almost nowhere near what we started with in our earlier constitutional laws.  As our founding fathers explained, many times the shedding of blood against corrupt government would be needed every so often to retain these freedoms for we the people.  Sadly today most Americans prefer being slaves and serving government over government serving and being slaves to us.

  9. "that's what they tell you".  Exactly .  Public "schools".  Corporate media.  Government secrecy.  Those that seek to expose the State gangsters are labeled as "traitors".  Few seek to ask the question: " traitors to whom"?    If letting the general population know something is "treason", then it is "treason" to the cabal of those that run the State. 

  10. I would vote for this fictional alien in 2016 before I would vote for anyone on the Repub or Democrat ticket. 

    FICTIONAL ALIEN 2016:  He Couldn't Do Any Worse Than Obama

  11. This video is completely outrageous and unrealistic. The lack of foresight in this is unimaginable. I mean… How does that alien even know English!?!?!?

  12. All governments say….Remain Calm…Just keep voting the two party system, pay your taxes, listen to the controlled media, and pay no attention to conspiracy theories and alternative news….

  13. Are the voices David Mitchell and Robert Webb from peep show? I know it would of said in the credits but you know…

  14. America is not a democracy. Democracy is referred to as the tyranny of the majority by any person who knows history. The United States of America is a Constitutional Republic. Please stop saying democracy. I'll attach a non-partisan strictly education video on this subject I'm trying to convey.

    Republic vs. Democracy – What Is The Real Form of the U.S. Government

  15. I love this alien, because he ask questions that exposes people foolishness about govt, and show that they are confused. Talking about being dumb down. But people dont care as long as they can cheer their favorite sports teams, worship celebs/ politicians, chase money, get laid, party and pursue whatever goal/dream that the elite created for them (careers, status, education, certain amount of money) they think every thing is fine and is happy. This world is on the verge of a huge downfall, if people dont wake up

  16. The LEGAL NAME (the birth certificate) is the key to our slavery. Learn more here.

  17. And if you want to see what would happen if government just imploded all of a sudden look at part one.

    If you want to see why Milton Friedman`s Utopia would not function much better than any other Utopia look to part two.(And obviously what I described in part two would also imminently result in governments owned by the rich. This is just what would exist meanwhile)

    If you want to see why governmentless mass society is just inherently impossible look at part three.

  18. This is called controlled dissent. You put up your most shiny arguments and then you make your opponent give stupid counter arguments, and then debunk those to seem even more superior. It`s ridiculously biased.

  19. My company had a founding client for adult Senior home care stolen by a local judicial party and redistributed the client and their funds between local attorneys leaving my company and its employees out to dry but we're claiming a mutual benefit…

  20. Now do one about how we allowed for profit institutions to control the money and benefit from it, while at the same time enslaving us via debt using interest……

    haha – well compiled.

  21. Once again these videos are SPOT ON and accurate in most everything except ONE very important aspect. @ 2:06 – 2:49 
    @ 2:50 you finally mention a Republic and the process that SHOULD be in these United States.

    While we use the majority rules (Democratic) way as a voting tool in electing our Congress and other smaller leaders, that "process" does NOT make us a Democratic Government. Our Constitution FOR the United States guarantees us a Republican form of Government in Article 4 Section 4. So if that is guaranteed in the Constitution, yet you say in the videos that we are Democratic government, then our form of Government is UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

    The process in which we vote is still not a "true democracy" as we have seen in a few presidential elections where the POPULAR vote loses to the Electoral College process. So in reality, not even our vote for POTUS is Democratic in function but a way to inform the Electoral College what to do.

    LOVED THE VIDEOS other than that.

  22. Wow. I never realized the giant contradiction in needing an informed populace to ensure the constitution gets upheld, while the whole purpose of the constitution is to prevent the majority from violating the rights of the individuals

  23. You can actually "change" the US constitution. Say you want to ban guns on a federal level (hottest topic at the moment, my views aside), the only legal way it could be done is to add an amendment that repeals 2nd amendment. In order to add an amendment it needs to pass Congress and also be agreed upon by at least 3/4 of the states (38+). I know the video wasn't technically about that, but seeing as it was about the constitution I thought some people might like learning it.

  24. you dont have one government that runs the planet…? nope not yet. great videos man. just found these. perfectly exposes the faulty system

  25. every child should watch this around the age of 12 or 13 then again around 17-18. we put too much trust in a gov that abuses its power(violence). funny how their violence is different then anyone elses. if people want or need your services they will seek you out. if not then leave them alone!

  26. The US Constitution has been systematically annihilated by the leftist/marxist establishment since at least early 20th century. Charles Murray in his book "By the People: Rebuilding Liberty Without Permission" provides a detailed account of how it has been done exactly.

  27. Government doesn't have to be this way if we ensure government only corrects for market failures in ways that cost less than the market failure itself:

  28. These videos are great. I'm glad to see that there are finally some videos geared towards teaching kids the truth about government.

  29. This poor guy haha he just wants to get home and drink a beer but this alien is turning his world upside down. That must be how people feel when talking to AnCaps

  30. …gov't bamboozle one into homelessness with trickeries & beatings by poopo… no other same specie seems to be oblivious to the situations, homeless are often victims of threats to hurt family members if they get back in the governing of dominion by oneself. ..Who cares 😕 (?)…

  31. so can you do a video over why we can't obtain land for free and why the government that does not have a clear identity can own all the land without payment or consequence?

  32. We watching while doing my history homework on the founding fathers and the declaration of Independence 😂

  33. The "Illusion" of democracy, the "Illusion" of representative gooberment.

  34. Solution: Let corporations take over their place :^)

    all jokes aside, this video is actually an argument for anarcho-syndicalism rather then anarchocapitalism

  35. I swear there used to be another video of this same animation of the alien mentioning /asking about things like renewable energy ?!?? Anybody else ?
    I cannot find it

  36. Hahaha! Puny naive alien. You'll wear yourself out trying to perform these mental gymnastics!

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