Government Doesn’t Know Cost of Aadhaar

You all know Aadhar card has become mandatory and it is very important. Till now the government has created more than 124 crore cards. On 20th September 2019, a person named Anil Galgali filed an RTI application which stands for Right to Information. He wanted to ask the government how much they spent to make one Aadhaar card. Galgali’s application was transferred to UIDAI’s management department. This is because UIDAI is responsible for making and distributing Aadhar cards. His application to know the cost of one Aadhar card was then given to the UIDAI’s accounts department. Their answer was that the government has no idea how much it costs to make one Aadhar. This is very shocking! No information is given no the UIDAI website as well. Galgali said that instead of giving an answer, UIDAI is dodging the question. Galgali has now written to PM Modi and said that his government is not giving a proper answer. Galgali said that he wants the government to give clear answers to his questions. This is because people should know about it.

Maurice Vega

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  1. Government Aadhar India question – answer do ✅ Right.. Government aadhar work forget not.. The India aadhar very accont OK. Govt work do late ?????? soon.. The India heart grow family same good… Aadhar govt do again soon.

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