Government Declassifies Shocking UFO Footage

do you think there are aliens in area 51 Jude what do you think is going on at area 51 I'm I totally thought that it was all bullshit you know that there's nothing there right well if there was ever anything there they moved that shit long ago right yeah that's been the rumor since like the 90s right yeah they got smart by now yeah although maybe Dan it's a reverse reverse psychology they moved it and then they brought it back because everybody's like oh they probably moved it hide in plain sight it didn't fit in plain sight baby maybe the people that work there are fucking aliens bro and they use that brothel okay whatever okay yeah are there anyone probably not I think it's just a military and like that in general so in general I'm a non-believer I do not believe that extraterrestrial life has visited this earth just because from a physics standpoint and you know if you ask more like I all astrophysicists and physicists that I've heard asked they always say no because as far as we understand physics it's just not worth the effort or really possible for me what I don't understand is if something like that happened why would there only be like conspiracy theories and only like some weird photoshop's wouldn't there be like some evidence that you cannot question right and that that's something that a lot of the scientists say – it's like you have all these first accounts of people who are apparently abducted by UFOs yet nobody ever took a photo nobody ever took a video nowhere no-one ever grabbed something off the alien ship you know it's just and it's always some Hicks in the middle of nowhere who got a finger in their ass it's like bro you sure you weren't just at a rest stop like aliens don't come to LA yeah exactly are you sure you were just a little drunk at a rest stop and got a little wild with your friend now you're trying to cover up Oh was that alien put a problem I asked yeah right was your friend Billy and you've liked it so no I've never really believed it and trust me I would like to believe there's nothing cooler I mean – I love x-files I want to be able it's it's a problem with motivation – like if you're an alien a civilization that's so advanced that you can do interstellar travel you can defy what we know as the laws of physics which is that when you travel beyond the speed of light it dilates time so much that by the time you get here your civilization has already moved on thousands of years that's unfeasible or the other possibility of great space travel is wormholes where you travel through the fabric of space but still as far as we know there's no way to communicate to them we don't know how you travel through or go through wormholes we don't know it seems like a great improbability and if with an alien civilization with that great of technology that is so far beyond us I just don't understand the scientific need to come here to observe us why they we would be so far below them evolutionarily I didn't make it here why would they just fly into a little trick in the air and right do some loop that he do loop and fucking hey are you doing uh like some drone like showing off his you know if they're that far ahead of us one we would never detect them in a million years if they if their goal was to not be seen we would never see them I mean we're talking about these guys are so evolutionarily beyond us that I mean we're like frickin you know monkeys plus less the monkeys to them they probably have AI you know what I'm saying they've got all like I mean we're ants to them if they can do that mm-hmm so I can't see and I can see why them coming here and studying us would be of any benefit to them and I can't see that the resources of Earth would be any benefit to them because if you're living in another solar system you have access to unlimited resources on comments and other planetary systems way closer to you and way easier to get than going through a wormhole and traveling to earth I mean there's Comet zipping around space with unlimited amounts of water and/or n minerals and if you're that advanced you're using solar power you probably have you probably have a machinery around the Sun harnessing power of the Sun there's no reason to go to that great length in my opinion the only thing is like maybe an unmanned drone but how do you can even communicate back mm-hmm how do you send communication back can you send it through a wormhole it just doesn't really even as a thought experiment it's hard to imagine but then again I acknowledge the fact that if they're that far in advanced you can't really appreciate where their minds are at anyway that being said I didn't really believe but man there's some listening this area 51 should I remember a couple years ago in The New York Times the Pentagon released a lot of interesting information about UFOs and so we did a little research kind of following up this story and was really interesting back in May it was reported that for the first time the Pentagon acknowledged that UFOs are real and military pilots had seen them a lot but they emphasize they are not saying they're aliens just that they don't know what they are for example here's a video the Pentagon released of an f-18 tracking a UFO similar to the one they just showed I think this is just the full version is up oh this one is actually a different one right in yeah there's multiple but they really [Applause] so it's like a small cylinder object it's moving really quickly though it's like rotating so is this a different video damn it I guess is a different incident right yeah from what I understand when I think that this was actually originally reported in 2017 and it's just recently there was like a big follow up to it where they interviewed a bunch of these pilots that had seen it but yeah I guess it's it's a relatively common occurrence for these you know jet fighter pilots to see these weird things that they don't know what they are doesn't mean they're aliens but they're seeing something and I mean this is the video of one of the instances of it happening so so the Pentagon confirms the existence of a 22 million-dollar UFO program although to be also I mean that sounds like a lot of money but 22 million dollars nothing government absolutely nothing that's like a couple of flights one of these planes cost like three billion dollars to make but anyway it's really interesting that they even burnt they came out and which is so cool in a way because it it does show some level of transparency where they're like hey we're actually acknowledging this we're doing that you know I'm sure conspiracy theorists will be like oh well they're just doing that to throw you off the scent whatever I don't know I'd done either way it's really cool that they came out and talked about this program so Dan you've written here many high-ranking people in the federal government believe aliens have visited the planet what is the source for that that was that was in the New York Times article I just kind of bullet pointed the the main takeaways from from their reporting so when you see high-ranking people in the federal government we talking about like military are we talking about elected officials was I mean a military that a lot of people were speaking under anonymity as they always do in these kind of things though I don't think they were singling out individual generals or anything that believed it but apparently they're there there are some within the military that I think aliens are real and so it says it further says military pilots have recorded videos of UFOs with capabilities that seem to outstrip all known human aircrafts changing directions and accelerating in ways no fighter jet or helicopter has ever accomplished and they're saying that article that during like between 2013 and 14 they were seeing it every day every day mm-hmm where these things would be out there all day is a quote from the military guys in that New York Times all right that's so crazy they never figured out what it was at least as as of now at least not publicly so this is the part of the trips me host it says in a group of buildings in Las Vegas the government stockpiles alloys and other materials believed to be associated with these UFOs that's the trickiest part and not that's it from the New York Times to which I mean that that seems straight out of a movie says they have as we reported in the papers some material from these objects that is being studied so that scientists can find out what accounts for their amazing properties this technology of these objects whatever they are when asked what the materials were Blum Blumenthal responded they don't know they're studying it but it's some kind of compound they don't recognize this is just so bizarre yeah and so what they're saying is they have some kind of alloy from these UFOs but how how can they not know what our feel like in this day and age it must be so simple to know what metals there are in it or if there are unknown metals they should I mean are they saying that there's unknown metals in it yeah and I mean when I was researching this this was the part of the New York Times story that had the most pushback from the scientific community because I guess that in particular to a lot of people was just like that doesn't make sense we could definitely figure it yeah unless they're saying it's unknown but even then I mean you know ah it's just so cryptic you know yeah and they don't really specify how they got a hold it it's like did they shoot one of these down like how the hell do you get the yet lit here right clearly they got some of the metals so they've recovered so they must know what it is otherwise how do they know where it came from it's all very bizarre but to me it seems more likely that it's like fucking Chinese drone or some shit it's possible you know I mean what other governments could make something like that China that's it pretty funny about it yeah whoo a Russian bought I mean it could be the Russians about those motherfuckers that's seen their focus tiny in turn were likely i'ma focus on on controlling that that does seem to be a counter theory is that this whole thing is bullshit and it's all cover for them kind of subtly letting some other government know like hey we know what you're doing you know wink wink you know what I mean that I don't buy because that would just say they're like yo dude there's what we know you're we see drones bitch right yeah yeah I don't know what the advantage of doing it that way would be so I think I mean guys but look but like Occam's razor right you have to consider which two possibilities is the most likely and it's probably that one do you think that it's aliens visiting from another solar system probably a drone so far advanced that they can travel beyond the speed of light yet also still be clumsy enough to be detected by humans tracked daily and being their alloys being recovered or is it some Chinese spy shit I mean come on this Chinese spy shit is way more likely true yeah I just feel like if it was alien stuff it just wouldn't be such a mystery it would it'll be like obvious in daylight and everyone's like yeah yeah and scientists will know and everything won't be like a conspiracy yeah you're just be it's all or nothing they wouldn't be detected or they would intentionally be detected yeah [Applause]

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  1. i dont think we have been visited for the same reasons. BUT what if we are over selling space travel? what if going across the universe to them is like going to the corner store for us.
    an what if they made us to see how we developed? wouldn't they want to stay hidden?

  2. The Chinese drone theory makes sense in a way, but it falls apart when you consider the fact that UFO’s have been allegedly sighted and reported for ages. In old paintings, hieroglyphs, really old photos/videos, etc. Nothing can explain that.

  3. I just think that Area 51 is a military base where the government creates prototypes for military purposes and that footage is just a Russian spinbotter

  4. There's certainly plenty of other bases, I would say Area 51 doesn't hold a lot because the US has literally thousands upon thousands of Acres to hide stuff

  5. I was heading to work at 4:30 am.. I used to live in the boonies.. on my way into town, I saw this light in the sky going up and down, side to side. Not really following a path in the sky.. never seen a helicopter or airplane fly like that. It was too far off to be a drone. Not sure what I saw.

  6. You have a pretty elementary understanding of all this but I appreciate the fact you care and are giving it airtime

  7. You can't really assume that these "aliens" think or act similar to us or if their materials are the same. We can't justify our arguments of aliens not existing or not likely coming by basing it of what we know from our tiny planet and what we know by researching our galaxy and galaxies close to us.

  8. I swear i saw a man standing above a cloud. It was like a t shape very dark figure in a very sunny fluffy clouds weather.

  9. Maybe not Aliens/extra terrestrials but they definitely hiding something. The amount of protection they have for it is through the roof compared to other air/military bases. Whether it’s aliens, time machine or another project/discovery something is there and I hope I know what it is one day

  10. Technically UFOs exist. You make an aircraft that no one can identify then it's an unidentified flying object.

  11. The ufo is just our classified aircraft coming back n forth from outer space they man humans. We’re able to live and travel in space forever.

  12. So much assumption from Ethan. He doesn’t know the lifespan of aliens or even how aliens use time . Who knows what these beings can do if they can travel to us, I’m sure they’d observe us. It’s like discovering a new species and saying “oh they’re just monkeys”. That’s an incredible discovery that would be studied for the rest of time if humans are so interested in et life I’m sure intelligent aliens would be interested in life beyond them too.

  13. To the point where you said they were clumsy, you are aware that any vehicle built to handle at high speed would not be capable of handling well at low speed.

  14. The latest episode (4) of Legion (S3) depicts them rather well; Time Demons, they’re around us, they’re not in the air or in the sky, they’re HERE with us and push us in directions with a whisper of inertia amongst the influence of other humans around us who are also affected by them

  15. Saying we're like ants to aliens and there's no reason for them to study us is kind of not a good counter argument because there's scientists on Earth who study ants so if we're the ants and the universe is there Earth maybe they do study us and different life on different planets same way we study life and animals on Earth, but I don't necessarily disagree with your opinion just saying like if they've evolved enough to traverse the universe wouldn't it make sense they study things they find?

  16. Can you please move the camera down one or two pixels? It's been like that for a long time and I'm surprised nobody has changed it. Much love <3 papa bless

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