Government Crackdown on Marijuana in the Netherlands: Amsterdam’s War on Weed

this is a lot of weed here just in this one box and obviously you’re servin every day when you age you know where’s your supply come from let me think how to the they bring it in we say we have magical appearance everywhere in Amsterdam because just swell suddenly we have weed Amsterdam is believed by many to be one of the most liberal places on earth when it comes to weed policy it’s been the example cited by all legislation campaigns with cannabis widely available in the high street the laws are tightening a lot of tourists come basically to these famous coffee shops to smoke weed and walks things seem to be running business as usual what they don’t realize that actually under the surface things are changing the international weed community got some first-hand experience of this during the 2011 cannabis cup which was shut down by the police [Music] police in Holland warned the public not to get involved in the cannabis industry but to do I’ll she Snell health wheels for diamond you saw a knife and a pair could I clean up a femur that’s count untied boot camp taught you all philosophers ooh plans on the PT and O’Keefe in liver and Quaker a some of the most well known coffee shops now have limited opening hours or have been shut down completely so we went to see what’s happening to the poster boy of the legalization movement so run away to meet a guy who has had to close down his business because the government have said under their new regulations that he’s too close to a school despite being there for years and operating up at the same place how’s it going nice to meet ya yeah good thanks good thanks good neck so your shots closing down right yeah why what happen we’re closed post to school within 250 meters yeah that’s why they’re closing it down it’s nice building yeah well they have approximately 60 students 13 shops are closing down in the Civic Center and where’s your coffee shop it’s 160 meters away from about 50 million yeah at least go away yeah the City Council they say phone okay we have to protect our fragile youths because all day we maybe attempt them to smoke a joint do you get many students will come in super-plow never they’re not allowed to come in why not their blood the i-team well if you want to enter a coffee shop you have to be at least 18 and people below the 18 are not allowed in you can’t even see the school from here no now there’s now because there is a sign in front of it you can see the yellow window she was right and that’s really right next to it yeah for years we tourists have flooded Amsterdam leading to complaints from the heads of state the government never truly a big fan of weed anyway has decided to take action to appease them the dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte explained his actions icon at Orlando of man column article doubtless a dot and dill from the top did i sorry and he’ll haunt ya need to be able to sell police officer massive elephant eats been an aphid Duman with olive or lifting hamster golf need to talk about all the export end on my house needle on totally shave over so all coffee shops that were too close to the southern border had to introduce a weed pass effectively banning tourists [Applause] when the government said the rest of Holland will be next including tourist hotspot Amsterdam the liberal mayor there was able to cut a deal the city would start closing about a third of all coffee shops to please the national government this was a symbolic political move by the mayor to show he cares and to prevent having to ban all tourists from Amsterdam’s coffee shops so due to the entirety regulation of coffee shops here in Amsterdam this bar the old church was once well known for selling weed but now only sells alcohol and another coffee shop here high-time is going to have to close down also within a year and unfortunately for yup he’s one of the seventy people who have to go sounds like the governor just you know showing the door and he’s shown in you a little bit yeah that’s that’s what they tried to do already for the last 16 years and that’s also the part that you’re fed up with because you do your best you make something nice you see that your audience the visitors really enjoy and the only thing is that our government is so blind that they’d say it’s not okay they’re criminals but this is like this is love weed here just in this one box when you age you know we’re just apply come from yeah let me think how to the we say we have magical appearance everywhere in Amsterdam because just well suddenly we have weed that’s a stupid thing I’m not allowed to grow it myself I’m not allowed to buy it I’m not allowed to transport it if they should catch me then directly I have a stand criminal and because I have criminal all the money I make are out of criminal activities so then I have to pay them back and that’s an amount that I cut off for what the bankrupt yeah totally after 16 years you’re fed up with it growing weed in Holland has never actually been legal but it still sold openly sixteen pleased to help understand this system we met with lawyer Maurice Feldman who represents many of Amsterdam’s coffee shops in court the coffee shops are not really legal they are allowed we call it a Adolphe belies it to say they are allowed but they’re not legalized that’s some people think that drugs are legal in Holland but it’s not it is illegal but it allows to sell in small amounts Maurice describes this as a backdoor method users are allowed to buy a maximum of five grams but that’s where the visible part of the chain ends coffee shops have to buy the supply and a fully illegal market growing and distribution are done by criminal networks people who supply the greenhouse with different kinds of cannabis few times a day they walk in here and they drop it back of the counter and they disappear immediately and these people and they don’t exist in the organization because it’s not allowed stranger explained it’s in a serious way but it’s reality in Amsterdam it’s an uncomfortable Dutch compromise that’s been around since the 70s what’s new is an influx of new government regulation it’s working to limit the amount of THC in we is banning garden centres that supply the industry with the lights and soil and is massively increased its raids on growers this is why weed smokers in Holland despite having it so good still have festivals to protest what they see as an unfair system we didn’t expect from a weed festival we’ve got kiddies bouncy castle here [Music] [Applause] there were no shortage of users at this festival but we wanted to speak to a grower somewhere with the infamous dude at the young decide the tremendous Quakers and coffee shop owners of a line over the students will he know he’s effectively a celebrity in the Dutch weed community as he’s one of the only Brewers who still dares to speak out about the restrictions not easy at the moment in in the Netherlands there’s a lot of repression and it’s it’s going worse I think it’s priority number one to catch farmers oversweet but his openness got him into trouble dorita hey alright I’m fine Duda has been openly growing weed for around thirty years even starred in a documentary that was broadcast on national television does expect will neptune exercise reached the do the dome is the only way grower in the dutch that year’s comes out in the open for his living why did you come out in europe i couldn’t accept it that it’s it’s it’s sold and it may not be grown that’s that’s that’s this rubbish and it’s unacceptable this is the greenhouse oh wow look like a wall yes this our tomatoes huh his media campaign backfired though not long after the documentary aired dude his house was raided by the police they tried to put me down as an example right two feet to fear the rest so to scare off other pros to scare other growers though so they put me as an example Duda still has five plants in his greenhouse which is usually the limit at which the police turned a blind eye in Holland they want you to pay money yes how much – two hundred and thirty three thousand and Euro and sixty cents exactly because it’s currently no plan to get rid of coffee shops all together in Amsterdam but the current government is excessively trying to curb them wheat smokers from all over Europe can still fly to Amsterdam to get high but the torch of green enlightenment has long passed across the ocean you [Music] [Applause]

Maurice Vega

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  1. Wow! Here in the USA we are moving in the right direction and the Netherlands is going backwards who would have thought.

  2. how strange how governments recycle the same ideas over and over again through time. No lessons ever learned?

  3. We thought Balkenende was a horrible Prime Minister, but seriously, Mark Rutte is even worse. In formal.. I mean money circles he might be a respected man, but no upstanding dutch citizen has ANYTHING good to say about this right wing, greedy idiotic fuck that dares to call his party LIBERAL. He and his party are ruining the economy, ruining our healthcare and even ruining what this schmuck openly dares to campaign for, LIBERTY.

    Mr. Rutte, I hope you read this. Go fuck yourself, because you're still too single to GET fucked. I'd have hoped this would make you changed your mind in how to run a country, but maybe I shouldnt expect a conservative to understand that, you people live in the past.

  4. I live in Amsterdam, this is not going to happen at all, if it happens is thanks to the stupid muslims invaders who tries to destroy development 🙂 Obviously not all muslims, but in general, that's what they do.

    Once drugs are decriminalised, to make it a crime is against development.

  5. i don't think anyone from the us is going to go all the way to Amsterdam now just to smoke weed when we have Colorado and Washington.

  6. for all the people watching this, I´m from the netherlands
    you guys can come over and have nice time while smoking weed,
    I´ve seen French, Germans, Belgians and many more nationalities come in and buy weed.
    that weed pas is gone(it was gone after 2 months) and only a couple shops will not
    sell you any, just go to a different shop and buy from there

  7. Wow, for the first time in forever I get to ask "When will the Dutch catch up to the liberal policies of the U.S?" haha

  8. As a Dutchman, I really think they should have added subtitles. His accent is really strong and I'm pretty sure it's not easy to understand for a person who isn't familiar with the Dutch accent.

  9. about the map of the Netherlands: where are the little islands above the netherlands? You guys just show one island, bure there are more islands! Could you guys correct this? <im form the netherlands, shame shame shame on you>

  10. finally the dutch are paying attention to their drug problems.  I been to NL not too long ago and I gotta tell ya, amsterdam is one of the most dangerous cities in europe.  High poverty, unemployment, drug related gang violence, homosexuality, and prostitution. I just had to cut my vacation short and get the hell outta that shit hole place.

  11. Vice talks about the "liberal mayor" but "leftist mayor" or "social democratic mayor" would fit better for the mayor you are talking about. In fact, the prime minister shown in this video is a liberal. "Liberal" means something different in many European countries then Americans might think. Liberals in Europe are a bit like "secular Republicans", that's how I would explain it to Americans.

  12. did you know people smoke less weed in amsterdam on avg vs the people here in america,so if the govt wants less people to smoke it then it should be legalized

  13. Illegal trade and crime will take over, tax revenue will plummet, Hard drugs – Heroin, opiates, speed, downers, coke, will come back in a big fucking way, and the moronic paranoid neo-cons who concocted this stupid, backwards political move will have a reason to hate out on foreigners, increase police/military budgets, and blame 'devil weed dealing' for funding ISIS.

  14. It' ironic the the USA, the country that first pushed for criminalization in 1937 and launched 'The War on Drugs' in 1972, now has several States where it's legal and regulated…and keeps moving forward…Kudos to you.

  15. Come on guys, I've been in Amsterdam alone & twice and I smoked it everywhere even before my flight outside the airport and 2 cops came next to me I didn't understand what they were saying to themselves , it was a waste of weed lol , but turns out they were using the same big ashtray that I was using , after that they walked away and I finished my king size RAW joint and next thing I know I'm @ my lame a** country and missing Amsterdam ✌🏽️any way September 2015 , can't wait 😏

  16. this is sad, how can a government be so scandalous stupid, they are giving a paradise place for gang and terrorist organizations to prosper instead of getting any good from it…stupid so stupid…i cant believe i just saw this…

  17. I'm from Sweden so I personally don't have any hands on experience with marijuana. Yet I still can't figure out why alcohol is allowed to be sold but not soft drugs.

  18. Rutte preaches about rubbish, but he cannot proove a word he says. He doesn't believe what he says, he just talks. He cannot imagine plants being grown for consumption if these plants are not 'legaly' owned by big pharmacists. The guy is a fraud.

  19. there is more weed being grown and smoked in wales than anywhere in Holland,i know because,i lived practically 2 hours away from Holland,now i am back home in wales,there isn't a single person that don't smoke weed,there are weed bags all over the streets,people sell it in every street,grow it in every room,even kids grow and smoke it here,i get about ten people nock my door everyday to sell it to me,cheese,kush etc,list is huge and these kids are outgrowing the rest of Europe,the strains are much stronger than Amsterdam,the quality is better too and wales is by far a cheap place,maybe not the cheapest but put it this way in Cardiff you don't look for weed,it finds you

  20. danm didn't know it was that bad, and this is from someone who has lived in Holland for a year. but check this out, there's a place called Middelburg which is a "dry" county, literally there are no coffeshops. and I know in Maastricht like what you saw in Amsterdam here, they've closed many coffeshops. this is what you get when you have right-wingers in power, who might be economically liberal but my god they ain't socially liberal unless a muslim extremist kills someone then all of a sudden they boast about their weed laws, and how tolerant they are

  21. why is this doc so short? needs to be much longer and more detailed!!!
    Every topic, every person, every angle from this particular doco is very interesting.
    Please make a second part to this doco and topic.

  22. This is all a result of dumbass Americans and drunken Brits who are causing all the problems. I live in Amsterdam, grow my own and buy on occasion from coffeeshops that aren't named The Bulldog. This is a non-issue.

  23. USE THIS–> IT IS THE WORKING Street Fight Hero Hack TOOL THAT WORKS! ENJOY! Government Crackdown on Marijuana in the Netherlands: Amsterdam's War on Weed

  24. Yes there is a crackdown becuase of all the tourists, becuase they can't handle amsterdam, they get drunk smoke up, and pass out in the street…this does not happen in other areas…if you go outside and check out coffee shops in Den Haag, Rotterdam, Leiden, Haarlem, Utrecht etc, the shops are opened till 2 am etc, and no id's requried nothing… there is nothing that is stopp…i call it propaganda as seen…if you follow the rules, there is no issues…people please keep in mind…the culture does not only revovle around amsterdam city centre and the de waalen…local speaking.

  25. Well wow, the Netherlands government going American… How can you make the output of a system legal and the input illegal? This is directly equivalent to calling on criminals to fulfill the input stream needs, not tax them, spend money to stop them and kill people in the process.

    I support legalizing every substance, EVERYTHING. Because making something illegal is not going to stop people from doing it, especially if it's something easily hidden like doing drugs. However making it illegal will create criminal networks, create unnecessary wars and cause more troubles then the drugs themselves.

  26. What I find as funny in this, is that this stinks of US involvement, which is the very country, my country, that said cannabis ought to be illegal to start with. Now, several of the US states have told Uncle Sam to go get smoked, and those states are showing their state authority over the fed. The US is the worst country for saying any drug, natural or not, is illegal, especially if it can cause any euphoric effect. They tried it with alcohol, and the people rebelled, which created much of the organized crime that is here, now. It took a constitutional amendment to create prohibition, and another to douche it down the drain. All that, over a bunch of prudish old bible-thumping women, who didn't like the fact, that their husbands had to get tanked, in order to find them attractive. Remember the Church Lady on SNL? That actually is what happened.

    After what the US forced Sweden to do, with those running certain websites, it is as plain as the nose on ones face, as to who is stirring the pot. All pun intended. The Netherlands and Sweden need to tell the US, Brits, and Germans to go drown in the sea.

  27. The Netherlands is going to lose a lot of money if they make marijuana illegal because the pot is making the Netherlands cash cow if they take that away there economy will go down the shitter

  28. coffeeshops are forbidden if they are near 200 meters of a school, students below 18 are not allowed in anyway.
    near 200 m of the school are allot of places were alcohol is sold, and thats ok.

    Fack you Rutte, allang blij dat opstelten opgetyfft is.

  29. I'm only going to Amsterdam for weed. lol its sad but the truth. i dont think in alone. they can say goodbye to alot of tourists if they do it

  30. I got a question, can a tourist still buy weed in the cofee shops? I'm belgian so my dutch is perfect but I think they'll hear my accent :/ do I need a weed pass or not?

  31. One of the best cities in the world. There is not gonna change much tho. Weed will stay, coffeeshops will stay, the ammount will only reduce a bit.

  32. You'd think at some point the police would have to reflect and ask themselves, 'why was it necessary for my partner and I to completely destroy someone's property over a plant?'.

    Police, while brave and helpful, seem to have some type of disconnect which prevents them from questioning their pointless, yet damaging tyrannical behavior.

  33. There is a difference between government regulation and the dutch police. Most cops will put their moral compass before the law. And when you walk past them, they'll know how fucking dumb the rules are and just leave you be.

    Most a cop ever did to me was confiscate my weed if i had it in my car. Which is annoying. But if that's all i'll cope…

  34. Shutting down a mans business for selling a plant that's killed 0 people but you can sell alcohol which kills people everyday in a shop right next to it ? Lol your really protecting the kids

  35. 😂😂😂its 2017 now and i assure you. The weed business is still going amazingly well mate. Im dutch btw, i know.

  36. I just got back from dam, and I am shocked at how bad the coffee shop sector is suffering. Most shops are closing and weed is stupid expensive

  37. now 2018
    The new government will allow legal weed to be distributed in a number of municipalities. The government cannabis is cultivated nationally and then distributed among six to ten municipalities. It is a test to see whether legal cultivation decreases crime and the weed can contain fewer harmful substances.

  38. Alot of crackheads in the comments section i see XD. If weed so damn good for everyone why don't pilots and surgeons do it on the job.

  39. Jesus Christ…I thought we learned this lesson with prohibition and the rise of Al Capone. How the hell is it that we're still going backwards??? We have GOT to get out of the business of moral policing…TODAY!

  40. The coffeeshops showed in this documentary are realy bad 😂 you need the smaller shops in the smaller towns for the best weed.

  41. The gov lost it, right? Cuz i saw a video about weed in Amsterdam, and that's only 1 years old

  42. I am from the Netherlands and this free-wheeling pretty much destroyed Amsterdam so, yes, maybe it's time for one hell of a clean-up.

  43. I lived in Amsterdam in the 80s. It was a free place that was relatively free of serious crime. People like artists and musicians used to live inexpensively. Now, Holland is being sucked into this worldwide authoritarian, conservative, white nationalist movement. Greed and racism is king, it's impossible to find an affordable place to live, and the government is using roughneck ractics to intimidate citizens.

  44. I don’t get it, growing the plant is illegal and there is no licence in the country for it either but use of it is “tolerated” and it is also sold under licence in coffee shops. Why not legalise it altogether or at least allow growing licences with paid tax as a business? If America, Canada and Uruguay can I don’t see why the Netherlands can’t 😕🤷🏽‍♂️..?

  45. Cannabis is a drug that is nothing but bad for our bodies. But humans are allowed to choose to harm themselves with alcohol for the mental/emotional benefits.

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