Government Communications Plan 2014/15

Alongside legislation, regulation and taxation
communication is one of the four key levers of government.
Every day we help improve the lives of people in the UK and beyond. The 2014/15 Annual Plan sets
out how the Government Communication Service will help deliver the coalition’s policy priorities.
In particular we will focus on three cross-government themes: economic confidence, fairness and
aspiration and Britain in the world. We will deliver these and around 140 other campaigns
effectively and efficiently. We will use new digital channels and we will evaluate everything
we do so that the contribution good communication makes to achieving government objectives is
absolutely clear. We will also continue with our reform of the government communications
profession to ensure that we deliver an exceptional public service delivered by skilled and talented
colleagues. Last year our strict financial controls saved the public purse more than
£36 million pounds. This year we aim to save at least £40 million pounds. Continue the
shift away from advertising to low cost and no cost campaigns and increase the amount
of collaboration between government departments. We expect to spend around £289 million on
planned communications. That’s the equivalent of around £4.50 per person per year or about
the price of a cup of coffee and a sandwich. This is a sensible investment because good
government communications saves lives, supports business and industry and helps people make
choices about their careers and their welfare. We are on a journey to world class communications
and this annual plan sets out some of the steps we will take over the year ahead.

Maurice Vega

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