GOOGLE EXPOSED! Big Tech Caught INTERFERING in 2020 Election!!!

are there everyone I'm in Dallas for a university model school convention I've had a wonderful time giving some talks here chatting with people but I wanted to take a break from that and give you a some of my thoughts on the latest scandal at Google that broke out this morning with the release of the project Veritas video I'm sure many of you know that project Veritas recorded a Google executive or name's Jen can I admitting that the big tech corporation was indeed intentionally attempting to rig their algorithms to affect the 2020 election she was on hidden camera she was caught admitting that Google execs were committed to making sure that 2016 didn't happen again that President Trump cannot be reelected and they were going to take whatever measures necessary to make sure that doesn't happen she noted that Elizabeth Warren the Democrats her proposal to break up Google was short-sighted because what Warren doesn't seem to understand is that if you break up this monopoly this Google monopoly well then they can't artificially manipulate the upcoming election if you break up their monopoly they won't be able to interfere with a free and fair electoral process moreover she admitted that there was nothing nothing that the government could say that would change their ways in other words it's the guy the government resigns it's up to just saying you know and it'd be good Google all right make sure you play fair that's if that's it that's all DC is willing to do well then Google is just gonna laugh in their face so this of course was a bombshell it rocked the Google corporation and they did everything they possibly good to hide it Google pulled the video from YouTube forced Project Veritas to share the video on Vimeo Jen can I the Google executive caught on camera admitting all these things she apparently deleted her Twitter account she made her Instagram private it's very very interesting to me that those who controls social media are deliberately attempting to hide themselves from social media very interesting nevertheless it was all too too late President Trump himself came out today and said that Google does need to be officially regulated no more mr. nice guy no more talk right the government has to come in and regulate a monopolistic entity that rules the internet and that is deliberately attempting to interfere in the upcoming 2020 presidential election even representative den Dan Crenshaw he was grilling a Google executive on the hill today and it looks like he's ready to push and back legislation they'll begin regulating this corporate giant that has admitted to an ultra liberal political bias and it's not just Google you know one study from a prof over at Columbia University found that Twitter censors conservatives / liberals at an astonishing 21 to 1 ratio ok 21 to 1 in terms of censoring conservatives and so the US government has begun to look into whether the big tech giants such as Google and Facebook are in fact violating antitrust laws a Justice Department the Federal Trade Commission they've agreed to split up antitrust oversight of the big four right which refers to Google Apple Amazon and Facebook YouTube of course it's a subsidiary of Google and the reason for this is because what Google and Twitter and Facebook are doing here is blatantly contrary to their legal position we talked about this before this deliberate censoring is wholly in violation of their legal status as utilities the whole thing here is that fake tech is our modern public forum we communicate publicly through these platforms and as such these platforms are granted immunity by the federal government from being sued if someone uses these platforms in an unethical manner just like the phone company can't be sued as someone was making a bunch of illegal phone calls and that's because the phone company is a legally recognized utility which is no more responsible for how people use their services then is the electric company okay well big tech has been granted this immunity and yet they have irrigated themselves to playing moral policemen and banning certain voices and opinions while allowing others so imagine they imagine that AT&T right or any other phone company imagine they listen in on your conversations and then decided that they were gonna terminate your account because they didn't like what you had to say all right that's basically what big tech is doing right now Facebook Twitter YouTube they're all acting like editorial publishers even though they have the immunity of utilities so this is honestly going to be rectified at some point either through successful lawsuits or through government antitrust regulation that is of course because Google as the Google executive said they refused to govern themselves there's just going to have to be some kind of legislation and I think that's what we can expect to see in the very near future but what all of that said I think this is a stunning admission and it's admission that the whole Russian interference Fiasco was a big lie the whole Facebook and social media hysteria that sought to protect us from fake news that could somehow inordinately sway public opinion away from the secular globalist liberal candidate that was all a big lie make no mistake these big tech execs have no compunction whatsoever and using the very tactics that they decried over the last two years they have no compunction in using the very same tactics that they claim to be so wicked and evil in such a threat to our democracy none whatsoever and I think that's because they know the world has turned against them they know more and more people are rejecting the secular globalist liberalism they so shamelessly peddle each and every day and they're doing everything and anything they possibly can to prevent it or better better they're doing everything they can to stave off the inevitable so they get to retire with their cushy nest eggs they don't care so much about the next generation big tech employees let them take care of themselves that's what globalist narcissism by the way will ways give you that's why it's so socially debilitating I think this is a massive admission that their obsession with Russia was just a ruse liberals were just plain pissed off that they lost they lost 2016 and they couldn't bring themselves to admit that our best and brightest got played by that oath Donald Trump it's also very interesting that those who have no problem surveilling us ended up getting surveilled themselves really there's just too many ironies here so god bless James O'Keefe and his work with Project Veritas I think what they're doing really is astonishing work all right that's all back to the conference god bless everyone

Maurice Vega

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  2. Government Anti-Trust legislation and law suits will NOT stop Big Tech in time for the run-up to the 2020 Election because both take YEARS and may not be successful. Trump needs to use an Executive Order to cancel their Carrier rights under section 230 of the TElecommunications Decenecy Act. Senator Hawley's Bill is the right thing but it will not be passed by a Democrat-dominated House. Trump needs to act, not sit on his hands!

  3. Cause and effect. Why is this such a hard concept to understand. Trump won because people were sick of the corruption and excessive control and lies of the social elite. How is doubling down on the very motivation for Trump winning in 2016 going to do anything but re-elected?

  4. And to be accurate mr Z and mr D will sit with their sweet little boy faces when they testify and say the nicest things but in actual fact they are super hypocrites. They know they are biased towards conservatives. Time to smash them properly Mr Trump

  5. The only people who want equality are the kind who want to drag everyone else down to a common level as revenge for their own shortcomings. Ugly women, stupid people, etc. Example: Jen Gennai, head of nonsense at Google. The woman is a horseface. She seeks revenge first on white males, 99% of whom always rejected her. Such hatred is disguised by a standard leftist pseudo-morality, which justifies revenge and hatred of others who innately have more.

    In a perverse way this motivation also applies to many who might be termed successful, because deep down they feel guilty for how they obtained success. Either they ran over a lot of people on the way up, or else believe they did not otherwise truly earn their rewards. Once again, their leftist pseudo-morality acts as justification for a cycle of hatred and guilt that feed off of each other.

  6. Goverment needs to do some hard core crack downs on silicon valley or freedom loving americans will and i doubt they will be nice.

  7. Google can be brought down like other company's. Yeah they need to stop the demonrats from cheating again like still having dead peoples names on the election registers. They will do anything to cheat and get in. TRUMP 2020.

  8. Google seems to think that every one trust them implicitly, whereas the majority of us out here already know that along with Facebook and Twitter they are an echo chamber for the Left(they are publishers if they Censor ACC's, not platforms), hence we use other methods and sources when researching any subject.

  9. Meenwhile in Sweden, a moderatorof a swedish Facebook "thread" got sentanced to fines for not removing a comment on said thread. I stress the point that he got tried and sentanced for NOT removing a COMMENT from another person :/ Please George Orwell I want MY country back

  10. Trump will be reelectedjust to spite Google, it will be the American peoples, way of saying Google,"you do not control us!"

  11. 21:1 is an astonishing ratio. 5:1 would be bad…
    Isn't there a law somewhere that makes monopolies illegal? Why hasn't that come into play? Democrat run Congress? Bush was too busy with the aftermath of 9/11? What?

  12. Thank you for the education and breaking it down. This allowed me to explain to my wife (liberal) my stance on why tech companies can not and should not be allowed to sensor conservative or any other voices.

  13. Since our big tech masters are pushing the woke Dem lie, there is little hope until after 2020 election, if then, that any legislative relief from our tyrannical social media masters will ever happen. Anti-trust is possible but I think Barr's got his hands full with the criminal activities pursued by the Dems under BHO.


  15. I good to have concrete proof, but I hope those in a position to do something about it were aware a long time ago that there was a conspiracy between tech, deepstate, and foreign governments to remove Trump. I knew it and I am a regular guy.

  16. You tube is no longer a neutral service. They are now a biased political entity and they need to have their immunity removed. WE do not need a 1984 thought control controlling us. I new that when a platform existed that allows people to think for themselves they would stop that from happening. OHH OHH once you question them they start off with terrorism.

  17. "We are not biased global technocrats…
    we are just good compassionate normal caring progressive world citizens who cannot be evil"


  18. Just let me know when the lawsuit against Google happens for interfering with my Amendment right to be able to vote it makes me wonder about 2016 I voted for Trump and I'm voting for him again the internet never changed my mind but I feel cheated and my feelings are hurt I'm triggered LMFAO I probably won't join the the class action lawsuit after they get their rights stripped from them by our government me firstly I never been the type of man to have my hand out oh that's right I'm not a lefty

  19. Welcome to Texas buddy. We love your content, and you're welcome here until the libtards over run our State with illegals. which they are trying to do.

  20. Google is owned by the CHINESE so their action and participation by their Executives is a direct action of Sedition /Treason so let's see some DOJ Action NOW !!!

  21. She just made herself a national meme. Classic hypocrite SJW femnazi moron. What a way to etch yourself into history Jen Gennai. Good luck attending all the San Francisco socialite parties being that now the" haters" are hating on you. The nationalists see you as a threat to the nation and even true liberals, if there are still any left on the left, see you as an enemy of freedom.


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