Good Governance Final Assignment Part 1 – Chulalongkorn University

on this part of the video we are going to talk whether CSR is related with Thai cultural context or not and also some perspective from Thai companies about their CSR programs His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej initiated an initiative in Thailand called a sufficiency economy philosophy at first this initiative was intended to recover the time economic condition after the economy crisis in 1997 there are a lot of common characteristics between this initiative and the modern definition of CSR such as community-based development worker networking stakeholder participation partnership and collaboration and the importance of local wisdom that's why this initiative plays a supportive role in strengthening the potential exists are in Thailand because this initiative focused on building a strong economic foundation and self-reliance at a local community level and also with the 95 percent of the population is Buddhist the law of karma is a fundamental principle in daily life in Thailand ethical behavior in business economics and society becomes the responsibility of an individual rather than of organization there is also an example for minor international public company of Thailand about the CSR guideline and it is a cooperation from the modern Western concept of CSR traditional Buddhist principle as well as the Kings initiative earlier as we can see from the video there was a picture of miners as a flat iron and here is the translation of it the CSR of miner is based on business compass for society combined with the principle of the UN global impact of silicon iron and I saw 20 thousands the territorial precepts Buddhist principle the philosophy of economics efficiency as a cat while parasol research from the University of Tennessee that examine CSR in Thailand from the perspective of Thai companies one of the finding is about how those companies perceive nurses are important to the society

Maurice Vega

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