GOOD GOVERNANCE: Agenda For President Buhari

prescribing the practice of the imaginary educational system National Security Adviser ba began among gue noted journalist after a meeting of the National Economic Council that the imaginary educational system has become a problem to the society national security don't be surprised if out of every 100 Alhaji right you might have two neurologists for architects two lawyers and so on and so forth so if we don't start thinking shorts mid and long term to overcome this problem and like I told you earlier on to overcome this problem you require a collective effort it beats my imagination we took the federal government this long to realize the dangers posed to the society by the imaginary education system a method of education that leaves students roaming the streets and begging for arms several individuals and groups are for so long campaigned for a stop to this education practice that has remain and I saw and I an indelible mark on our conscience the advocacy simply fell on deaf yes even a few voices in other Nigeria vocal ones that joined advocacy such as the Emmy of Konoe mohammed sallu c ii where drowned in the mists of those that accused them of incisive comments and the refusal of the authorities to reform the imaginary education system it apparently took the large-scale banditry going on in northern nigeria for government to more the idea of doing away with the imaginary education system without it and on ending Boko Haram insurgents in northern Nigeria you will have been business as usual as belated as it may appear the federal government is on the right track where the concern is the nature of support it could get not just from the states and local governments they're also from the conservative religious and traditional rulers as the NSA said without the support they are support the federal government's efforts may be in vain another major concern is how the states in northern Nigeria where the imaginary system of education is well entrenched we cope with about 10 million children in a Madeira schools can exist in Western school system cope with the expected influx with the facilities accommodate them what of the education budget is the enough to provide for the influx Nigeria is way off from the from MIT in the twenty six percent budget reallocation benchmarks set by the United Nations for the education sector for instance the 2018 federal budget for education is math seven percent of the budget the situation is even worse in the States the federal and state governments must cut down on the our statures wasteful expenditure on lifestyle and devote more resources to education to avoid and reverse the current situation in northern nigeria other issues that the government should also consider as rightly pointed out by the National Security Adviser are increasing overpopulation unemployment and poverty that a bad control scheme which as you know many northern Nigeria will pose may be a solution who come somewhere okay Bautista cuz of Assembly has two sets of leaders with the emergence of two different speakers this follows separate in aggression of the House of Assembly and the election of speakers by two factions of the assembly the first faction made up of 11 members came as early as 7 a.m. on Thursday and conducted their business just when they were about to finish the remaining 20 members stormed the house of assembly complex and a struggle for the mace ensued a book a while a month do solemnly we solemnly affirm that I was careful that I would read – I'm here – Maggie James and beer – Olivia the public of Nigeria as a member that as a member of this assembly of this assembly I will perform my ocean of all my functions honestly honestly the best of my ability the best of my ability faithfully faithfully in accord with the constant in accordance with the transmission of the term that I will be person that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance they are true Ally to the program area the credit okay twelve members of the budgeted House of Assembly struggling with the eleven that came early on Thursday to get inaugurated and elect a speaker for they miss the symbol of authority of the House of Assembly but they did not succeed as the subject at arms to K wedded miss so the remaining twenty went outside the assembly complex just under demoted miss the statute of the miss and conducted their own business got in a grated sworn in and conducted an elation that produce their own speaker my purpose of the para relation is trying to help enshrine democracy is not about myself is not about the 18 or 20 remaining members but we are trying to establish an institution today we may be elected as members of the ninth Assembly tomorrow some people in the come here what I trying to do is trying to help the nation and build democracy to its feet so invitation was dispatched to all of us to be here for swearing against this date which is twentieths happens to be Thursday by 10:00 a.m. and in trying to be disciplined at least as a law abiding and intended to you know make us why be here some ministry eight but this may surprise we met about eleven others that were members whose nine happens from the PDP one MPP and one from the APC that the one the chamber funny enough they perform what they prefer to be an election animal a serene of a speaker and a deputy speaker okay APC controlled or dominated now Batista has of assembly a state that has a PDP gov'nor Bala Muhammad so is 11 versus 20 what a drama how would they resolve their own paths I see a situation where the Boche state House of Assembly would be paralyzed keeping the legislative arm of government in the state on his needs now I'm allowance Senate President has been preaching that he would be a man of his own under the a night Senate under his leadership would not be a rubber-stamp a simple test came to see how he could and we stand to pressures from party members party hierarchy and possibly the executive and not too long after he was elected as Senate President he made some few appointments including that of dr. vessels our desire a journalist with Tribune newspapers as his special advisor on media and publicity it did not go down well with supporters of the APC let fair argument who accuse festers of being an unrepentant critic of body president and the party they put so much pressure on Emil on to reverse that appointment our he capitulated now two things they did Ahmed resists to what ascended II resist or did he easily give up a stand he took a dis journey took was it try not to send the wrong message to the party and to the presidency the him a low post them is that why he readily sacrificed doctor vessels Adebayo one of the expectations and perception of the people how only balance dad's there were fears that Pamela one will become a rubber stamp Senate President and some people believe the way he backtracked ed and Cotto to the wishes of APC members prove them right but I Marilyn has continued even before he revised the apartment of vessels Adebayo a desire that he will remain firm resolute as senate president so there will be nothing like rubber stamp so far I have never seen a national assembly that had there about some leadership and been around for twenty years to know if there was one there is no need for any fear that there we are about Stamp National Assembly perhaps I'm probably with the time Nigerians will come to see that what we desire and what will happen by the grace of God will be a working relationship that will endure the entire administration and this government to the people of Nigeria we time will truly see whether the night Senate under a Malawi indeed be a robust table or it will stand up to his positions our conversation today is all about at the federal government led by Mohammed Buhari has been weeks after the administration was sworn in for his second term and the people are hungry for action who be certain agenda for the President as the big continues to mull over his cabinet and the nation and with key appointments of aid what should be priority what should attract his attention please do join us as our panelists is on ground to delicious by the school's teachers and teaching materials necessary for basic education which is actually aiding and abetting that crime this is therefore a call to action I would like to see every governor arise from this meeting and really his local government chairman was ensuring that all schools of the right opportunities and provide the needed materials and teachers for basic education at the minimum if we are able to do the benefits will surely manifest themselves the government will continue to urge security of lands and properties as top priority on our agenda we are firmly committed to secure the territorial integrity of our nation while comparing the remnants of terrorists bandits and other criminals across the country they are must be collected and deliberate efforts by or to improve the security of lives and properties across the country the issues political actors unless we get a cure for what is healing apology then we will continue to make effort we all desire a united Nigeria then let nobody tell us that are united and Durga all of us wanted people will not be malicious a scheming and intro thank you so much for meeting with us my guests are seated three members of the panel to my right we have barista Muslim McGarry a lawyer politician and political analyst he's so much thank you for coming dr. Anna's Eric a political science department universe of Abuja is also very much around thank you so much my pleasure joining us and chief g20 yeah a Politico analyst mix up our number thank you so much Yakov oh come into focus tonight the president if you listen to that tractor talking of two key issues security being a priority and the issue of a major education system and the need for people to really send their children to school threatening that those parents are felt to do so may face the music and it includes a jail term but the president is coming to terms with this a second time in office the hope is that he will hit the ground running do you share the hope well I hope so I expect by now that most have starts in some key actions from the president and after the elections and have been sworn in for almost twenty some ten years ago now get entailment and i'm fir that the first thing he has to do is to mess up key appointments to never the international investors and the local investors understand the policy directions of the president or the federal government but as long as there is delays here at there we keep people kasey kid ninh julian guessing keep the international community guessing what is the government coming up with the sooner he started to mend those things he be grand on him then we'll be able to know that this time around I mean to be serious and there'll be a lot of changes like issue he has raised now few issues issues of security solutions of Education and our modulus and all these are the important things I expect that as he take of this particular second term that he must put a very serious attention to all that and ensure that number one issues of the security because when you have the security experiments ceremony so does look at it okay dr. Erica a lot of people we have the view that the delay in 2015 6 months before the government was able to put a team together impacted negatively on our economy some people are already counting but the present is again taking his time maybe a so say for the cabinet maybe when the National Assembly resumes comes back from the adjournment maybe the and mr. nominees list would be ready just yesterday Femi Falana came out with some concerns about the fact that the president has made when up reappointed his personal Easter's they don't need confirmation from the Senate and they have been acting in that capacity well I'm not a lawyer to really argue yes that those personal aides who do not need reconfirmation can continue in office or not the they really don't need confirm me they don't need to go to the national assembly for confirmation perhaps the president is carrying along with them believing that the laws have not been floated because like we said they don't need that confirmation and so it is less for lawyers to determine whether they are acting illegally in office for instance a spokesperson of the president for me really does know if the president is satisfied that you have done well and he's been real like that and he believes that you should carry on for me I don't really feel it is illegal for such a person to continue to speak on behalf of the president except otherwise the loss is because after all it is the same president even though you can say that it is a different regime this time around because the first tenure has come has elapsed and so a new term is he has a new term has been given to him and so if for me if he feels that these persons have done well his personal aides have done well and he needs to carry on with them if the Lord doesn't relief from until then I don't see what stops him make me a liar Femi Falana drew attention to section 1 5 1 of the Constitution which says the tenor of disappoint these ends when the president leaves office but unfortunately for the law it is a president as transit a source all we say says it doesn't need parliamentary approval maybe cou salamba some people like thoughtful an asset is his assistant is an indicator what was it what was the president from justice you name a press release in my view some of these developments help you know understanding you know of modern jurisprudence also help and understanding of how you know democracy is the workings of government exactly now it will be construed that the presidency or the president is not expected to walk alone as individual it will be assumed that the law recognizes that the office of the president would naturally be supported by some persons some functionaries in forms of aids so at all time it will be seem to two to be appropriate that president would have a retinue of aides around him to support him discharge you know responsibilities what that particular section is talking about strictly speaking my understanding may have to do with cabinet members of the presidency people whose requirements require like my procedures because I've said the confirmation of the Senate now I spoke about those that are appointed by the president apart from the cabinet so for me my humble opinion is the president is it's right maybe you should've all raised the dose exactly yes exactly and then I don't remember any time daenerys passed before this era that some of these issues have been raised so about some people also insist we need to abide by the processing so that we know where we're going well let me come back to you the priority mentioned security very as if the challenge doubled almost at the time the prison was being elected a lot of people have said the president needs to be careful in choosing the service chiefs no action yet and no action yet these set of service chiefs have been in office for nearly four years and should I continue some new new hands and possibly new strategy to combat the Boko Haram banditry kidnap teens abductions in Mission wide challenge well before I come to that let me you know how many inputs on discussion we have for the purpose of transparency and accountability the president has to make this appointment Nigeria would know them I know who work for the president who don't know what for the president as a matter of law must have to at least fry from the day after this warning it must have to release some key appointments may be the clues special as the media the a lot of these things that's the way things for clarity for clarity Nigeria will follow you you don't need to assume and walk within yourself and it doesn't matter it doesn't you know bring that that transparency that one by the side let me not go to the issues of the security worries yes this time around if we are a journey you don't use a single gear to reach a point of destinations at the different stages keeps changing keep changing you must have to look at it I always try to review so far so good what is the problem I would be able to make progress if we have made progress ok can we sustain and continue with the tempo if we have not we as we have we not a lot fared well do we need to change our church yes do we need to inject a new not a new idea a new strategy or any equipment or design you know cause for inner reexaminations I don't actually believe that there yes we have made some progress in some sacred but does appear to me that each time we says we have made some progress the problem continue to multiply we have so many bandages in Nigeria now we have the hesseman pathogen in different part of the country you have that the the other one that comes from our understand first it spread into customer and order Niger or it's an exactly Upton idea so I don't know what we are going to call that one but they said that is bandages then the tradition the ones who haven't already the Boko Haram have the button to a tree factions now operating at the different stages so modus operandi nobody knows but we must have except that we are seriously into security crisis so is there for the president what we tell you whether the strategy of last phases you dead fools whether there should be incremental transformational change and that is what the is being asked to do by Nandi the savage Chiefs or the commanders that is in charge of that process needed to be you know changed that was having you know okay let us see a new development and progress drak a a perspective via the process did strategy de speed speed is of the essence there now upon which or this subito yes condition of security I believe that we really don't have to delay so much because it's a it's a serious challenge across every part of the country and the president having been on the saddle for four years should have understood you know these challenges I should be able to really profile serious solutions to these myriad of security challenges that we are facing in the country and having said that you know democracy presupposes participation now participation not only at the time of deciding who leads but in also determining how you are led especially in the process of taking decision the governor health of the society and so it is almost like a general consensus in the country that the the approach we have deployed so far in tackling these security challenges have not worked and it is also almost a general and national consensus equally that we need to reject the security structure and disagree to structure of the country and so even if the president is very comfortable satisfied with the structure he has but the the the people are thinking that there should be a new a new approach and I mean new faces new hands brought into into the structure in order to tackle the challenges that we are facing and so if truly this is a democratic society that encourages participation that allows the voice of the people to prevail I think the president should listen to what Nigerians are saying and rejigged the security structure of the contest listening to the people is a communication a lot of it was extremely present to communicate more not just with the issue of security but only or as he goes into his second term in office what are your perspectives on security and they need to communicate more well added to the need for putting competent security commanders in place do also added to the idea of engaging citizens and giving sense of belonging you know to Nigerians to own security programs to make it a citizen to make it citizen-driven that citizens should be security conscious citizens you see security as not only a matter of government but their own response there are responsibilities the most important for me is the dimension of unemployment that is connected to this high level of insecurity so we will then legs act ly so I hope to see the president you know do more in addressing issues of youth unemployment that one is properly and carefully handled you will see a dramatic reduction in these incidences of insurgency incidences of kidnappings incidences of this is my take because the economic value dwell on it when we come back from this subject please let me stay with us every day naughty issues people in Nigeria's growing democracy removing fossil fuel subsidies is the right way to go we are not in a situation to make up one night one day and just remove subsidy but how much of these issues do the people understand appreciate does not show that their issues can be complex or deliberately mystified that's where the people are lost in the democratic process and jigsaw the food incisive and reliable analysts Benga our labor lays bare the issues and demystifies the concepts jigsaw every Wednesday at 11:00 p.m. jigsaw putting the pieces together till mystifying the issues thank you so much a fasting with us our concern on that conversation today focus Nigeria the machinery of government how efficient should it Iran how fast should it be just put in a different options on the table for the president if she loses over Politico as the uber a political analyst is joined by dr. Nazira care of the invest of Abuja port cosines and international relations department and verus a Muslim a Giri a lawyer and politician making up a number socio-economic issues the president just in that sand we played just before we came out here making the president making strong statements on the need for parents to send their children to school is strong with a lot of commitment it tells you that maybe is going to be priority NSE also speaking on the issue of prescribing imagine is crucial it appears the I recognized the link between education and peace and tranquility in a society well no doubt the issue of al Masri has been you know a problem for the country and then successive governments especially at this level have done a lot of effort to see in how the remodel you know the al Masri system to mainstream its you know to our conventional school now that the president is taking it off I I hope to see that he engages the governor more because these are responsibilities that are primarily domiciled you know in the states and then although education being you know part of concurrent lists who Eric Ferragamo he has powers with the states but this aspect of you know al Masri issue I hope to see that the president be s pressure on the state governors pressure and influence exactly on the state governor and then assist them with in needed you know resources you know to address the operation is very key exactly if you don't get not just the governor's the local government exactly traditional to us exactly loss and if the support home then the president has the Haku exactly exactly does the angle he must look at and then secondly as citizens and enough there has been you know propagation that you know especially in Cano for example one house one al majorie one house one al Masri what does the mean technically saying we should everybody should contribute to it try to see if you can send a child to the school no you can just pick up or horrible child from to rehabilitate yeah kind of you know give back to the community that if we can do with good you know moral sense who is driving the process this is conditions yes civil society foundations have been you know propagating in the North that look this our problem is not just government's problem so everybody should and they should be be greatest ally of the Farrakhan exactly already on the advocacy exactly exactly so the presidency should set up initiative you know without harness some of these potentials and then really key them into addressing this problem doctor cannot jostle with the imagine education system the priority federal state local government gift education is poor and inadequate 2018 federal budget seven percent allocation to buy education against the UNESCO to insist this and benchmark the president must arrest mistake this time around what though just raising the stakes but I mean coming from the University I can really tell you that the educational sector in Nigeria has been neglected not much has been done as far as education is concerned I mean in Nigeria universities you you find that the teaching and learning environment is not just conducive to teach or to learn I mean it is very difficult for students in Nigeria in order to have very good atmosphere to learn and so if that is the case I'm sure it's also it is also replicated in other levels of education across the country I mean we have seen primary schools without roofs we have seen primary schools without seats for three people's to sit in and so there is no way people can man in such environments so these are not just for the present and various common it is a general I mean the country must declare a state of emergency on the educational sector because the the world today is a knowledge driven society and if we are not prepared if we are not equipping a human resource in every society see you have a society or you have a state that is a country because there are first and foremost individuals occupying that space and so the population the human resource that make up that that that state matters so much and if you do not build the capacities of these this human resource then you continue to lag behind Nigeria will continue to lag behind other societies will continue to lag behind in Africa because a Krishna sector is in shambles nothing much has been done as far as and unfortunately we know that never even never a countries are increasing attention and priority to education this is not just AG nutini's it is I mean I thought the best way to describe it is that it is in shambles you find out that professors do not have offices to sit in you find out our students do not have well-equipped libraries that are linked to other libraries across the world and you are producing individuals who should fit into a global village and they are not participating in global they are not getting this global knowledge and so there is no way we can compete there is no way we can fit in into this global village and so I would want to see the president apart from security prioritizing education and not just the presidency not just the federal government but all levels of government had in a great nation in size really a serious challenge that we need to talk to if we desire to see first oh well the last Minister of Education was an accountant by training some people have argued that it doesn't matter just issue of policy anybody could be direct who's quite some of my close to the president if there are few people who was who could be said to be closer to represent an atom atom oh we need someone who will so much influence we're only president to handle such an important sector if only we have Europe and first in the present to a give more and concentrate more education yeah um align myself with the last mission he made my little ass Peter being a Content as a minister for education yes it costs for wisdom anyway because it has to do with the profession but to my you know sometimes we surprised the past we appointed the professor to handle the educational ministries but I've not seen that very much anyway no no so much improvement because the the manatee or humanity saddle is an educationist that is what I'm trying to you know Ponton most important thing is that somebody understanding what you mean they the responsibilities are assigned to you individual in a look at the entire war within time structures ministries permanence entities and the narrator's and all of them and even Outsiders consultants and other stakeholders who be able to you know have ideas Hoddy issue be set the kind of a roadmap for Nigel I commissioned education assisting in address pseudo to that extent on firm it isn't a standard yes Sulu so I fir that at this stage the government the federal government have to declare a state of emergency by whoever is going to be appointed to be in that position maybe somebody that is well yes some person that understand what it means so under who should be reformed minded minded a lots to change a lots is suspected now the for instance we are talking about these issues of our major ease we have not been able to another attention to camp I become what is going on there from Peru new to you Bay to naija to Cocina to some foreign the rest of them lot of use as they come again to school if there is anywhere they can gather you know you know being a business grow watch you can see the number of people we as present down they are not being given the proper educational system there were there just from beginning of the year to the end of the year these are fun part of the youth we are talking about the government have to wake up and look at the entire system not only their imagination yes I imagine is hard to be 10 foot I can say that our mother is a human creation because yes because do you be a generator mantis administration they come up with a kind of a roadmap towards that they started construction a is too far my jewelry's and the rest of them they have a good program towards that but the most important thing is that there's a lot of politics from the state the state tried to play politics on that they refused to kill him to that initiative and I fear that now and if this present government comes they would have look at it's not every you know initiative that be initiated by the first government that is wrong they would have look at the time even see where they can take it further on this case I mean bringing all stakeholders the religious bodies they state the local government and other bodies the good I mean the good thing is that the president in Nigeria is such a powerful figure that once he moves with the entire paraphernalia of office parson influence that revolve I'm doing it rarely who get this the cooperation of the other interests critic of course would immediately they wish you studied them clean everybody tried to kill because it's going to be a problem to entire night it and not only did not and in aspect of it because Larson remains as one Nigeria whatever happens in born whatever hobbies is so good happens in the South because you've won war the order between BSP ruler so I feel that we have to tell also some number of out-of-school children in southern Asia we set of school children yes majority not another but there are some good some millions in southern nature so we must especially the governor's at least 11 more see and ask themselves why they see have these a limited number within their territories yes sometimes some of the governor sometimes do they will be concerned with some other developmental structures but education is the key very important if you integrate there you are going to face the consequences because every day you see different type of crime distance coming up again nanny kidnapping system cyber distant is there Robles there all kinds of things are there what leads to that is because there is no what's let me say if not be able to create something that you can put the you – that is not issues of charitable education technical education is very important to a vocation and that's what we need more now from our Twitter handle I see what your contributions are who was the best good governance we call it but it cannot work if we don't see ourselves as one body my advice to mr. president is his inclusive government has stained his hands of fellowship to every part of Nigeria ek grandeur initial security look look for the Chief of Army Staff look at how the chief of a Mustafa accuses personnel in the war front of insubordination it means he has lost respect of his soldiers and can't motivate them anymore the facts this fact one is enough for the president to retire him immediately this one no need two weeks if all the hundreds of billions of Nara we stayed on this special Social Innovation Program as IP we are used to fund education and health care today would be one be talking much about security and millions of out of school children the president missed opportunity now but yes miss me if you believe in mr. investment has in mrs. Linse accountable this social intervention program is also a very important Muslim a green in trying to ensure that the poorest of the society there's some cushion for them but the issue now is what percentage of of fundings you good and what percentage should go even to education and some people are even questioned the school feeding program accent do you feed them when did I have qualified teachers when they don't have the infrastructure which ones you confess these are problems and DPD we got me most crack well I think when the government sets the ball rolling for you no social intervention or the school city there are many things connected to it they call it homegrown that the food to be supplied were meant to be purchased or bought from our local farmers the cooks you know they were recruited we're meant to improve household income and create jobs you know the kids that are fed the food is intended to motivate you know poopies a role meant in school which have we've seen that you know astronomically you know between the time that the initiative was you know was launched the aspect of conditional cash transfer that was targeted as the poor of the poorest the poorest of the poor that in my local government in Bauchi I've seen you know people confessing that all their lives they've never touched anything government's money until that time and then the five thousand that you could just crash you know may watch out with it you know is enough at the local community to serve as capital to people so it has really impacted what we aspects more is to expand the scope in my view you know to accommodate more people the end power programmed i/o demand more funding exactly it doesn't take in a wave from where it doesn't matter it doesn't matter in my view these are social welfare programs and then it is at the core of governance the essence of government is security and welfare only people now strategically because the government would look at you know of course set priorities on the whole look at also the value that that initiates they were undercover exactly exactly so coming from this part of the country that you know faced with you know vulnerable children you know faced with you know widespread poverty you know and then we're faced with you know security and a lot of environmental problems so this kind of you know interventions you know impact significantly so I urge all the government to sustain it to to open the scale especially in terms of empire to admit more and more and more bring them more pitiful social safety net exactly and then we encourage you know the system the other arms of governments the local governments state government to also key in to do exactly now happily the president is given sense to our local governments now by trying to start with the aspect of the autonomy no guarantee exactly exactly that is one aspect we also hope to see the second leg which is that local governments I mean local government elections are conducted and so on based on that will reflect the wishes of exactly okay and as as if you're not comfortable with some of these yes because you know in Nigeria we have tried so many poverty reduction strategy but they have all been in the change of the nomenclature of strategies strategies has always remained the same give imperatives and handouts to the people now handouts and palliatives we never induce poverty you can it is more like an opium and confirm where the wave time and so what governments can do even though we even though the the social intervention program may be populist in nature but in the long run yes some jobs are being created but in the long run what reduces poverty is the capacity of the people to be able to act out their own living within a conducive environment that supports whatever activities they embark on for instance if I have the capacity to make plots and then government provides what we call the general goods general goods will include security will include the infrastructure that can supports you know my skill my talent and my and my capacities and so I do not really support even if we have created some jobs I do not really believe that we should continue to give out handouts to people that it has not reduced poverty in Nigeria rather we should give we should focus our attention on providing these you know general goals let us provide security to secure investments let us provide infrastructure for instance routes Pawa that can support the small and medium scale enterprises now by doing that you are empowering the people not only to eke out their own living and create jobs that can recruit and employ those who are not impressive initially said that I will quickly want to weigh in on the issue of appointing an accountant as a Minister of Education now even if you appoint the best education is in this country as the Minister of Education so long as there is no political will from the highest office of the country in the MAC address the recent words to address the Negro change educational sector so political will is a much more important you want weighing on the areas where resources could be moved into they'll make a half value of impact social investment program education poverty alleviation create job creation where would you want to present to stuff for well he has said it all I creating a very noble environment for all these things because it's not all that you know a certain way or none goes on and dish out something to somebody this is always an emulation is temporary basically it leads to laziness it lists a lot of tools that as he has started today they continue to be people will relax people always trying to exploit it have you been able to call for a review so far the one got done what present day you see a very fine way of creating a kind of you know a loophole for people who are you know most countries of the world have design feel social social program has developed nation they have the Alice's there's so many pressing issues we have to first of all the issues of infrastructure create enabling environment now go to the extent of you know this nation for Christian education it's only when you train people they know that maybe by terror maybe by mechanics maybe by plumbing building all kinds of things they can be it by themselves and others things they not start to create for themselves and at the same time recruiting people to okay through them you know what the government can do that is that comments have to ensure that consciousness power supplies there should be there then you must have to open up a level in Aveiro another Lenova okay let's take some Twitter is ideas we are putting on the table would be present is a Liberty to consider and take any has they also numerous on advances Wilson Godwin the situation in Madras pre-k Rose whether we accept it or not businesses are there for all to see the president needs to raise this game through whatever means possible yes he needs to raise this game and the ammonia commerce and dictates that wavin and in combat is real acted he or she has to be sworn in a friend because earlier tenure has ended same applies to all appointees this is a very valid point not just in appoint reappointed they have to be real swinging against somewhere a man mañana I'm of this government I'm upset the government that did not believe this their own is in power worship the transformation of the imaginary system of education a Goodluck Jonathan is being vindicated yes Jagga bar the president should be given the benefit of the doubt I personally believe that this time around he will make Nigeria and my dreams happy in all ramification we can say amen to that the last Prince William II this time around federal government most Calabar a we stay common in order to make sure our children are back in schools since the education is a concurrent list and also to increase the number of states on school feeding program because it helps it helps so much a little in Kaduna he says thank you so much for your twist and thank you so much gentlemen for coming around chief g20 dr. Nazira cambogia Muslim bakery thank you also for being part of it my name is Amit Jennifer we do have a nice weekend

Maurice Vega

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