Global Governance Promo video 2015-2016

the world is really changing and moving faster maybe someday I can change the world there's no unique solution there's cooperation to receive the main global challenges 360 degrees we need to bring a harmonization we owe it to each other to help each other and Mustafa became the director of the global governance program at Oregon University global governance is an undergraduate degree meant to raise the awareness of young students to the issues of globality three core values of the global governance program are learning debating and teamwork learning because students have to sense that in a globalized world working hard is very very important to send a strong signal debating because we want the student to have the personality to say something to the world and teamwork has to do with respect with diversity with understanding the value of others I want to become the change I want to see in their world so but you must learn how so that's why I chose Kabul governor's to learn the house we live in a bubble before coming to global governance because it's not the fact that we don't know the problems is that we don't face them in this BA we face the problems global issues like migration like climate change obesity aging population and nutrition it gives to students completely different perspective so you should be open-minded because we are facing like different cultures different nationalities you have to be accepting to other people's ideas and what other people have to say basically and also you have to be able to raise your own voice we are looking for students that have something golden inside of them something special we look at grades but not that much don't tell this to the teachers obviously the most surprising thing of this BA is the relationship that you can establish with the staff and with the teachers you can really realize that the teachers want to see you succeed here professors are really flexible even than class whatever the time is we just remain them or contact them they instantly responses this is the things I like most professors that potentially you'd never meet anywhere else I mean you know we have visiting professors from everywhere I mean I am very much one to say that I would sit in a lecture sometimes and switch off I never switch off we had a candidate from Nobel Prize for Peace having a lecture for us for like a month which this is not amazing I don't know what is amazing studying in Rome has been a wonderful experience it's very very beautiful be the people the culture the food everybody think about easily they're gonna like oh my god like seaside city and like people are friendly and pasta is just so great well governor gave me the chance to approach the cybersecurity issue because I think it's a global issue and everything is happening now the inter-religious dialogue is difficult to it's difficult matter to to deal with and I can see now that other countries are not having this debate people always expect someone to just come in and solve all their problems what they don't realize that there it they are the solution I would like to do so much like a social worker to make people understand that we are human equal in terms of Rights my dream job is to be an international representative for a labor union because nowadays politicians overstep workers rights and workers really don't know I would like to become a manager in the luxury sector and this might surprise you but actually there are a lot of global governance issues that has to be solved I expect many of my students to have an international career I expect 99% of them at a certain point in their life to go back to their own country because their heart is full of values is full of roots and they we want to apply what they have learned in life in such a beautiful global environment in their own country in their own City in their own neighborhood global Global global global governance be a major way

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