Global Governance – EU President Admits One-World Government is Here – NWO – New World Order

what was once a deep secret among the world's leaders has now gone public with the appointment of Europe's new president global government living through exceptionally difficult times financial crisis and it's dramatic impact on employment and budgets the climate crisis which threatens our very survival a period of anxiety uncertainty and lack of confidence yet these problems can be overcome by a joint effort of being in and between our countries 2009 is also the first year global governance with the establishment of the g20 in the middle of the financial crisis the climate conference in Copenhagen is another step towards the global management of our planet let's hear that again 2009 is also the first year global governance with the establishment of the g20 in the middle of the financial crisis the climate conference in Copenhagen is another step towards the global management of our planet do not promise you our mission that you miss your this our presidency is one of Hope soudanese supported by action and by deeds you heard the president of Europe declare that a global government has been created it's up to us to keep America free and independent please take action today

Maurice Vega

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  1. Join United Earth, Elect a United Earth Government. Save the Earth with the People, Animals, Plants, Environment, Natural Habitat, Natural Resources, Education, Act against; Disasters, Deceases, Poverty, being Homeless, Conflicts and War, Cruelty, Population Explosion, Gangs, Terrorists, Drugs, Bad; Political and Economic Systems, Governments, Leaders, Misinformation and Establish Justice, some of the Critical Global Issues facing the Earth. Elect a United Earth Government, members being selected from a pool of proven caring non profit organizations and activists working on earth matters.

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  2. Get all the third world countries under one umbrella first. Under one democracy government that is successful.
    Then I'll rethink one world government.

  3. I agree with the conspiracy but Europeans have used "governing" as a word for educating in the past. Maybe that is still applicable.

  4. Listen to his first sentence, we are living trough difficult times, yea I bet you are living one hell of a life, where you get to read from a script for a at least a 5 figure paycheck. If you deal with lots and I mean lots of psychopats and just human garbage then you can easily spot one, and I have folks had countless encounters with scum of the society, and when I take a look at these peoples eyes I get that feeling of my gut telling me they scum. Just every sentence he utters is an insult, I mean just how could so many people be ruled by men and women like this?!?!?it baffles me really.

  5. Global Management of our Planet is not necessarily an evil thing. It is not jackboots putting you in concentration camps. Think about how it could be a good thing, and a necessary thing. A lot of people do. The irony is that it is necessary for everyone to be talking with everyone else, to avoid a secret organization taking control of everybody else from behind the scenes. Only when everybody stops talking to everybody else, does the globe become easier to seize control of by some shadowy thing we did not see coming. We have to make the unified system and ensure it does not become totalitarian, to avoid a totalitarian system occurring.
    The problem is that the bankers are controlling everything, using nations as puppets. The strategy of 'divide and conquer' is their tool. Think about what you are doing when you vote whether your nation is better off making secret backstage deals with totalitarian regimes, or having a say in the unified government which is also vulnerable to being taken over by a totalitarian regime. It is happening but people are too distracted to see that it is happening. We are offered a vote to stay or leave, but the real problem is that either way we choose, a more deadlier enemy is already playing the global stage and nobody seems to have got it together to prevent that. Except for China and Russia. They can see only too well what is happening in Europe and America, because they have different economic systems.
    The enemy is not the EU it is USURY BANKING. Islam is such a massive powerhouse because they do not charge money on lending money therefore they are not economic debt slaves, which all of Europe is because the EU governments accept satanic banking system which controls it. Independent nations are pawns to that system.

  6. And we, the people are still a sleep. Can`t / won`t see further then its own little bubble.
    Even when the reality is picking them in the eyes..

  7. Firstly their is no president of Europe, this is just part of the American misconception that Europe is one country sure there is the EU but calling Europe one country because of that would be like calling the world one country due to the UN. Also what is even wrong with a one world government, it would end war and increase economic growth and generally allow a more efficient and productive running of the planet.

  8. America and the world had better wake up, Men and Women sent to wars based on lies and deception, truth was to remove dictators so the new world order could be ushered in. Voters have the power to stop the corrupt politicians in both parties. Your freedom is at stake once it is gone, you will be slaves to the leaders of the new world order.

  9. this man is a planted stooge-working in the rothschild/rockefeller bankster mafia cabal-to hammer and drill into the minds of the sleepers-one world enslavement-to make it much much easier for the slavemasters to do their job.The best part -ie–only part the sleepys don't get -is government is a fiction—just like tuesday is a fiction,—but the sleepers just cant get it-which makes it impossible for everyone else ,who realize that their isnt any need for government in a voluntary society and the non-aggression principle which would let the world be put back in tune.

  10. What sick fucks wants to force uniformity on different peoples and at best enslave billions of people. Sadly, it will probably happen and I believe it is already happening progressively.


  12. @tjm167x I love that Farage motherfarager….they cant even stop that dude with a plane crash, we need a few of him here in the U.S….he referred to this guy as a "personality of a damp rag".

  13. on another conference he actually drops the words : "…as the steps to a new world order…." can't be more in the open than that!!!!! WE're FUCKED!!!!

  14. The EU is trying to create a type of United States of Europe. The United States of America is numerous States that technically could be "countries".

  15. Who are the members of this non-elected gang: who are they;
    Who put them into that position;
    Who declared this munk-looking guy to be the 'President'..?
    I dont want them
    I didnt vote for them
    I don't trust them
    Who are they ?

  16. @DoJaenin keep believing the the banking cartel who has their minions in many western nations policy planning positions are there to benefit the people. They created the bubble and popped it to seize more power and control. They are doing everything they can to get all the countries in Europe to give up their sovereignty to the Banking Cartel just as it has been happening in the states.

  17. I feel sick to the stomache everytime I see or hear of this poor excuse for a man, human being in fact.


  18. He needs to comb that cooch looking head of his,as far as one world Gov. goes we in America have been loseing our Liberties steadily for the past 30 yrs. anyway and people are waking up finally and standing up for themselves.

  19. You have got to be joking.
    There is no "we" in this new world order there is only those in power maintaining power.

  20. A mi me podran gobernar la economia pero mi personalidad y mi espiritu lo gobierna Dios y yo el poder que tienen esta gente es limitado y superficial, saludos.

  21. Hey I keep trying to share this video and the other copy's of this one and it says error try again!!!! but every thing else it will let me do WTF!!!!

  22. "Please take action today" Many or even most I think if your honest and arent working with the LaRouche Youth Movement already are saying "What Action" ?
    Well if you go to LaRouchePAC you will get updates almost hourly about what to do.
    You can easily find the LPAC website by going to my channel. There IS a way to stop this spiral into hell. It starts with reinstating the Glass-Steagal legislation if you don't know what that means go to LPAC and start investigating. Kill the NWO now.

  23. @Destromath19 China, Russia, Iran, N Korea…anyone thinking they want to be ruled by some assclown like the guy in this video from Humburg or some shit is just crazy…they want nothing to do with being under a 1 world govt ran by some 80 year old fart. People can think this is the plan to their own demise.

  24. NATIONIA is:

    Peaceful nationalism.
    Harmony. People – in nations, nations – in the world.
    Movement for the survival of nations.
    Lifestyle of people conscious nurturance.
    Philosophy of ethnic diversity and progress.
    Community of alter egos who are for nations diversity rather than their mixture.
    Ideological alliance and cooperation of various nation patriots.


  25. One united government and one united distribution of wealth would help solve the wealth inequality that exists between countries. Why should we in the West live lives of luxury whilst people die in Africa?

    The only problem is getting a central government that always works in the best interest of the people, which could probably never happen.

  26. One more whole new level of government. Problem is….the people have zero say in who is the leader. Do you people understand that this is one more level of corruption. The differance is that this level of corrupted government is above the screams of the people, they are removed from citizens prying eyes. There is no recourse for crimes against the people.
    One more level of government to take your money from you in the name of security.
    The leaders are the only secure ones. and corporations.

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