Glenn Beck Masters The Art Of Combining Conspiracy Theories – Political Maniacs

Glenn Beck is the master the master in a
manger I’ll Ben Ghazi conspiracy theories now he has managed to wrap the next in greatest kennedy International Crisis
which is blown over much like Ben Ghazi blew over don’t get me wrong just resting on the
last by Glenn Beck has managed to you kinda ball
up all of our international issues into one crazy conspiracy theory so this was on Tuesday so on Monday night Glenn Beck had declared that the
proposed military actions against Syria that actually nothing to do with
chemical weapons by President outside to get civilians but we’re really about oil money and the desire to
construct a pipeline across Syria on behalf of Qatar but that theory only lasted less than 24 hours
because the next morning where he woke up and had come up with a
new crazy conspiracy theory on his radio program he said that what
this is really about what’s really going on is that military
strikes in Syria is all about covering up are gun-running
operation through Ben Ghazi he said the United
States is running weapons and missiles to the Syrian rebels third in gaza now’s afraid that Assad is
going to defeat the rebels capture all the weapons US is applied by
putting them on display for the world to see I don’t know how you can keep coming out like well what you see
if we can’t I every conspiracy theory up into like one
amazing bond aw Richard you’re not like you know Comcast services yeah triple play not you good except the conspiracy
triple threat triple play of the week I agree I you
know I think this is just part of the republican candidate that
this crazy conservative construction over retired these things together and
we make them seem believable with very very very very thin lines like
I mean tie with the lines like time together with like like I was in a
manner dental floss it I these cancers get a
dental floss and force the American people to believe
that this was our listeners believe it and now you know tortured fusing you
make it the world you can’t believe it’s musical
people ago Obama is a Muslim and a public admin Sharia law yeah moment the guy has a constitutional law
professor who teaches the Constitution when we ever
have time to in to let to Sharia law but then
again I can’t explain these republicans no I’m with you on that one and the
funny thing about all these conspiracy theories that
seem to be popping off from what what we would call I guess are far-right arrange on him you know we’ve seen a
progressive going back going further and further writing off the deep end now as far as Alex Jones but he’s
getting there om they’re almost getting to the plate where the far it’s like a circle like
the far far far-right conspiracy theory
republicans in the far far far left conspiracy theories my people are almost
intersected which is so crazy Metro that is indeed
true so I I don’t even know what to make of
that om I don’t know where the truth lies on our
circle of truth liar that’s that’s for everyone else you know that that’s for individuals to
decide comin up for going back to site for people or for that matter for 25
side of people I know we should make our own decisions not rich fausto decide well well home

Maurice Vega

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  1. Well, at least you realize he is an artist and not a talk show host. He does super avant-garde performance art and it's brilliant. The perfect satire of Americanism.

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