Gingrich’s Past Exposes Disingenuous Christmas Impeachment Gripe | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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  1. The republican gop, has proven to be hypocritical, lying, thieving, lowlife, bunch of sobs., who are recently being shown as committing many crimes and being indicted one by one.

  2. Newt Gingrich may have a point. I've heard that Christmas time is not a good time to go to court if you want to convict someone of a crime because people are generally feeling more benevolent than at other times of the year. It's a good time of the year if you're the defendant. Remember, Clinton was impeached but not removed.


  4. Dear Republican voters, Ya gotta know these GOP protectors actually believe you're stupid. Why else would they look into a camera and speak as if their voters are complete idiots? Don't y'all have any dignity and respect for yourselves?

  5. Screw it's Xmas as an excuse.. Xmas is just a freaking day like any other. People give gifts, eat grandma's food and push her out of her recliner so we can watch FOOTBALL!! That's Christmas.

  6. Newt Gingrich……Isn't he the man who had his wife sign their divorce papers while she was in the hospital……Yes, he is a real font of virtue and propriety.

  7. It goes to show how fake and two faced these old fossils are. Gingrich is the Moscow Mitch of his day.

  8. Newt isn't the sole reason for how the body politic has gotten to where it is now, but he would get his own, lengthy chapter in a book about it.

  9. . please find time to look into all sides and claims .the bit of truth each of the many sides can give a real life view , which is closer but also has missing gaps all news is the meal of the day . get it out there rush jobs , it is not perfection or the best or right 100 % of the time ,after all it is just human effort , a she priest trying to please ratings to keep the cash coming in fits all the talking heads .don't put to much faith in it . to count any reports as pure gold your nutz , read more on it .this has noting to do with this post

  10. Mr Gingrich, I used to admire you sir but now I can’t believe what your doing to help mr trump even tainted your political career, sir your totally wrong ,shame on you sir 😇😇😇😇😇

  11. HaHa… I t w o u l d o n l y b e the B e s t C h r i s t m a s E v e r ! ! ! We wish you a Merry Impeachment … And a happy New Year

  12. Less we forget, Newt was also having an affair with Calista while he was married to his second wife; which he had an affair with while married to his first wife. What's the ole' saying about the Kettle?

  13. Like having the National Christmas Tree stand dark last year, on Christmas Eve, because of Trump's shutdown tantrum did wonders for Christmas spirit lol.

  14. Republicans don't have a leg to stand on. Remember the group the moral majority which Newt was the leader of. The Republicans and Newt has gone completely morally bankrupt. You want to talk about pure partisanship, because they lost an election, The Republicans went digging for dirt Hugh and low to get any kind of dirt on Clinton. Final analysis was they ended up trying Impeach Clinton on a family matter not a national, or national security issue. Unlike Trump which the charges against him raises to the levels national and national security issues. When do the Republicans stand? Steadfast in support of a nincompoop president looking like a cult of idiots.

  15. Gingrish is amazing. outstanding stupid…..knowingly this fxxking president breaking the law and selling america value to anyone who can pay him…. That's trump.
    The world is not only laughting but chill to our core decency… And trump and his gangs are moralessly currupted.

  16. He will deny the Republicans did that in 1998 against Clinton by using the well known Republican deflection technique called “Selective Memory”. Roll tape.

  17. Well to be fare the republicans and christians do have as a whole that selective memory syndrome. They just cant remember or recall ever treating the other side with the same level of disdain and hate that they are being subjected to.

  18. Just pathetic. Remember when Newt ran for President. The only thing going for him was he impeached Clinton. In the same primaries Rudy was still playing the "I'm America's Mayor". Like I said Pathetic..

  19. Oh , Gingrich the grinch still around , who would’ve said, we thought he went to meet OUR MAKER, sorry it was Scalia .


  21. I have never seen any interviewer confront the interviewee with a previous clip showing their hypocrisy, I would pay good money to see that.

  22. Would seem republicans has something to hide after all the Democrats invited the president and his legal team to hearings and now they are saying this is unamerican… by them running around showing cowardice seems awfully guilty to the public… cause if trump did nothing wrong he'd be at these proceedings and etc.

  23. If the public isn't questioning mainstream thought we are in a truck full of manure!

    The weaponization of the police force should be what moves the needle!

  24. How dare they. They are starting to facilitating removing food stamps from hundreds of thousands of low-income people, but Trump is officially a freaking martyr somehow??? Ebeneezer Trump! “If they would rather die, they had better do it, and decrease the surplus population.” When these Republics that drank the Kool-Aide are in the midst of the 21st century facing their own 'Nuremberg Trials," they will point to the children, murdered in internment camps on the US border, the starving homeless, the dismantling of the most powerful country in the world and making it a laughing stock, the creation of a martyr in vipers clothes. It's truly discussing what is happening. They are now seen as and will be remembered as monsters.

  25. Figures that Gingrich passed the 4 Articles of Impeachment against Clinton while lighting the Christmas lights. They Impeached Clinton in the House on December 19th.

  26. Yo msnbc…where's the recession you promised? I only see unemployment rates dropping and more and more people getting a job !?!?!? mindtroubling your promises msnbc…..😒

  27. This creepy old man knows no shame. Has no moral nor ethics. He stood at the front to get Clinton down for an affair. Now he is defending a president that betrays constitution and the USA. He forms with Moscow-Mitch a duet of a modern Rasputin where hard working citizens can be easily fooled by their constant lying. This is the example of a ideal nation??!! No politician in any country could get away with it. Putin and mr Xi are much more honest to their people. My God if Reagan could see this he died again.

  28. Gingrich is a liar. He and the GOP are getting what unconscionable action they did to Clinton. But Clinton did not bribe, destroyed National Security and performed election fraud on his opponent. He did not present a clear and present danger to the U.S. He was not acting as an agent of Russia. He was also not locking children in cages. I think the GOP should spend Christmas in cages on the Mexican border to think about the Constitution.

  29. Impeach him after the holidays in January. That will make them so happy because DT can still not put the impeachment ´hoax´ behind him and keeps getting bad publicity.

  30. Republicans don’t care about hypocrisy. It’s about holding up a fake facade of holding morals and constitution while being classism racism xenophobia and authoritarians. Fox News is conservative while msnbc and cnn are left leaning but they’re own by corporations(Comcast, Time Warner and News Corp) that lean on US foreign policies.

  31. The main thing that makes this impeachment different than the others is Fox News — it does not want to go down with Trump. But we cannot allow Trump to take this country down with him either. As ugly and as painful as it might be, the impeachment process itself will make us stronger. And this will assure that “this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom — and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

  32. Well you can't really blame Newt for protecting his bottom line. Didn't Trump give his wife an ambassador post in the Vatican? You guys must know Newt the Grinch lacks any morals after how his horrible treatment one of his many wives while she was going through chemo. He is as unethical as Trump always trying to huckster some stupid book. Maybe Trump, Rudy and Newt all auditioning for wife #4. Ladies, run for your lives!!!

  33. Timing, is very important. Like you wouldn't divorce your wife as she's laying in hospital dying from cancer while you're off enjoying time with your mistress, would you?

  34. Judge not a man by what he says but by what he does.
    Gingrich and Graham exemplify the reason why this advice is so valid.

  35. That was in their face. They would have impeached Obama on christmas day if they could have. And didnt newt cheat on his wife ? the GOP is just filled with outstanding citizens. Blue across. The board 2020

  36. Impeach as the ultimate Christmas gift to 70 percent of the population of the US. Forevermore we'll have a new Christmas desert "IMPEACHMENT COBBLER" !

  37. Newt was having an affair with his intern (now his wife) when he was trying to impeach Clinton for having an affair. So hypocrite.

  38. Our country is being influenced by Russia thanks to Trump and his Republican groupies. Christmas has nothing to do with keeping our Republic and our Democracy.

  39. Newt Gingrich just never goes away, does he? The last time we saw a lot of him, the thrice-married Gingrich was impeaching Clinton for adultery, while Gingrich carried on one of his own extramarital affairs.

  40. Actually, in the Christian calendar, this is Advent, the season of purification. Christmas is from December 25 to January 6.

  41. Old tapes making old men old liars..trump turd polishers have to know how stupid the old men sound and how stupid they themselves are

  42. Newt are you auditioning for the part of ebenezer Scrooge for this years version of a Christmas Carol
    Remember the ghost of Christmas past can come back to haunt you. Keep your mouth shut. The ghost
    Of Christmas at the present time and ghost of the future are hanging around. Merry Christmas.🎄

  43. And if it was Easter, the Republicans would claim that the Democrats were crucifying TRUMP. Even if it was July, they would claim they were ruining the Holiday as with November, but it will be Thanksgiving when TRUMP GOES TO JAIL.

  44. Impeached Clinton for lying about get blown by someone other than his wife. Impeach Trump for lying about having foreign government involvement in election process. Republicans are having no problem with hypocrisy. Where are our leaders who still believe in right and wrong, not well we're in charge now and it's not that bad for us to impeach. I call B.S.

  45. Personally I don't care whether the impeachment happens at Christmas or not but the rank stench of hypocrisy at Christmas is overwhelming.


  47. What about Christmas for all the children in Cages ?? This is what is so sad and inhumane. I can't stand it….There is no excuse for him !!!

  48. On the eve of Christmas Trump cut food of for over 700,000 people children and older men and women. He is a disgrace to the country.

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