Gingrich says Pelosi has no good way out of impeachment

Maurice Vega

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  1. Trump : " I don't feel like I am being impeached."………Hahahahahaaaa…..Quote of the century!…..Truuump 2020!

  2. That applause and partying the women did after her announcement is the same thing that happens when their divorces are final. The celebrate! Kicking tbe man out for Christmas is their same dream in family court.

  3. They have no, nota, zilch,nothing, not one bit of evidence that PRESIDENT TRUMP did any impeachable offense, he’ll biden, and clinton have for certain done ever they are accusing TRUMP of doing so the first day of their presidency they’d be drily guilty of treasonous acts and impossible acts and would be certainly impeached and found guilty

  4. Trump could be a Martian in disguise. Anyone that delivers record unemployment, confronts China from screwing us over, brings back millions of manufacturing jobs, delivers the USMCA, takes the stock market over 28,500, and dismantle CNN, MSNBC, and the deep state . That man gets my vote!

  5. She devastated the Democratic and all those crying for impeachment before day one the only thing worse then hate is jealousy

  6. These [DS] crooks have somebody behind them in the shadows (NWO Cabal) tightening the screws… “Get rid of Trump!!! impeach him, or else!!!!”

  7. If Pelosi went into her Speakership knowing she would have to do something she did not want to do……..that is WEAK! She is not fit for the Speaker position!

  8. Well he should know tried to impeach Bill for lying about a blow job got aquitted of it and then the grinch lost his speakership for lying on and falsifying his taxes.

  9. Nancy Pelosi hates hates hates, but she is a bad Catholic because she supports late term abortions! She cannot read nor comprehend.

  10. Why on Earth wouls she want a “way out” of impeaching the most corrupt resident of the White House in history? Enquiring minds want to know…

  11. Founding Fathers knew we needed to respect on another for this to work. Imagine if they came back to see this mess. So sad.

  12. The American people are not going to go along with any democrat group we the people want all democrats taken out and told they no longer have a job it won't exist any more!!!

  13. Democrats want your freedom so We the people need to stand together and tell the pathetic lunatic democrats no and where to go

  14. Democrats believe everyone is as dishonest as they are, so they just knew they would find something if they just Impeach this non-dues paying imposter that those idiot voters put in office! NODEMS2020

  15. If the Democrats want to save its party the best thing they can do is drop the impeachment and work with the President. That's the only way they can save themselves.

    … Trump has . .
    … an extremely positive position…
    .and the more.. Pelosi.. The. Queen of the DemonRats..continues to be extremely negative .helps us.
    .She is only making Trump Stronger.. So..
    I AM LOVING IT ???

  17. Con Nancy Pelosi nó làm eo không nộp văn kiện Impeachmen bọn thượng viên đang sơ đến tợn mắt lên !!!

  18. Con Nancy Pelosi nó làm eo không nộp văn kiện Impeachmen bọn thượng viên đang sơ đến tợn mắt lên !!!

  19. Nancy say she didn't hate President to the reporter , at lease she dislike the President , she is nervous as any cat capture that mouse and she fail to do her job. Something else has happen. She know Mitch McConnell free President but she going to hold the article of impeachment. She waiting for perfect opportunity to nail that Mitch McConnell can't free the President, she knows the rule.

  20. We probably won't hear any more about this until November 2020 and the only reason you'll hear about it then is to hurt Donald Trump's chances at winning just like Hillary Clinton had the emails brought up right before the election of 2016 it's all Revenge

  21. Paul Ryan:
    There is no question that Russia interfered in our election and continues attempts to undermine democracy here and around the world. That is not just the finding of the American intelligence community but also the House Committee on Intelligence. The president must appreciate that Russia is not our ally. There is no moral equivalence between the United States and Russia, which remains hostile to our most basic values and ideals. The United States must be focused on holding Russia accountable and putting an end to its vile attacks on democracy.

  22. some of you guys at Fox don't get it: she is politically dumb. She's just never had a foe like Trump. AND, she lost a million Dem seats in the House years back. What do you mean she is not politically dumb. This debacle now that she has engineered is a real joke. If she lets some moron like AOC take over the party, you know she is brain dead. AOC needs to be back working at a Hooters. She says nothing original. Go back to a womyn's book store and whine about dead white males. Sick people.

  23. DemocRATS impeach President Trump then Americans will impeach democRATS on 11/3/2020. DemocRATS can not find the reason to impeach President so they make it up. By the constitution there are four reasons to impeach President and Vice President are treason, bribery, high crime and misdemeanor, the rest others are bias

  24. She wants impeachment and no acquittal. She wants jurisdiction over the Senate and the white house. If America reelects our President who knows what she Will do.

  25. Question: I'm a Canadian who is very pro-Trump!
    What I can't figure out though I've tried searching the net over and over, is, if only the House of Representatives has presented articles of impeachment but won't forward them to the Senate, then the Senate dismisses the whole mess, does the House charge count as an actual impeachment?

  26. The whole saga reminds one more of the blind man falling around in a dark room determined to catch the black CAT THAT IS NOT THERE.

  27. Gingrich denies and ignores the psychological impact of the House's actions. It has nothing to do with political savvy. They are playing the waiting game which will assure success. Trump's emotional status can't handle the wait.

  28. When are the Democrats going to accept the results of the 2016 election? 2020 is coming and Trump is going to win again. God bless America!

  29. Its just crazy how these criminals Democrats communist assholes try to keep doing business as usual and surely they can see that the people of America are against the whole democratic criminal communist system and against Congress so what they are doing is straight up waisting our money its time we rsn these criminals Democrats communist assholes out of government office and out of our country Amen

  30. On the contrary, she's got the Senate cornered… as per a 150 years old Senate rule, as soon as Pelosi sends the Articles of Impeachment, the Senate will have to begin trial proceedings by 1 PM the next day ?

  31. Total farce! Nancy is about to see what the Senator from KY does for a living. He will have her lunch like a quick snack! Next!

  32. Amazing, how damaging Ms and Mr impeachment have done towards controlling and weakening The American people's daily lives!. How much abuse of power and obstruction of The Republican Leadership, Mr and Ms impeachment have inflicted on The American people confidence, daily lives, qualities and standards of living?.
    For more than 3 waisted years, Ms and Mr impeachment busy conspiring and plotting to remove President Trump from Office in order to play with their left wing radical cronies as they pleas, 'When the Cat is away, the Mouse can play'.

    More than 3 years of distraction and biases, Mr and Ms impeachment have frequently threatened to remove an outstanding seated President, such as President Trump from leadership in order for Mr and Ms impeachment can play with their left wing radical.

    The question will The American people forgive and forget such poor quality leaders voting them again trusting to look after their daily businesses and deeds? The answer, never ever trust, vote in, or employ such poor quality leaders unless they repent for their entire lives by refraining from repeat doing such childish behaviours and practices holding The American People hostages for more than 3 challenging years.

  33. Even though I am sick of the story of the "Dims", and how nothing seems to be advancing towards INDICTMENTS of those on the left/swamp/impeachment, I wish this segment with Newt would have been longer than it was.
    Seems a complete waste of his and our time for such a short piece.

  34. Another angle is that Nancy knows perfectly well that the lunatic lefts' polices will be a disaster and she secretly admires Trump and will help him, in any way she can, to be re-elected. And she is succeeding way beyond expectations. Perhaps she does after all, want America too be great again but can't say it out aloud for she will be burned at the leftist stake. (Hahaha).

  35. He meant to say the democrats are admitting that they want a fair process, and it will be not guaranteed until there is more time to ensure that we’ve elected the proper representation, with this change is the current climate. What is the harm is waiting until after the election, when we’ll have access to better data? Meanwhile Trump would still be free to run so what’s the harm in giving this time. Are republicans truly in fear of losing control?

  36. The question is Can Nancy hold the articles of impeachment until AFTER the 2020 election when the possibility excites that the Democrats can win the senate back and Trump wins reelection but then is impeached ?

  37. Like Pres. Trump in war, don't reveal your plan in advance, for Senate impeachment hearing, like deep state lawyers Lindsey Graham (and Ted Cruz) did.

  38. I think she does have a way out. She just never sends it to the Senate and holds on to it through the 2020 election and if she manages to hold on to the House she holds it over his head for at least 2 years until the mid-terms.

  39. Trump just lied about how smart he is – if he is smart as he keeps telling us, he just could have given enough evidence to close the case but all he does is repeat himself and keep the witnesses away that could speak in his favor -I am asking has he something to hide?

  40. Republicans are so stupid. Don't you see what the Dems are doing? They are going to discredit the Senate and John Durham. SO when the articles are throw out and Durham hands in his damning report and people start going to jail. the Dems can come out smelling good because the crooks are the Republicans. Wake up and truly FIGHT !

  41. Pelosi knows we're winning and her base is losing. I'm sure she wishes they'd get rid of this hoax and move on to more fruitful things. In the end, she knows she's stuck with a dead cat and she's not going to try to resuscitate it either ! It' reminds me of that short story of the albatross. The sailor killed it and was forced to wear it around his neck.

  42. The Democrats do hate president Trump and that’s all that’s driving this impeachment, but they need to understand we hate them too

  43. So, her speakership will be destroyed no matter what now. People have had enough. Nobody wants to live in a banana republic when we've already tasted the gift of freedom. Merry Christmas, everyone! ????❤☃️❄??

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