Georgia Politician's Racist Comments Caught On Tape

one County in Georgia is set to elect a new sheriff and one of the candidates is a black man by the name of Tim pounds now the Douglas County Commission Chairman a man by the name of Tom Worthen was asked what he thought about pounds there was a constituent by the name of Mark Dodd who asked him the question of hey what do you think would happen if pounds won and here's what the Commission County Commission Chairman had to say about it we harvest this before me well do you know of another government God asked again about sheriff candidate pounds and later the chairman doubles down on his comments about pounds oh shit so that happened Wow hey come on a bunch of blacks I love when they say that don't you blacks what's amazing about that is he wasn't like secretly recorded you know he's like I know or he wasn't was it wasn't it was it was it City was secretly recorded Speedwagon was recorded but it doesn't matter like he was openly and transparently speaking to a constituent about what he thinks about a black candidate for sheriff right like most people try to hide their racism but this guy's like running around running his mouth to complete strangers about how disastrously or how disastrous he thinks a black candidate would be well in his defense he's like he looks like he's I don't know ninety so maybe he doesn't know there's technology that could record your voice so he just was you know and he maybe he thought you know the good old days you know saying when you could talk about your racism yeah people accepted people people accept it and you just go and put on your little hood and go out and let somebody that's the good old days let's go let's go to the second video because this is the video when the blacks bankrupt when they crashed Wall Street yeah and then they bankrupted Enron remember all the blacks how they did that remember when all the blacks had that massive oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico more that by the BP yeah we don't have blacks attack the rock blacks all right let's take a look at what his reaction slash excuse was for those comments I spoke as a politician trying to say what I needed to say to get a vote and that's unfortunate and I certainly apologize for doing that how many more times have you talked as a politician to other people in Douglas County like this hopefully I haven't said that before I have many black friends Hispanic friends and no this is something that I should not have said I certainly apologize to anybody that I might have hurt their feelings have a lot of black friends that can't make me racist I have a lot of black friends he said he thought as a politician he's had to say that so what would the guy interviewing him was in a Ku Klux Klan outfit or something mark Dodd who was the constituent who asked him that question and secretly reported him is a supporter of pounds so there was no reason to believe that you know he was some racist guy who was trying to get like a racist reaction from this guy no no he just he said what he said because that's what he believes okay and if he genuinely feels that he has to play the role of a racist in order to get votes that you're not a leader you're the antithesis of a leader a leader leads okay even if there are significant negative consequences that come along with that okay Jake saying what he said about Hillary Clinton's health which was correct was a demonstration of a leader right someone who says hey I don't think Hillary Clinton is terminally ill let's all calm down we lost members because of that right and that's okay because he did the right thing in sharing truth in this case if he really feels like he needs to be a racist in order to get elected you're not a leader you're fucking idiot you're a loser right a leader leads he didn't do that here which I think mark Dodd is the constituent he said he'd heard him speaking at a gas station before so this time you want to record him so he said be honest between me and you those phrases yeah mean hey let's go we can let down the veil I got you back exactly so like between me and you you can say all this stuff so those were code words that this county chairman heard and he's like here's a chance to pick up the races vote now what doesn't matter whether you believe that he's action racist or that he's playing a racist to become to take hold on to a seat it doesn't matter the both of those things at horrible so your excuse thing I was just trying to get a boat he looked like a good racist to me nothing I said I might as well get this boat that's all it was amazing I hope I haven't said this before you say this all time I hope there's nothing out there me saying and I can't remember maybe yeah well just switch blacks to Jews right to say so you know what those Jews you know they're gonna command those Jews Jews and just them it would that that's why and then he would say he goes well I needed to say something to get a vote like that's that okay there you know I got Nazis that live in my neighborhood so I got it you know I don't like dude you wouldn't that's right like what kind of person says things just like disparaging things about entire group of people just to get a vote like you're so what about the black constituents that you represent you don't care about them right you're just you enable the racist so you can get a vote like even his excuse which I don't even believe is is accurate it's terrible if it works dude it's almost worse it's worse it's almost worse than I would pretend to be a racist so that a racist would like me and vote for me it's all I'm fomenting racism in my community and letting people think I'm racist I'm not trying to end it in Mike neighbor in my community I'm not trying to clear it up or try to bring a positive message or bring people together I'm actually yeah stoking those fucking racist flames all through my neighborhood cuz I got n votes come on what's wrong with that that's what he's saying what's wrong with ya well the great thing is that we elected a black guy as president and so we've already conquered races like God and this guy was black friends so we're being critical for no reason it's amazing how in denial racists are even again when they were not to go back to Trump but he's his racist when he had that whole thing with the Mexican judge and then he was being interviewed and I forget who the interviewer was but I think Jake Tapper somebody goes so you don't want this guy who's of Mexican descent to be the judge because you think he's gonna hold a grudge and he goes yeah and he goes so isn't that by definition like a racist you thinking that this guy can't be objective because he's Mexican yeah yeah but that's not racist so he in his mind is not racist and this guy in his mind is saying no it was for the vote I'm not racist it was for the vote I said what you know you know like yes and they're in their mind they're speaking of truth they're speaking of truth that's oh that's what they say no more PC bullshit that means that's right blacks are criminals Mexicans are lazy Muslims want to chop your head off that's what that that's what that means right people like constantly living in fear regarding the others like it's a sad existence it really the Muslim thing is true but the other things listen let me tell you something no it's like if this guy had a chance to and that's the other thing is that it's it's sad because racism blinds you the same way all these issues that's going on in the presidential race we have issues that aren't dealing with the issues like if this guy come out and said you know this guy's not qualified because a B C and D we really like laid it out you know he's actually thinking about it but but he's going after the guy being black Giuliani is going after Hillary's husband was cheating oh no she Giuliani was going after Hillary for staying with her husband after he cheated exactly so no but but we but we don't then ever get to talk about these policies policies work no one gives a shit about policies don't get me started on that we never talk about the policies and that's what drives me absolutely insane it's always about the politics right and so understand what politics really are it's all about the scandal and the nonsense that has nothing to do with governing it has nothing to do with plans to actually help the country it's all about like you know character assassination and did this person say the right thing or the wrong thing I don't care about that let's talk about what their policies are and and in the news in the media among these politicians we never have discussions about that it's worthless it's not entertaining right yeah it's horrible yes that's what they if the news actually informed people they get rid of it yeah we but you need you need you need it's gotta be you know you need some of that is it as sexiness I always talked about how a lot of people go you know we want someone who is like you know has good ideas and and and is and is not gonna get into all the dirt and all that stuff and I go well Ralph Nader was the one guy who kind of had some ideas but nobody he wasn't sexy enough he wasn't flashy enough for people to follow him and now you got this bozo who's up there you know just with with Jesus and he doesn't have like it's all slogans he just has slogans yeah he says this and then in the middle of the slogan you throw out some crazy shit like he just said and in one of his recent speeches Trump said that he said he goes I don't think Hillary's probably not loyal to Bill either like he just he's ascetic by the way who cares who cares like I don't care by the way anyway I don't wanna get into the sector's life but the secretary state can't get a little sides– yeah you got a role-playing shit out of the country doesn't count everyone has a pass with infidelity right just like Giuliani says that's what that's what he said so it must be true

Maurice Vega

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  1. That apology….man that apology was an epic fail. He meant every word and it wasn't for any other purpose but to show just how racist you truly are.

  2. You try to hard to appear non racist. Without question you have said many racist things. The white girl is funny. Get a life you race baiters

  3. Not new , we all know why more black people are in jail , have less opportunity to get a job , credit , opportunity to succeed , and profiled . There are more hidden racist than you see and hear on the media .

  4. You mean like when Hilary was running against Obama by referring to whites as hardworking Americans. wink wink

  5. Recording does matter when you want to hold them ACCOUNTABLE! This is why you need to know your digital law rights!

  6. LITERALLY every catastrophic thing that has happened in life has been started by White people's…but blacks r the problem? right

  7. You'll talk about race… but then didn't let the black guy sit with you'll on many videos. He sits in the back like you'll a still practicing separate but equal πŸ˜†πŸ€£

  8. These kinds of statements are the norm in the south and even more normal in the republican party. This why I laugh when they play the party of Lincoln card. Its B.S. and they know it.

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