Genius Troll or Dumbest Caller Ever?

we have a voicemail number. That number is
two one nine two David P I am going to play a voicemail for you today. It is very short.
It’s only 15 seconds long. This is either one of our most uninformed callers ever or
an absolutely genius, satirical voice actor. This, I think is related to recent conversations
about how educated versus uneducated white voters vote in American elections. Take a
listen to this. You be the judge, uh, most ignorant caller ever, or brilliant satirical
voice actor. Oh, hi. Are you legal headed? A little sucker.
Just [inaudible] that’s why people ain’t educated. Like you dumped suckers. You think you are
educated. This is racial discrimination. Maybe we ought to send you back to Poland. Yeah. Thank you. So I would think it’s real except send me
back to Poland. I don’t know where that came from. So, uh, I dunno. You tell me. Let me
know either by replying, if you’re watching on or shoot me a tweet at di Pacman. Was that
real or was that satire? On today’s bonus show? X, Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick
is reportedly exploring a late entry into the 2020 democratic primary. Now you will
remember, some of you will remember that Deval Patrick has been a good friend to the David
Pakman show. I’ve interviewed him a couple of times, despite the fact that he would always
call me Mark a a not David. That’s okay. He busy guy. Um, he has been pretty good in terms
of making himself available to the David Pakman show when he was governor. And he is, um,
an interesting potential entrant with some pretty status quo, a corporatist stuff in
his background, including being the lawyer for Coca-Cola. So we will talk about that. On today’s bonus
show, we will talk about Amazon launching a new grocery store as an alternative to whole
foods, but hold on. Amazon bought whole foods. Now they’re going to compete with whole foods.
Don’t worry, uh, I’ll explain it all on the bonus show and a viral video, a black man
handcuff canned, cuffed for eating a sandwich at a train station. Officials are now apologizing
for what was a really cringy interaction on the, on the behalf of the police officer.
I will mention we will discuss all of those stories and much, much more on today’s bonus
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me Monday through Thursday, hosted by producer Pat on Fridays last Friday. Or maybe the one
before. Producer Pat had a story about his pants getting stolen. How could he [inaudible] pants get stolen right off of his body? Well,
maybe it didn’t go down exactly that way. You can find out on the bonus show. I will
speak to you then in just a few short months. The David Pakman [email protected] [inaudible].

Maurice Vega

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  1. Entertaining either way. To be fair, people of all stripes behave badly. Right wing shows catch liberals and lefties out looking dumb all the time. It's embarrassing as hell to see college students with the most mind boggling answers to basic questions.

  2. Very uninformed attack on your Jewish heritage, assuredly not a holocaust denier, but also not aware that your European Jewish heritage may or may not be Polish and doesn't realize you are actually Latin American. So would I say he was attacking you from ignorance and based on your identity, yes, would I say he was real, also yes. Sad state of affairs, and such a waste of hate and space. Fear and anger have no logic, just emotion, and so you can't expect any rational thought from the people that think they are losing power to all the others in our country.

  3. Dumbest caller ever… Never underestimate the pathetic stupidity of the American people. Especially below the Mason-Dixon line, though that line has largely blurred as the Jesuits have co-opted both parties left right and Center in north and south east and west. And they are poisoning us from Air, land food and water, literally, not to mention to Shameless propaganda and predictive programming agenda

  4. Hey David – A real question request from a fan.
    I'm from Israel,and I keep hearing real hate from people to Hilary Clinton.
    Now,I only started getting interested in American politics since Trump won,and when I try to research it I keep getting false information because the right put it there.
    My request is ,can you please make an all encompasing Hilary Clinton video,talking about everything from Benghazi and why she was even involved and why everyone hates her over this? I mean,she wasn't president.. Through the Email scandal all the way to why she wasn't liked from the election of 2016 and until now – why people don't want her to run for president again.
    I know it might be a bit of a long production , gathering all the facts and explaining it all in one video but I think it is important not just for people like me who are not familiar with the details but for everyone,to be able to have a source that includes all of the relevant information.
    Thanks and sorry if typos.
    Love your work.

  5. Don’t know if it’s real but it’s hilarious and sad that there are actually real people out there who would probably agree with him 😂😂🤦🏽‍♂️

  6. Sounded real to me. But then again, as someone wrote here, it’s getting hard to tell since these people seldom if ever say or do anything logical. Hateful as usual and coming from a place of total ignorance. The thing is, life is hard on them, and their main source of so called opinion is always dissatisfaction. Have pity! ❤️🕺🌹😭

  7. People who want to send others here and there know apparently nothing about human history. It’s good to love one’s nation, roots and so foth. But you gotta realise that the great cities of the world, since birth, have been home to many different ethnicities. Don’t believe me; look up ancient Rome! So, when you say: ”send them back” to this or that country, you’re just being the uneducated fool that you so eagerly want everyone else to know that you are. Now, go back! ❤️

  8. Most likely real. The reference to Poland was meant to be an anti-Semitic insult. Here in good ole Kentucky we hear that a bit…

  9. I would tend to say that it was so real that it was satire. As for Poland, the caller obviously thought (or pretended to think) that all Jews are from Poland (where most of the exterminations during the holocaust were committed). My mother and my grandmother were in fact from Warsaw, but they emigrated to the U.S. in 1910 – before the outbreak of World War I, at a time when the category "illegal immigrants" didn't exist yet (except perhaps for Asians).

  10. It's real.
    The caller is this fucking dumb.
    Hey, he's a typical right wing moron….., don't expect anything intelligent/thought-through coming from these utterly misinformed subhumans.

  11. Some group called "BadEmpanada" said you were "all wrong" about Bolivia. Seems too much like "BadHombre" for me to take them seriously. . . . . . . .

  12. Given his age, based on his voice, he is referring to the old dumb polack jokes his generation used to tell back in the bad old days.

  13. I think the dude is for real, he's pretty old, and very socially isolated, like if he has kids and grandkids, they don't hang around him. It's in the "Poland" reference, but it has NOTHING to do with anti-Semitism. I'm 45 and I remember when I was a kid Polish people were used as the stereotype for stupid people, in jokes. I had no idea why this was the case at the time, and still don't. And unlike racist jokes about African Americans, Latino's, etc., I don't even think Polish jokes are being made or told anymore (or at least I haven't heard one since the 80's). Probably not out of fear of being called racist, but because whatever sense the stereotype made back then would be utterly lost now. In short, only an isolated old man would call someone stupid by telling them to go back to Poland, not realizing that most people would not "get it."

  14. OMG, the guy might well be aniti-Semitic, but that has absolutely nothing to do with the Poland reference, and he wouldn't need to know that David is Jewish, just white and "stupid", or at least that's what the Polish jab is about. Look up 'Polish Jokes' on Wikipedia. Yall are making me feel old for getting what this very old dude was saying.

  15. Real phone call. What's sad is he is right. The left has gone haywire. All you can do is laugh and ignore any argument. In your eyes you are right and will always be. There is no other alternative. No other counter argument then insult, hate and threaten. It's mortifying that we live in a world where debate is not an option. It is either left or right. (Registered Independent)

  16. The fact that we can't even tell demonstrates what a sad state we are in. Or as I have determined it is becoming like the comedy movie "Idiocracy" was actually a prophesy or documentary of the future.

  17. Look at the bright side. If the caller was serious then the facts you stated triggered at least one of the deplorables and that is never a bad thing since that segment of Trump supporters do not care what Trump does anyhow. They are attached to their orange cult leader by the ball sack. So all we have use for with them is mocking and ridiculing really.

  18. I’m leaning toward real because of the mushy denture sound to his voice, but one can fake that. “Send you back to Poland” is merely an old trope of Polish immigrants being dumb.

  19. I vote REAL. Racial stereotypes in jokes suggest that Polish people are stupid and ignorant (which is what the caller is implying about DP.)

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