Gather ’round the Gaslight

There have been a lot of lies and misconceptions
floating around recently thanks to the election, but a term that was only known in some clinical
psychology circles has started to become more main stream. Gaslighting. Unfortunately, much like the term “fake
news” it is being diluted by over-use and is starting to mean just about any sort of
lying. But it’s actually a far more complicated,
elaborate, and deliberate form of lying used for a specific purpose. So let’s go about properly identifying this
phenomenon before we effectively lose this word too. Firstly, let’s talk about just good old
plain lying. -Everybody Lies- As House famously said in…
just about every episode, everybody lies. It’s just a matter of about what, and I
would add, how often. Let’s start at the bottom and work our way
up. Far and away the biggest reason people lie
is out of fear – usually fear of getting into trouble. And while a lot of this could be simple lying
like not telling your parents which friends you were *actually* hanging out with or telling
teacher your dog ate your homework – side note that actually happened to me once, he
tore it to shreds and I actually showed the teacher the remains. Some of it can have some serious consequences. Lying on the stand during a trial can be prosecuted
as perjury. Lying to the police during questioning could
be obstruction. If you’re the person in trouble, usually
they expect you to lie, so they developed a way around that… enter the lie detector,
or polygraph. The most hated machine on the planet. Why? Because we all know it doesn’t work – yet
for some reason, we all still rely on it when it’s given to others. And when people don’t want to take it, we
immediately assume it’s because they’re guilty. Why is that? Mostly, because a) the police WANT us to trust
that the lie detector works, especially if we’re about to be questioned and b) the
media, tv shows and movies like cop dramas and daytime talk shows needs some sort of
deus ex machina in order to get the truth out of the bad guy. Lately some of them they’ve been switching
over to “truth serums” which were ruled completely unconstitutional in 1963 in the
US, because of the whole giving a confession in an altered state of mind thing. If you’d like to see how well truth serums
work, you probably have one the best ones right in your kitchen – alcohol. But lie detectors are still rather hit or
miss when it comes to the law. Some states allow them, some federal agencies
use them, and certain people on probation or parole are required to take them. So while we know they don’t work, at least
on some level we kind of hope they work on other people. So how do these things supposedly work? Well, a polygraph measures physiological changes. It tracks heart rate, blood pressure, respiration
rate, and skin conductivity. Skin conductivity? They also call it the galvanic skin response. Sounds super fancy right? The person administering the polygraph will
always tell you about these super scientific things it’s measuring in order for you to
– at least in the moment – believe that it works. Skin conductivity literally just means how
sweaty your fingertips are. The most widely used questioning technique
is the controlled question test. At the start, the administrator will tell
you to lie… and point out on the machine that it was pretty clear that you obviously
lied. So now you believe the machine. Onto the questions. All of your answers are yes or no. There are three types of questions, control
or diagnostic questions, which are simple. Is your name Kayleigh? Are you currently in the seated position? Then there are irrelevant questions, questions
that are usually about bad things in your past that aren’t part of the investigation. Have you ever lied to a loved one? Have you ever stolen anything? And then the relevant questions to the investigation. All of the questions are in a mixed order. The polygraph is passed if your physiological
responses to the irrelevant questions is greater than to the relevant questions. If they are equal, it’s judged as inconclusive,
and you may even be accused of trying to cheat the polygraph. The problem with this is that if you are very
anxious and adamantly deny committing the crime -I did not murder him-
even if you’re telling the truth, the polygraph is going to register that response as “more
than the irrelevant questions” and therefore, you are lying. The fear of false positives turns out to be
somewhat of a self-fulfilling prophecy, and therefore the polygraph is no more reliable
than a coin flip. In several high profile cases, including the
BTK Killer, the guilty person passed the polygraph. Some say that a polygraph administrator is
no better than the average person at deducing whether or not someone is lying. A better method for polygraph testing is called
the Guilty Knowledge Test. Instead of using yes or no questions, the
person being tested is presented with a multiple choice question, where one of the options
is something only the perpetrator would know. “Was the victim stabbed, shot, or strangled?”
or “Was the victim shot with a pistol, rifle, or shotgun?” The questions are slowed down so that the
person is given time to think about each option, and their overall reactions to the guilty
information is rated. There are other variations of this test where
the person is then told the correct answer – in order to rate the “Oh no, they know!”
reaction. There are some newer methods of lie detection
that are proving much more reliable. Such as measuring ocular-motor functions,
which cannot be consciously controlled, or using an fMRI. The problem is these methods are extremely
expensive and nowhere near ready for use in actual criminal cases. So okay, enough about the polygraph and lying
to get out of trouble. Most of the other lies are lies we tell in
order to protect someone or not hurt their feelings. We usually call these “white lies.” Thanks for the sweater grandma! Yes, this tastes delicious honey. Make no mistake, these are lies. The problem with white lies is that if the
person ever finds out that it was a lie, you’re going to be in way more trouble than if you
had just told the truth – because now you’ve both hurt their feelings AND lied. That’s why I never tell any lies, not even
white ones…. What. Zoom back out. Somewhat more rare are lies for attention
or sympathy. While most people say on occasion – the
fish was this big, I swear – the best example comes from pathological liars. These are the people who lie about how they
have a famous dad or uncle or that they have cancer or they were abused in order to make
themselves look good or to get people to like them more. They want to be seen as being cool, as the
hero, or as the victim. All of these get them more attention. There are four characteristics of a pathological
liar: The lies are always amazing, they never lie
about some dull thing, but they are always within the realm of possibility. The lie is automatic and chronic. They will always lie – in any situation. The motivation to lie is internally generated. The lies always make the person look better
or more deserving. A key point in identifying a pathological
liar is that they KNOW they are lying. If someone lies so much they believe their
own lies, they are no longer lying, they are suffering from a delusion. The first thing on the list for diagnosing
psychopathy is whether or not they are pathological liars. All psychopaths are pathological liars. But not all pathological liars are psychopaths. The final reason people lie – although I’m
sure someone will pick this apart and find a reason I missed – is lying for personal
gain. This could either be as simple as lying in
order to get someone’s money, like a con artist. Or lying to increase power – whether that’s
in government, a business, or even a relationship. And here’s where we can finally talk about
gaslighting. Gaslighting is a lying scheme used deliberately
to control a person’s perception of reality, in order to maintain or strengthen the liar’s
control. Not all lies are gaslighting, and as I said
before, if we overuse this term, it’s going to become diluted and meaningless. Just as with fake news only a few months ago. It used to mean specifically hoaxes and lies,
and now it basically means “any news I disagree with.” But the reason gaslighting has become such
a popular phrase as of late is because of President Donald Trump and his surrogates. Before the last few years, gaslighting was
only used in clinical psychology as the method by which an abusive spouse keeps the submissive
spouse in line… even to the point of making the person deny the abuse ever happened or
believe that they deserve it. It got its name from a 1944 film named Gaslight,
in which a woman is psychologically tortured and made to question everything about her
reality. We’re going to look at three examples in
order to explain how gaslighting works. First, the original perpetrator of gaslighting:
the abusive husband. Sup. Second, a slightly less obvious gaslighter,
the cheater. Uhm… is, is this thing on? And lastly, since he is the reason for the
term’s rise to popularity, Donald Trump. Help… I’m gonna barf. So the main goal of gaslighting is to get
the person to question their own perceptions of reality and believe your version, in order
to give you more power. In the husbands cases, they are trying to
get power over their spouses, so they’re speaking directly to the spouse in a confrontation. In the examples I’ll show you of Donald
Trump, he is not speaking directly to the American people, but to a reporter. But, he is not attempting to gaslight the
reporter, as some might say, he is attempting to gaslight the American people, through the
reporter. There are five tactics in gaslighting. A gaslighter will use all of them, but not
necessarily all at once or in any particular order. Any one of these on their own is simply a
lie, it is the combination, the elaborate and deliberate implementation, that makes
it gaslighting. Typically, it goes like this. Reject. Deny or reject the accuser’s version of
events. I didn’t even hit you. What? No we were just meeting up for drinks. This was the largest audience to ever witness
an inauguration period. Diminish. Marginalize or reduce the accuser’s claim,
admitting it happened, but it wasn’t to the degree they think. That was barely even a hit, if I wanted to
hit you, you’d be in the hospital. It didn’t even mean anything, not like I’m
with you… it was just a fling. I didn’t hear them. Alternative. Offer an alternative example which is bigger
or worse than the accuser’s claim, further diminishing their claim. You’re acting like I went all Chris Brown
on Rihanna or something. It was only one night with a friend it’s
not like I’m sleeping with prostitutes in some motel. Pro-life march. Blame. Accuse the accuser of bias or being the cause
of the event. Sometimes you just make me crazy is all, you
know how you get. Maybe if you weren’t at work so much I wouldn’t
have to be looking around for attention. You won’t cover them. Assure. Reassure the accuser that your version is
correct by using a statement that they should already accept. C’mon baby, you know I would never hit you. C’mon baby, you know I would never cheat
on you. All five of these tactics, deliberately used
in tandem, will cause the victim to question the evidence of their own eyes and ears, and
accept the alternative reality supplied by the gaslighter. The spouses in those first two examples, and
as some say, the American people, in the last example. They will also begin to reject evidence that
contradicts the version of reality they have been indoctrinated to believe, giving the
gaslighter even more power and ability. It should be said that not everyone is susceptible
to gaslighting. The victim has to be relatively unintelligent
or unaware – in the dark so to speak – in order for it to work. As Maureen Dowd said in 1995, “You cannot
gaslight someone who is already a little lit.” As I said, any one of those on their own is
simply a lie. Or an alternative fact. Sigh… no… nope I’m not falling down
that rabbit hole. Calling it an alternative fact is just another
way to diminish the accuser’s claim that they were lying. It’s one of the tactics of gaslighting. So now that you know all about lies and gaslighting,
make sure you are using the terms correctly. And make sure others are using them correctly. I understand that tweeting back to someone
and saying “That’s not gaslighting, that’s just a lie. Gaslighting is an elaborate system of lies
used for control.” Is the kind of hair-splitting that might make
people dislike you, but if we allow the term to be diluted and diminished, we are only
helping the gaslighting process. So hopefully now, you know better
Hey guys, this video was a combination of requests from CarpeNoctem and Battle. If you have any suggestions for things you’d
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Maurice Vega

100 Responses

  1. I thought that the term came from applying the title to the old play and movie by that name. Charles Boyer was gaslighting Ingrid Bergman.

  2. What is the name of the person who questioned numerous senators and military people as well about frivolous spending??

  3. So by the way; polygraph's are not equal to chance in determining lies. They determine 'lies' in a controlled setting better than chance, but not nearly good enough to consider reliable.

  4. Took slight exception to the claim that those susceptible to gaslighting are less intelligent. They might be generally less sophisticated and less educated, factors which though predictors of are NOT equivalent to below average intelligence. Much greater predictors of vulnerability to this interpersonal abuse are the degree of social isolation and having significant unresolved and clearly evident (to others) self-esteem issues.

  5. dog ate my homework too but teacher didnt believe me even when I showed her the chewed up paper with writing. I was like what do u think I did, write on 5 pages of paper then chew it myself?

  6. 1/30/17 It's mind-boggling how many examples of gaslighting the Trump admin has provided in the last 2 1/2 years….Time for a Gaslighting, Part 2 video.

  7. As someone who's been the victim of gaslighting…I'm not sold that that is what Trump is doing specifically. I don't like the man, and I don't agree with him, but if holding this specific behavior up as gaslighting is acceptable then we should hold up Obama as well, he did the exact same things. But then, I didn't like him or agree with him either.

    That said…gaslighting does not require the victim to be unintelligent. I kinda feel that comment was more politically motivated. "Oh…only dumb people can get gaslighted that's why they voted for Trump. You're not dumb so you're okay."

    Most gaslighting takes place over a long period of time, slowly wearing down the victim's sanity and grasp of reality. It can take years before the effects really set in and you end up doubting your own memory even 10 seconds after an event. It was so bad for me that I started recording conversations just to prove to myself they happened. Victims of gaslighting often also show signs of depression as the gaslighting progresses, becoming withdrawn, scared to speak or emote at all because if they do anything it will be twisted against them, or they will be told they are "overreacting" being "overemotional" or "acting crazy".

    I also just want to add one more thing. If you know anyone in a relationship who has become more irritable or withdrawn while thier SO has become more happy and outgoing….this could be a sign. Gaslighters feed on their control, they get a high off of it. They will actively work to charm and manipulate others into agreeing with them that their SO is the bad one, the abusive one, the crazy one. Just…keep an eye out. You could really save someone someday.

  8. The term "gaslighting" did have some currency outside of clinical psychology—I learned the term from my mom, who was actually a theatrical design major and knew about it as a reference to the film Gaslight and the play which it was based on—but it really has shown far greater currency in the last few years, and has consequently been misused by people who don't understand its implications far more often.

  9. Speaking of Cheaters and gaslight

    The Cockney Amorist by John Betjeman

    Oh when my love, my darling, You've left me here alone, I'll walk the streets of London Which once seemed all our own.

    The vast suburban churches Together we have found: The ones which smelt of gaslight The ones in incense drown'd; I'll use them now for praying in And not for looking round.

    No more the Hackney Empire Shall find us in its stalls When on the limelit crooner The thankful curtain falls, And soft electric lamplight Reveals the gilded walls.

    I will not go to Finsbury Park The putting course to see Nor cross the crowded High Road To Williamsons' to tea, For these and all the other things Were part of you and me.

    I love you, oh my darling, And what I can't make out Is why since you have left me I'm somehow still about.

  10. Hey KB, love the channel. Your bias is showing. This is at least the fourth video in which the subject is something negative (gaslighting) while using the Trump Administration as the target to show why it's bad. Hillary (just Hillary, not the DNC at large) would have been a fantastic example of a gaslighter, and would show that you're at least attempting to balance things out.

    Examples include:
    "I was named for Edmund Hillary after he summited Everest." She was born in 1947. He made the climb in 1953.
    "I have never changed my position on gay rights." Do I even need to cite this one?
    The entire Uranium One debacle.
    "I was under sniper fire when I deplaned at Benghazi."

    I could do this all day.

  11. The studio that made the move I, Robot gaslit millions of people into believing it bore some relationship to the Isaac Asimov book by the same name.

  12. @1:55– WOW! That's a fairly appropriate, marginally literal use of 'deux ex machina' (relative to the standard misuse/abuse of that phrase.)

    I am impressed. (Sry, that phrase tends to trigger the english major in me, like when people misuse 'literally', etc.)

  13. My mum's one boss was a pathological liar. Once we had internet access, my mum would call me and have check her boss's stories. One was she was late to work because there was a huge anti-abortion rally with a six foot long fetus that blocked the hiway! Insane!

  14. I must object to his assertion that the term gaslighting was until recently only used in clinical psychologly. As he already stated in his video, the term was already known from a popular movie. They used to play it on TCM all the time.

  15. Hey good job. Love your work. Secondly, may I say to the republican lying machine: FU spicer; FU Conway; FU huck suck sanders; FU pence; FU Moscow Mitch and above all, a very special FU to the traitorous lier In Chief the rumpster, evil incarnate himself. As well as all the other traitorous co conspirators in their cesspool of lies. may you all rot where you stand.

  16. I used to maintain that my hair was naturally curly and not naturally straight (as it actually is) and I have no idea why. Like it doesn't fit into any of those categories as a reason, it's so mundane and unimportant. Like I did this from some time in elementary school until my 20's and I still don't understand what the reason was.

  17. Great video, well explained. I voted for Trump in 2016 and I will vote for him again in 2020. I am not and never have been a registered Republican. I've never been a Democrat either. I appreciate how this video showed his administration was gaslighting people and I completely acknowledge that he not only lies, but engages in gaslighting. That being said, Liz Warren lied about being native American for gain, Kamala Harris has lied about her blackness and her struggle growing up, Bernie lied about Scandanavia being socialist, and everyone else is polling at 1%. So maybe politicians just lie and you gotta pick the one who's actually gonna improve the country, even if it is by seemingly dishonest means.

  18. Thank you for this. I’ve been frustrated at how often and incorrectly this term is being used. True gaslighting means low-key brainwashing/psychological torture. It’s very specific. Even in you’re in an abusive relationship with a pathological liar, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re being gaslighted. Gaslighting is deliberate, regular and used to control or, as in the case of psychopaths, just because they get off on it. And the consequences can be devastating.

    After ten years of literal daily gaslighting by a high-functioning clinical psychopath, I can’t add or subtract double digit numbers. Tell me a date and ask me again 30 seconds later and I’ll have forgotten. I lost an excellent job I loved because it required quick, on-the-fly mental processing and after awhile, it became impossible. Still struggling to regain my concentration and it’s been six years since I got away.

    Gaslighting isn’t lying; it’s indoctrination—pretty much the same process they use in cults. That is not the same as being deceived; that is being broken. You can recover, but it can take years before you trust your own judgment and stop second-guessing every other thought you have.

  19. I believe that there is no such thing as a 100 percent synonym, so, there must always be a difference between the meanings of two words (even if it is extremely subtle). So, I would just ask someone who uses the word “gaslight” instead of “lie” to explain the difference between the two words.

  20. 9:00 "So the main goal of gaslighting is to get the person to question their own perception of reality and accept yours, thus giving you more power."
    Does this remind anyone else organized religion or is it just me?

  21. Basically now in 2019, the following serious psychological terms have lost their meaning: autism, gaslighting, trigger, sociopath.

  22. In this century, gaslighting is when you disagree with your wife or girlfriend. She can then claim mental abuse and mobilize white knights and government agencies against you. So who's actually being straightforward and who's intentionally bending reality? Young men are aware of the current perils of marriage in this culture-gone-too-far, and are thus more reluctant to marry and have children.

  23. A few years ago I didn't get a great job at the airport because on the second interview they tested me with a polygraph, I got nervous on some weed related question because I smoke from time to time. Still mad about it even 2 years after it.

  24. My friend told me how he beat a lie detector – by lying to himself during the control questions. Like when they asked him is your name William Smith (not his name), he'd say yes, while thinking to himself "no, it's William Michael Smith".

  25. 1:08 me too o took the shreded I'm working for her to see and she actually eat ended up on her board and save the letter for my mom because it was the first time she'd actually had that happen… But I didn't tell her is that I rolled up my homework and shoved it in my dog's cage and poked him with it till he decided to tear it up LOL… (FYI I wasn't mean to him by poking him with it, he was a puppy so it didn't take much for him to want to chew it up)

  26. 1:25 he's right that they can't charge you with obstruction for lying and certain cases but that's completely immoral and unfair seeing as how the cops can literally lie to you and they can lie to an innocent person and tell them they have your fingerprints and have you on video committing the crime and you're going to spend the rest of your life in prison if you don't confess which is how they get innocent people to confess cuz they think it's better to get 10 years of their life… But yet we can't lie to them even though they completely lie to us now how the f*** is that fair or constitutional?!

  27. 1:50 also you got to remember that lie detector tests are completely inadmissible in any court of law in the United States because they're not even close to being accurate enough to be evidence in a court of law

  28. I hope he realizes that the negative view he's trying to give us on Trump is completely irrelevant now that we can't hear a single thing that's being said when they cut to the clips of trump or anyone from his cabinet

  29. I wouldn’t say I’m unintelligent, I was a victim of gaslighting at a young age so I’m susceptible to it, and being open about having a mental illness managed my ex to turn her white lies of cheating into the 5 steps of gas lighting, because I’m “insane” so I’m just “being paranoid”. Clearly, me being aware that she did means it didn’t work, and in a sense using my mental health against me is the reason, being made to think I was paranoid made me “act” paranoid, constantly questioning and finding the truths of the events.
    She probably still thinks she was just telling white lies about her cheating, because the truth would hurt. But, well, I mean, she coulda just not cheated on the bed right next to me, that also wouldn’t have hurt. 🤷‍♀️

  30. How ironic is it to accuse Trump of gaslighting when he's been the subject of one of the largest organized gaslighting campaigns in history over the last 4 years. I actively avoid anything that mentions him and good lord is it impossible to avoid the anti Trump propaganda if you live in the U.S.

    I don't even care for him I just want to be able to read any piece of "journalism" without Trump being mentioned for some vaguely related reason.

  31. I used to never lie. Now my personal rule for lying is: If it's none of the person's business, I allow myself to lie to them so they will drop the subject.

  32. Unintelligent or unaware… perhaps emphasise unaware a little more brah, and talk about how children can be victims of their parents regardless of intelligence level.

    How about the Autistic people? the ones with multiple bachelor degrees, PHD's, leaders of their field etc, who have suffered emotional abuse from narcissists using a lot of gaslighting?

    I'm mildly offended by the probably accidental emphasis on the word 'intelligence' there hey.

  33. 5:55 Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging or FMRI can show the portion of the brain you use to lie with lighting up on a computer screen “I’m not lying” “then why did it light up?” “Um it didn’t” “it’s lightning up again”

  34. Gather 'round the gaslight as we sing our gaslight song. Our g-a-s-l-i-g-h-t s-o-n-g song. Our g-a-s-l-i-g-h-t s-o-n-g song.

  35. 12:50 This particular comment bothers me a bit, I know “You have to be unintelligent or unaware to be a victim of gaslighting” is probably not what you meant but it’s a little bit dodgy to imply victims of abusers are stupid for falling for constant psychological manipulation.

  36. Gaslighting is universal narcissistic manipulation, also used by cults, and not just religious cults. So, all of the endless cult factions of the Global Corporatocracy use gaslighting (surprise! narcissists and sociopaths) such as their vaccine cult, climate change cult, Feminism cult and endless more, including every last "War on…" (fill in the endless blanks and see if any anger you, to know that we were manipulatively gaslighted and didn't even see it).

  37. When you cant disprove someome so you break down their dialogue structure like that somehow makes them guilty of something bad. This is gaslighting. TRUMP IS BAD SEE

  38. My parents are gaslighters. Took me 28 years to realize it. Understanding gaslighting though has helped me to slowly unravel deep layers of confusion and no self-respect They make up a lot of things or diminished others whenever they don't want to deal things like interpersonal issues or different perspectives on life…basically when you deviate from them you can't even talk things over and the diminishing effect is doubled. But at least by knowing the pattern, I know when to give myself permission to not take them seriously and believe in myself instead. Very weird feeling.

  39. I had a friend in 6th grade named kellie and she lied about the dumbest shit. She told me she lived in a mansion when later that day we were going to her house (an apartment) and she would be found out! When we got to her house I would call her out and she would say ‘oh I meant I have a vacation house that is a mansion’. Exhausting.

  40. This was aweful, and perhaps the worst example of you falsely comparing one thing to another. Though I do admit that part about indoctrination is a clever tool that is used to dismiss anyone who disagrees with you. "They were gaslit" jebus christus

  41. 1.) Those comparisons to trump and the cheater and the wife beater was more than a stretch. Seriously, very bad comparison.
    2.) Only stupid people can be gaslit? Sounds like you're just wanting to insult your political opposition, because that's factually incorrect.
    3.) You say "they will begin to reject any evidence against the reality they have been indoctrinated into" the whole segment from 12:00 to 13:00 is just you using gaslighting as a tool to dismiss anyone who disagrees with you at that point.

  42. Gaslighting isn't just lying, and need not involve lying. It can be used in situations where there's no clear truth or one right answer, or where there's a range of possibilities for action where a moral sense is implied, even if there isn't a moral matter at issue. Politics is full of this, trying to persuade people that one's own political methods are morally superior (or rather that one's opponent's methods are immoral). It could even be said that you are gaslighting for communism, if one were to watch those of your videos that criticise capitalism. I suppose you could say that the lying in those cases consists of (a) implying a moral difference where there is none, or (b) arguing for communism without actually saying so directly.

  43. Once during my last year of middle school we were given icecreams during a lesson. When the box got to me I took one and sneakily hid another in a folder. The guy next to me, who I didn't usually sit next to me started complaining loudly and telling people around me what I did. I went into full gaslight mode and started acting upset at the accusations, assuring everyone that I didn't. I loudly told him that I didn't and everyone started getting confused. They asked me and I told them I don't understand why he's lying to everyone turning all the focus to questioning why he's complaining.

    It was very successful, until he tried to prove that there in fact was an icecream in my folder. To my credit, for some reason he didn't find it since it has slipped deep between some papers.(It was a very large A3 folder.) So he resorted to start smacking my folder, flattening the icecream, popping the package and smearing icecream on my works of art. I acted like it was nothing to keep my cover, but it was his victory. Still no one believed him though, so maybe we both were defeated.

  44. Trump isn’t gaslighting the public he’s just refuting the mainstream media’s agenda. The mainstream media gaslights school shooting victims.

  45. As some one whose abuser was female, who left physical and mental scars, erasing female abusers is very, very disingenuous. Women cheat as well.

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