Gaetz slams impeachment witness for Barron Trump joke at hearing

Maurice Vega

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  1. Today, with the availability of information from internet sources, any citizen can choose to learn about just about any subject and become quite knowledgeable. We, as a society are no longer at the mercy of the Professor Feldman's of this world who use their "Ivory Tower" credentials to school the unwashed masses into submission and get angry when we dare question them. So, Professor; did you get your tail feathers clipped today? I hope you're good and angry, because I've been for a long time!

  2. Yea Matt Gaetz like how during Cohen's public testimony before the House Oversight Committee, Gaetz — a Trump sycophant — tweeted at Cohen, "Do your wife & father-in-law know about your girlfriends? Maybe tonight would be a good time for that chat. I wonder if she'll remain faithful when you're in prison. She's about to learn a lot…"

  3. Dems wasting money taxpayers money yet again. This has already backfired. Que the music from the Wicked Witch of the West…..

  4. Read The Transcript of the phone call Trump did nothing wrong even the Ukraine President said their was no pressure.

  5. Incredible how stupid these people are how come they don't sit there and defend the countless amount of people that Donald Trump has shot there and really cute and bullied or sexually assaulted is lawmakers should be ashamed of himself he's also an accomplished probably only someone that has something to do with a crime would sit there and go all the way out on a limb for somebody else

  6. Gaetz was riding shotgun and gave these seething maniacs both barrels. The woman that we are to believe is of superior intelligence apparently lacks common sense as ad hominem attacks undermined her argument by cementing her clear bias in the minds of the public.

  7. 1. Jeremiah 9:23 This is what the LORD says: “Don’t let the wise boast in their wisdom, or the powerful boast in their power, or the rich boast in their riches.”

  8. Everything the Left selected Professors said during this hearing was Virtue Signalling BS directed to their tribe and explicitly for the benefit of people they support. This was just an extension of the overarching Resist Campaign. There will be something else after this, and then after the next thing, more.

  9. Radical Dem looser s: The mic picked up snoring in the background for this Impeachment Sequel Lunacy show. Lofty Pam Karlan mouthed off rage & evil she espouses & except for Prof. Jonathan Turley, the flunky law boring professors self aggrandized opinions based on their personal political biases caused many more folks to prefer a game of cards just to pass the time. One main problem the hypocritical Dems have in playing this FRAUD game is they are oblivious to the depths of their crime, deception & blindness. But not for too long, the fruit of evil labors catches up with such men soon enough.–Meantime, Pres. Trump WIN in 2020 grows!

  10. That was the worst thing l have ever heard coming from as supposingly intelligent woman she showed her ignorance she should hold her head in shame, she hates Trump and should hold her head in shame no need to apologise far too late it's out there all over the world, and for his friends to hear. She is biased and so are the other two and should be banished. Your feelings mean nothing its not about this three it's about right and wrong and they are wrong. Biden is the person who has broken so many laws even how he keeps talking about children in such a sexual manner, no child should sit on a man's knee our mother taught us never, playing with the hair on his legs is just too much to bare far too much disgusting perverted information.

  11. One look at these Brylcreem howitzer rounds from Crackerland is all any lucid observer needs to understand talking to these snapping turtles is an exercise in futility. Out where the buses don't run is no place to call home.

    No wonder the Civil War yet pounds along through an utter wasteland of gross inanities and grits.
    'Murka's southeast quadrant should be chain-sawed free, floated out to the Sargasso Sea, and bombed.
    Such a waste of time.

  12. Haha dems don’t have any grounds for impeachment so they literally hire liberal professors to testify. What a joke.

  13. The reasons this sham impeachment is INVALID have been delineated over and over ad nauseam!! Gaetz injected something that touched the hearts of the people! I can't think of anything that would've been more effective. That over emotional female professor showed HER heart, which is akin to her Queen Witch, Hillary Clinton. She's a VERY ugly person, and she let it be revealed today.

  14. What..? ARE YOU HIGH..? TRUMP GOT HAMMERED..! He WILL be impeached.. and wear that collar for the rest of his worthless fuggen life..! Gaetz IS A MUTT..! GET OFF YOUR KNEES MUTT..!!!

  15. Lol, Nunes, Gaetz, and Hannity appear to be all working on their orange glows. Did they think that look was working for Trump?

  16. JEEEZ! Doesn’t Harvard have ANY standards for hiring? Or do they seek only meek, effete soy-boys, and grasping, clutching female political climbers?
    Who would want to go to that school, other than to leverage the NAME as an authoritarian claim of superior knowledge? I worked as a contractor for a brokerage, at which a “Harvard couple” proudly joined and made quite a show of their Harvard degrees– prominently displaying their degrees in Business Admin on their office walls, and in all their promotional work & advertising… and they were gone in less than a year.
    That “Harvard” crap may play back East, but out here in the West, people are only impressed by what you can DO… not by the shingle on your wall.
    Turns out, all Harvard does is teach people to think the WORLD of themselves.

  17. “Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.” ― John Adams

  18. This woman is a Hillary clone or twin, a total sore and bitter loser. So full of hatred for the US President. This is a joke. The President is trying to protect our hard earned tax money. Period. End of story.  Its the Bidens who obviously did some HOCUS FOCUS. And Democrats are  protecting them.

  19. All 3 elitist college snowflake professors showed their true colars today. All biased and not a dimes worth of character.

  20. You know all she said was "Trump can name his son Baron but he can't make him a Baron." In reference to the constitution holding presidents accountable in contrast to royalty. You honestly think that is actually that bad? I thought the left was the super PC and can't take a joke crowd…

  21. So how many of trumps base knows he just cut food sources for military wives , children , the poor , the elderly , they aren’t going to like what happens from now on .

  22. Way to go Rep Gaetz! You and your compatriots are true Americans. We LOVE YOU Martha… your a great reporter and American!

  23. Finally she's broken away from the anti-Trump narrative Fox News was giving her. She's now doing her own news as she sees it. She's still not a Trump fan but she's fed up with the BS

  24. You can't apologize then point the finger at someone for their behavior. Take responsibility for your actions. Just Pathetic bringing a child into this CRAP.

  25. Someone else did something wrong is not a legitimate argument the way I was raised. Throwing out rules when it’s convenient wasn’t either. Take off the party hat and figure it out.

  26. So you conservatives got angry because a professor tells the truth. Sure the barron trump thing was not smart thing but at least she gave an apology Unlike from trump who never said sorry for his racism and bigotry white supremacy. And you matt were silent.

  27. C'mon Martha, you're really not that dumb are you? What abuse of power? Dismantle their claims, claims of what? They are saying abuse, but someone claiming abuse has to site what the abuses are in specific.

  28. Its alarming how y'all are sooO confident in your lies and woohoo the president is of talking ????? y'all in the wrong occupation

  29. I dont like this martha as newscaster when i saw her on my screen turn off my tv gadget n phone shes bias go straight to the point madam n be fair better stay to cnn youre one sided

  30. Those three professors are for me Stupids and IDIOTS professors of law? And yet their assessments on these crazy impeachment is so stupids come on guys do your homeworks good okey?

  31. I wonder what would have happened if someone did this to one of the Obama daughters? Or what would they have done if Sean Hannity, on television, held up the bloody, severed head of the then president Obama and both of his young daughters saw it?

  32. Well tell us Matt Gaetz …are you on THE LIST of Republican's shown as illegally taking $128 Million in Russian oligarch cash distributed by Parnas since 2015?
    The Lev Parnas, Russian cash ledger that has a listing of every Republican who recieved money, was turned over to the SDNY DOJ along with Lev's 9 gigs of data. Data he says supports everything charged against Rudy, Trump and now Republican's!
    The Federal charges revealed in the Parnas arrest records by SDNY DOJ, states they know Republican's took the illegal cash from Parnas.
    Rudy Giuliani provided cover for Parnas to spread the illegal cash.
    Rudy was also the link for Russian oligarchs to have direct contact with Trump!
    A whole host of criminals indeed are about to come out of Lev Parnas' testimony, data, phone records, videos and tape recordings backed with photos!
    Trump is criminal and unfit to be president.
    It's time to impeach Trump while at the same time WE can cleanse our U.S. government of these Russian paid Republican stooges in Congress.
    American's can then close the doors on all these Russian's we see rushing around buying up Trump and Republicans to lift our U.S. sanctions on Russia and all Putin's criminal oligarchs!
    The two cents Putin spent to buy low life Trump has run out !
    Game Over!

  33. Don't think her comment about Barron was a joke at all. She is so obviously full of hate for President Trump and his family, it is totally ridiculous that she is a law school professor-expert. And…I really give no credence to her so-called "apology". Also….wonder exactly what tripe these three professors actually read. Think we (those of us who have followed all the news and people involved in this since the beginning) know far more than especially these three professors.

  34. Funny watching how weak Republican defences are.

    Just give up on Trump. He was never a real Republican anyway. He funded Clinton and had lots and lots of parties with Epstein. He clearly prefers Putin and Kim Jong Un to our allies.

    His crimes are obvious and it’s time for him to go back to being a sexual offender and shitty game show host.

  35. Matt AKA I know I sold you a used car, is a joke! Have some dignity and stand for your country, not a corrupt president.

  36. The left and Democrats are just vile animals. Noah Feldman? More like Marty Feldman .. I think Martha is in her periods

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