Funniest Leadership Speech ever!

Maurice Vega

30 Responses

  1. The narrative is in the second person which is the best technique for public speaking. A speech spoken from personal experience is of interest to any audience.


  2. The problem with utube is I get random videos that I feel compelled to respond to and the few intelligent commenters get lost into cyberspace. (like James Howard)

  3. I wasn't looking at him but reading comments while listening and thoroughly enjoyed his presentation. I observe that he is referencing coaches who exploit young people who have been abused with food .

  4. So no fat jokes, ok than why do u mention that this book will make u Snort ur sweet tea?? Sounds like a reference to drugs. Is that how u lost 200 lbs by snorting cocaine or speed? Lol. Well u said no fat jokes but didn't mention drug jokes.

  5. Combo of Jim Ross (WWE), Glenn Shadix (Otho from 'Beetlejuice') and Eric Stonestreet (Cameron Tucker from Modern Family).

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