Full Brown: ‘I’ve Never Had The Desire To Be President’ | Meet The Press | NBC News

Maurice Vega

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  1. Don't get hung up on a candidates position on health care or gun control. These are legislative issues that Congress will decide. Coming up with minute detailed plans for health care are almost as useful as working a crossword puzzle. Vote for a Senator and Representative who shares your views. No president will ever get all he/she wants on health care.

  2. Senator Brown, I can see why people are calling for you to run. Level head, historian and you speak well of all your colleagues no mattere what party they are members of. Please reconsider running if not now, in the next election.

  3. IMPEACH AND INCARCERATE the treasonous little mushroom dk pussygrabber DRUMPF πŸ˜€ make America great again folks

  4. You all are absolutely idiots. Reporter and this Congressman, are liars, usurpers of the Constitution and of the Rights of the President of the U.S., committing fraud on and against the American People Impeachment is a total scam, Whistleblower worked for Biden, friends with Schiff's staff, worked in the CIA, is linked to the corruption in Ukraine, Whistleblower's Attorney is part of the Coup against the Lawfully Elected President, the DNI changed the rules of requiring First Hand Knowledge before any Whistleblower complaint will even be accepted, but then all of sudden Second hand knowledge is Okay NOW, which then shows he conspired with the Democrat's to remove the President by false and fraudulent Testimony, the Democrat's will not allow the Whistleblower to testify or be questioned..because the Scam would be found out, as engineered by the Democrat's and the Deep state, complete and total corruption by them would be broadcast to all American's and they would see how sick, horrible all of the Democrat's behind this scam really are! Anyone who could or would believe all of this Sham, really needs to get a brain. TRUMP WAS NOT GOING TO VIOLATE THE LAW……ANY CORRUPTION NOT CLEARED AND REMOVED FROM UKRAINE…NO FUNDS! If Biden was part of that corruption, then he is included…ITS THE LAW! And since Joe Biden bragged about how he actually did commit QUID PRO QUO and their is evidence from Emails from the State Department showing he knew the Company his son was in was being raided by the law in Ukraime….HE DID WHAT HE DID TO MAKE THE INVESTIGATION AND THE QUESTIONING OF HIS SON GO AWAY, WHICH IS REAL HONEST TO GOD QUID PRO QUO AND IN DIRECT VIOLATION TO THE LAWS OF THE UNITED STATES! Want to find out more about the lies and fraud the Liberal Media and Democrat's in our Government are doing and see for yourself, they are all in violation of the Laws of the United States…..NOT PRESIDENT TRUMP! TRUMP DOING HIS DUTY AS PRESIDENT BY SIMPLY ENFORCING THE LAW! WHICH THE DEMOCRATS DON'T WANT BECAUSE IT WILL EXPOSE THEIR CORRUPTION AND VIOLATIONS OF LAW EVERYWHERE BOTH IN THE U.S. AND ABROAD! Go to this site and see the evidence laid out fully from all over…..https://trumpfortruth.org

  5. Protect and expand Obamacare… Roflmao. How much are the protected and colluding insurance companies paying NBC/Todd?

  6. I love Chuckie still having no clue how to ask a decent follow up question when the answer doesn't match the script his producers handed him. Meet the Press used to be about journalism and both sides having a voice. Sad.


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