Fuck The Government – The Ancap Calypso – LIVE

This next song is a protest song, ladies and
gentlemen. It’s called fuck the government It’s direct, it’s direct. There’s no nuanced
stuff. It’s direct. And it requires your participation So every time I ask you a question you have
to go, “The Government” So let’s just say practice that I ask you
a question and you go “the government” Absolutely right. Now I should stress this
is a libertarian protest song, so your participation is completely voluntary Who made the laws on drugs?
The Government Who ignored child rape gangs?
The Government Who put kids into debt?
The Government Yet we expect the government to sort things out.
No. Duh Fuck the government!
Fuck the government! Fuck the government! Sit on my finger and swivel on my face! Sorry. That gets a bit Tarantino that bit. Sorry about that. Who went to war in Iraq?
The Government Who bailed out the banks?
The Government Who sent house prices so high?
The Government Yet we expect the government to sort things out. No, no, no, no. Fuck the government! Your laws are too aggressive Fuck the government! Your taxes are aggressive Fuck the government! You welfare is oppressive I wouldn’t even deign to shit on your face! Sorry. That’s the Tarantino bit again. It wasn’t free speech caused wars. you
see. It wasn’t free trade caused poverty.
Free movement didn’t cause inequality. It was your interventionist policies Fuck the government! The people are oppressed. Fuck the government! Taxation is theft. Fuck the government! Anarchy is best. I’d like to take this ukulele and shove it up you arse.

Maurice Vega

8 Responses

  1. Fcuk the government, political, judicial and civil establishments.

    Oh….and fcuk the monarchy.
    Fcuk paedos up with clarinets.
    Fcuk traitors by the noose.
    Oh and fcuk identity politics!

    Bit of material there for you Dominic (" ,)

  2. well.. Anarchy is sh!t and leads to chaos, burned houses and scattered corpses .. Sometimes it ends with communists in the charge for 2 generations or so b/c "it wasn't real communism".
    But since the majority of government is fvcking us… Why not pay with the same.

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