Freedom Caucus calls on Pelosi to remove Adam Schiff

Maurice Vega

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  1. Wrong. Most of America 'did' know he made it up. His sarcastic tone and use of inflametory words gave it away in less than a minute.

  2. The "whistle blower "is Shiftys imaginary friend who writes for Steven King and is a ghost writer for CNN😂😂😂But he only does FICTION! GREAT SCREEN PLAY HUGH! WHAT AN ACTOR!!!

  3. Truth Will Out.
    We have a wonderful POTUS in President Donald J Trump. ❤️ He is Fighting for Truth, for The American People and for the world ❤️
    I love him. He’s transparent in his dealings with other world leaders and he is leading by example. The Truth will come out ❤️
    In God We Trust 🤲🏾❤️🤲🏾
    Trump 2020 ❤️❤️❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺


  5. Where in the Hell is Fox getting their polling results you cannot poll Democraps and expect a fair poll C'mon Fox your libitard side is showing !

  6. A liar of that magnitud that purposely lied to take down a dully elected President has already commited treason and needs to be held accountable. Pelosi allowed and supported his decision to do so. She too must be held accountable. What a corrupt party. They might call themselves "elites" but they are just low life swamp criminals.

  7. Maybe it's the Democrats who have created this situation to take the pressure off them. I wouldn't put anything past them now

  8. What is Trump hiding in his taxe return? Why is Trump entire familly member of the US administration? That is pure nepotism? Why is that allowed?

  9. No Joe Biden! you have shown your self to be criminal we all have seen the vidioe of you and your smug treason YOU committed against this country and you let your son defile himself with dirty deals from other countries. GTG

  10. This is absolutely AMAZING as to what has gone on for the previous 3 years. Absolutely amazing AND telling on the criminality of the DemonRATS.
    It is like playing a game of chess where the OTHER side blatantly cheats while still losing and all the while taking out of the enjoyment of the game. Yet the NOBLE player respects the game and CONTINUES to play by the rules.

  11. Gentlemen, whenever you have a group of individuals…… who are beyond any investigation…… who can manipulate the press, judges, members of our Congress…
    … you'll have within our government those who are above the law.

  12. This charade is Schiff's only hope of avoiding life in prison. Same for Biden, Hillary and a lot of other sick people.

  13. FOX polls are bogus, stacked with only Dem responses. FOX, the NEW CNN. Sad, I saw this coming a year ago. They ARE owned by a Leftest, so…
    Biden=lying criminal blackmailer, a disgrace of the office, even as a human.
    DJT 2020 or America FAILS at the hand of the DemonRats!! Drain the swamp!!!

  14. the Democrats cold not get away with this if we had an honest media in this country. half the country is just clueless and thinks what they say in the media is the truth.

  15. The entire lie is made up just like all the 3 year disaster that they have invented ! Nothing will happen with this circus !

  16. This poll is a lie, like every thing they put out, there is nothing to it ! When there’s a real poll , our president is up like 80 percent

  17. It’s about a pile of evil creepy spiders huddling in a dark alley trying desperately to rebuild their web of lies and slander.

  18. Joe they should have done a lobotomy on you way back when they did brain surgery to remove a tumor, that you were blaming your pedophile thoughts on and your attraction to children, it didnt work they should have done a lobotomy.

  19. Shifty Shchiff you could not impeach a Tin of Peaches with your Made up lies and Curruption you lieing low down rat, go and hide up a Drainpipe where you belong in the Gutter

  20. Polling…a clever lie told convincingly by clever liars. Look at the 2016 polls for Hillary just one day before she was crushed in the election.

  21. Why the heck hasn't anyone from the Republican party ask Creepy/Handsie Biden why he made that statement regarding the prosecutor of Ukraine?
    I guess they(Republicans), don't really care what he said on that day..

  22. Hit "State sponsored media where it hurts" and win the game. The Left media outlets put a cork in the info bottle. We the people need ALL of the information.

  23. Kind of funny how it turns out biden had "contact" with the whistleblower. Is there anyone in Washington Biden hasn't had "contact" with? By the way,the whistleblower is Sue Gordon!

  24. Oh man bi den is out of his mind problem is he got CAUGHT with his fingers in the $$$ jar $900,000. he sold his VP position for???? What a bad thing for him to do. He compromised AMERICA doing this bad thing. Shame on him.

  25. Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, who helped write the whistleblower protection laws, agreed, breaking with many in his party to admonish politicians and media commentators "for uninformed speculation" wielded by "a partisan weapon."
    The WB consulting with an aide to the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee is rather routine, and no different from the two to three times a month an intelligence agency employee comes to them with concerns.

    "Like other whistleblowers have done before and since under Republican and Democratic-controlled committees, the whistleblower contacted the committee for guidance on how to report possible wrongdoing within the jurisdiction of the Intelligence Community," committee spokesman Patrick Boland told NBC News. "This is a regular occurrence, given the committee's unique oversight role and responsibilities. Consistent with the committee's longstanding procedures, committee staff appropriately advised the whistleblower to contact an Inspector General and to seek legal counsel."

  26. Does Joe Biden think we are so stupid we can't follow the money trail that leads to him; not Donald J. Trump??? Does Joe biden think we Americans are so stupid that we can't figure out from a video that he admitted to using a quid pro quo and was rather proud of if??? Can't be believe both the transcript and the video???

  27. All talk no actual action.
    What else is new.
    We are speaking three completely different languages here and without the help of translaters, thank-you very much! there is regular English language, there is legalese, then there is the Democratic semantically driven narritive which is completely made up as the Left goes along in this "Insurance Policy" making sure That they the Dems will NEVER BE SLIGHTED AGAIN BY THE LIKES OF PRESIDENT TRUMP, SOMEONE WITH HIS EYES OPEN AND NOT BLINDED WITH MONEY GRABS THAT ARE A PART OF THEIR NARRITIVE. ITS HOW IT IS DONE HOW THEY CAN CONTROL FROM LIKE THE WIZARD OF OZ FROM THE HIDDEN AND CURTIANED CONTROL BOARD. THE MEDIA AND NOW WE ALL KNOW THANKS TO VERITAS THE TRUTH ABOUT THIS MEDIA AND IT'S KING JEFF ZUCKERBERG CNN'S "CAPTIAN MY CAPTIAN" HEAD.
    The likes of him!! Shame and ALL those in "power suits" just like him ⬅️🚷

  28. Biden a fraudulent lying crook. His jabbering is meaningless. He's way down in the bottom of the barrel ( full of poo).

  29. There are so many violations when it comes to Nancy pelosi. She suffers from dt’s on a daily basis.her alcoholism has really caught up to her.its affected many terrible decisions she’s responsible for.why isn’t she at all concerned about the corruption in her party,regarding slimy joe Biden?why isn’t she concerned about lying,dishonest Adam,alien face shipp misconstruing the phone call to Ukraine?or the lies her party and again,Adam alien face shipp made up with his phony Russian collusion lie? Does Adam alien face shipp ever appear in public? How is he still alive? He’s destroying the United States day after day.the alien needs to be executed

  30. LIE, LIE, LIE even when EVERYONE KNOWS you are LYING, LYING and LYING. Biden has been doing this for SO LONG, that he has deceived himself to BELIEVE he is telling the truth. WEIRD. What a LUCIFERIAN mental condition!

  31. Schiff is shifty and shitty too
    I heard him read the "parody" and it was a lie
    And I never would have believed Joe Biden is a crook and a liar and a swamp creature. This hearing was as fair as any witch hunt can be. It is unbelievable.

  32. Everything Joe Biden is accusing President Trump of he is guilty of. That's the tactics that the Democrats used ever since before President Trump was elected. Think mirror everything they say is the opposite of the truth! They're trying to project their crimes on someone else to deflect them from sending them to prison. If the truth were known by all, all of this crap would end right now! I don't even know why they've not been arrested already. President Trump has to take over mainstream media and get the truth out and lock up all these traitors that run MSM! Send in the Marines! I heard Guantanamo Bay has some empty beds…

  33. Joe: Obama I'm running for president .
    Obama: Joe they are going to find out what we did .
    Joe: no they won't !
    Obama: Joe I told you not to run . Joe: Should have listened to you .
    Also Joe: Obama did you smell her hair ?

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