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Best of Reddit, this weekend featuring… Lara Loughlin’s Aunt Becky memes,
and… Eggboi. #1 I always wanted to tap Aunt Becky
We start with… Aunt Becky memes. Imagine working at the FBl
and everyone around you is uncovering crimes by the President
and you get assigned to wiretap Aunt Becky for trying
to get her dumb kid into college. Let’s be honest here,
are you really that shocked when you read: “… the largest college admissions scam
ever prosecuted, wealthy parents, Hollywood actresses, coaches and
college prep executives have been accused of carrying out a nationwide fraud
to get students into prestigious universities…” It just sounds to me like it’s common practice,
and the next meme might even have a better point than that:
For $500,000 my child better be getting into Hogwarts, forget USC. Damn Aunt Becky
Half a million dollars. Wow. Sounds like a good time to switch jobs:
How to kidnap rich parents. Ivy League schools. We might be amused now,
but if we take a step back, try ‘n’ look at the whole situation,
we have to say we’re disappointed: that look when u realize
aunt becky did some shady sh… to get alex and nicky
into a good college And, not only that… the circle is
getting smaller and smaller every day: Actors that nobody hates,
annual meeting. thanks google
Here’s… a meme about the World Wide Web. The title refers to the fact that
Google is one few who seemed to care. When it is the 30th Anniversary of
the world wide web and no one is celebrating it. Sad processing noises. The 12th of march was the date of anniversary,
and Google celebrated it with one of their doodles. “Vague but exciting.” This was how Sir Tim Berners-Lee’s boss
responded to his proposal titled “Information Management: A Proposal,”
submitted on this day in 1989 “Vague but exciting.” is also the way people seem to feel
about this anniversary. Let’s also not forget the
14th of march was “pi day,” because some people write it as 3.14. When it’s Pi day, Einstein’s birthday,
and Stephen Hawking’s death anniversary, yet no one is making science memes
So, guys; next year we have to make it count! Next year, let’s bring a smile
to our faces with their accomplishments. #3 I stand with Eggboi
This is… a few words about Eggboi. Australian Senator Fraser Anning
punches teen after being egged according to Anning’s own logic from yesterday,
the teen wasn’t to blame…. lt was the chicken’s fault for
laying the egg in the first place!! If you’re not from Australia,
you might be wondering what’s this all about. But, this meme tells us all we need to know,
as he’s blaming an attack to immigration. People always get into trouble
when trying to overgeneralize things. Like:
IS AIR DANGEROUS? IS WATER DEADLY? Every human in our history that has died,
also breathed air and drank water. Anyway, Egg Boy has gotten support from
millions of people around the world, and at least one Australian hip hop group:
Egg Boy, you have free entry to any Hoods show for life
should you wish. Ultimately… it seems that Eggboi was
one of those people who didn’t forget a crucial life lesson:
Before u leave the house, think of the acronym ‘WOWEE’:
W for Wallet. O for ph… One. W for Wkeys. E for Egg, and another E for… Egg (backup) Comment if there were better memes this weekend… Also popular this week were
on Instagram a month ago, but the meme community picked it up
heavily this week. It’s the music you can hear
in the background right now. I’m not joking. That’s just him beatboxing
without any background music. Until I improve my english, though,
I have a rule not to use videos with sound. In other words,
the video has to work without sound. Coz’ if I just shared 10 clips
with music or people talking, there would be no need to comment,
and that kinda defies the purpose of learning. I’m Saša ‘n’ let’s talk more in the next video!

Maurice Vega

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