Fox Viewers Raise $350K For Officer Ronil SIngh’s Family While CNN & Democrats Are Silent

This is Fox News Alert, 33 year old officer Ronil Singh was shot and killed in Newman city early this morning the suspect is still
at large, Sobering Officer: You have to to understand this was not supposed to happen here. My
department is hurting. Anchor: A massive manhunt is still ongoing for an armed and
dangerous man. Officer: A suspect is in our country illegally he doesn’t belong here
he’s a criminal we will hunt down this coward . Anchor: Now take a look at this
heartbreaking photo of officer Singh his wife and their five month old son on
Christmas hours before he was shot and killed Gustavo
Perez Arriaga was arrested earlier today as we see the video of your brother with
his son what goes through your mind he was waiting for the Sun to talk walk and
it just breaks my heart that he’ll never be able to see that it’s gut-wrenching
and you have to let these families know that when something like this happens
when they go out to protect their communities that we’re going to stand
with left behind and take care of them a
California police corporal gunned down by an illegal immigrant he’ll be laid to
rest today he came to this country with one purpose and that purpose was to
become a police officer we will say goodbye today but you always be in our
hearts friends family and fellow law
enforcement mourning the loss of California police corporal Ronald Singh
after he was tragically killed in the line of duty his suspected killer an
illegal immigrant it was right here on Fox and Friends that the tunnel for
towers Foundation pledged to raise three hundred thousand dollars to help pay off
the Singh’s family’s mortgage that’s right and they had not done that last
week but CEO Frank Stiller joins us right now with a big update and Frank
you were here on the program at the end of last week you made your pitch he told
his story as we just recapped over the last two weeks worth of TV coverage and
what’s your update well I’m very proud to announce with the help of Fox and
Friends viewers and we’ll certainly you guys hear that we not only reached the
300,000 to pay off the mortgage because the general generosity of Americans that
we went over that were able to give them an extra $50,000 for educational needs
for the five-month-old and it goes even beyond that because
we’ve arrays more because most people also when they signed up to help the
Singh family they joined us on $11 a month campaign that would try and help
every police officer firefighter and a goal saw family in America that died in
the line of duty that have young kids they joined us on that mission too so we
had so many other people that joined us on that so I couldn’t be more grateful
to your view is that we’ve been able to raise all this money and relieve that
burden for this great beautiful that you’re doing that because she’s going
through so much she lost her husband and then in addition to that she’s worried
about how she’s gonna make the house payments because he’s not around and his
incomes not coming in and how she’s gonna put her child through school so
thank you so much thank you to our viewers who are giving that additional
money you went out there you went to California you sat down with her you
talked with her you talked to some of the the officers that he served with can
you tell us what those conversations were like well they were all broken up I
mean this they lost a brother you know when you live you live with the police
department Fire Department it’s a brotherhood there they’re like you can’t
be any closer but they came together they helped lift
this family the sink family you know mika singh the the widow
i want to pass on her thank – Fox and Friends see you personally and
to the viewers because they know without your help that this couldn’t couldn’t
happen she expressed such relief that she’s never gonna have to worry about
this mortgage again and that there’s other money to help Mary you are
together and the kindness of the viewers who
heard her story told through you and then donations to tunnel to towers’ will
be able to start to put their son through college I mean that that is a
legacy that that family’s never gonna forget Frank no it’s it’s been
incredible thank you for having me on here for the last couple of weeks Frank
is just unbelievable that they are immigrants they did immigrate here to
this country to pursue the American dream but they did it the right way
and they were killed by someone who not only was a criminal but came here the
wrong way no it speaks volumes that America the
greatness America were born in for immigration but come here the correct
way and you can live the American dream that’s why we’ve got to protect all
Americans so as the banner says at the bottom 350,000 raise for the Fallen
California police officers family if you would still like to help out because
whatever money you got is still going to go to his education the son’s education
visit tunnel to towers’ dot org to donate tunnel to towers’ org yes
especially the eleven dollars a month ago makes a big difference we could help
every police officer and firefighter and gold star family in America if most your
view is sign up fantastic thank you all god bless you

Maurice Vega

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